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Shaking the Ground I [Training | Solo]

Posted on March 19th 2016 02:14 AM
Mana: 520

Danika rolled over with a groan as a shaft of sunlight cut straight through the part of the curtains that hung inconspicuously over the minuscule window of her room. Her futile attempts to avoid the shaft did nothing and she threw an arm over her eyes in a last ditch effort. Too late however. She was awake now and as much as she loved her sleep, she'd never been good at sinking back into it once woken. Her brothers had loved using that against her. They could sleep standing up if given a moment of time in which to nod off, where as she had been left laying awake at night and just waiting for the sun to come up because one of them needed a midnight bathroom break. It was only when she was exhausted beyond all comprehension that Dani had ever been able to overcome that flaw in her otherwise solid habits. And, as much as she wished otherwise, she actually had not been exhausted physically when she'd gone to bed. So she was out of luck on that front. Still, Danika figured she was allowed her moment of rebellion and futility as she squeezed her eyes shut and pretended like she shouldn't just get up.

Obviously it was morning, so at least she wasn't skimping out on her hours like some nights, but that didn't make her feel any better. Danika laid there for however long before she let out a grieved sigh and lowered her arm from her face. She had been enjoying that dream too. Lamenting the loss of it, she rolled over and pushed herself up off the mattress however as she went to step off, something tangled around her ankle and Danika instead fell to the floor; stuck half on and off the bed. Peeling her face off the floor, she looked up and glared at the offending sheet which had tripped her up before reaching over and wriggling her foot loose. She landed on the ground with a solid thud and the dark skinned young woman rubbed her lower back as she stood up. Her glare didn't lessen as she looked at the messy bed before she shook her head and made for the bathroom. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Dani began to pin her hair back like she always did for her morning run. Otherwise it bounced all over the place, got caught in her eyes and she'd end up eating half of it. One morning of that had been enough and ever since, she'd taken to pinning it back to save herself the trouble.

As she slid the last pin into place, Dani left the bathroom and moved over to pull on her running clothes and shoes. Unlike normal however, she brought along a backpack which had a purse of jewels and a notebook and pen stuffed inside. Today was not just a normal run. She then left her room and headed downstairs out of the inn. Once she was on the street, Dani went through her routine stretches to loosen herself up in preparation for the run. She barely even felt the muscle strain the following day now, which was a big improvement. The first time she'd gone, she hadn't been able to sit comfortably the next day. She rose out of the final stretch stance and shook her limbs out before she began to run. It wasn't long before she fell into her breathing rhythm and began to count her steps in pattern and, just like that, time began to fly. Today Danika pushed herself a little harder than usual, the excitement she felt towards the rest of her planned day already seeping into her bones. The day after her excitement at the library with that worm, Danika had returned to find there was almost no evidence of the event to be found, which made her happy. She'd spoken with Richard about what she was seeking and he had pointed her to their element magic section.

Eventually she'd found what she was looking for and Dani had settled into one of the tables with a stack of books to read. She'd spent the entire day there, scouring the pages and jotting down notes on anything she thought was related to the evolution of her magic. One of the books had an entire section on the construction of new spells and training methods to help increase one's magical power and she'd borrowed it for later consultation. Once she'd gotten back to the inn, Dani had spent most of the night compiling and meditating on some new spells that she was now eager to try and flesh out in reality; which was her plan for the conclusion of her run. Crocus didn't have a guild, but there was plenty of open land around the large city that would be perfect. Rather than turning back once she reached her allotted steps, Danika instead continued on towards the edge of the city until she had left the paved roads and walkways for the dirt tracks beyond. She slowed her run to a casual walk and wiped the sweat from her brow.

