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This is what listening to Rodents gets you~ [Open]

Posted on March 29th 2016 09:06 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam awoke mid-day, it had been a very long and tiring trip from Oak, she felt so sluggish from the start and the park bench didn’t really feel as nice as he bed back in the phantom lord’s guild house. Why Hickory would ever ask her to come here was completely beyond her. But he was quite wise in her opinion and she Would have to wait to See him again,  The trip here was very hard on Taliam’s Mana and even thought she had a decent sleep on the hard park bench, she still didn’t fell all one hundred percent ready to bring him back to their Plane of existence.

Taliam Leaned forwards taking a seated position on the bench, yawning a bit she rubbed her eyes.  Her back was Stiff from the Tough wooden Bench, but it looked as if no one bothered her while she slept which was a good thing of course.

Taliam Leaned forwards getting off the bench  and Stretch forwards to loosen up her back, it was going to be A couple of hours before she would be Ready to talk to Hickory again,  Maybe getting some food or looking around would be the best plan for today.    Taliam looked up at the sun, it seemed to be near noon, but she couldn’t be certain.  Taliam went off wandering  back to a pathway that passed by a small pond, the pond in which was Almost as Still as glass, Which Taliam used to Fix up her Bed head and comb out her hair, if there was one Feature that Taliam took Pride in it was her  Snow white hair. It was both the bane of her existence and most prominent feature.  After her Morning Routine, Well the best she could do with a comb and a pond Reflection she set off in search for some sort of food.

Stumbling out of the wooded area she quickly found herself into a well populated Area, it was a good sign, and there would be some sort of Establishment with food for the taking. Taliam quickened her pace she needed to scoop out a pale before she could take something.  Or maybe she would just have to pay for it.  She would just have to figure it out as went in.  

The place she chose Was Nothing more than a café,  but she liked her coffee’s and she like loved Muffins and so did Hickory.  Eventually she Just paid for it, not seeing the opportunity to steal it,  but now she was out again back into the Crowds, she was much happier now that she had food, Now she was just Wandering around, Following Random people In the crowd as she picked out things she would steal if she had the opportunity.    It must have been about 2 hours of wandering before she found herself at the doors of the Guild house of Blue Pegasus, she never did overly Trust people in light guilds but  there didn’t seem to be anyone around at this moment. Or maybe she was wrong. Either way she dared not enter, instead she started to walking away.

Posted on March 29th 2016 10:38 PM
Mana: 1445

As usual Beastbane better known by his body's name as Akiva, woke up around the beginning of the afternoon. The lazy bones, he shouldn't have stayed up too late but as usual he did and there was not even a possible try to get to bed early, because he simply didn't work that way. He slowly got up and went with his right hand through his messy blue hair that he would definitely need to be fix with wax or anything. But first he had to splash cold water in his face to definitely wake up completely. When he had managed that he grabbed a towel to dry himself off a little and fix his hair before he would look for some other clothing than simply underwear. He got a black pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that would fit him well. He was not really immune to the cold but he didn't mind being cold or anything so he was fine with just a t-shirt. Besides the weather seemed to have been well for the last couple of days that he would even forget his jacket when he would go outside. Which was quicker necessary than he would have hoped. He had nothing to eat but sardine and that was for his little cat called Karou. So he fed her, because he had to take care of her now he had the body and put on his shoes and headed out. 

He first had the idea of buying groceries but instead of doing that, he simply decided that it would be smart to just go and eat something first, in some random cafe or so. He bought a sandwich and some tea and after that headed for the groceries. Since he had been outside, he thought it be great to walk around and smell the fresh air, in which he headed aimlessly towards the Guild, almost bumping into a girl with white hair. "Watch where you're walking, chibi (small one)."

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Posted on March 30th 2016 12:05 AM
Mana: 500

“Where I’m walking?!?” Taliam said turning around, a bit of he coffee having spilled o the front of he white dress from the slight bump “one would think a full grown man would have some manners” she said with her light blue eyes focused on his face,  he seemed much taller than Taliam but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t yell at him.  Not that things would likely escalate from there, not right in front of a light guild, that would be stupid.  Instead she stared blankly at him, not really sure what she could really do other then walk away. “  ya know what, whatever i don’t need this right now i need to get this stain out” she said turning away too see if she might be able to get the stain washed off,  not that coffee ever does come out of white cloths.  Boy was she pissed about that.  But again there wasn’t anything she could really do, he was a giant in comparison to her, she was fragile and not really a fighter by any means of the word.

Turning away to see if there was anything that she could wash up with, but not even so much as a puddle nearby she started to get even more furious “ Damnit hickory!” She said turning around quickly and tossing her paper cup of coffee at the feet of the rather intimidating looking man. . The fact that hickory had brought her to this particular town mean it was his fault she meant someone this rude  so in short  it was his fault. Not even the man who did it but the damn pack mouse’s fault.

