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Once upon a Dream [Training]

Posted on March 31st 2016 11:10 AM
Mana: 1335

Something was not completely right, while her teal eyes were closed Rose knew that immediately. She had been sleeping for a quite a while or at least that's how it felt. Dreams were a peculiar thing. One that was very long could have taken place for only ten minutes and shorter ones maybe three minutes. But this peculiar dream that she had right now seemed to be going on for ages. She was back in the old room that was hers back in Rosemary Village, close to Magnolia. She wasn't sure what to do with it but it felt creepy. The big room with the lacrima underneath the wooden floor that made sure that she was unable to use any sorts of magic. She had no bars in front of the big windows next to her bed. The window seats were so big that she could sit in there and stare outside. When she first got this power she never realized how much she was connected with the Earth but as soon as she was locked up on the second floor of the building, she noticed. Her longing for the fresh feeling of grass underneath her feet as well as the simple smell of it kept bugging her. There was only one reason when she was around fifteen that she was allowed to leave and it was only for the sake of her father. She had to become a playmate of a girl. She remembered it so well because the memory was connected to the one of the room.

She remembered in her dream walking there but something weird happened when she knocked on the door of the Donovan's. A guy opened the door, that was not relevant to her dream or her memory for it should be a maid and she would bring her to Isolde. But now she looked at herself while being surprised and the memory was just a part of the dream because she was around twenty and not around fifteen. "Pardon?" The guy asked and she blushed because it felt so real. She shook her head and quickly turned her heel and ran away, ignoring the call to wait and other pleadings. She didn't know what to do as she knew it was a dream. She hurried back to the room that she had been in for so long, almost five years? Her father wasn't there and it was weird that she wanted to be in that room. She frowned and looked up to see herself sit in the window seat. Although there was something different about this version of herself, she couldn't see. She was blinded for the darker hair and the red eyes. It looked with every passing of the air through her hair that it turned more black but Rose could only see herself. "Isn't that a pity, little one?" She said a little dark but with this sweet smile, as if she had just taken a piece of candy in her mouth and wanted to share the rest of the candy that she had in her hand. 

There were a lot of things Rose wanted to say to this person but it seemed as if there was no voice in her throat, no way to speak because she missed her vocal cords. But she couldn't understand how she herself was in this dream again it just felt wrong. "There, there Dear. Calm down. It's just me." She had the feeling that she had heard this voice before. She had to remember pretty well and it took some time before she took the step back and looked at the woman that was here in a scared tone. "You." She said which was the first word she was able to perform. "Yes me." She had heard this voice the day that she had been in the bar, where the waitress and the man, whose name she still didn't know, were killed because of the masked man. She clenched her hands and looked at the copy of herself with anger. She had tried to calm her down with saying indeed, there there dear. Calm down. That's how she remembered. Bellamy had saved her from insanity but here she was again. "Who are you?" Was the only next thing that she could come up with. "Oh but I'm you. At least a part of you." She laughed very loudly apparently it was more funny than Rose could think of but did it matter?  The laughter stopped abrupt and it seemed like her other self was slashing out to her. She quickly jumped back and tried to use her Rock Kick but it didn't work. "You have to get stronger and quick. There aren't happy times coming. Now work on it, that small spell is nothing, get a better one." Which infuriated her, who was this girl to tell her what was good and what wasn't good enough. She formed a stone ball from around 45 diameter in centimeter. It even surprised herself that it showed up but now was not the time to be bluffed, even though this was a dream, she had to get stronger. With a small movement of her foot going forward the stone ball launched herself towards the copy. But that woman simply jumped away and sat on the edge of the bed as if nothing happened. Rose ran towards the window that was hit by the stone ball but it was still intact. It was so weird, she stared at the other version of herself. "Oh and I suggest you look up that guy today. He lives there, I just put him up there. I thought it would be fun." Rose clenched her fist again and she couldn't ignore the Good, good. from her other self that seemed to support her to fight. "Now go on!"