The good thing about testing these spells out here was that she could mess up all she wanted and nobody would see. Plus if she damaged anything it would hardly be noticeable. Not like in the library or anywhere else in the city. Once she found a spot that was clear enough for her to test her spells, Danika stopped and pulled off her backpack, putting it on a patch of grass. Retrieving her notebook from the bag, she read over everything she'd put down on the paper and began to visualize the process as she laid it open on the patch and moved away. Danika closed her eyes as she summoned her magic. It was quite easy and for her first spell, she'd simply tried to adapt one of her previous ones, though she knew that wouldn't necessarily make the transition any easier. She raised her hands and felt the magic build within her body. Unlike her other spell however, she tried to focus the energy into a sharp point in her mind and as it reached its peak, Dani thrust her hands against the ground and released it. She watched in anticipation as the ground shuddered and then exploded upwards with her eruption spell. Slightly disappointed, Danika straightened her stance and began the process over again, trying again and again to focus her power into the peak that she was trying to drive upwards out of the earth she stood on.

After countless attempts, she threw herself down on the ground beside her notebook and gave a frustrated sigh. This was not working and she couldn't figure out why. She was visualizing the peak made of magic, the image she held as she tried to push the magic through the ground but it just wasn't working out the way she had planned. Dani pulled the notebook into her lap as she sat up and read over it again, trying to find what she was missing. After a few minutes, and some more frustration, she thought back to when she'd been learning from her father. Visualizing was the key, he'd always said. Focus and visualize; bring what she saw into reality through her will. She was visualizing but it just wasn't materializing like she wanted. Suddenly Danika had a hunch. Perhaps it needed to be more than just thought of in order to make it happen. Imagining something was all well and good, but if one had never experienced that particular thing or an aspect of it, how could their imagination ever do it justice? It would never be as effective as the real thing. Sure she had her eruption spell, but that was brute force. This was a honed point, finesse and focused and it would need more than force.

Dani stood up from the ground and resumed her designated position for the spell. She raised her hands again, but this time, she brought the tips together, forming them into a peak, and concentrated her magic on the ends of her fingers. Then she directed them to the ground as before, holding the peak and this time, a peak erupted from the ground a few meters away. It rose to be a meter high before stopping and then began to sink back into the ground from whence it came. Danika stood there for a moment, watching the retreating peak and once it had disappeared, she jumped up and down, pumped a fist into the air and whooped in excitement. She set about repeating the process again and again until it started to become almost like muscle memory and she attempted to put a little more magic into it each time. Eventually the peak submerged almost as quickly as it arrived and Danika was thrilled with the progress. That was one spell down, just three more to go.


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Posted on March 19th 2016 12:20 PM
Mana: 520

Once Danika felt she had a good handle on her piercing peak spell, she returned to the patch of grass that was turning into her little nesting point and picked up her notebook. She dug around in her backpack for a moment and produced a pen which she dabbed on her tongue before beginning to write. Her notes from two days earlier were the first thing she edited, scribbling out portions of it which now made little to no sense. If she planned to replicate the spell crafting process in the future, she wanted to make it as easy as possible and, in order to do that, she needed complete and accurate information. Her pen flew over the page, stopping on occasion so she could tap her chin and consider some aspect of the spell she'd just created and put into practice before starting up again. Danika knew it was going to be an arduous process, trialing and testing each spell, finding its limitations and true abilities before recording it all, but she hoped that each success would spur her onto the next.

The break also had the added benefit of giving Dani a bit of time to recover from the magic she had expended while trying to master the spell. The area was riddled with holes from where her earth eruption spell had gone off instead of the peak, but where the latter spell had activated, there was little to no evidence of it. That was a useful side effect that Danika noted down. More than once her exploding a pile of earth and dirt everywhere hadn't gone over well and it was, in it's own way, limiting. Hopefully these new spells would help combat her affinity for destroying the place in which she used her magic. She looked up guiltily for a moment, focusing on the holes and sighed. Well obviously not right this instant but that was a different matter. These spells required practice and working out. One couldn't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs first.

After she was starting to feel a little better, Dani flicked through the pages of her notebook and examined the other spells she had crafted for her trials. The second along, her quicksand pit spell, was another that she had tried basing off another previous spell but it was much further removed. Manipulating the growth of vegetation and plants was one thing, but Danika knew that manipulating the physical density of solid earth wasn't going to be as easy to master. But it made sense. She could move the earth, get it to do what she wanted with her other spells, so changing its state, logically, should be possible. At least that's what Danika had figured. Of course theory and practice were two entirely different things when it came to magic. Still, one would never know if they didn't try. The benefit was that if Danika could make this spell work, it would open up a whole range of new abilities she'd never given a thought to previously. Manipulating the properties of Earth held almost as much variety as simply moving and shaping it. Once she was satisfied with the changed she'd made, and deciding on her next spell, Dani put aside the pen and notebook and stood from the grass. Perhaps if she could make this spell work then she could mend some of those holes too.