Thinking about a split second later she most certainly shouldn’t have done that. That was actually the worst thing she could have done. ~ damn cant believe i did that.~ she quickly taught as she stepped back preparing to get beaten for this.  “ would it help to say I’m sorry, and that the cup slipped.” She said quickly an insincere smile “ I would have to say I probably overreacted and there is no need for violence, and that I’m sorry, ah yea. . . Cant stress that part enough” she offered out taking another step back  dropping her muffin she her in her other hand  to  hold both hand out  as if she was pleading. 

Posted on March 30th 2016 11:26 AM
Mana: 1445

Fine he might have been overreacting because he didn't like to go to Blue Pegasus but his feet seemed to have carried him here and he had worked it out on her. Now that he looked better at the white haired girl, he was sure she wasn't a member of Blue Pegasus, absolutely sure. She muttered something angry and walked away but not to far and in the end threw her cup of coffee towards his feet, he simply stared at it, wondering who this Hickory person was that she cursed with it. Alright, alright, he would help her. But only for today. Before she dropped her muffin, he had only to take two steps and simply caught it. "I don't like food getting wasted." He simply said and instead of the urge to shaking her completely with the idea how stupid she was, he let it be. "Wanna clean up? I'm a member." He pointed with his thumb at the Guild, if she would have a new coffee, enjoyed her little muffin, he would be done with it and leave her be in a second. She would manage on her own. He handed her back the muffin if she hand't taken it back yet and there was probably someone in the Guild that would be able to use water magic or so on. 

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Posted on March 30th 2016 04:31 PM
Mana: 500

Either she was much better a liar then she thought or this man had a complete change of heart, it seemed as if he was actually almost sympathetic towards her, it kind of caught Taliam off guard and made her a little more skeptical of his intentions after he had  invited her into the guildhall.  What summed it all together was the he was member of the guild.   Still kind of new to the world of guilds she wasn’t sure of the rules on being invited to another person’s guild hall.   Was it better to pretend like she wasn’t part of the dark guild she represented?   No that wouldn’t do and her tattoo was easily seen if her hair was brushed behind her shoulder.   Behind the her left ear, was a light blue phantom lords symbol.  Thought she was pretty sure it wasn’t visible at that moment, she was still kind of concerned.  What if it was a trap. . .

How could she say no without a proper reason. . And she had just throw her coffee at his feet and he saved her muffin. .  There was a lot that happened in that moment.  More than she could process this quickly.  

Her hand slowly reached out to take the muffin she had dropped, he was pretty quick to have caught that, even if she turned and ran now  it wasn’t a sure thing that Taliam could out run him, nor did she knew where she was going.  This really did give him every advantage in this situation if he was planning on attacking.  “ umm thanks. . “ she said a bit hesitantly as she braced herself slightly placing her left foot behind her and leaned onto one leg. “ sorry about the coffee, its been a long and lousy trip. . . “ 

Taliam glanced back at the doors of the guild hall “ you know, I am not overly comfortable with a lot of people i don’t know,  i would have to decline your offer, but if you know another place with less people that would be better” she said quickly thinking away out of not going into the guild house.

| perhaps like a pond or something?” She added in stupidly after. . . ~ yep a pond,  good thinking Taliam, maybe  you can drowned yourself in it. . .~  the thought crossed her mind quickly.~ it would be less painful then this~ she quickly thought “or the guild hall works if there aren’t to many people” she said quickly trying not to be overly suspicious.  How would they know and besides  she didn’t have any ill intentions.  

Posted on March 31st 2016 04:20 PM
Mana: 1445

Or maybe he was slowly getting to that point where he became himself again, the insane man called Beastbane. Wonderful he couldn't wait. He actually liked that she felt like she was a victim, it was written all over her face. She was hesitant and very careful, calculating the proceedings that were all possible outcomes. He actually haven't thought so far himself. He wasn't really sure what he was about to do, so he would see. "Where are you from?" He asked nicely because it was a long and lousy trip? Maybe she needed more coffee to clean up her head than. He didn't like excuses, she had definitely thrown coffee towards him, and it was the excuse of a trip? Oh really...

He listened to her excuse of not going inside the Guildhall which was fine by himself and he had already taken a step to turn his back on her and say goodbye, but he still had to make the motion of turning when she mentioned a pond. He couldn't help it, it was just so ridiculous, he started softly, his shoulders shocking a little until he couldn't help it but laugh, it was so ridiculous. "I rather would send you to a dry cleaners but if you want a pond, we have one in the park." He said while laughing, he would almost tear up but he would manage. Seriously, she was obviously one of those people that belonged in Hosenka. Too stupid to amuse people, she had just proved that point. He might be mean but that was the way Beastbane functioned. 