Stone Ball: 800 Words

Posted on April 1st 2016 01:16 PM
Mana: 1335

The other version of herself's go on, pissed her off more than it should. It was really unfortunate for her that she was blind for seeing the truth. The woman that now sat on the edge of the bed and was not hit by her spell had nothing of her soft pink hair that reached around her hips. Her hair was black and into two pigtails that reached far from her hips as well as her eyes. Rose her eyes were the colour of the ocean, a mix of green and blue together that was called teal. The eyes of the other one were blood red. The only thing that was common between them was their height and the pale skin that seemed to be the same. But if you would look further than just what was visible now, because their clothing was the same, was that there was a bright red scar on the right thigh or hip from Rose Aino but the other one had no such thing on her body. Unfortunately for Rose was she unable to see the other version of the woman, all she saw was the same pink hair, the same clothes and the same blue green eyes that she herself had. There were more things that passed her without any trouble and one of those things was the creature in front of her. A curse, made by one of her very early ancestors. The literally name was lost but it had to do something with less affection from her parents, which was exactly what this creature was creating. Unfortunately that made it sometimes impossible to evolve and go on. For the victims that she needed had to had an idea what love was. Rose had no idea in general. She didn't know the difference between loving someone, being impressed by someone or being friends. That last one was something that she had felt enough but it might be impressed by someone but she might like someone too. It was a shame for her that she didn't know for it woke up Dyna. Dark, Young, Neglected, Affection. As she was called by the later generations that had possessed the curse, because the real name was gone. But Dyna didn't mind. She knew exactly what she was doing and this was another naive version, much worse than her mother Aurora Àrdanach. It was almost too easy with this one but Rose shouldn't blame herself for the mistakes that her mother had made. Dyna was the reason that Aurora had left her little baby alone at the age of three with the horrible man called Julian Aino. Because of the hope that Aurora had to lift the curse, most of the time Dyna would linger in the parent, the mother obviously, before she would step over to the toddler or even teenager, but Aurora had been strong. Knowing perfectly well how to seal off Dyna and her emotions. Until the night that she left her baby, she had kissed the little flower and because of that, she started to cry and Dyna had found her seconds of escape just at that point. Aurora must have cursed herself many and many times. Something that Dyna loved to believe but right now she had a better job to do if she didn't want this pink haired girl to be a weak girl compared to her mother. Aurora had had the power of the Earth but not as powerful as Rose could be if only the girl saw the potential. Which was what Dyna wanted to train her for, besides she had not the many powers yet that she would get. She couldn't talk too much to Rose, only when she was conflicted by emotions. She had to break this girl, besides she knew a little bit how to do that and she would have to head back to Era. She had to get more and more confused over her own little piece of feelings and Bellamy seemed to help with that a lot. But she had found another person, thank god for Dyna was she still able to influence dreams. Or well that's what Rose would think for this was not the dream world and yes she was awake. Because this was the parallel universe of Dyna her mind and knowing, so poor Rose would be exhausted for the rest of the day and probably very confused as soon as Dyna would fight too. "Well, what are you waiting for? Throw that Sand storm!" 

Rose had indeed waited for the perfect moment to make her sand storm spell, for she had never done it before but this was a dream anyway. So it wouldn't matter, she frowned and it sounded a little strange and crazy that her reflection knew her thoughts too, for it had seemed as if she was another person in the first place. She formed her hands in the v-formation, although the other way around. The tip of her fingers met and the palms of her hand made the rest of the letter v. She frowned to concentrate herself on what she wanted. Although she was almost distracted by the other woman, her reflection, because she looked so bored. The Sand Storm that looked like a Tornado showed up. It was five meters high and around half of that in width at the highest point, going down into an almost nothing part. The eye of the storm should be wind still and her hair was sweeping around because of the wind around the tornado. If the girl had looked up she would have seen the error of this world of this dream. Because the Tornado went just through the roof and she should see a blue piece of sky where the two and a half meter tornado width was. But instead she looked at the other version of herself. Whom didn't stand up and simply seemed to check her nails until the Tornado came very close and she lifted up one hand and a wall that looked like bamboo showed up. Rose her eyes became bigger because it looked exactly like her own spell, which made sense because she was her reflection but why would she fight herself. "You are weak. You need to become stronger." The tornado from sand was gone and Rose looked up at herself that walked straight through the wall and lifted up her hands in her own v-formation like she just had done herself. The sand Tornado came back but the speed of that thing looked a lot faster as it hit Rose sooner than she had realized. she was knocked back a little bit and hit the wall, again if she would have opened her eyes she would see the fracture that her knock had created and she would have seen a dark hall way or just darkness, but she didn't see anything. Although the knock had hurt with pressing the air out of her lungs, the only thing that it gave her was a small scratch on her cheek, two diagonal lines that went from her cheekbone to her jaw line. This indeed meant that she was weak and she had to hurry up and get stronger, she had to wake up and train. But for some reason it didn't work to think about waking up. She always thought that that was the way, if you knew you were dreaming you could control it but apparently that wasn't true. 