The dark skinned young woman moved into a kneel and she rubbed her hands together and she summoned her magic. As it was coursing through her, Danika placed her hands on the ground and focused the energy. Unlike her previous spell, this was not about forcing something out of the ground so she had to concentrated her magic on the one spot to make it soften. In her mind she held the image of her magic flowing through and separating the matter, putting space where there hadn't been before and loosening up the particles. She could feel the earth under her hands start to warm a little and Danika frowned before they suddenly pushed into the ground up to her wrists. Her eyes flew open as she felt her feet and knees sink as well and looked down to find that she had indeed created quicksand, only it hadn't been in front of her like she'd been hoping. Instead it was under her and she was now stuck in it. Danika let loose a curse as she began to sink further into the ground and began to work her hands free from the viscous material. She would have been proud that she'd managed it if she wasn't too busy trying to extract herself from the evidence of her success.

First on her list was the hands. Thankfully her weight had been on her legs so it was relatively easy to pull her hands free since they hadn't sunk as far as the rest of her but she suspected that getting her legs out was going to take a bit longer. It was an arduous process as Danika had to be very careful how she extracted herself or else she'd just sink right back in but thankfully the area of the spell wasn't very large. Finally she was able to lever herself up and out of the quicksand and she collapsed on the solid ground beside it with a tired sigh. They weren't kidding when they said quicksand could be hard to get out of. It would definitely come in useful while out on jobs though. Danika pushed herself up off the ground and looked at the pit which had formed, and then at her pants and shoes which were now covered in the remnants of it. Wasn't much she could do for it unfortunately. At least not until she got back to the inn. So, resolved to push on, Dani cleaned her hands on the small sweat towel she carried on her runs and tossed it into the grass.

Once that was done, she moved to another area of the clearing and took up the same stance as before. This time however, she resolutely kept her mind focused on the point ahead where she wanted the pit to form, as opposed to where it had last time. She had been too concerned with where she was that she hadn't pushed the magic through the ground to its actual destination. As she watched though, Danika saw the swirling begin in the area she'd designated and she felt a grin break out over her features. Now that was definitely better than getting stuck in her own spell again. The spell was left to run its course and Danika walked over to examine the pit again. It was the same size as the other, and as she poked it with a stick, it seemed to be the same viscosity too. So she'd replicated the effect, which was exactly what she'd been hoping for. Still smiling, Dani made her way back over to the grass patch and took a seat. She used the towel to try and dab off as much of the sand from her pants and feet before taking up her notebook and pen once again. This time she added a description in along with what other notes she had to make about the quicksand pit spell. It would definitely hinder a creatures movement if they were to get trapped in it like she had, but it didn't seem deep enough to actually be a threat to anyone's life.

Dani glanced at the first pit she'd created, the one with some of its contents spilled out onto the ground beside it where she'd crawled out, and frowned. It seemed that the spell didn't return the ground to it's normal state even after some time had passed. She'd have to keep that in mind so she didn't start spreading quicksand pits through well travelled places. That was the last thing she needed. On the other hand though, she noted down on the page beside her work, it would be very useful when setting up traps or looking to impede movement through a particular area. A territory advantage she supposed would always be welcome if she found herself in a battle. Her mind flashed back to when Nate had asked her if she'd ever fought for her life and her subsequent lie. It still didn't sit right with her that she'd done that. There was little she could do about the past however so Danika tried to shake the feeling off. She had other things to focus on at the moment anyway. Perhaps in the future she'd work on a spell to harden the density and particles of the earth once more, which would have the added benefit of allowing her to clean up after herself. Dani looked down at her legs and sighed. If only she could make a spell that would clean herself up in the process. Now that would have been useful.


