Back in her room at the inn, Claire realized it was time to go back to her guild in the Worth Woods; she’d been gone for far too long already as it was. She glanced over the suitcases she’d spent the last few hours packing. There were four of them in all, and each one had been stuffed to their limit. Fortunately, Claire wasn’t going to have to carry them all the way back to the Grimoire Heart guild hall. 

   “Suzuki, come here. I need you.”

   A small black circle materialized on the floor, from which a doll in the form of a small maid emerged. She glanced up with a smile. “Yes, mistress?”

A short time later, they were on their way.

   “Mistress! Please, wait!” 

   Claire stopped in the middle of the street, causing the throngs of people to continue surging forward on either side of her like water breaking against a rock. Some of the townsfolk gave her odd looks as they passed, but Claire ignored them. She looked back for just a moment to see Suzuki, struggling desperately to catch up to her wizard in the middle of a crowd. The little maid’s plight was not helped by the fact that she was carrying two large suitcases in each hand.  

   Suzuki finally reached Claire, who looked at the doll with an inquisitive look. “You’re tired, yes?”

   The maid shook her head vigorously. “Oh no, mistress. You made me so that I would never get tired, remember?”

   Claire nodded. “Good. Then at least try to keep up, alright?” She turned and continued walking down the street out of town.