He had to find himself again when she finally managed to say that the guild would be alright if there weren't too many people. "We are a bar, so there are many people but I bet there is another room where you can take care of the clothing. We could look if you want but the pond isn't that far away either." He was really proud of himself for not laughing when he mentioned the pond but he couldn't stop grinning. 

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Posted on March 31st 2016 04:58 PM
Mana: 500

“ I walked here all the way from hosenka” she replied  her eye brows furrowing as she tried to understand why he would want to know,  not really piecing it together yet that she had said a long trip and that he was seeing how far the trip was.

He was teasing her? That wasn’t very nice at all, laughing at her, after all he bumped into ~her~ and spilled ~her~ coffee on ~her~ white dress.   And suddenly now, he was being kind of civil, things didn’t seem to add up to Taliam but then again she did only have a few sips from the coffee before she so rudely threw it at him.  “ a dry cleaners?  No, no that won’t do,  i only have these clothes.  I didn’t plan on staying long.” She said recalling the conversation with hickory.

He was never the most helpful of mice, and when she asked if she needed to pack anything, he only wanted food.  Stupid her for thinking he’d want any different and not just packing for the trip like she should have.” Umm well i don’t do bar’s but i suppose, if there’s a room off to the side, i could deal with the people”  doing her best to ignore his previous laughing she could tell that he still thought little of her, which wasn’t a bad thing in Taliam’s opinion.  Playing the victim put her at an advantage against most. Besides if she was seen as helpless then she could get away with more. 

Feeling like if she opened up now  it might prevent any incidents to come.  Taking an deep breath she exhaled slowly directing the air from her mouth up and blowing on her bangs. “ i suppose there’s just one more thing “ Taliam said as she turned her head slightly  drawing her bangs back behind her ear and revealing her guild crest “ being from an opposing guild wouldn’t cause you to withdraw your offer would it?” She asked holding back a smirk. 

The light blue crest seemed to match the traditional colour of the Blue Pegasus, but the shape was of course of the phantom lords insignia. “ I do swear that I am not up to anything Malicious though,  it’s just a small trip.” Taliam said letting her hair fall back into place as she waited for a reaction.  She certainly didn’t expect a fight to break out over such a small fact.  But if it did she knew several places she could attempt to slip away. Besides what light guild member would openly fight amongst civilians.   

Posted on April 1st 2016 12:21 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva tried not to laugh. "You are in Hosenka. So that wasn't a far walk, was it?" He suspected that she was so baffled by something like him that she made the error of saying the town she was in. He tried his very, very best not to laugh again. His shoulders were maybe shocking a little because of the power to keep it inside but Beastbane found it hilarious. She must have come from far and later he understood that she meant Oak. He had never been there but it had been and maybe still was the home town of Lilith, which made it interesting. Also because of the fact that she was a Phantom herself. He frowned for she had only brought this set of clothes so before he knew about Oak and Phantom Lord he thought that she must have had a house somewhere. She didn't look like a homeless person. "So if you do not stay long, are you looking for someone?" He tried to be polite but actually he was just curious and wanted to know who she was. 

It was not long after she accepted his offer to go to another room in the guild to help her with her coffee dress that she sighed and said there was one more thing. That's the point that she showed the Guild insignia of Phantom Lord to him. "I wouldn't do that anymore if I were you." His voice become low and maybe even angry. Phantom Lord was known as a neutral chaotic guild to him, but he knew better. He had met Lilith, he had the feeling that they weren't as neutral as they said and here was one, probably very neutral pointing out she was a member. "I am a Light Guild member, I could find a reason to arrest you just because of my arrogant self. Which I am. But you're lucky. I myself am hiding among the light mages to find people for my companion of Phantom Lord." His eyes narrowed as he looked the white haired girl up and down. He thought even lower of her right now.  She swore she wasn't on the wrong path but that it was a small trip. He didn't listen, he took her by her right upper arm and dragged her into Blue Pegasus, ignoring everyone that looked at them before he finally found the nurse office, threw that woman out, said he would call her back and closed the door. It was probably not smart to talk about these things in public. He tried to look at her with an apologetic smile. "Seriously honey, Phantom Lord is not that neutral anymore than you think, I even think they are close to being recognized as a Dark Guild by the Rune Knights." 

