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There were Nights [Request/Private]

Posted on March 21st 2016 05:52 PM
Mana: 1335

While she was in Crocus, Knight Rose Aino was working on a lot of jobs for the Magic Council, so much that she didn't even have time to train herself or work on the paperwork that they said she should take with her, but she didn't bother too much about it. She actually liked being out and about. Doing a job and feeling rather satisfied about her own doing, such as her help with the exploration in Seven, that had gone rather well if she would say so herself. 

She was getting another letter this morning from the Magic Council this morning. It said that there was a request from a man called Scott Cunningham and he needed help with a very difficult thief in his museum. She would find the complete request on the board in the middle of town. She would go there after breakfast. The service of the hotel had brought her this letter rather early in the morning and she had not even been prepared. But thank god she was always awake rather early. She picked up a towel and went for a shower but she kept her hair on the top of her head to make sure that she would keep it dry. It would be a pain in the ass to have to work with a hair dryer before leaving. When she was dressed in a dark set of trousers and a blouse, together with a vest, she was ready to go to breakfast. She had the feeling that Zhao would be up rather early too so it was not that she needed a wake up call for him. She headed down for breakfast together with her satchel already and her jacket so she had everything. She walked to her table and started to read the letter for a second time, she probably didn't have to hurry, thieves didn't show up in the morning but she wanted to be on time to get all the information. She ate breakfast and waited for Zhao to either come and eat breakfast and otherwise she would send him a message later, to meet up with her where the request board was. He must have seen where it was. 

Before she left the hotel after breakfast, she put on her jacket and headed out. She walked to the request board and scanned it to find the request that was mentioned in the letter. She frowned but was finally able to find it. She grabbed it from the board or made a fine attempt to get it. 


Posted on March 21st 2016 10:39 PM
Mana: 1210

An early morning marked the dawn of a new day. Zhao began to get used to Crocus, and a couple of mornings ago, he decided to talk walks on the mornings. It would help to clear his mind and think more clearly. This morning was no exception. He stood up, right after the sun had risen. The morning routines, including push-ups, sit-ups and showering, were done rather quickly. Moments after the end of dawn, Zhao stood outside, dressed and all, ready for his daily walk. The city was so strange before everyone was awake. It felt odd. Empty streets that were supposed to full of people. It was also a good moment to head down the request board to find any good requests, but today was not the day to get the ripe fruits from the request board. Zhao headed back to the hotel for some discussions regarding today's jobs. Zhao did not get himself a proper breakfast too, so that might be a good idea too. 

Arriving in the breakfast room of the hotel, Zhao saw Rose sitting. He walked up to her, greeted and said to he'd get something to eat too. He looked around at the different kinds of bread. There was a wide variety that changed almost every other day. Zhao took one of the most delicious pieces he could find. He sat over at Rose, as they discussed their plans for today. Zhao said that he couldn't find the best ones, but Rose mentioned something with a request from the Magic Council themselves, which could be interesting. They were the bringers of peace in Fiore, so that would be quite alright.


Posted on March 24th 2016 06:30 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate’s fist met with the first man’s face and sent him spinning into a wall. The second closed in and delivered an ineffectual punch to the bag of the Mage’s head. He turned slowly before planting a firm head butt. The impact was visibly jarring and sent the second assailant staggering back a few steps, clutching his head. Nate lifted his foot and finished him off with something that was half stamp, half kick. The first man was recovering from the punch. Nate’s hand clamped around his windpipe and the man found himself lifted clean off the ground and being slammed into the wall.
I need a name” Nate snarled. The man tried to pry his fingers loose, but he wasn’t done talking. “The thief, you know his name and where I can find him.” He loosened his grip a little and the man sucked air into his lungs. Nathaniel allowed him a moment to catch his breath before applying pressure, reminding the man that he was on the clock.

“I don’t know what his name is! I swear” Nate slammed the man into the wall again

Cut the crap

“I’m telling the truth I swear!” Nate tightened his grip so much he nearly crushed the man’s windpipe. The captive gagged and thrashed around.

Then what more use do I have for you?” The man made a series of panicked gestures, and Nate released him, dropping him on the ground. Instinctively the choking man made an attempt at crawling away, and found Nate’s boot land on the back of his head, pressing his face into the cobbled floor of the alleyway. “Talk.” Nate had no real intention of killing the man, it went against his personal code, but there was a lot to say for intimidation, thus far it had certainly made the process easier. He’d gotten word from the MC that there was a particularly talented thief in the area, and that a number of Knights had been advised to keep a whether eye out for him. Nate, and most likely one or two of the other MC members who had been informed had taken that to mean ‘get it done’ so after finding one of many request sheets pertaining to the thefts (one belonging to Scott Cunningham) Nate had taken to twisting the arm of Crocus’s criminal underbelly.

