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First job in a long time [Solo]

Posted on March 27th 2016 06:55 PM
Mana: 1445

It was an early morning which both Akiva and Beastbane weren't that used to. It was probably because they stayed up late, doing either research or watch something on the lacrima screen. So this early morning wasn't something that made beastbane happy. Sure he knew that he should make use of getting up early but he just had to lay in and stare at the ceiling daydreaming about what he would do today. The thing is that money was always a smart plan and that smart plan had to come into action if he wanted to do something. He would be able to manage for quite a while but he rather lived a bit bigger and he didn't feel like informing his mother that he needed money. She didn't know he changed yet and he would rather keep it this way for as long as possible. That would mean that if he would visit her, he would act the way he had always done. As Akiva and not as himself or well the himself he was now. It was all a bit difficult to understand and hard to cooperate with but he would get there. It had been a month ago or so, he had to get his personality fixed at the very least. With the little bit of power in his morning body, he got up to go to the showers. Which woke him up a little bit more, made him still feel very tired but at least he was awake, which was something. 

When he was done with showering himself in water, which took him about three quarters, he finally got out and managed to find a towel and dry himself off as well as find clothes for what to wear. Which almost went wrong for he put his jeans the other way around but that was easily fixed. After that he would put on a shirt, rather a t-shirt, he never liked wearing something with long sleeves, it felt like it bothered him or something in his freedom. 

When everything was done as in he was dressed he find himself some food in the house, he sure as hell needed to work on buying more groceries and keeping track on when he needed them because it was being a bother to see how much he had in the house. On the other hand he would manage. When he finished his breakfast and fed Karou, he left the house to go to the Blue Pegasus Guild and find a request there that he could take. Which wasn't that difficult there were a lot. He finally found one that was interesting and it was about a nightclub, he might manage to get this done before the day would end. He decided to go to the address of the client that was provided as he would see what was going to happen. It wasn't that far of a walk and he was rather happy with that too, he might have turned lazy since the change.


Victorious Theme

Posted on March 29th 2016 06:28 PM
Mana: 1445

With the jeans around his legs and the black t-shirt on he was ready to go and eat breakfast. Which wasn't that much of a bother, he wasn't a picky person, as long as there was something to eat he would be doing fine. So that was done, he had some piece of bread with honey because it was the only thing he was able to find in the house that didn't contain fish. Which seemed to be for Karou. He might manage to get some groceries done as he would finish the job for today. Because that was his main idea of an event for today. Get money in the house and with that get more food in the house instead of all the sardine that seemed to be for Karou for they were all stacked away from the bread and honey and marmalade. He didn't understand how Akiva could have eaten that but it didn't matter for now for it was time to head out. He walked back into the hall to grab his old leather jacket. Beastbane could live with this thing, it was really comfortable and it looked so nicely old instead of the flashy new. It was different from how the rest of Hosenka seemed to work, where the newest fashion had to be immediately bought. Both Akiva and Beastbane would rather take the old classic clothes as well as jeans with holes in it and rusty old leather jackets. Okay not rusty but as a matter of description it worked. 

He headed out, making sure that the little black cat stayed inside. He might have to have checked his pockets before he left because he forgot his wallet, but he seemed to do manage to get in and out without letting the cat out. He didn't understand why she kept so close to the door but didn't go out, more freedom in the world instead of in the apartment. Maybe she just wanted to sit in the doorway and he wouldn't be able to close the door. That made more sense. He managed to get out without having her between the doorway and the door itself, this time with his wallet, keys and everything else that he needed. He walked down the four stairs of the apartment building and whistled his way towards Blue Pegasus. Ignoring each and everyone that was on the street, even people that seemed to have greeted him. He didn't know them, he didn't feel like he needed to know them, so he continued on to find the Guildhall, which wasn't all that difficult and he could go and look at the board to find the job he would have to do today. The good thing about the Blue Pegasus Guildhall was that it was divided in a lot of other rooms and that the main hall already contained the request board. So he didn't have to talk with anyone to just note that he would take a request. He would have to sign off his name and leave with the piece of paper. There were not that much requests that seemed to be interesting. It had to be a challenge instead of simply waving his hand and let it be done with. He wanted to feel like he really could do anything. So he went on and finally read something about kidnapped people. He could become the hero of the day, not that he really cared about the people but it was interesting to see if he would be able to do that. If he would be able to control the body, that had been his almost three years ago if it wasn't longer, completely again. He grabbed the request from the board and wrote his name down on the paper next to it with the name of the request: Nightmares. He grinned, oh he sure as hell was a nightmare. 