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Posted on April 2nd 2016 04:24 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam tilted her head not having realized her mistake. Why was he acting so weird now.  Taliam shifted her weight onto one leg, using her left leg as an anchor she slide her right foot up a braced it on her left leg. Standing a bit like a flamingo on one leg.  The tension was broken when the man spoke up asking if she was looking for someone.  Her answer if she answered truthfully would sound so ridiculous but here goes nothing. . “ i know it’s going to sound strange, but  . . . Well i’m here on business actually, i was send here by an elder of sorts, i can’t be sure as to why quite yet but  the reasons will be shown to me in time she said  still trying to figure out why he had suddenly changed personalities, and if he was going to take her seriously, it seemed that he was not overly found of her,  nothing that he had said other then being a bit rude, but more so the look he seemed to show,  it seemed like she was being scolded and he was being condescending. 

He quickly scolded her for showing off her tattoo, though she was quite proud of it, she quickly dropped her hair and brushed it with her hand to hide it again.  The next words out his mouth came to Taliam as a shock. Though he managed to cram both the fact that he could turn her into the authorities. Taliam frowned upon hearing that.(something that she feared quite a bit) and that he was a recruiter inside the light guild.  A traitor of sorts, in Taliam’s eyes. Not that she would call him out on it. He was kind of intimidating in a way.

Everything changed in an instant when suddenly he glared at her, then suddenly  reached forwards and grabbed her shoulder. Though she resists for all of half a second she knew almost instantly that this was going to hurt if she resisted. Instead she was dragged ~guided~ in to the guild hall. Red flags flashed in her mind as she was roughly guided into a nurse’s office.( not that she knew what it was until he kicked out the nurse) she didn’t know any way out of this, what was going to happen now? 

Taliam felt a bit panicked having been rushed through a guild of light mages each on had looked at her as they rushed past.  Certainly they would be suspicious of that kind of behaviour. Unless this was the kind of thing the blue haired man did offer?   Then suddenly Taliam realized what they might have thought. She wasn’t that kind of girl. . . Wait did he say he had a companion?  Like a girlfriend?  Taliam’s facial expression changed from a worrisome look to something of reflection with a hint of a smirk.   The idea of someone this thuggish to have a girlfriend kind of came to her as a surprise. “ you know that is hardly any way to teat a lady.” Taliam said rubbing her shoulder for a moment making sure it was bruised.  Before he started talking again.   This time he spoke softly and almost kindly. Taliam was again take a back by his sudden change in demeanor  ~ honey~ the word that threw her off more than him admitting he was a spy for a different guild member. 

Taliam leaned back against the checkup table. Rubbing the back of her neck slightly. “ I understand what your getting at, but why did you feel the need to tell me? Or even out yourself, your not an overly carful spy are ya now?” She whispered softly.  Why he thought they were in a more privet area inside a light guild,  instead of out in the streets was beyond her.  If they were talking on the streets they would seem like strangers,  now that she was dragged inside people were sure to ask questions. 

Posted on April 2nd 2016 04:57 PM
Mana: 500

How she ended up wandering around the Blue Pegasus guild hall she did not know. All she knew that she was walking around Hosenka, she got a bit side-tracked and suddenly someone called her pretty and urged her to come inside. Now, walking around the guild hall shouldn’t be that big of a problem, now should it? Well, it was when you were a Grimoire Heart mage who had absolutely no business being here at all.

“Egh, these people suck,” Leia mumbled under her breath as she tried to find the way out of this place. It was too.. too pretty. Too shallow. She hated it already, after being here for no more than ten minutes. And on top of it all, this place was a frigging maze!

“Eeeegh,” she groaned, again. Seriously, it was like her most-used word. Her word of preference. The word of her – okay, getting side-tracked again. She should really stop doing that.

After another, say, fifteen minutes of walking around, smiling at people (painfully) and hoping that nobody would notice she didn’t belong here, Leia decided to break one of her rules: asking people for help.

She rarely ever asked others for help, simply because she was so convinced she could handle anything herself. And honestly, she wouldn’t have even considered it if she wouldn’t have to be somewhere else within an hour.

Leia looked around for a few seconds, quickly scanning people and looking for who she would ask – they had to look at least mildly interesting. She spotted the nurses office within a few seconds and decided to go there – it was a nurses’ job to help people, right?

So off she was, walking towards the office and opening the door and careless and subtle as she could, but when she saw the two people inside she blinked twice, leaned her head to the side and frowned. “You’re not nurses.” Shady. She liked it.

Posted on April 2nd 2016 05:40 PM
Mana: 1445

"I know perfectly well how to treat a lady." He said slightly pissed off, "But mention it when you see one." He wouldn't call her a lady, she looked very young and so he didn't see her as a special dish on the salad bar that he would want to flirt with. Apparently she also didn't catch on his sarcasm. Bloody Akiva! That guy made sound every thing so cute and appropriate. This wasn't, this girl didn't know anything about how dangerously she had just showed her identity. Beastbane was done with the nice guy in his mind but apparently Akiva wasn't done with him yet. He groaned and leaned against the wall with his head. He took a deep breath and turned back to Taliam. "Why should I need to be a careful spy while all the people in Blue Pegasus are too stupid to look further than their own reflection!" He said maybe not too loud but like angry whispering, who was this girl, whose name was still unknown to him but that didn't matter. He wondered how Lilith would react to this in general. "Besides I work for someone from Phantom-" But he couldn't finish his sentence because someone opened the door. He stood up straight towards the door and wanted to tell the nurse to continue to do something else aka back off, because he was still busy. But than again it wasn't the nurse. He didn't recognize this face and he was very good with remembering the faces of everyone that worked and were in the Guild. Really, he had stolen the members list or something familiar to that. 

