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One sinkhole at a time [Exploration|Private]

Posted on March 19th 2016 06:27 PM
Mana: 1210

Another day had dawned at Crocus. Zhao and Rose still stood at the same hotel, making it lots easier to adjust their daily plans, rather than Rose sending her people of the Magic Council, only for Zhao to stumble upon Rose while they still search. Instead, they could easily adjust plans. It was now more of two friends rather than master and student to them, which was good. Zhao was still eager to learn from Rose, but this would mean that the two enjoyed doing work together. 

Last night, Zhao decided to head to the hotel's bar, looking around for citizens in need of mages. It was fairly common for non-magical people to request the aid of the mages. Getting rather familiar with this concept, Zhao had learned that most crowded places resulted in good requests that weren't listed. Zhao came across a group that seemed to celebrate a finding somewhere. Zhao asked one of the people of this group what they found. They explained that the group of archaeologists had stumbled across set of tunnels of some sort of ancient civilization. After some exploration, it ended up in a massive sinkhole, reaching kilometers down. Although certain aspects hadn't been covered yet, the group had been granted a fund to research the sinkhole and its civilization. Zhao congratulated the group, but his curiosity started to rumble. He couldn't help but to ask what kind of 'aspects' the group hadn't covered yet. The leader of the excavation explained there were hazards that he would need to cover. Wild animals, collapsing tunnels, lots could happen. Most modern excavation teams have at least one or two mages with them, to cover most dangers. He named an example of a team he had traveled with a couple of times. The group specialized in tomb-excavations, and made sure they had two mages that were familiar in banishing the undead. He also explained that he needed mages that were familiar with the earth, and could help them get through the tunnel safely. Zhao said that he might know two mages that fit the description, and would ask them if they wanted to. He made sure not to refer to the mages as he and Rose, making sure he couldn't convince the two if they didn't want to: he would only serve as a messenger. 

The next morning, Zhao had asked whether Rose was up for it, explaining the whole story. It would be dangerous, but they would pay well, after all.


Posted on March 19th 2016 08:47 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose had taken a easy day yesterday, she had mainly found a bookstore, had bought a book and had been reading in her room because she had been tired after killing the Virus and everything that she had done more here. Meeting everyone, she also felt a little bit lazy because she hadn't done any training and she was actually convinced that she should do that, especially after the praising from Danika, she didn't actually agree much with it. Especially because there were more Paragons that were better than she was and she was turning a tad lazy but she would manage. First she had a book to read before she finally realised it was a good idea to go to bed. 

The next morning she was up quite early but instead of immediately heading down to the breakfast side, she went to continue reading her book. After one and a half hour later, she almost finished it and had to struggle to put the book down. She went to the bathroom to refresh herself with some water and brush her hair and brush her teeth. She put on different clothes from her pajama and headed down for breakfast. There was a buffet and she was checking on the croissants and the orange juice. when she was done with picking up everything she wanted, she headed to one of the tables and saw Zhao sitting on one, she quickly joined him and greeted him with a good morning. 

Zhao told her a story about archaeologists that had found a place but needed one or two mages to help. She agreed that it would be fun to join again on such an exploration, besides it had been interesting the last time to do so. So they would meet up with the archaeologists as soon as they were done with breakfast. She introduced herself as Rose and was actually glad that they didn't know about the Handmaiden stuff. They explained to her again what they had found and she nodded along, it was a very interesting idea. She went to pack her satchel in her room before heading back down and they would head out to Seven. 


Posted on March 19th 2016 11:54 PM
Mana: 1210

Discussing the subject regarding the exploration with Rose went rather smoothly, as expexted. She seemed quite enthusiatic about it, and the two set off to prepare themselves. After the preperations, they headed down to one of the plaza's to meet the group.

Arriving at the group's meeting point, Zhao was welcomed by the rather surprised leader of the group. He explained how he was hoping for two mages. That was when Zhao remembered he put himself up as a contact person, rather than a mage. He explained how Zhao too was a mage. "Most excellent!", the leader had responded. Another one of those weird, magical chariots was prepared for the group to take them to the excavation site. Some of the people of last time explained how the magical chariots worked. It was still odd, but now he knew how they worked. 

Arriving at the site, it appeared rather pale and empty. No camp was set already, so it was up to the people now to do so. 


Posted on March 20th 2016 12:07 PM
Mana: 1335

What did one need for a request that was going abroad? Rose had to pack her satchel with at least a bottle of water and some granola bars just to be sure that she would have food along the way and in case they would get stuck or so. She didn't dare to think about that and it might be smart to not do so. When she came back down Zhao would bring the two of them to the meeting point with the people that would go on the exploration. They would leave not too long after meeting up with everyone and they took quite a trip towards Seven, although it went rather fast. 