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Posted on March 19th 2016 06:15 PM
Mana: 520

As far as Danika saw it, neither of the two remaining spells she wanted to try could possibly go as badly as the quicksand pit one had. Boulder break should be simple enough, as should the surge, but both of them were outside her comfort zone and had very little in the way of similarity to her other spells so she was going in half blind. Still, anything had to be better than the drying sand and dirt clinging all along the front of her legs. That was definitely not a pleasant feeling and Danika wished that she could just throw in the literal towel and return to the inn. At least there she could have a bath and wash her clothes and be done with the gritty, uncomfortable feeling that the drying sand was making her endure. Unfortunately Danika had promised herself that she wasn't going to leave until she was finished trying out these new spells and well she was halfway there. Her bath and return would just have to stay as the reward for her completion of the task at hand.

Dani ran a hand across her forehead and looked up towards the sky. By her estimate she still had a few hours before she would lose the light and be forced back to the inn anyway but those were a few hours she planned to make the most of. She flicked through her notebook until she reached the pages outlining the boulder break spell she had conceived. This particular spell, if she could work it out, was quite different to her current arsenal but it was by far the one she was most interested in seeing come to fruition. Boulder break wasn't just about channeling her magic through the ground or using it upon herself; it was designed to manipulate and actively influence the earth beneath her feet. In that way it was similar to her plant growth spell, however this would require her to actually move and manipulate the matter of the earth. Growing plants was easy; she just had to imbue them with her magic until they reached the required point and then stop the flow. This was something very different.

It made Danika nervous because she knew the differences; she knew that this spell would truly test her abilities and she wasn't afraid to admit that she could fail it. That was the the other reason that being out here was an advantage. If she failed no-one would be around to see it. Finally she figured the time had come to stop stressing out over the spell and simply get down to working on it. She might fail at first, but she was determined to succeed. She wasn't going to give up until there was no chance she could do pull it off. Danika put the notebook aside and laid the pen atop it as she took a deep breath. Well it was now or never. She got up off the ground and brushed her hands off before moving into the open area. Now the idea was to use her magic to 'scoop' the boulder from the ground and hold it together before launching it at a target. She had no target set up, but for now, Danika wanted to get the first part right before working on her aim with the boulder. After all, if she couldn't even make the boulder, or keep it together, being able to aim it accurately wouldn't mean anything.

She could feel her hands begin to warm as she channeled her magic into them and once she felt she had enough, Dani moved down on one knee. Her hands drew towards one another and up as she directed the magic into the ground and under the sediment she wanted to raise. Once she felt that she had a firm enough grip on the earth, Danika rose, trying to draw it up with her. For a moment she thought she had succeeded as a bulge formed in front of her, but that was short-lived and nothing came of it. Her split second of excitement had gotten the better of her and interrupted her control. But that was a good start, Danika figured. After shaking loose her limbs and getting her heart rate back under control, she began to repeat the process; gathering her magic, kneeling before directing it into the ground, surrounding the boulder and then rising again to bring it with her.

This time her focus wasn't interrupted and the bulge grew before her. Danika could feel the slight strain on her body and magic as she brought the boulder out of the ground but it wasn't just about raising the rock. She also had to keep it together. It wasn't an actual boulder, though in theory Danika figured she could use it on that as well, but rather a compressed ball of the dirt and ground beneath all of them. Thus it was up to her and her magic to keep the ball formed, else it would crumble before getting more than a foot away from her. Her spell wasn't perfect; Danika could already see cracks forming in the surface of the ball, but it seemed to be holding for the moment. Without wasting any more time, she drew back her right hand and formed a fist. The ball staggered in mid-air as she directed her magic this time into her fist however before it could fall, she launched her fist forward. It didn't connect with the ball of earth, but rather the invisible force of her magic which surrounded it and as they collided, the magic from her first propelled the ball forward. The boulder did not go as far as she suspected it would with further practice, but Danika figured, for a first try, that hadn't been so bad. Perhaps her apprehension had been unfounded after all. Her boulder broke apart when it impacted with the ground and Danika flexed her hand to dispel the phantom sensation of having hit something she shouldn't have. Force would always have some effect but this wasn't an actual, tangible injury that she needed to worry too much about.