“I know where he hangs out!” The mugger screamed as Nate applied more pressure with his foot. There was no magic here, just good old fashioned muscle. The man spouted the details like a burst water main and Nate made a number of mental notes before punting the guy in the direction of the exit. Once his only company was the groaning body of the other mugger, Nate lit up, with a flick of his silver lighter.
Looks like we have a trail."

TWC: 1240/2500


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 26th 2016 01:02 PM
Mana: 1335

They finally found the request and Rose decided to immediately meet up with Scott Cunningham the owner of the Museum. She took the piece of paper with her, putting it in her satchel and suggested to Zhao that they would immediately visit the owner of the museums. She was rather prepared that the thefts would take in the middle of the night so they better go now and follow the instructions that the Magic Council had given her as well as the request paper that she just took. With Zhao she followed the route that she had mapped out in her head, since she had lived here for quite a while, even though it was just 6 months, she remembered very well how to get to places. Finally after a walk of around twenty minutes they arrived at this big building that was the museum however the address on the paper said another number than the number next to the door of the museum. It was the house next to it. She shrugged when she looked at Zhao and simply walked to it. She knocked on the door and heard some stumbling and muttering. The door was opened at but not very wide. She could only see one brown eye. "Hello, I'm Knight Aino send by the Magic Council to help you with the thief." The eye was a man and he shushed her very loudly when he opened the door. She simply didn't bother about being shushed, she came to help, didn't she. She looked again at Zhao and simply apologized to the man although she didn't mean anything about it. 

The two of them entered and she listened to what this phantom thief had done through the week and that no one had been able to stop him just yet. 


Posted on March 29th 2016 11:18 PM
Mana: 1210

Rose had picked a rather good looking request. A thief had been stealing all sorts of objects from a museum. Rose, as a knight of the Magic Council, had developed a sixth sense for these kind of requests. The requests that were there to serve justice, not just a citizen. 

Zhao and Rose made their way towards the museum. It had been getting darker with the minute now, so it would be best to hurry. Arriving at the museum, the two of them decided to head for the door next to the museum, which appeared to be its private quarters. Rose knocked, and the door opened but a bit. The man nervously asked who they were, and Rose responded, explaining that she was a knight from the Magic Council. After some loud hushing, the two came in. The man explained the situation. A burglar breaking in, even when security was utmost. It sure was odd how someone came in that easily without being spotted. Nonetheless, it would time to make a round through the museum, hoping to encounter the burglar himself. 

It seemed like no time had passed. Zhao, Rose and Scott, the client, walked out off the private quarters into the museum. There was a preparation room, where employees could get dressed from the private quarters into the museum itself. After leaving the room, the three entered the museum itself and immediately looked into some dark, obsidian eyes. "It's him!", Zhao shouted, immediately activating the Aspect Host of Lightning. The man knew what Zhao and Rose were doing there, and made sure to leave a scar. He activated a magic circle, which projected a porcelain vase towards the group. Zhao duck to his right, immediately readying himself for a counter attack. He ran towards the thief until he knew he could use Decisive Strife to end up behind the thief. From there on, it would be a simple case of outflanking and disarming. As long as Rose would maintain position, perhaps close in a little, outflanking would most certainly not be hard. Zhao took a deep breath in, and used Decisive Strife, starting to execute the plan. He ended up behind the thief and immediately turned as he could hear the electrical pulse seizing through the thief's body. He made sure to stand low, and turned counter clockwise on his left foot. In the process, the was able to let their ankles meet at high speed - and high voltage. Next up, Zhao pushed off with his rear, right foot and pushed his fist forward, carving it into the thief's masked skull. Zhao could most certainly feel the voltage roaring through the thief's body on each impact. His connection to lightning became stronger with the day. 

But it was that instance that Zhao realized something was off. The thief recovered quickly, summoning a portrait of a young woman. He smashed the painting into Zhao, and Zhao immediately fell out of one of the paintings in the back of the hallway. He looked through the what seemed like spinning room. That spell sure had put Zhao off his feet. Zhao looked to his left, as he saw a figure moving. With his hair, posture... eye-patch? What that Nathaniel? Zhao must have been hallucinating. He blinked heavily, looking at the thief again. He pushed off, sprinting towards the thief. Still having his Aspect Host of Lightning active, he could Decisive Strife back into the thief and get him to his knees. 