Stone Ball: 800 Words
Sand Storm: 800 Words

Posted on April 1st 2016 04:53 PM
Mana: 1335

The other one was humming something as if nothing was going wrong in here but everything was wrong. She didn't recognize the song, maybe that was even the problem in general but Rose ignored it. She felt her head and was luckily not bleeding from her head bumping into the wall, she was getting more and more pissed off and she wasn't sure if that was a good thing. She knew she had quite a short temper but she was trying to wake up and it wasn't working. She might have to visit the doctor's later. She put her left hand against her left cheek where the cuts were made by her own Sand Storm that her reflection had used against herself. She took a deep breath which hurt quite a bit because the air had been knocked out of her lungs when she collapsed with the wall. The other one seemed to be a glitch as she seemed to shift through faces of laughing, crying and anger in one moment but Rose missed it again and it could only make Dyna smile. Because the girl became more angry, her mind became clouded and she didn't know completely what the Earth mage wanted because she thought about a lot of things. The only thing that was like a fierce pain in her mind was the bar incident. She wasn't crying anymore or hyperventilating, which was a good thing. If this body would ever become hers, she needed it to stop crying and become stronger, not only physical but also mental. She would love this body, if Aurora was beautiful than Rose was ten times as beautiful. The eyes made it even better and this was the first time that Dyna could see them properly and she wondered if they were Julian's or that Trudeau guy. What was his name again? It didn't matter she had to focus on Rose. 

Rose her mind indeed went off to the bar incident, where she stood up to demand the bad guy to stop picking on the barista and instead he killed another man. He had said it could have been her and she had felt very guilty. She remembered the faces that had looked at her, she had been just a squire, not even for that long and she had to be embarrassed for what she did. Right now she was a knight but she swore to never forget the incident for she pulled power out of it and it made her fierce. Which was also one of the reasons why she was pissed off right now, not only the taunting but the fact that she thought she had trained so hard and she couldn't even defeat her freaking own reflection in this stupid dream that was making her feel very tired. As if she was not sleeping at all but that was pure nonsense. The reflection of herself was standing in front of her bed, almost with her calves against the bed edge and after that was immediately the window. Normally she would not risk this because the glass would make it more dangerous but she was really angry, she was furious, she just wanted to sleep, wake up and go on with the rest of her tasks for the Magic Council in Crocus. Although she had fixed a lot already so it wasn't even that bad, she might even get on the band wagon and head back to Era, to see if Morien had more requests waiting for her. This was ridiculous, she knew she could pretend to make her feel tired and losing magical power but boy she felt it through her whole body. She removed the hand from her cheek, the memories of the bar incident still went through her head and she hoped half hearted that it would distract her reflection from knowing what she thought. She clenched her right hand that was almost covered by her own side and she pushed it forward, a vine looking fist appeared out of the floor where the lacrimas would have to block her but it was not true, it was a dream. The reflection blocked herself with her arms but yelped and was smashed out of the window. Rose quickly followed in the track of the Earth Punch, she jumped onto her old bed and into the window sill and stared at the girl that was just a few feet away from her. But her room had been on the second floor of the villa, she should have fallen down. Which she probably should have felt herself since it was only a reflection but she didn't feel this at all. The window was broken but big enough for Rose to jump through herself, which was scary for she still suspected to fall a lot further. Which made her fall on her knees because they buckled. She stared at the reflection that lay on her back a little away from her and laughed. "Great job." She said laughing, But not good enough." She threw her rock kick towards Rose but the real deal managed to duck and the thing missed her. It was so weird that she was able to see clearly because they weren't in her backyard, everything was black here and it looked like a game, where her reflection glitched again. Rose got up and dusted of her knees that were scratched a little but it didn't matter, it was not bleeding, it was dry skin. She should use lotion more often, especially if she was constant working with Earth. Her hands were getting dry too. She stared again with this fierce look in her eyes to the reflection of herself, the one that still laughed a lot. Which maybe pissed her off more than anything else. But out of no where, it wasn't even her own set of thoughts, she threw Sand Shot at her and that hurt quite a while. But before she could do anything else, a ring of sand appeared around her, "No! Wait!" But the explosion of her Sand Rebellion had already happened and she felt this huge amount of pain going through her and the shirt that she was wearing was burned away and showed her raw skin. She swore loudly because it hurt so much that she collapsed on her knees again. What the hell! She had to take short breaths so her stomach would not expand because of the air in her lungs because it hurt so much. She was attacked by her own spells. She slowly stood up as straight as she could because it was so painful that she didn't know what to do at first, but she knew she had to attack again and find away to find the exit of this dream. She suspected that with such pain hitting her, she should wake up but it didn't happen. "It's not over yet. Show me what you got!" Well obviously this one had already shown her strongest spell in case of offensive, so that was not a go. 