With the address provided, Beastbane knew pretty well where to go. He was actually quite glad that the address wasn't that far away from the Guild and thus his apartment. He might have turned a bit lazy but who cared. With a ten minutes walk and big strides he arrived right on time according to himself. He knocked quite harshly on the door, he thought he had to show the power that he already possessed to make sure that they wouldn't underestimate him already or in general. A man opened, "Janus Kyle?" Beastbane asked in his proper polite way. He wasn't sure how to be polite in general. The man nodded and the Blue Pegasus mage held up his request and the man started to shiver. As if he was afraid that he was caught. With a sigh Beastbane put the request back in the backpocket of his jeans. He shrugged off the leather jacket and pulled up the small short sleeve of his t-shirt on his left shoulder. Just to show the dark blue insignia of Blue Pegasus. Apparently it was very useful to have it. "Can I come in? I'm here to work out this request." Because he was definitely not here to just help. He did it for himself not this Kyle man. The man took a step aside and Beastbane entered and simply continued to walk through the small hallway until he entered the living room where a female was sitting. He put up a flirting smile but was immediately interrupted by mister Kyle. 


Victorious Theme

Posted on March 29th 2016 08:08 PM
Mana: 1445

He wanted to sit down but instead mister Kyle didn't offer him a chair and remained standing himself while stammering about all the inconvenience things that had happened. Which was really all jibberish and Beastbane had no idea what he was actually talking about. So Beastbane sat himself on the side of the chair with misses Kyle and smiled at her with a bright smile. "You were saying Janus? You should talk a little clearer." He knew he was pissing of the man but it was hilarious to hear his wife giggle. "There is a new management in the nightclub called Nightmare.", "Aren't we all a bit too old to go to nightclubs?" The monster continued in which he actually meant Mister Kyle himself for he looked around mid thirties, Akiva was obviously alright with nightclubs being only twenty-three and all. At least misses Kyle giggled again, she was probably at the beginning of her thirties if not younger, so she should be able to go too, he might ask her out when he would be back. "That's not the point! The thing is that there seemed to be people disappearing. My friend Martha went there four days ago and she hasn't been seen or heard from ever since and there are more people. I hope you would like to investigate to find her back." Beastbane nodded, he rubbed his chin as if he was thinking even though it should be clear he would take the job since the whole explanation that the man just did was on the paper already. "Where is this Nightmare club?" he asked because it was the only information that was still required before he could go. So mister Kyle explained and Beastbane didn't leave too much minutes after that, saying he would soon be back with new information about this Martha and the club. 

It wasn't again a far walk to the club, it was sandwiched in between two spas and the looks of the club were rather purple and black, which indeed looked like the colours of a complete nightmare. Beastbane walked a few times in front of the building and checked it out. He would simply go to the front door because he didn't care and the door seemed to be open. However in the hall where the wardrobe was, stood two bouncers. They looked quite big and stern with their arms crossed over their chest and looking almost down upon him. "I assume this means you are not open yet." Beastbane said as if it was the most normal matter to go to an nightclub in the afternoon. One of the bouncers knacked his fingers and the Blue Pegasus mage continued with simply looking surprised. 

The other bouncer made a magic movement or so it seemed but it hurt Akiva's body quite well, a damage of the physical side of the fist was taken to the body. He moved his neck from left to right to hear the sound of the knacking and stared at the bouncers. "I just want to find Martha." Well that was what his job said. He threw his waning crescent to the one on the left and the matter destabilizer to the one on the right, while teleporting himself behind the two with his back against the wall to know both on the head and simply turn around and go through the door. He had finished the job of the bouncers. He went inside where there seemed to be no one else as he managed to simply continue to walk through and find a door to the basement. He heard a lot of sounds, muffled and hurried down to find indeed people in robes and having cloths in front of their mouths. He released them all and walked back into the bar and jumped over the bar itself to find a pen and a piece of paper. I'll be back was everything that he wrote on it and he left quickly after that. He went back to the Kyle family with Martha and got his money, he sneaky asked misses Kyle to a dinner but she refused, although she giggled and seemed to beam a little more happiness. 


Mana 1115/1225

Name: Killers redeployment 
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 Mana
Class: Utility

Element: Darkness
Description: The user opens a portal and moves from one spot to another in a radius of 5 meters. Only the user can go through it. 

Distance: 5 meter radius
Speed: 3 m/s

Cooldown:1 post
Duration: Instant


Name: Matter destabilizer 
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 Mana
Class: Offensive (Burning)

Element: Darkness
Description: A small sized orb will be thrown towards the enemy, it looks more like a puffy cloud that looks innocent for most people, it is around 10 centimeters in diameter. Once the orb is close to the opponent it will explode, the explosion will do damage in a radius of 1 meter. 

 3 + MA
Distance: 5 meter
Speed: 3 m/s

Cooldown:1 post
Duration: Instant


Name: Waning Crescent
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 Mana
Class: Offensive (Slashing)

Element: Darkness
Description: The user lifts up a hand that will be surrounded by Darkness magic, by making a movement with this hand a crescent shaped wave from 1 meters width and 20 centimeters thick would go towards the opponent or object that the user is throwing it at.

 3 + MA
Distance: 5 meters
Speed: 3 m/s

Cooldown: 1 posts
Duration: Instant

Damage done to each bouncer: 52

Victorious Theme

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