The hit wouldn't do damage to her because it did not actually connect with the boulder, but one's mind could be a confusing thing. It saw her punch something and even though she hadn't made contact, there was still the phantom sensation of it. Once it had passed, Dani moved a few steps over and began to repeat the process of casting the spell all over again. She did this over and over and over again until the boulder became more solid and the distance it traveled increased to a point that Danika couldn't feasibly see herself being able to force it any further. At least not without hurting herself for real. Eventually her body stopped producing the phantom sensations in her hand and that was a relief because it was an awkward feeling, logically knowing nothing was wrong but experiencing the pain anyway. Danika continued until she felt as though she couldn't any longer and her stomach gave a growl.

Abandoning her attempts, she smiled as she returned to her little nest and dug a bar out of her backpack. Dani tore it open and began to munch on the food as she pulled her notebook back open and flipped to the boulder break page. She made notes about the sensations, along with a suggestion of perhaps getting herself reinforced gloves to ensure her body didn't try to pull any tricks on her when she started using the spell more often. One note she also made was to try it on an actual boulder at some point. As crumbs from the bar fell onto the page, Dani brushed them aside with the back of her writing hand. She continued to write for a little while longer before Dani sat back to observe her work, pleased with what she had gotten down. That left only the surge spell which, looking back on her work so far and her own spells she already knew, seemed to be the most simple of her new spells to work out.

Finally finished with her writing, and her little snack, Danika laid herself back on the grass and looked up at the sky; her arms curled up beneath her head to support her neck. If she wasn't so uncomfortable in her dirty clothes, she could probably have taken quite a nice nap there. Unfortunately, she was uncomfortable so no napping for her this afternoon. Still, the sky was clear and full of clouds, which were nice to look at. Plus Danika knew she needed a break. She'd used so much magic doing this and, it may have been the easiest in her mind, this last spell would need magic to fuel it as well and Dani could feel that her reserves were starting to get low. There was also a little knot forming in her back that would need working out later. Having her arms up helped so she wasn't inclined to move from the position just yet.


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Posted on March 20th 2016 07:47 AM
Mana: 520

When Danika opened her eyes, she realized with a small start that although she hadn't planned to nap, it seemed that her body had possessed other plans. She didn't feel as though she'd been out long however, just drifting slightly under the line of consciousness and the sun had barely moved from where last she saw it. So she hadn't wasted the rest of the day. That was a huge relief. As she sat up from the ground, her shoulders protested a little from being kept like they were for any amount of time and she rolled them to try and get the muscles loose again. Danika surveyed the area as she worked her shoulders but she didn't expect to find anything different if she had only been out as short a time as she suspected. Then again, who knew. She could have been carried off by hungry caterpillars while she was out. That thought brought a smile to her face and Dani levered herself up off the ground.

She liked to think she would have awoken if something had tried carrying her off without her consent though. Dani reached down to gather her notebook and examine the last spell that she wanted to try out. The surge wasn't as offensive as most of her other spells, but it had the added benefit of forcing targets away from her, or risk getting too up close and personal than they would probably want. It was a game changer, as her eldest brother liked to call it. And there was nothing better than having the territorial advantage, Dani supposed. Her spell was nothing like she had seen on Nate, which had basically blasted that Wendigo back away from him, but it would suit her purposes for the time being. And who knew; she might find other uses for it as well in the future.

The trick was figuring out the best delivery system for the magic she was going to expel. It wasn't like her eruption spell in that it would be a distance away, but rather it was designed to be centered on her. She had to pulse the magic out, instead of just releasing it all at once which required finer control. Still, it couldn't be impossible. She'd already demonstrated differing control today with her creation of the quicksand pit, and the formation of a peak from her eruption spell, so Danika had faith that she could do this as well. Once she found a clear part of the earth, which was getting harder the more she trained today, Danika set herself up and began to steady her breathing. She summoned her magic which had thankfully replenished a bit during her little unplanned foray into dream land and began to channel it into her hands.