Stone Ball: 800 Words
Sand Storm: 800 Words
Earth Punch: 800 Words

Posted on April 2nd 2016 01:14 PM
Mana: 1335

The burns around her middle that went around to the sides, her back and stomach were very badly hurt. And she didn't feel the need to move around, how come she didn't wake up yet. What was going on? She was so frozen in her thoughts about moving forward that the burns were actually blocking her so much that she had no idea what to do at all. She frowned and looked up at her reflection, that was not really a reflection. It was a curse, a parasite in her head that could show the same body, hair colour and eye colour to Rose but she was not. Actually the parasite or curse or whatever you want to call the demon in her head had black hair even longer than the soft pink version of Rose herself. And the demon, called Dyna, had bright red eyes that seemed to block out the weaknesses that Rose showed, she had to make her stronger before she would take this body. This demon had been going on from generation on generation, because of the flight of Rose her mother, Aurora, the girl had no idea what this demon meant. Some had their mothers to fill them in on the information that was necessary but not all spoke about the horrible truth that was inside the Àrdanach line. Also something that was hidden from Rose, whom believed her true surname was Aino. The Àrdanach female family members have kept their name for a long time and they would always remain doing so. Unfortunately the night, seventeen years ago, that Aurora ran away, Julian immediately threw away the old ancient tradition and called Rose with his own surname: Aino. Hence that day Rose Aino was born. 

But now Rose Aino had to fight against this demon, not knowing its existence. She was just burned by her own spell and she was so confused about it that she had no idea what to do for a second until her adrenaline pushed away the pain of the burn and her eyes became fierce and angry again. She stood up straight, stopped the wobbling and stared at her so called reflection for herself. Still believing it was a dream while in general it was more than that, it was a parallel world created by Dyna in Rose her own mind. Technically stuck in herself without knowing, this would explain why there was no such thing as dropping down a second floor window because it had been just the room to find a setting in Dyna her case. The rest was pitch black and Rose did no longer think about it. It had started as a nightmare with her old bedroom, so why would the dark bother her. It was actually a development in the scenery if you asked her. So she stopped wobbling and formed her hands again like a v-formation. her mind was blank and her instinct and adrenaline were guiding her to what she should do. "Not very original of you." the reflection answered but instead of a huge sand storm to show up, this storm had more honour to her name if you asked her. Maybe it wasn't that impressive yet but she formed a vortex from her hands instead of from the ground like the tornado that was a Sand Storm. It was a swirling storm of rose petals but as well as with the thorns. Which was the reason why the spell would hurt in a piercing way. The rose petals were there as distraction because the thorns were a lot smaller. The reflection seemed to have taken a step back. With Rose her mind blank, she couldn't guess what she was planning to do and that's how she kept her new spells hidden. She had the idea that her reflection only would know the spells that she had already studied and worked on, hence why the reflection could only use the Sand Storm Spell after she had performed it. She should actually put her detection spell on but she doubt actually if that would have any affect on this person that was nothing more but a copy of herself. 

This battle seemed to go on and on for nothing, although Dyna aka the reflection was hit by the surprise of the Rose Storm, the damage could have been worse, it seemed that this woman was stronger than Rose anticipated and that was actually rather annoying. Besides the adrenaline of her body was getting lower and lower and she felt again the pain streaks of the burns around her middle. Which made her feel like she was going insane. It felt so real that she bit away the tears by biting on her cheek to remain standing before she would sink to her knees and give up. She would not loose from her reflection, that was mainly stupid and just daft to do. They were the same, only because of her dream this reflection 'Rose' was stronger than she was herself and it should motivate her to get stronger and mainly faster because that seemed to be the way that the reflection seemed to avoid more stuff than the real deal Rose did because she wasn't that fast. She sighed and took a new step forward to remain her balance instead of the shaking person she had become now. She wanted to wake up so badly and be done with the pain of her body as well as the throbbing pain. She felt the tears going over her cheeks which made the two scratches on her left cheek hurt more because of the salty tears. "So weak. Such a pity I feel for you. You are nothing Rose Aino. Even your name means nothing." Even though she had her angry, which was an interesting perspective for Dyna, it wasn't enough. To get the body, she had to break her. But only break her that much that Dyna could enter and not be broken for other people. Rose still needed to be smart, witty and working before Dyna would take her over and do with the body whatever she wanted to do. She would finally have a body and one so pretty and getting stronger, it was perfect. She could sing from happiness but since she had already done the humming to an unknown song by Rose, it was maybe a little too dangerous to go on. "What do you actually want from me?" Oh apparently she had found her tongue again and knew how to talk back to Dyna, which made Dyna also a little pissed off but she didn't show. She had to come up with the perfect answer, which wasn't even that difficult. "Nothing, little one. I'm jus trying to help you. You are not satisfied with your capacity and I'm only here to help you grow. We're one." Her idea of helping her and saying that they were one, was becoming the voice that would be in the back of her head. Forming the information on what Rose would want to accomplish but not speak about out loud, she would be the voice of honesty. Not knowing that she was actually a total different person with less boundaries than Rose gave to herself. So she would be the one with the hidden desires, which was actually a great name for herself that she had to stop herself from laughing. It was getting more and more fun. It was difficult to pull off since Rose was suspicious of her at first but because of the dream thing, she believed it was her true self. She only had to fix herself a few things and Dyna walked over to Rose. Who wasn't afraid of her, but looked at her with this observant look because she was not a hundred percent sure yet that they were the same but there wasn't a flaw in the system. Nothing that was visible that is, the scar wasn't there but since that one wasn't visible from underneath her clothes, it didn't matter. She touched Rose her forehead with the tip of her left index finger, which left the imprint of the dream without being noticed, it was not magic. It was the power of the brain, to forget and to forge it into different memories. 