Thief's health remaining: 65/120

16 Lightning damage from Decisive Strife
13 Lightning damage from the kick against the ankle with the Aspect Host of Lightning on
13 * 2 = 26 damage from punch, same as above, against head for double damage

Mana: 730/810

Name: Aspect Host of Lightning
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 / 3
Class: Transformation | Trait

Element(s): Lightning
Description: Inspired by the great eagles of this world, the Aspect Host of Lightning shows the willpower and determination of the user. When active, the user's elbows are connected with lightning to the users arms. Likewise, the ankles are connected to the knees. With this, all sorts of static and bolts rage between the connections.

     10% Magical Attack
    Debuff: 5% Health

Cooldown: 1 posts
Duration: Sustained


Name: Decisive Strife
Rank: C-rank
Mana: 50
Class: Offensive | Agonizing

Element(s): Lightning
Description: The user transforms into a stream of lightning and in an instant teleports to a location within 8 meters. Anything that stands in between the two location gets damaged. The total damage is 6 + MA stat, but will be divided among the total hits. E.g. If the damage would be 10, and two targets were hit, both targets will receive 5 damage.

     6 + MA stat
    Distance: 8 meters
    Speed: 3 m/s

Cooldown: 2 posts 
Duration: Instant

Posted on March 30th 2016 12:07 AM
Mana: 1210

Nate ignored the flying vase ad allowed it to smash across his chest. The thought that it might be expensive only occurred to him after it was in pieces. No use crying over smashed ming. Rose’s protégé was the first to make a move, and fired off a handful of spells before being sucked into a painting, and hurled out of another one, like some bizarre portal. The thief smirked and opened his mouth for some sort of snide comment. Nate’s fist struck him across the jaw and the quip died in his throat, he spun and lifted a hand to fire off another spell, and Nate jammed his foot into the man’s stomach. The thief’s body hit the ground hard, and it became clear from the nature of the sprawl that followed that the man was unconscious. Nate flexed his fingers, the punch had two levels of crash imbuement. The request form had said unconscious, and it was lucky for the man that Nate had held back to a certain degree. The night watchmen appeared a few moments later and carried the man off. Nate straightened his jacket.

Not bad kid, you certainly softened him up.” He nodded in Rose’s direction before stalking back towards the door to the museum. Another job done. He didn’t like to leave so suddenly, but there were other matters that required his attention, some of them urgently. 

WC: 234/2370

Name: Destruction Aura
Rank: C
Mana: 50/25
Class: Offensive/AOE/Sustain

Element: Crash
Description: Nate encases himself in a constant Crash explosion, invisible to the naked eye (But possible to see using detection magic). The field covers Nate's entire body meaning that physical contact with him, deals damage to the offending party. This also works in a defensive fashion too, as the crash waves obliterate any spell that touches his skin that isn't strong enough to break through it. Punches and kicks from Nate also deal this damage. ALL physical contact with Nate, regardless of whether or not he was the instigator, will deal damage to the opponent. 

    Damage: 3 + stats
    Distance: The Aura stretches the length, breadth and depth of Nate's body, no further outwards than his skin. 
    Speed: The aura extends from a central point in Nate's chest at a speed of 3 metres per second, meaning that Nate's entire body is encased 0.33 seconds after the spell's activation. 

Cooldown: 2 posts
Duration: Sustain

Name: Charged Right
Rank: D
Mana: 30/15
Class: Offensive/AOE/Sustain

Element: Crash
Description: Nate funnels crash energy into his fist, surrounding them in a field of crash energy, allowing him to punch with incredible force, blasting apart obstacles, spells or opponents, whatever lacks adequate defence will be blasted apart by Nate's charged punches. This energy encompasses his right fist only. So long as mana is supplied to his Right fist, it will continue to hold a constant amount of potent Crash power.  

    Damage: 1 [Stats added after]
    Distance:  Contact for damage. The area of effect spans 1 foot from the centre of Nate's palm
    Speed: The energy spreads from the point of origin to the rest of Nate's hand at a speed of 1 metre per second. 

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustain


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 30th 2016 10:52 AM
Mana: 1335

She wasn't sure what she was doing here but standing with her hands on her hips and watching what Zhao was doing, before she could even do something Nate already showed up and she felt a little more useless but it was alright. She tried to catch the vase that was thrown but she missed and just stared at it in disappointment before she turned back to see what happened with Zhao and Nate. 

When Nate knocked the man unconscious she grabbed those magic handcuffs and put them on. Scott thanked them and paid them the prize of the request and that was it. With a little bit of difficulty Rose and Zhao managed to get the thief out of the museum and on his way with some other knights to the Magic prison, where he wouldn't be able to use magic and to steal for a long time. 


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