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Erika Uehara

Posted on March 21st 2016 02:51 PM
Mana: 500

Name: Erika Uehara
Age: 26
Birthday: May 5th, X767
Gender: Female
Guild: Magic Council
Magic: Summoning Magic (Divine Avatars)
Insignia: Yellow, right inner wrist

Work is an integral part of Erika's existence, and has been ever since she began her journey towards joining the Magic Council. How could it not be? The goal of joining the Rune Knights was not one that could be achieved in one's spare time, and thus her obsession with her work began. While perhaps not sharing the exact notions of protecting and serving the people as her childhood fantasies dictated, the Magic Council was as close to it as Erika would think to get. Although she is not quite a 'work-a-holic' as some would term it, the simple nature of her work means that Erika can rarely spend time away from it. There is always some piece of information to be found, or some mage to surveillance, but between those assignments, she is capable of relaxing. It is simply that the opportunity does not present itself often.

She is very loyal to those she perceives as being worthy of it, and those who are loyal to her in return. Erika has a strong sense of duty, which can often lend her a more serious air than some would expect, but this is usually most evident when she is motivated to complete a task or is undertaking a mission. This seriousness also lends itself to the more unpleasant aspects of her job. Erika knows that she has taken up the mantle of a soldier, and thus that choice would have consequences. Consequences she has fully come to accept. Stopping other wizards may not be something she takes pride in, but Erika will not hesitate to do what is necessary. That is not to say that she is without a moral compass. If anything, stories from her childhood have almost given her a nobility complex. Perhaps not befitting someone of the Magic Council, but if she can do so, Erika will always act with a certain level of honor. That being said however, it is not always of benefit. Unfortunately she also has a certain expectation that others would act with honor given the chance and she can become quite judgemental when shown otherwise.

She will do what needs to be done in any situation, regardless of what reservations she may have on it. That does not mean that she will stay silent and simply accept any order swung her way though. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Erika believes that it is her duty to maintain a healthy level of questioning regarding her higher ups. This doesn't mean that she runs around tearing down their every decision. Rather simply that if she has doubts about an order she is willing to voice it. Better to ask a question now than get surprised later on. Some have described her as overly meddlesome in this regard, as plenty believe it is not their place to question the orders given to them. Erika would claim it is necessary but she can sometimes be quite intrusive with her desire to know something. Even something as simple as who's got themselves a new romantic partner. Sad to say that Erika is, without even realizing, one of those people who feels like they need to know everything. It stems from a need for control that she hasn't entirely realized she possesses, but others do. She may not always be able to control situations, so she'll control what is known about them.

Despite this work focused attitude, and the sometimes seriousness of her nature, Erika has quite the upbeat sense of humor. She may work in the darkness of the world, but that by no means that everything must be doom and gloom all the time. In fact, she often likes to interject humor into their work. When away from work, her sunny disposition only increases, due to a lack of reservations and increased relaxation. One thing Erika does find difficulty in however is expressing her personal emotions. She feels that actions speak louder than words in this regard and is known to be far more demonstrative with her affection than likely to proclaim it. Those familiar with her will recognize this in the nudging of shoulders, or casual elbowing she employs with some of her fellow wizards.

Though she doesn't have much time for a social life outside of work, Erika does her best to keep her personal and professional lives separate. As such, she simplifies her work, removing the unpleasant details, and introduces herself as a variety of things, whatever suits her position at the time. Her experiences with her work have changed Erika from the girl she once was, but her determination to see good in the world has stopped her from becoming a bitter vessel of anger and resentment towards those that have done harm.

  • Tinkering – she is definitely no gear head, but Erika does find a great deal of enjoyment in fiddling with things; taking them apart and trying to put them back together again. Not always successfully unfortunately.
  • Jokes - Erika is always up for a good laugh, be it a joke or prank, and more often than not she can be found dead center at ground zero for both. Puns, dad jokes, you name it, she'll be in on it. Erika loves to laugh.
  • Storms - she loves the feel of the rain and everything that comes with it. If possible, Erika will gladly go for walks in the rain and get soaked through just to enjoy the experience. It also helps her sleep.