Rose pushed her away and grinned a little mischief which was something that Dyna liked to see. "You came too close." She said and Dyna giggled and expected a spell, however she was proud of the blank mind of Rose, she focused on one thing, not letting Dyna read which spell she had in mind. A whip appeared in her hand and it looked different from her Vine Whip so Dyna frowned, again it must be a new spell. She looked like she wanted to clash it on the ground but instead she threw the handle towards Dyna that wrapped around her, cringed and disappeared because the damage was done. "Let's be clear that I do not like thorns anymore. But that Thorn Wire was an interesting concept, an updated version of the Vine Whip. There were little dots all over Dyna her middle. Thorns in her clothing and it hurt every time she moved. She was actually done with this fighting but she had to knock her out, which wasn't that difficult of a job, Dyna would use the wood arrows, one would be aimed at the middle, around her belly button, to knock her out by pain and the other one was exactly at the point where her index finger had touched her. The wood arrows took aim behind her, and she simply took a step away while the arrows flew towards their target, faster than normally was possible, it was the brain again that thought that. It was easy to manipulate if you were on the inside. Rose was screaming because of the pain, but the dark parallel world disappeared. Dyna could only wave her goodbye and if Rose had looked up to see her. She would have seen the evil grin on her face, as well as the dark black hair and the red eyes. But she didn't. Instead of sleeping, she had been awake all this time, her brain had been awake all this time, completely, not the way a brain worked with sleeping. She was dropped on the edge of the bed, summoned back in her room, but she fell flat on her stomach on the bed edge and rolled off, screaming in pain because of the burn of the Sand Rebellion. The attack that she couldn't remember but only that she dreamt about it. She couldn't remember what she had dreamt about, but she knew the spell. Her cheek was throbbing too because of the two slashes which she couldn't remember either. Her body had had enough and shut down for five minutes. She fainted because of the pain that had come, because in her dream it might have felt real but her body had forgotten as well as she herself. Which is why the pain was such a new thing that she fainted. When she was back, she simply gritted her teeth to not continue screaming and hauling in pain, she would get much worse especially if she would become a stronger and better knight. She felt like shit at this moment and tried to grab a hold of the bed to pull herself up but that only ended in another yelp and herself falling on her back which brought tears in her eyes. She had to get up and she pulled herself up straight, it hurt too but less than laying on one of the spots that was burned. She needed help and quick but the lacrima for the reception of this hotel was too high for her to reach as well as to far away at this moment. But there was help pretty near without her knowing at this moment. 

Spells: 4000 Words
Stone Ball: 800 Words
Sand Storm: 800 Words
Rose Storm: 800 Words
Thorn Wire: 800 Words
Earth Punch: 800 Words

Magical Resistance 20 - 21: 1000 Words

Posted on April 2nd 2016 09:29 PM
Mana: 1210

Early mornings were best for the young warrior Zhao. He woke up at 7 'o clock, nice and early. He had started doing what he always did: morning gymnastics, showering and a nice walk around town. Zhao had been staying in Crocus for a while now. It almost started to feel like home. That was a clear indication he had to leave soon. A priest of the Elements should call the world his home. After taking his daily walk, Zhao headed down for some breakfast. Not at the hotel this time. Just to cleanse the homely feeling, he went to a local bakery. He had been eyeballing this place for a while now, so he might as well give it a shot. The bakery looked really nice.All sorts of bread and such could be found in the display cases, even ones he had never seen before. "Can I help you sir?", a young woman asked from behind the counter. Zhao took a moment to think and look around. "Have you got any recommendations?", Zhao asked the woman. The woman took no time to think, and pointed towards some croissant looking loafs with red and white stuffing. "That's a cherry cream croissant", the woman smiled. "A very popular choice, and a real local treat." Zhao nodded slowly. He could get the hang of that. "I would like two of those then", he smiled. 

