Darn it her train ticket was expired so this was the first time she needed to walk. Okay Clover wasn't that far but if you thought about the point that she still had to walk to Era all the way which made her rather depressed. She started her travel with one suitcase but she now had already an extra bag. Plus it felt saver leaving by train than walking. It would only be nonsense to give out money to train tickets. She should maybe steal one again someday. But not now, now she had to walk to Clover which wasn't that far and where one doll maker was waiting for his or her dead. Nasty had no idea what the gender was as she didn't care about that, she only cared when they were dead. She sighed and continued with Crowley flying close by her, maybe they would fly later, that would go a lot quicker. She started to hum for it was a nice spring day and the rest in Magnolia had returned after she stayed for three weeks. Which was a lot of money that she had to spend in the hotel but whom cared. She would go on to the next part of her adventure. 

Arrival in Clover in an hour.