Danika knew it probably seemed a little strange that she was just hanging around the largest request board she could find in Crocus, but at the time it had seemed like the best choice to track down a Sabertooth guild member. Now that she was actually here and loitering around the board, Danika wasn't so sure. And she was getting some odd looks from the business owners and people who were routinely passing by. So, she figured maybe it wouldn't hurt to pick a job and get away for just a little while. She could always come back after all. Dani began to peruse the jobs tacked to the board and she was contemplating a couple of them when her attention fell to one job in particular. As she read the request, Dani could help the smile that spread over her features the more she read. Spend an afternoon playing with animals and helping out? Now that she could definitely do. She pulled the request off the board and began to make her way to the address outlined on the paper.

When she reached the building that the Animal Shelter was housed in, Danika chuckled at the bright colors, signs and all around feel of the place. If she hadn't suspected it before, just one look would have confirmed what this place was all about. She pushed open the door and entered to the sounds of all manner of animals; dogs barking, puppies yapping, cats meowing and birds twittering. It was a cornucopia of sounds. There didn't look to be anyone behind the desk though so Danika loitered for a few minutes until a young woman appeared. “My apologies Miss. How may I help you?” she asked and Danika nodded before producing the request paper.

“I'm here to answer this request,” she said, placing it down on the desk. The woman nodded and smiled before clapping her hands. “Just excellent! We were hoping someone would be by shortly to help us out. If you'll follow me please,” the woman replied, gesturing for Danika to follow her into the back. As they walked, the woman asked her name. “Danika Kane,” said girl replied, turning her head back and forth to take in everything as they passed it. “Well Danika, I'm Misty and these are your clients!” With that, she pushed open a set of doors that lead into a big, open space that had everything from dog beds, to scratching poles to perches and all manner of other toys spread around. “We need you to help keep the animals entertained, while lending me a hand to clean out the litter boxes and take the dogs out into the courtyard for a walk. Think you can handle that?” Dani nodded absently, still taking in the sight of all the animals.

"Yes ma'am,” she replied. Misty nodded as well before rolling up her sleeves. “If you want to take the cat side, I'll handle this one,” she instructed and Danika put her things in one of the lockers off to the side before getting to work. She began by cleaning out the litter trays scattered throughout her half of the room. There was a large disposal unit that she followed Misty to and emptied the contents inside before returning them to their place and refilling them with the kitty litter. As she did so, a few of the cats rubbed up against her legs and purred and Danika smiled at she petted them. Once that was finished, she moved on to the birds cages, cleaning out the bases and replacing the old newspaper with fresh stuff. Misty came up just as she finished and nodded in approval. “Excellent. Now I'm going to be out the front since we're expecting some deliveries. There is a kitchen through there, feel free to make yourself a sandwich or something and just entertain the animals until we close up for the day.”

With that, she left back through the doors they had come through earlier and Dani made her way into the kitchen. She just made a simple ham sandwich, which she almost inhaled, before returning to the open area. First, she started with the puppies. They were easy to entertain. She would throw a ball, chase them around for a bit, rub their bellies and they were happy. The kittens were a little more difficult but they had balls and fluffy ends attached to wands that the kittens just loved pawing at. The birds were content in their large cages, the bells and stands and mirrors enough to keep them occupied even without her involvement. Finally it came time for the grown dogs. It took Dani a little while to get them separated from the puppies, but eventually she managed and she led the dogs out into the open air courtyard. It was filled with grass and a couple of trees and the moment she took off their leashes, the dogs were off running.

She threw the ball for them as well and play wrestled when they got too over excited. Danika was so absorbed in the play that she didn't even realize the time until Misty came to get her. “Thank you so much for your help today. Here,” she said, handing her a small bag with her payment. “Feel free to come back any time,” she added with a smile. “I'll show you out.” Dani helped return the dogs inside, gathered her things and followed Misty back out to the front before leaving the shelter; a permanent smile fixed to her face.

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