They arrived in Seven next to the Sinkhole and watched how they put up camp rather quickly. She simply sat down, no idea what to do and actually not planning to do anything. She was here as the Earth Mage to help them in case of collapsed routes through the sinkhole. They were archaeologists she had no idea what was necessary and she was afraid that she might break stuff, which wouldn't be a good idea either. After good a half hour, the people were done and they also set up a sort of controls next to the ground that would sink below. It held robes that would help fix people to descend into the hole next to it. She wondered if she would feel at home, because she felt the most happy when she had the Earth right under her feet. She actually even liked training with her shoes off but because that looked stupid, she didn't do it most of the times. 

One of the people that stayed up in the camp helped her with her robe and the control panel. All six of them had another spot around the whole and she had to push herself off agains the wall to descend and she didn't like it as much as she had hoped in the beginning. But she got the hang of it, was first a little afraid that one of the robes would break but it went well. It was a pretty long way down and when they reached it, they had to leave the outfits with robes down there to get back up later. One of the first routes was already collapsed and Rose made swift way of getting the barricade away so they could continue. 


Posted on March 20th 2016 01:10 PM
Mana: 1210

Descending into the ruins that were connected to the sinkhole, the group looked around. Some of them were recovering from the abseil they took, as it was quite intensive for the weak-hearted. The ruins looked gorgeous, but the leader of the group explained that they have been abandoned for ages. It was quite sad that a civilization that had developed such a great looking architecture left their homes. What for? 

It took a small walk, before the ruins obstructed. A tunnel had been collapsing a little, causing a wall of stone to block the way. Some men of the group started to give up hope right away, but others realized they were more prepared than before: they had mages. Zhao decided to give it a shot, and activated the Aspect Host of Air. Silver blades of wind slashed over his arms and legs, as he was ready to see what was beyond. Zhao concentrated himself, and made a dash forward punching the wall and blowing the rock away. The punch was successful in a way, as rock were blown to shard or even blown away. The problem was that the wrong stones were collapsing. The ceiling and the walls were unstable, and the wind caused by Zhao's punch caused them to fall, creating a even bigger wall of stone. Luckily, the group had Rose, who could easily get the wall out of the way.


Mana: 770/800

Name: Aspect Host of Air
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30/3
Class: Transformation | Trait

Element(s): Air
Description: the element of Air was once given by an owl, in wisdom of solution and the emotion of joy, the aspects of air will allow to user to jump around on the battlefield and make sure he will outrun any foe.

    Buff: 10% Physical Speed
    Debuff: 5% Physical Resistance

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustained

Posted on March 20th 2016 01:37 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose didn't mind being underground as much as she had thought, but than again she could use a spell to dive underground. It was a very interesting concept to be here. She loved the feeling it gave her and maybe that's why it was obvious that she was an Earth Mage. She walked a little slower than the rest, tracing the walls with her hands and even loving this civilization more than anyone would be able to believe. She didn't think she would mind living under the ground, even though she liked the sun shining on her face, it was something safe, something felt like home. 

There was another road being blocked and Zhao offered to take it this time and he was doing alright but he couldn't feel or understand the structure of this route and she wanted to warn him but it was too late. The whole road shook and a piece collapsed. She first checked if everyone was alright and if Zhao was alright since he was up front, and had unblocked the road at first. When she found out he was fine, she could breath normally again, she had been afraid for a little bit. But she knew what she needed to do now and simply shoved away the earth and rock with her magical power, which was easier than she had thought which meant she was growing indeed. 

They finally could move on and instead of walking at the end she decided to be up front and shove away stuff that were in their way. She had to crawl through a small gab because moving the rocks would cause a collapse of other rocks, it was smarter to do nothing. Finally they came to a place where the ore was, and where the archaeologists could start mining, asking her from time to time if everything was alright like this. She simply nodded, not liking the idea of mining, she had no other choice, it was necessary. Finally they were done and they could find their way back upstairs. 


Posted on March 20th 2016 02:44 PM
Mana: 1210

The excavation was done, and the group climbed up again. It was a tough climb, but all of the group made it without any trouble. The leader of the excavation made an announcement that night. "I can gladly tell, that we can now be officially funded! The caverns can been declared safe", he spoke. The group shouted. Zhao sat behind the group, eating a loaf of bread that was given to him. It was time to head back to Crocus, and continue the training. 


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