The young woman pointed out that they weren't nurses. "And you are no member." He said calmly before turning his head back to Taliam, name still unknown. "Now that's one." He said reffering to what he said before about ladies. He was alert, waiting to move on with his magic in case it was necessary, still pretending to be the good Blue Pegasus member that wasn't him. He needed to get the stain out of the dress of the white haired girl and know what the black haired one was doing here. Why in the nurse office. If and he was absolutely sure about that, any other Blue Pegasus had put attention to whom went into the nurse office, they probably thought something very dirty of him and he didn't feel the need to explain. "Now go on, fix your dress, there's the steaming machine or whatever it is." He pointed without looking, pointed maybe a little askew but at least he kept his ice blue eyes on the new one. 

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Posted on April 2nd 2016 06:04 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam huffed slightly, referencing she was no lady, the nerve of some guys. . .  But in all honest she wasn’t overly lady like,  though she was quite graceful and polished, she would have no issues taking things that weren’t hers and have  very mixed up morals. The suddenly opening door didn’t really come to her as a surprise, though the moment the women stated that they weren’t nurses Taliam could feel her heart drop.  

This would be her death, all because a mouse told her to venture to this stupid little town.   However the quick and snappy comeback Akiva dished back out quickly calmed Taliam’s already shot nerves.  If she was not a member then what the hell was going on here?   Not only was she not a member neither was the other women, and neither was the rough neck brute that had dragged her in there . . . Well not truly.

The next words out of Akiva’s mouth made her scowls slightly as she crossed her arms over her chest, how was she more a lady then her?  His heavy bias statement may have been true but Taliam felt like she deserved the title of lady.   Or on second thought probably not. . . Reflecting back only a few moments ago when she tossed a full cup of coffee at his feet.    He seemed unaffected by it too, which meant either she missed or he didn’t care even slightly.

The room seemed to be almost over crowded with only three people in it.  And the large brute seemed distracted by this women to even properly show her to the steam machine that could get the coffee out of her white dress.  Looking at her dress there was only a few small splashes on it, but they would bother Taliam. Mostly because it no longer had a sense of purity. “yep, got it thanks boss. . . I’m sure that will get it out. . .   Oh so helpful“ she murmured  turning around shaking her head, her tone dripping in sarcasm.   How was he going to possibly know that it wouldn’t work, she bet his girlfriend did his laundry for him(assuming his contact was still his companion)   it kind of eat away at Taliam patient that suddenly his attention was focused on that black haired temptress, and he would even so much as look to point out what a steam machine was.   The hell if she knew what it was.  Aside from what the name suggested,  she could guess that it would make steam.  But steam wouldn’t get the coffee from her dress in fact it would only spread it when it was rehydrated and rubbed. . .   But she figured he only said anything to cover up his tracks.  Feeling kind of spiteful Taliam fumbled around with random things on the counter.  Looking at a few different jars that were labeled all nice and neat.   The brilliant idea here was to just peel off all the labels and  play with random things on the counter until he was ready to talk to her again. 

Posted on April 2nd 2016 06:15 PM
Mana: 500

Leia simply rolled her eyes when the blue-haired guy said that she wasn’t a member. “Well aren’t you the clever boy, mommy must be proud.” Since he knew she wasn’t a member of the guild, that probably meant that he was, in fact, one. Meaning she could ask him how to get out of here. Which is probably what she should do. But his tone hadn’t been all to friendly (not that hers had been, but that was besides the point), so now Leia was annoyed by him, meaning she would never ask him anything, because that would make her seem less than him. Did that make sense? It did to her.

Anyway, Leia crossed her arms and let her eyes go back and forth from the two standing in the nurses office. The girl was cleaning her dress, which made her lift an eyebrow. “I hope you children behaved yourself while you were in here, unsupervised,” she said, her tone obviously mocking the two. But come on, it was quite the scandalous scenario, wasn’t it? She made a tutting sound of disapproval while stepping into the office, closing the door behind her. “Kids these days.”

So it was decided. Leia would stay here. Walking away would make her seem either boring or scared, asking them for directions would make her seem stupid, so neither of those were really good options. The way others viewed her was important, and she wanted others to find her interesting, intimidating even – though she doubted that one was going to happen with mister smartypants over here, so interesting it was.

