Although she had been to Crocus before, Danika had never actually visited any of the vast library it housed. Usually her visits had consisted of chasing down leads or people involved with said leads, so she hadn't given much thought to looking at books before. This time however... Dani had been picking away at her morning meal, her mind wandering to anything and everything when she'd overheard a young man talking about all the amazing books he had found while visiting the library. The innkeeper had been nodding along and Danika had been all set to tune them back out when two words in particular snapped her to attention. Earth magic. She had straightened up to get a better look at the pair and listened as the man continued to talk. Something about books containing information on all sorts of magic’s, earth included. Now that was interesting. When they began to veer off onto other topics, Dani pushed her half-empty plate away and stood to make her way over to them. The innkeeper noticed her first, since the man was too absorbed in talking, and he greeted her with a nod of his head.

After a few minutes of idle chit-chat, Dani asked about the library and his mention of books containing magic. He explained that there had been some books that talked about casting techniques and even how to create spells and with that, Dani was sold. Her entire purpose for coming to Crocus was to get stronger and improve herself and these books sounded just like what she was looking for. Or at least a good place to start. She thanked the young man, and the innkeeper for the meal, before she headed upstairs to gather her things. Once that was done, she headed off for the library at a quick jog, thankful that she'd started her morning running again. It wasn't too hard to find her way to the building, but Dani hadn't exactly gotten a room close to the inner parts of the city so it took longer than a leisurely stroll to reach it.

As she arrived, Dani stopped for a moment to recover her breath and as she was, she noticed a piece of paper stuck to the door. She made her way over to look at it and read the contents with a frown on her face. So someone had broken into the library? But why wouldn't they have taken anything? Either way, Danika wanted into the library itself so lending them a hand wouldn't be too much trouble. She pulled the paper off the door and pushed it open before heading inside. There was an older man behind the desk, surrounded by piles of books and he looked up as she entered.“Good morning. Welcome to the Crocus Library. How may I help you?” he asked, putting aside the stamp in his hand and folding the appendages before him. She held up the piece of paper and pointed at it.

“I wanted to use the library and I saw this,” Dani said, gesturing to the paper. “I'm happy to help lend a hand to clean up.” The man looked her up and down for a moment and Danika wondered if she was going to have to defend her offer of help to him. He must have seen whatever he was looking for, or a lack thereof, for then he nodded and stood from his chair as he introduced himself. “I am Richard.” He beckoned her to follow and Dani left the paper on the desk as she did. They walked through shelf after shelf of books, while Dani wondered just how big this library actually was, before they reached a point where the books were thinner. Suddenly they entered what she would have described as a clearing which had a large pile of books with many others scattered around.

“We need these books re-shelved and for you to check the ones on the nearby shelves to see if they're in the right place,” the man explained, pointing at first to the pile of books and then to the surrounding shelves. Danika nodded and pulled her jacket off. She draped it over the back of a chair as the man presented her with a clipboard. “Each shelf has a start and finish code on the side. Only books that fall in that range should be on that shelf. If you get stuck or have any questions, I'll be at the front.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed back the way they had come. Danika watched him go before she shook her head. Something told her that the librarian didn't get out much.

Turning back to the task at hand, Danika began by gathering up the books that were scattered around the big pile and began to organize them. The shelves seemed to be in number ranges of about two hundred so she began to sort the books collected into about the same ranges. Once that was done, she took each pile to the corresponding shelves and began to put them back; any that she found didn't belong were taken back and added to their appropriate pile or began a new one. Eventually it was time to begin on the large pile. Dani actually had to stand on a chair to start taking from the top; it was so large. She didn't want to cause an avalanche by taking from the bottom so a chair it was. Slowly but surely the pile began to thin and grow smaller and smaller with each pile she returned to it's rightful place on the shelves. Danika was actually feeling quite proud of herself as he neared the bottom layers of the pile.

