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To learn from the past [Exploration|Private]

Posted on April 2nd 2016 01:19 PM
Mana: 1210

A man once told Zhao that it was best to take the teachings of those who survived over the teaching of the dead. There was a certain logic in that. A man that survives the attack of a monster knew how to escape, versus the man that was slain trying to escape. Yet, there was a clear exception to this. While making a walk through town, Zhao came across a familiar man. One of the archaeologists that required the assistance of Zhoa and Rose a while back. Zhao asked how the group was doing now. The archaeologist explained how well the group was doing, and how they would set off towards a new sighting tomorrow morning. He asked whether Zhao and Rose wanted to come to. Not because they needed the mages this time, but to say thank you for their previous aid. Zhao, who had interest, asked for more regarding the sighting. It was an ancient civilization that had managed to keep themselves away from harm for centuries, perhaps millennia even. They managed to keep themselves so well protected that no one had managed to enter, even after their death. It sounded dangerous, but very interesting. Zhao showed his interest, and took off. If Zhao and Rose wanted to come too, they'd wait for them at the southern plaza, where there'd leave at eleven. That evening, Zhao informed Rose about the group and their plans, and convinced her to come too.

The next morning, Zhao packed to make sure he could stay there for a while, before meeting Rose in the breakfast room. After having breakfast, he/they headed down to the southern plaza, meeting the group. The group was happy to welcome the two, and filled them in with all the details - including the possible treasures. the treasures weren't Zhao's main interest. A civilization that kept themselves from the world for ages, that was pretty amazing. There was so much he could learn there. What if some of them were even alive? The group also informed the group about a negative aspect. Because the civilization had been able to lock themselves in, it would also mean that people have made attempts to get in and all failed. If there were traps, and they were harmful, there could be casualties. 


Posted on April 2nd 2016 03:48 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose had been really interested to go to another exploration funded by the Crown. She had been on two and the one was almost more interesting than the other, every time again. So she was pretty curious on what would happen now so she signed up to come along the evening that Zhao informed her of the archaeologists that he had seen again. The same as when they went to the Seven Sinkhole if she was right. She had forgot to ask. That evening she made sure that she was ready to leave, she had done every job that the Magic Council had given to her and she would have to return within a week back to the Headquarters to report for duty of protecting Era. She had a week off before she had to do something else, so she should actually enjoy this idea. 

Even though it was night, she went to visit the library and find some information about Desierto, which was one big desert. She frowned upon that but would find a solution the next day. She went back to her hotel to pack her stuff and in the end take a well deserved night sleep, although she might be a little bit afraid if she would end up with wounds again but the next morning nothing happened. She met Zhao in the breakfast hall and they both talked a little bit about the city where they were going. Before they would meet up with the archaeologists she took herself some time off to buy two scarves that she could wrap around her face to protect herself from the sand in case it was necessary. She took one for Zhao too. 

It was quite a travel from Fiore to Desierto and they had to make a stop along the way to sleep, which she didn't like but it was necessary. The next morning they arrived quite early in Desierto. Which was indeed one heck of a sand land. The archaeologist next to her explained what the plan was once they arrived at the camp site of the archaeologists, there were a few more that had set up some tents already. He also explained for the second time, how dangerous this could be and that Rose and Zhao must not think of themselves as protectors, they were here to see an opportunity as a thank you from helping them in Seven. 


Posted on April 3rd 2016 12:06 PM
Mana: 1210

A night in the dark with only tents and a good mood: that was the life. The life of staying at one place was not cut out for Zhao. 

Arriving at the the ruins in Desierto, it was a truly magnificent sight: sand. Just sand everywhere. Zhao jumped off the carriage, both feet flat on the ground. He felt the sand moving beneath him. It was quite amazing to see something like a desert. He looked around, and noticed the ruins themselves shortly after. The group was already setting up camp. One of the archaeologists was looking around at the sky. "There might be a storm approaching", he shouted to the rest. The group looked up. 

After setting up camp, the group gathered. Zhao and Rose were invited to join. The situation was as follow: a storm was indeed approaching. A sand storm. This would mean that by the time that storm arrived, they had to be in the ruins. The ruins themselves had entrances that were hidden away or could not be opened, except for three entrances. One grant arch showed a tunnel of around 3 meters in diameter. One was a stone hatch that was blasted open. The last one was a stone door that had some runes over them. Next to the door was a skeleton with old, tattered robes. The group voted the door would be ideal, even though the skeleton was not a good sign. The archway was too obvious, and the hatch was too much of a risk: you cannot see what's below you as good as you can see what's in front of you. On that note, the group went for it.

Standing before the door, one of the archaeologists wanted to make sure that the runes weren't harmful. He took a couple of minutes to translate, but the predicted storm arrived. Everyone rushed in, and were now looking into a giant room. Two archaeologists readied their torches. Right way, some people spotted loose tiles on the ground, just a couple of meters ahead of them. Every tile was around a meter by a meter. There was a grid of them, 8 in width and 12 in length. Next to the group were a couple of bones and skulls. People had died in there. "A trap!", the leader of the archaeologists shouted. Zhao took a skull from the ground and observed it. A couple of scratches, but nothing really unusual. Zhao decided to take a risk, and threw the skull high into the air, landing in the center of the grid of tiles. The tile it landed on did not move. From watching the skull, Zhao got a glimpse of the wall in the back. It was riddled with holes. "Whoa!", Zhao grunted. "That was a lucky throw." Zhao pointed at the back of the room. "I guess that's what killed the others here", Zhao sighed in relief, as he realized that he could have killed them all by accident. 