Once she felt there was enough, she lowered her hands to the ground and released a wave. Unfortunately she wasn't used to stopping her magic halfway and suddenly the ground exploded ahead of her as it all came rushing out at once. Dani sighed and blew a wayward piece of hair from her eyes. This was going to take some practice. She spent the next few attempts trying to control the flow of magic from her hands and body but it just wasn't working. She'd tried closing her hands into fists, lifting them up and everything else she could think of but it was like once the dam was opened, Dani couldn't stop the magic flowing through. It was frustrating. Danika sat back on the ground for a little while, trying to puzzle out how exactly she could make this work. Maybe the pulse wasn't how she should be looking at approaching the spell. Perhaps it wasn't about pulsing the magic but rather just the timing of it all. A rhythm, so to speak.

Dani brushed the back of her pants off as she stood, though looking at the front part of where wondered why she even bothered. It wasn't like they could really get any worse at this point. She summoned her magic once more and let it flow around her body freely. Perhaps it wasn't about holding the magic back, but rather giving it the proper conduit to escape through. With that thought it mind, once the magic had built to a sufficient level in her mind, Dani raised her leg and stomped her foot down into the ground, imagining a door that opened and then closed a moment later. The surge exploded outwards from where her foot landed, raising a ring around Dani which then pulsed outwards. It caught her off guard when it formed but she watched as it expanded outwards. Like many of her other spells, it got to about a meter wide before it folded back into the ground as if it had never been. She remained in place for a moment to ensure she wasn't about to get thrown off her own feet by the spell before Danika moved away from her spot. There really was no evidence that the ripple had even occurred.

She examined the area for a few moments longer before Danika decided to retest the spell. Her magic flowed through her body and, when her foot impacted with the ground, the ripple rose again and expanded outwards. Once it had settled back into the ground, Danika felt a surge of excitement rush through her. She'd done it. She'd crafted and executed four new spells all by herself. Unable to contain the feeling inside her, Dani began to jump up and down and dance around the area, squealing a little as she did so. She'd have to write back to her parents and let her father know what she'd achieved. The excitement however came to an abrupt end as Danika stepped back into one of the holes left by her misadventures and fell straight over into it. She hit the ground with a thud and let out a groan. Alright so she might have gotten a little overexcited and that little mishap was entirely her fault. Only good thing was that no-one was around to witness her little embarrassing moment.

As she sat up in the hole, and despite having just tripped over and made a fool of herself, Danika couldn't keep the smile off her face for even an instant. She had done it. That was all she kept repeating in her mind, over and over again; she had done it. Finally she dragged herself out of the hole and looked over the damage she had done in her pursuits. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, that was what Danika figured anyway, but one could definitely tell the area had been disturbed by someone or something. That had been the whole purpose of coming out here after all. She hadn't wanted to trash any of Crocus' parks or their nice roads and walkways so into the woods had really seemed like the best choice.

Her contemplation of the guilds was fueled by that issue as well as her desire to improve with her magic. So far, Sabertooth seemed, at least on the surface, like the best match for what she was seeking. Strong wizards to learn from and an incentive to actually get stronger. Danika didn't like to admit it but she had her pride and I could be quite the motivating factor when reared its head. Her pride had been what had caused her to feel shame at the paltry effort she was able to put towards taking down that Wendigo. And what drove her now to try and better herself. Surely the Sabertooth guild could understand that desire? She'd have to figure out exactly how one went about joining the guild and then set about making it happen. Danika turned those thoughts over in her mind as she wandered back to where she'd put her stuff and sat down.

She continued to make notes on the pages relating to the surge spell, including the differing stance which had yielded the results she had been unable to achieve with her typical casting movements. Learning these new spells was as much about improving her abilities with using her magic as they were to give her variety and experience. Danika knew she was still no match for something like they had seen back in Clover, but every little bit helped and, one day, with training and practice, perhaps she could be more secure and confident in her magic. Once she was satisfied with the notes she had taken, Dani closed up the notebook and returned it and the pen back into her bag. She wrapped the dirty towel as best she could to stop it contaminating the rest of her backpack before putting it inside, along with the rubbish from her little snack earlier. Dani had no intention of running back to the inn and given that her body was feeling the exhaustion from the days events, she figured that was a wise decision.