That pride was short lived however as she reached down to grab another few books and something sprung up from under them and slammed its tail into her stomach, sending her flying across the area and straight into one of the shelves. Thankfully this one was bolted down so instead of tipping it like she would have expected, Dani instead just hit it with the force of what felt like a freight train and hit the ground a moment later. She coughed as she rose, already feeling her back protest the movement, to find a giant worm slithering around in the pile of books she had so obviously disturbed. As far as she could tell it looked angry that she'd messed up its hiding place and Danika could commiserate with the feeling. Her back was already starting to ache and breathing physically hurt. “That wasn't nice,” she muttered, not taking her eyes from the thing. The library had indeed had a break in but the culprit hadn't left; it'd simply made itself a nice little home until she'd come along. Well this worm had made a big mistake.

As she raised her hands above her head to cast her 'Earth Eruption' spell, Danika paused, realizing that her spell would do damage to more than just the worm. She'd put a hole in the floor as well. The worm let out a hissing sound and Danika dodged to the side just as it's tail came around for another swipe. Just as she stopped by the table her jacket was hanging on, it spat at her from the head. Ducking under the table, she could see the chair start to melt as it hit, taking her jacket with it. “That was my good jacket you jerkface!” she growled, glaring at the creature. As it moved, she saw the dark dirt underneath it. So that's how it had gotten in. They had said there'd been no broken doors or windows. The bastard had just dug its way up through the ground. Well no need to be worried then. Pushing out from under the table just as it's tail came down upon it, Danika saw the remains of the wood beginning to sizzle. Great so the thing could do more than just spit the stuff. Now she was grateful it had been surprised otherwise she figured she would have been in a lot more pain.

This time there was no hesitation as Dani raised her hands and slammed them into the ground, letting her magic spring loose. The ground under the worm shifted for just a moment before shooting upwards, taking the worm with it and exploding dirt all over the floor and Danika herself. She coughed out a puff of it as it cleared and her ribs protested the movement which caused her to wince. Everything had just settled as the librarian came running into the area, obviously having heard the noise and he stopped short at the sight of it all. Dani couldn't help fidgeting and kicking slightly at the dirt as he looked on in horror. “Uh... turns out it was a worm... a book worm if you believe that,” she tried to explain, letting out a nervous chuckle. Richard opened and closed his mouth a few times before shaking his head.

“I-I shudder to think what may have happened if one of our volunteers had found it,” he said shakily. “Where did it come from?” Danika wandered over to the body of the worm, giving its tail a wide berth, before pointing at the hole in the ground. “Ah,” Richard said as he moved in to get a better look. He then looked around at the dirt and remaining books, and Danika herself, and released a sigh before rubbing his forehead. “We're going to have to get some people in to clean this up,” he said, waving a hand at the body of the worm. “Look, thanks for your help, and taking care of this. I'll pay you what was promised but would you mind staying to give us a hand?” Danika nodded and began to gather up the leftover books, making sure not to get any dirts on them as Richard went to summon people to help take the body away. A few hours later, the books were all re-shelved and the dirt was being cleaned up as Danika collected the purse for her work and left the library with the sad remains of her jacket. She had hoped to read some of those books today but she was too sore and besides, they'd probably need a day or two to get things tidied up.

1737/1200 words

Damage to Worm = 6 points

Health = 65/71
Mana = 450/500


Name: Earth Eruption
Rank: C-Class
Mana: 50
Class: Offensive (Blunt)
Element(s): Earth
Description: The user raises their hands above their head. By slamming them down into the ground, a large green magic seal appears and they release their magic, causing the Earth to erupt in a 1x1m square up to 8 meters away. The resulting eruption expels stone, dirt and everything else upwards, which can damage an opponent if it makes contact. This is usually aimed to occur under an opponent.

        Damage: 6 + MA
        Distance: 8 meters from user
        Speed: 3 meters per second

Cooldown: 2 posts
Duration: Instantaneous