  • Small, dark places - it isn't obvious and she does well to hide it but Erika is somewhat claustrophobic and will actively go out of her way to avoid places that are small, dark and enclosed. She can bear it for a small amount of time but she will twitch non-stop while doing so.
  • Cowards - as she holds honor and fair fighting in high regard, Erika has no time or patience for cowards who would cheat or backstab to win. Her code of honor applies to all in her mind, be they friend or foe.
  • Hot weather - given where she was born and mostly raised, Erika happens to dislike very hot weather. She prefers the cold of winter to the burn of summer and will often lament the changing seasons to anyone who will listen.

Standing at just over six feet two inches tall, Erika is not what one might describe as delicate. She has a stocky build, honed with years of training herself for the one dream she always held and a large bone structure. Her hair is a rich, golden blond which she keeps cut to just under her shoulders in length. She's considered cutting it shorter but hasn't quite been able to bring herself to do it yet, so Erika usually keeps her hair tied up and out of her face. Many have described her as having round, hooded brown eyes that still, in some instances, look a little too big for her face but Erika has come to accept the eccentricities of her appearance. Given her affinity for her work, its rare to see her outside of some kind of uniform, or even remnants of it depending on the day, however when she does let loose, she's fond of neutral colours and earthy tones. And she doesn't do shorts, no matter what the occasion.

Faceclaim: Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Although Fiore is her home now, Erika was actually born on the northern continent and spent her early years there with her parents. She was an only child given that complications with her birth had rendered her mother unable to have any more children but she was a relatively happy child. She may not have had any siblings but Erika had plenty of aunts and uncles who were always happy to share their stories with the eager young girl, and it was from one of those family members that the idea of joining the Magic Council was first put in her. They had so many stories about their adventures hunting down dark guild, bad wizards and just traveling the world and Erika couldn't think of anything more exciting to do with her life.

Unfortunately the cold climate of their home proved her family’s undoing and her parents passed away from illness when Erika was just ten years old. She too grew sick but, being young and healthy, her body was able to fight off the sickness, leaving her an orphan. Her aunts and uncles all offered to take her in, but it was her Aunt Beth, who was leaving to make a home in Fiore, that was the one Erika agreed to. She wanted to join the Magic Council and she couldn't do that staying where she was. So they made the journey to the place that would become her new home and it took Erika a while to settle in. The climate was warmer than she was accustomed to, for one, and people gave her stocky build funny looks at first, but soon enough they grew to be accepted.

Erika still had her sights set on her goals though and she turned her attention to making them happen. Her parents had only taught her limited basics of the summoning magic her mother had employed but her Aunt took it upon herself to find her a tutor. She could see the girl was determined and she was all for encouraging her niece's ambition. Her aunt was also highly religious and saw to it that Erika learned not only the values of the mind, but faith also. Despite that however, it came as a huge surprise when Erika finally achieved a summons all her own and it took the form of a god. Well, not a god exactly, more like a shade of one, but her tutor had fainted at the sight of a large, humanoid panther appearing out of thin air, wielding a pair of short spears like he was born to them. It took many consultations before anyone was finally able to put a name to Erika's magic, and the avatars she summoned, but it was proven to be linked to a stone that she had been drawn to in the river weeks earlier. This particular piece of star agate proved to be tied to the Aztec god Ek Chuaj.

As she grew, so too did her magic and Erika learned to work in tandem with her companion, building a relationship of trust and respect. Finally the time came for her to make her application to the Magic Council. Unlike many she would come to know, Erika had no introduction, no-one to show her the way into it. She simply showed up at the council and requested the opportunity to audition for a place among them. Apparently amused by her bravado, they had agreed and set about testing her. Ek Chuaj knew her passion, knew her desire to join this organization from time spent with Erika and he was determined to help her in her quest. Their partnership proved enough and Erika was accepted into the Magic Council like she'd always dreamed.

Posted on March 21st 2016 07:19 PM
Mana: 5000


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