There was no need to push herself beyond the limits she could handle. Not today at least. She'd already achieved enough to have her pride purring like a sated kitten. As she closed the flap on the bag, Danika stood. She made one last futile attempt to brush off some of the dried quicksand from her legs before she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and started back off for the inn. The sunlight was beginning to fade and, by her estimates, she'd get back just after dark which was okay with her. Everyone else would be busy having their meals and she could bathe in peace and soak away the days exercise without fear of being disturbed. Danika was already making plans for the rest of her night as she headed back towards the city.

Soon enough she reached the outskirts and entered with a smile on her face. She adjusted the bag on her back as it tried slipping off yet again and turned her mind to the books she'd taken from the library. They would have been taken back tomorrow. As far as she could tell, she'd gotten what she could from them at this point in time. No point hanging on to them when someone else could be looking for them too. There were people out and about as she made her way through the streets of the city. Some looked to be returning home from work, others were simply enjoying the twilight air as the suns rays finally started to falter along the horizon. Dani knew she made something of a sight, half covered in dirt and much while grinning like an absolute crazy person; she didn't need the few weird looks she got to know that, but she honestly didn't care. She was too happy to let a few weird looks spoil her good mood.

Finally she reached the inn that she was calling home and pushed open the doors. The dining area was busy, as she'd anticipated it would be, and the innkeeper waved as she came inside. Dani returned the gesture and finally the aching of her muscles began to set in. Relief was oh so close, she could already taste it. She exchanged a few pleasantries with the innkeeper and he agreed to put a plate aside for her, which Dani paid him a little tip for, and then she was on her way up the stairs to her room. When she entered her room, she tossed her bag on the bed and toed off her shoes by the door. They'd need to be washed too considering they were half caked with the stuff but that was a problem for another time. Most likely tomorrow. For now, all Dani could think about was the bath that was awaiting her just beyond the bathroom door. As she walked, she began to unpin her hair, what little of it actually remained in the hold she'd put it in earlier that morning, and dropped the pins on the dresser when she passed by it. Her hair hung in clumps, both from the sweat, first and just having been restrained for so long, but a good clean would do it wonders.

Danika walked into the bathroom and began to turn the taps while running the water over one of her hands. It needed to be hot, but not so hot that she'd burn herself. Dani had always been quite particular with her baths. She just didn't feel clean if she didn't have a scalding hot bath, but nobody wanted burns on their body. While the water ran steadily in the background, she began to pull off the clothes she'd been wearing. A few leaves and clumps of dirt came loose as she did, but Dani paid them no mind. Her focus was the water filling the tub and getting into it. When finally she was done, Dani slid her foot into the bath and sighed. Perfect. She submerged herself until she was seat in the back and gave a sigh of relief and pleasure. This was exactly what she needed. Already she could feel herself relaxing as the heat penetrated the aching muscles she'd put through the ringer during the day. The knot in her back wasn't going away on its own, but she'd work that out later.

As she lay there soaking, Dani let her mind wander over her plans to get into the Sabertooth guild. Surely she'd be able to find at least one wizard in the city she could talk to about it. They'd definitely know the best way to get herself in. Maybe she'd ask if anyone had seen anybody with the guild mark around town. Or she could just hang out by the request boards. Wizards needed work after all and one would have to turn up there sooner or later. Decision made, she dunked herself under the water to start scrubbing her hair. The water did start to change color as she let loose the collection of grit she'd accumulated over the course of the day. However long later, Dani emerged from the bath refreshed, clean and relaxed. She dressed in something casual since going down in her sleep wear for dinner probably wouldn't be appreciated and Dani headed down to get her meal. Roast meat and vegetables it turned out to be and she didn't realize how hungry she'd been until it was put in front of her. She all but inhaled the food and when she was done, she thanked the innkeeper. A large yawn escaped her as she made her way back upstairs to her room and Danika figured it was time for bed. Nothing wrong with an early night. As she climbed into her bed though, this time Dani made sure to cover the window entirely.



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