She pushed herself up to sit on one of the nurses beds and crossed her legs, without uncrossing her arms. “So tell me, what are two supposedly innocent Blue Pegasus mages doing alone in the nurses office.” She emphasized the 'alone' in her sentence. “And that makes me wonder, what did you do with the nurse?” A sly grin appeared on her lips as she said that. She hoped it was bad.

Posted on April 2nd 2016 06:34 PM
Mana: 1445

Beastbane had it kind of difficult, focusing his attention on two people. The white haired one annoyed the crap out of him, first throwing coffee towards his shoes, that were not yet soaked but they sure as hell had been hit, second she had randomly shown her insignia which wasn't Blue Pegasus. But it was good that the black haired one thought that. This was all so confusing! Nothing he couldn't handle but alright. He looked at what Taliam was doing and shook his head but he waited with replying until Leia was done talking and he could just take the stage, but this was all getting more confusing and irritating at once. Besides the remarkable comments fitted perfectly in his own track of thoughts. But how to figure all this out. "Right, White, there." He pointed at the steam machine, refering to Taliam her hair because he still didn't know her name. "It's magic. You know what that is? It will work. I know for sure" He had seen it a lot, the reason why it was here in the nurse office was because of the vain reason of Blue Pegasus. Imagine a spilled coffee stain on their clothing, the world might collapse according to themselves. He wasn't sure if Taliam knew magic, she had been talking about someone to tell her to come here but not magic. Not everyone was magic, even technically speaking there was a bigger chance that people weren't magical than that they were since around 10% of whole Fiore was only mages. But you never know. 

Then he turned to the black haired woman that sat on the nurse bed. "You got me there, beauty." Sarcasm all over the place as everyone one of them seemed to do. He had to make sure that Taliam would hurry up because he didn't know how long the nurse would stay away, which was an issue that the new visitor spoke about too. "First of all, just to make sure. I'm probably older than you. So that puts me in charge." The idiot that he was, he had raised his left hand, showing the outside of his hand, his knuckles, with one finger lifted towards Leia, while the palm was to himself. While on his knuckles were twenty four straight tallies marked black against his pale skin. The sign of Beastbane. The murderer, but not everyone knew the rumours, which was very good. "Second, who said we were all members? Since you aren't one either, you assume things too fast." Which he ended with a wink, because he couldn't help it. He kind of liked this black haired girl. Although Taliam had something interesting, he wondered what she was doing here, actually the both of them. Again confusing. "Oh and believe me. That nurse will only come when I tell." This was half a bluff half not. "I'm the strongest mage in Blue Pegasus, want to check it out?" Technically speaking yes he was the strongest at the moment, but more the strongest available. She didn't need to know that either, neither of them actually. 

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Posted on April 2nd 2016 07:03 PM
Mana: 500

White?, oh me right of course.. .  She questioned before tuning to look at what he was talking “everything we have been through and you . . .  *grumble grumble*   she continued screwing around until she finally seen the machine that looked the most like a steam machine.    Taliam fiddled around with the  machine not sure how to work it at all she picked up a piece that looked like it spewed steam. She probably had that right, now to find the switch. . Where the hell was the switch. . .  

Taliam stopped fidgeting with things when she overheard his flirtatious comment “whoa down boy,   actually on second thought lover boy, maybe if you flirt harder she’ll kiss ya then maybe you wouldn’t be such a bitter old man” she said mocking him as she finally found the toggle switch

The machine went on and made quite a loud sound.  Again not sure what to do she simple touched the spout to her clothing, and it seemed to clean them instantly.   Taliam found it best to stay out of this part of the conversation as they argued about who was in charge.  It was such an stupid point to make, it hardly mattered who was in charge what mattered was the ability to get out of this situation.

Still listening in Taliam turned the machine off, having her coffee crisis fixed she could finally forgive him for bumping into her.  After all he did fix it despite being an jerk about it. Taliam’s eyes widened ~ did he just out me? ~ she quickly thought as she turned around completely to see that the women had made herself comfortable and he had in fact ~you dirty rat!  Taliam thought as she looked him up and down.  Having felt completely betrayed by the stranger who was harbouring her in his guild for the time being.  However she remained silent, not wanting to mess with any more of his plans. She didn’t know this women and she hardly knew the ruffian. 

Taliam stuck her tongue out slightly, now that he seemed to be back to bragging, what a fool, a girl was in there giving him attention and he was boosting about how strong he was.  Though Taliam didn’t quite understand it herself, his plan could be going in a direction that she wouldn’t ever had expected.   “its Taliam by the way” she said staring daggers are Akiva, but making sure she sounded more sincere, because the introduction was for the lady attitude problem over on the nurses bed.