After taking a seat with his delicious looking breakfast, he began to eat. A single bite was enough to convince him to get here more often. It tasted great!

After having breakfast, Zhao went down to one of the training fields that were in Crocus. Looking around, he saw almost no one. He headed down to a training dummy that was standing there. He had been thinking all night. In his accidental findings a day or two ago, he had tied himself into combat with a water mage. Her whip seemed to have activated the Aspect Host of Water. Now, it was time to actually use it. Zhao focused. He felt every drip of his blood, soaring through his body. Water started to gather on his arms and legs. Zhao took a deep breath, and focused the water around his arms. The water soared, and Zhao went for a punch to the dummy. He felt the speed and agility it granted. For now, Zhao was happy. He decided to head back to the hotel and check for today's activity. 

Zhao looked around in the breakfast room, and didn't notice Rose there. He then went to check if Rose had checked out of her room for the day again, but that wasn't the case. Zhao took the stairs to Rose' room. He was ready to take on another day. Perhaps train with the Earth again with Rose. He hadn't made any attempts to learn the element of Earth again since their arrival, so it might be a good idea to do so again. Zhao knocked on Rose' door. It was on the first knock that Zhao could hear a clear scream coming from inside the room. "Rose!", Zhao shouted. He banged harder on the door. Noticing the screaming continued and turned into crying, Zhao decided to take some action in his own hands. He activated the Aspect Host of Fire. The intention was not the burn the door. It was to melt the lock. Zhao felt his blood rushing through his body. She must be alright, mustn't she? Zhao took a step back and punched into the lock. The fire from his palms spread over the door, as he melted hinges of the door in the process. The door blasted open, flying a meter or two into the room, as the fire dimmed right away from the air. Zhao deactivated the Aspect Host of Fire again, and ran towards Rose. She was alone in the room. Probably a really bad nightmare or something. He let himself fall onto his knees, putting his hand on her back. "Easy there", he said softly. He looked around in the room, where no signs of violence could be found. That must have been a hell of a nightmare. Turning his looking around from sightings of violence to Rose, Zhao noticed quite some odd things. She had several wounds over her body. Two scratches on her face, and a a massive burn wound on her stomach. Something definitely happened tonight.


Spell training: Aspect Host of Water: D-rank -> 250 words

Words remaining: 492

Mana: 780/810

Name: Aspect Host of Fire
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30/3
Class: Transformation | Trait

Element(s): Fire
Description: From the ancient element given by the ancient Phoenixes: the element of fire. It's aspect host allows Zhao to inflict more anger and damage onto his target. 

     10% Magical Attack
    Debuff: 5% Physical Resistance

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustained

Posted on April 3rd 2016 03:24 PM
Mana: 1335

Help was on the way not that Rose knew that and thank god for her she didn't see the fire that Zhao performed on her door. Because it might have been possible that she would get a panic attack, since she was already close to having one. The idea that it happened in her dream while she was in her bedroom, was something that made it more weird. Well her old bedroom, the one where she had been bed ridden for a couple of days after a man, a mercenary mage had burned her right hip because she didn't want to come back to the house. It was seven years ago, he had dragged her and burned her hip to stop her from kicking him to try to continue running away. She had never forgiven her father and her fear for Fire and especially fire magic had begun. 

She was close to panicking and shutting down again because of the fact that  it was not logical that she was burned by her own spell and that she had no idea how it happened, it must have happened in her sleep but she felt so exhausted that she barely believed that she had slept at all and wouldn't she wake up from the burn instead of rolling out of her bed. She was still wailing in pain and there were tears on her cheek, burning the two scratches on her left cheek but that wasn't even the worst pain that she had ever felt, this burn on her stomach and her sides and back made her remember the pain when she had her hip burned and maybe that's also a reason why she was extra freaking out. It just didn't make sense in general and her brain was working too hard to figure everything out that she even got herself a headache.. It took her quite some time before she realized that Zhao was on his knees next to her. That she clung onto him and tried to find the words to speak. Why was everyone always see her crying. Nate had seen her crying, Bellamy had seen her crying and now Zhao. Surprisingly it was always the male that found her crying, not that she had any female friends. 

