It felt weird taking instructions from a Mouse who eat most of her food and Refused to walk,  he wasn’t even a light mouse either  he must have weighed closer to 10 pounds because just letting him sit on her should made it harder to walk, and within moments her back seemed to hurt from being kinked to the side slightly,  her delicate frame wasn’t meant to carry things.

Why Hosenka? “ Taliam asked Finally as she picked up the pace leaving  the town of oak disappearing into the distance.  Her Questions was quickly answered with a Vast amount of Angry clicks and cheeps that the Mouse Hickory spoke In.  “ Fine,fine,  you’ve never steered me Wrong before, I guess I have no choice but to trust you”  Taliam Shook her head “ Ya ever hear of anger management?   Cuz ya might need it ya know” She said  giving the mouse a playfu prod with her  finger tips lightly.  

Her Travels seemed to take a long while, having to stop at night do to a certain Scardy-mouse, Taliam found it more comfortable to walk through the night, most often at the campfires she felt more Vulnerable,  but  the Stop was meant for sleep, in which Taliam got none of, and having her Companion with her was Taxing her  Magic wise, which made her  pretty tried.

It would have made more sense for her to have just unsummoned him and bough him back in the morning but she did enjoy the companionship even if it was just while he slept and ate all her food. Evne for a Mouse Hickory was quite Greedy whatever he didn’t eat he stuck in his pack, and Taliam couldn’t open it for some reason.

So on half a chunk of Bread and a belly full of water she made her way the rest the way,  Hickory de-spawning half way from the campsite to the town of Hosenka. She was sad to see him go, and it was a lonely rest the trip without him, but if she didn’t say goodbye then she would have passed out long before reaching the town.

After arriving in town she quickly found her way to a park where she took a nap in a nearby wooded park area.

[Travel from  Oak – Hosenka  ETA 3 hours]

[WC-390/300 Complete]