Taliam fixed her dress smoothing out any wrinkles in it. “and I like your shoes, they match your outfit quite nicely” Taliam said thinking about if there was any chance she could possibly get away with both the steam machine and the shoes. . . No that would by very risky, she didn’t know what either of these two were capable of.  But on the flip side of this situation Taliam could pretend to have much more power then she truly did. 

Taliam never really did have a good sense of how to read the mood of  a room, but she hoped that things might lighten up a bit and if she could get on the women’s good side maybe she would have a good reason to leave without further hindrance 

Posted on April 2nd 2016 07:20 PM
Mana: 500

He called her beauty, and even though she could clearly hear the sarcasm, it still made her pretend to gag. You know, pointing her finger in her mind and making the gag-sound. “Gross.” Charming her never worked, but it was always funny to see people try. She rolled her eyes when he claimed to be older, apparently putting him in charge. That was probably the most childish way to decide who was the boss she had ever seen. “How grown up of you, I’ll definitely listen to you now, sir.”

She quickly looked at the girl when he said that she shouldn’t assume they were both guild members – making her wonder which one of the two wasn’t, though he was the one who had known she wasn’t a member, which would logically make him the actual member. But then where did this girl come from? She squinted her eyes at her for a second, relaxing them when the girl decided to introduce herself.

Taliam, she was called. Interesting name, not interesting enough to actually make Leia interested, though. She was a bit taken aback, however, by the complement on her shoes. She looked down at them for a second and then looked back up at the girl. “Thank you,” she said, not making any emotion known whatsoever.

She then looked back at the guy whose name she did not know – because he hadn’t introduced himself yet – as he was claiming to be the strongest mage in Blue Pegasus (which immediately answered her earlier question). “Oh, I am so sorry, please don’t hurt me,” she said, still as emotionless as before as she put her hands slightly up in a ‘don’t shoot’ way and rolled her eyes once more. If you hadn’t noticed yet, Leia liked rolling her eyes. It showed a certain careless-ness she enjoyed. It made her look extra casual. (For someone who didn’t care about anything, she sure spend a lot of time making sure she looked cool).

“But hey, if you want to show off in front of your, ehm, girlfriend, be my guest.” She made a ‘take-the-floor’ gesture with her arm with a mean grin on her face. She didn't think the girl was his girlfriend, which was obviously noticable in her voice she simply meant to provoke the two.

Posted on April 2nd 2016 07:36 PM
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Bloody brilliant, his mouth seemed to talk where his brain just wanted it to shut up instead of making it worse. He tried to catch a hold of the situation. He hadn't said Taliam, whom had introduced herself now, her guild, on purpose. But the demeanor of this black haired girl, was different. It was cold, it was something that smelled like evil if evil would have a smell. And than again if he would believe in the stupidity of evil and good. He had to get out of this nurse office. The good thing was that Taliam her dress was saved, he had done his good deed of today. She had to remark about his shoes and he knew every petty reaction that the black haired girl would give him. They thought he was bluffing, but it would only be nice if he really would need the use of his power. For his summons and his darkness magic was much stronger than they would probably thought. He just had to fight out the difference between Akiva and Beastbane. The insane and sane version of himself. The only reason why he stayed in Blue Pegasus, was hiding and he knew that very well. 

"What is it that you want? You don't belong to the guild, neither to any of the other Light Guilds. That would make it possible narrow down to four options. One. You are a Phantom. Two. You are one of Grimoire Heart. Three. You are not in a guild. or Four, which I practically ruled out, you are not a mage. So let's say three options." He said because he was a bit done with this whole situation, he had to get rid of them because of keeping himself save in Blue Pegasus. He wanted to give a better impression to Taliam but he had ruined it, maybe it was because she was a Phantom, like Lilith had been. Maybe they were acquainted. "It's a really nice name, Taliam." But he would skip his own introduction and he wasn't sarcastic with her name, it was really nice. But still no introduction from him, not only because he didn't feel like giving the option to become known by his nickname by the crimes he had committed as well as the fact that his body was fighting against the names. Was he Akiva or Beastbane? 

He ignored the mocking about the girlfriend, why did people always assume that, and why did his mind picture Scáthach as well as Lilith. Girls weren't toys but he also didn't feel like being bonded to only one. His blue eyes again turned towards the black haired young woman. He wanted to know what she was doing here. 

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Posted on April 2nd 2016 07:55 PM
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Not entirely sure what the make of the girls reaction she simply stepped away, walking back towards the counter to look at the steam machine again. But that wasn’t what surprised her, it was the fact the blue haired barbarian had actually been nice right then.   Now she felt a bit guilty, before she didn’t really care too much if she offended him, but she knew there was something need down inside him,  he must have been a big old softy, but Taliam wouldn’t bring anything up to mock him this time. It seemed now as if the situation was a bit more serious.  Not that it hadn’t been before, but at that point Taliam had a thought of ways out of this room, but it seemed to be very limited, she would have to get past both of them and to the door or manage to get out a vent that she wasn’t sure where it went or how she could possibly get the screws out without being noticed. 