"I.." She finally started, "I need a healer." Which was obviously very obvious but still she had to say it, she had no idea how to figure out how to get there because she wasn't sure if she was able to leave but she also didn't want to be alone. "I can't stand." She said, finally her voice under control of herself. "But I also don't want to be alone. I have no idea what happened." She wanted to say she woke up like this but than again she had made the statement to herself that she barely had the feeling that she had been sleeping so she wasn't sure to say that. She tried to take a deep breath but that hurt even more and she tried to point at the lacrima on the nightstand, they could call the reception through that thing right? She had to be healed and quickly, she didn't want anymore scars, she wasn't even that vain but come on it was the whole middle section of her torso. 

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Posted on April 4th 2016 10:40 PM
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It was sure that Rose had gotten hurt. Zhao looked around, hoping to find a first aid kit of some sort, when Rose pointed at the lacrima on the desk. Zhao ran towards the lacrima. That lacrima was to contact the service desks of the hotel, so that would be the most clever thing to do. Zhao put his hands up to the lacrima, as its yellow color shone even brighter. "How can I help you?", a young woman's voice said. "There is a wounded woman in here! We need help! We need a healer", Zhao almost shouted through the lacrima. A gasp came from the lacrima, and what seemed like the manager took over. "Help is on the way", he said through the lacrima. Zhao thanked him, and made his way back to Rose again. 

After a short while, a couple of people came in. A woman in white robes entered first, half-running towards Rose. After her, a panicking male nurse came in, running after the woman in white. The woman knew what she was doing. She was what seemed like a healer with experience. Right away, she started to inspect Rose' wounds. Her magic created auras around Rose' wounds, that would make it disappear. Not completely, but at least to soften the wounds. The healer ordered Zhao to get some cold water and towels. Zhao nodded, and ran off with a glass in his hand. He ran towards the bathroom, grabbing himself some water. He thought that the water would not be enough, but he'd get more later. He also got a towel from the bathroom, and ran off towards Rose' room. He dropped off the glass and the towel, and asked the healer if the glass was enough. She looked at Zhao, and nodded slightly. "What happened to her?", she said surprised. "Well...", Zhao began. "I actually have no idea. I was walking around town, and was about to discuss the plans for today with her, but I heard her scream as I knocked on her door", he filled her in. 

It was odd, watching Rose that wounded. She never got injured this badly. It was horrible to see it. He had seen worse in his past, but to see it happen with Rose... It felt odd. But what could have happened? What could do such a thing. Zhao decided to head up and investigates, starting with the windows. He looked around, seeing if some locks were forced or anything, but there were no results. There was nothing to be found. How else could they have entered? Did she do it to herself?


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Posted on April 5th 2016 11:57 AM
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The only thing at this point that mattered was that the pain would be gone. She would learn from this moment that she would just have to grit her teeth and continue, the only thing that made her panic bigger and thus the hurt worse. Was because she couldn't remember what happened to her and thus why she was wounded like that. Including the little fact that the only way she knew a burn like this could come was because of one spell in her own arsenal which was Sand Rebellion and for some reason she could remember that she or someone that looked extremely like her had cast it, but she had been sleeping. Although, and probably a second fact why the hurt was so bad, was because she felt so exhausted as if she had not slept at all. Which made it, nearly impossible to understand what happened. Not that she could possibly understand what was happening now because it went passed her like a sort of firework concert. She only saw flashes of colours, and she heard voices, of which she only recognized the one from Zhao. The one she had clung on to knowing that she was awake and in capable hands of surviving. Not that she would think she would die from these wounds, or well technically speaking. She wasn't bleeding but she wasn't doing well either. There were second rate burns on her stomach, back and sides, those were the points that hurt the most, but she knew. also because she had probably seen it before she fainted, that there were parts where her skin was white as snow and she didn't feel the point anymore, third rate burns. Which were so disgusting looking that she might throw up if she pictured how it looked like. 

Zhao had done something because sooner, she saw a white spot and another spot dancing around her and talking, voices she didn't recognize. She heard a female voice, quite close to her face that asked what happened to her. Her being Rose? The Earth mage wasn't sure but she would take the risk. The pain was slowly leaving her body and she wasn't sure if she dared to look what happened now her eye sight became a little stronger. She heard Zhao answer first, knowing immediately that indeed it was about her. She blinked a couple of times and stared at the healer, Zhao had walked away. "How are you feeling?" she asked softly and soothing, Rose could only nodd for a second before she could say that it felt already much better. The panic was subdued for now. "Can you tell me what happened?" She asked and Rose looked at the wardrobe for a few seconds, seeing her own uniform, the healer followed her eyes, knowing what she was meaning, Rune Knight. She would be able to handle it, hopefully. She turned her teal eyes back at the healer. "It's going to sound very weird and I know that. But I think or I am afraid I rather have to believe that I was the one that did it. But I do not understand why. This is the after effect of my own spell and I dreamt I cast it, but I never have been able to cast my spells when I was unconscious." The healer nodded and at least confirmed that mages were not able to cast spells in their sleep, it was not something that she had ever heard about. She shone a small piece of light in Rose her eyes and frowned. "How long did you sleep?" Rose shrugged, thinking back about last night, where she kept on reading some papers, so probably a couple of hours, six to the maximum if she knew for sure that it was early, which it was most of the time if Zhao had already been up and running. "But it looks like as if your body hasn't slept at all." Which made everything even more confusing and actually also rather scary. She could handle the nightmares because later she knew it was all fake but this, what the hell was this? 