The group looked around for a way to beat this puzzle, when one the men came across an old book. The letters were ancient, but luckily, another one in the group could translate them. Browsing through the book, he came across a grid: 8 by 12, each with a marking on them. Four different markings could be found. The translator did his job, and found the meaning of the signs. They were old markings of an old language. The four signs meant: disease, burn, to drown and safe. The safe markings formed a path. "Excellent!", the leaded enthusiastically said. The translator himself opted to lead the path, and everyone, one tile at a time could follow. It wasn't hard from here anymore. The translator made it onto the second tile, and suggested to stay one tile behind each other. This way, it was easier to keep track of the path, without the ability to forget where the one before you stood. Clever man, that was.


Posted on April 3rd 2016 02:44 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose didn't like this as in the feeling of the Earth was fine but a thank you for going into a dead trap, yeah lovely. She looked at all the skeletons and still had her face covered by the scarf. She sighed slowly when Zhao just threw a skeleton or well a skull in the middle of the room but nothing happened. She had held in her breath for quite a while and she was a little scared she might die in the catacombs here, such a disaster could only happen to her. Or well that was melodramatic but whatever. She had to follow the path of the 8 tiles that brought them safely to the next door. That was going very well, for the first time and glad that they had a book. She wondered what was more to come. She hoped she would be spared but she didn't finish that track of thought or she stared at a closed door that didn't want to open. It was locked. She rolled her eyes because it was obviously that this door was old and because of the metals in there, which were old and rusted, it was stuck. With a little bit of force from mainly the men, apparently they really didn't want her to do anything, they managed to open the door and before anyone could fall in, she grabbed them at their shirts to make sure that the first step inside was save. But according to the book, the second room was save enough and they could walk through it. Until an idiot decide to do something stupid. 

She was just walking, when she heard someone behind her pointing out a new symbol but this time on the wall and really there. By accident he had been to close with his thumb for the pointing that he had clicked on it. She heard some old mechanism getting into action and before she knew it the path underneath her feet disappeared and she was falling, thank god for the first time in her life maybe she had a fast reaction for the first time in her life. She was too late to grab a hold of the edge of the pit. But she created her vine whip and managed to wrap it around something that she couldn't see. It was quite a fall, she would probably have broken her leg or so, if not worse. Besides it looked like something dead was underneath her and the smell was even more disgusting. 


Name: Vine Whip 
Rank: B-rank
Mana: 80 Mana | 40 Mana
Class: Offensive (Slashing) | Sustained

Element(s): Earth
Description: User creates a whip, which has the handle made out of wood and the wip itself made from plant/vine. The handle is around 10 centimeters, so the user can hold it with one hand. The whip itself is 90 centimeters. 

    Damage: 6 + MA
    Distance: Personal (Length of her arm + Whip)
    Speed: 3 meter per second

Cooldown: 4 posts
Duration: Sustained

Posted on April 3rd 2016 11:12 PM
Mana: 1210

"Rose!", Zhao shouted as the floor fell from beneath her feet. Zhao hesitated no moment, and activated his Aspect Host of Air, allowing him to move quicker - and jump towards Rose to save her. He jumped towards Rose, grabbing the whip as tightly as he could. He landed at the other side of the hole, allowing him and the others to pull Rose up into safety. 

One deathtap after the other, the group came into a room with 4 well-decorated fireplaces. Looking around in the room, the group noticed a series of animals on the walls, right above where they came from. A moth, two wolves and a foxes were decorated on the wall. At the other side of the door, an archway could be found, leading into another room, appearing to be full of treasures. But the archway was blocked by iron bars. Looking around in the fully lit room, there was no clue as to what could open the fence. One of the archaeologists decided it was not worth it: they wouldn't get in anyway, and he decided to instead get some notes and drawings about their sightings. He started with one of the fireplaces. The archaeologist started to draw the fireplaces, when he suddenly stopped, looked around to the wall with the animals. "The animals! The fireplaces! They are connected!", the archaeologist shouted. The group neared the fireplaces, and Zhao decided to take a bit of a risk again. He put his hand onto one of the decorations of the fireplaces, noticing it was warm, but not unbearable. He put his other hand onto the decorations, and started to turn the thing clockwise. It was then, that he noticed the decorations were identical to the the ones of the wall, although there was one of a snake. Zhao tried to replicate the formation on the fireplaces, and the ground rumbled for a moment. A shrieking noise could be heard, coming from the iron bars, as the slowly lifted up: they were in!

In the room, Zhao took three artifacts, and together with the rest of the group, made it onto the surface again: tomorrow was another day to explore the civilizations. Now, it was time to rest and be glad to be alive.


Mana: 740

Name: Aspect Host of Air
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30/3
Class: Transformation | Trait

Element(s): Air
Description: the element of Air was once given by an owl, in wisdom of solution and the emotion of joy, the aspects of air will allow to user to jump around on the battlefield and make sure he will outrun any foe.

    Buff: 10% Physical Speed
    Debuff: 5% Physical Resistance

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustained


Name: Joyful Leap
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30
Class: Utility

Element(s): Air
Description: The element of Air is a joyful element, and this is where it finds its strength. When cast, the user jumps up to five meters in any direction. This spell can also be used in mid air, when the user falls, for example. When used in this way, the user reduces damage from falling by five meters and ensures that any fall from five meters or less can be safely ended. 

     5 meter
    Speed: 2 m/s

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant

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