The fact that the raven haired girl had made a joke at her expense, kind or ruled her out as a possible ally in this situation.  She would be best to stick with the man with the vast advantage of just having to call out and they would be outnumbered.  Though the thought of him being her boyfriend didn’t repulse her, as she might have thought at first but he would have to be much nicer, and they sure weren’t compatible at all.  She remained silent but kind of gave of a look of ~ you’ve got to be kidding me~

Taliam turned back towards the two people, dismissing the thought, she looked about.  She had noticed that he had avoided giving out his name, the same thing the opposite girl had done.  But Taliam wasn’t worried there was very little they could do with her name, she hadn’t been part of her guild long and she was not renown by any means.

She was kind of at a loss of what to do, she basically had to ride out this situation and hope for the best. She did however feel a little bit refreshed even with only a mouthful of coffee and a bite from her muffin.  Which she didn’t know where that had went.  One moment it was in her hand the next she was dragged into the guild house . . .   It was likely in the hall way somewhere. Wondering now if someone else had found it.  Or worst had taken it.  It was almost like being stolen from but unknowingly.

Taliam took a long breath, feeling the heat from the build and the fact there were three of them in such a little space made it feel kind of humid in the room.  Like all the oxygen was being used. If that was even possible.   And what would hickory have told her to do in this situation. The wise (not really) mouse would have the answer he always seemed to steer her in the right direction.

Posted on April 2nd 2016 08:07 PM
Mana: 500

Leia slow clapped after his analysis about her and to what guild she belonged. “You really are one clever, boy, aren’t you?” she said mockingly. “Too bad you’ll never find out.” Her insignia was hidden on the back of her neck, under a thick blanket of long, dark hair. Nobody ever saw it unless she wanted them to, and in this moment she didn’t want them too.

“In all honesty, though, I simply came here to see if there was someone who could show me the way out of this place, but then I stumbled upon you two, and I have to admit, this is way more entertaining than I thought it would be.” She looked back and forth between the two of them for a while again.

The other girl was pretty quiet after she spoke up just now, and Leia couldn’t blame her. If she didn’t like provoking people so much she’d probably be quiet too, she wouldn’t really see the need for talking. The guy, however, seemed to respond to everything she said, either verbal or non-verbal, and that amused her. Which caused her to keep going.

Leia hopped off of the nurses bed, fanning herself with her hand. “It’s a bit warm in here, isn’t it?” she said, walking towards the door while doing so. “Mind if I open the door just a bit? Or are you afraid someone will see you two here, all alone and cozy?” she said – because it wasn’t really a question, it was simply more teasing – with her hand on the doorknob.  

Posted on April 2nd 2016 08:17 PM
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Beastbane eyed Taliam, whom seemed to not be really happy with the situation and neither was he. He was wondering what he should do, since his big mouth wouldn't remain shut. He actually wondered, which kept him his mouth shut, what would have happened information wise, if that black haired girl never showed up. He wanted to know her name, but it was impossible. The thing was that he either believed she was a Grimore Heart mage and the only reason why to was the differences between her and Taliam. First, she didn't recognize each other which obviously could make sense for he believed Dark Guild members more of a stand alone act. On the other hand, Phantom Lord had been known as a chaotic neutral guild, which was something that Lilith showed and Taliam but this one, the radiation of arrogance and well all things like that gave him a different vibe. It was simply putting 2 and 2 together for himself, obviously not a 100% convinced that it was that way but still. Than there was still the aspect if she was a mage but he had the feeling that he could feel magical power and energy around her, of course that could also be Taliam, which made it still a guess. He hadn't paid attention to it at first when he was alone with Taliam, so it was difficult to guess. 

Her answer didn't satisfy him, it again proved the point that she wasn't just a neutral being but again he was too much thinking for now. He had many things that he wanted to say. He actually felt like apologizing to Taliam and looked at her again, giving her a small smile, trying to get at least a little bit of a make-up moment coming. But not yet. He turned back to the one with the big mouth that had passed him and wanted to open the door. "Be my guest. I planned to leave this room at any time today. I have my own place to stay." He might go for a coffee later, he wouldn't know what happened. This could have gone all better if miss smarty pants here didn't go on the full sarcastic tour. He wanted to find new people for Lilith, his companion from Phantom Lord that had introduced him into the dark ways of the world. Unfortunately that had screwed up his mind a little and look what happened partly thanks to that. 

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