The healer pushed her hair away and listened to the beat of her heart with the stethoscope but also confirmed that her heart could be beating too fast because of the panic attack that she more or less had had because of the realisation that it was her own spell. Thank god the Healer didn't call her insane. She even made a small joke about the fact that she would want to see the spell but seeing the effect, she would rather see it another time on a dummy. Which Rose could surprisingly well appreciate, she didn't mind the joke, she got that they tried to figure out what happened. For some reason she felt too stupid to look at Zhao and let that be for a minute. After the panicking nurse and the healer had put her right on the bed and checked if most of it was alright, as well as put cool aid bandaged on the left over wounds, they left. They said she should be careful, but the healer eyed her uniform and shook her head. "I bet Rune Knights know to be careful." Rose smiled but she had a lot of planning to do today and she would still continue.That's when she finally dared to look at Zhao, she took a deep breath and actually tried to pretend nothing happened. "So the planning of today right? I would most likely get dressed in something else and eat some breakfast, did you had any? But I would like to try out some magic, maybe we can finally manage to get your aspect host of Earth back." She smiled as if the worst part was over and it was just imagination, it was just a nightmare. She grabbed her uniform and headed to the bathroom, where she tried to be as quick as possible but also as careful as she could be. She brushed her hair up and into a high ponytail, which was maybe the most painful movement of all because of the fact that she had to lift her hands up and stretch her skin of her stomach, weirdly enough. As well as the fact that the edge of her pants was just around it, but she managed that, with some crafty ways of the layers of clothing. She wanted to go outside but first, she was hungry and mainly probably if she hadn't slept, starving. This was the first time in a long time, that she was feeling so hungry again and maybe she could eat more than just one croissant or two bites from a salad. She would see. 

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Zhao had meet healers. Lots of them. War was essentially possible thanks to them. Zhao required the help of a healer once. He was one pierced in his shoulder, barely missing any vital parts like the lung and heart in that part of the chest. And he had to just sit there, while a healer took care of the approximately fifty others in that room. It was exhausting, no. It was agonizing. Feeling the pain of the piercing blade. It still gave Zhao goosebumps up to today. It was only to see how well-trained this healer was. A spell or two later, Rose' wounds looked over ten times better! That was good. That was very good indeed. 

After the healer was done, everyone took there leave. Rose looked many times better, although she was clearly still in shock. She suggested to get herself dressed an ready for the day. "Are you sure? Right away?", Zhao had asked, but she was quite certain it seemed. Zhao nodded, and took his leave. It was, after all, only getting dressed and such. Zhao decided to head down to the breakfast room - which at this moment should actually be called either the brunch room or lunch room - to save a spot for Rose. 

It took some time, but Rose arrived. "So, how do you feel?", Zhao asked. He smiled, hoping that if she'd not feel really great, it'd help her feel better. "So what's up for today then?", Zhao eventually asked.


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Posted on April 9th 2016 10:50 AM
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So they discussed their plans as soon as Rose came down stairs, mainly because she ignored the question on how she was feeling. It was alright apart from the fact that she still had no idea what to do. Or actually no idea what happened apart from that it all started out as a dream. She sighed while she ate a piece of her bread with cheese. She didn't feel like eating a croissant today and she was actually quite hungry. "Let's just eat in my case and after that go try out some training or so. I think that's quite useful if I say so myself." Though even though she promised, she would probably be a little bit careless compared to what the healer wanted but she would see. She really didn't care so much at this point. She needed to become stronger and that was the point in why she was still working hard on becoming stronger than anyone else. She was done for at this point and because of that, she would practice, long and hard enough. 

When she was done with her breakfast, two slices of bread which was a new victory. She and Zhao headed to the training field here in Crocus, she tried to walk a little bit faster maybe she was already going fast enough but her body felt horrible. which made her wondering if she had slept at all. 

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