The only problem that Danika had found with Crocus so far this visit was the shopping; or, to be more specific, her intense need to do it. She was not a shop-a-holic and she would punch anyone who suggested otherwise but there was just so much to see and try and do and Dani was actually trying to be concious of her funds. Sure she had a bit and could probably afford to splurge, but she had been saving that for something special. Or a rainy day; whatever came along first. So Dani decided that she'd simply have to go out and earn some that she could spend without hating herself afterwards. After that decision had been made Dani had rushed through her morning routine; a run to start the day before returning to her room to shower, a quick breakfast and then off to find the Crocus request boards. There were a couple if she remembered correctly, scattered throughout various parts of the city and offering quite the array of jobs to be had. She wasn't particularly picky regarding the job however; it was the money she wanted after all.

Danika had a bit of a skip in her step as she left the inn and began her hunt for the boards. She probably could have asked the innkeeper where they were, but she was enchanted by the city so the extra time it would take wasn't too much of a bother. And considering her efforts here were quantity of jobs rather than time-frame, some extra time wouldn't hurt her too much. As she walked, Danika fiddled with her gloves, one of which had started to fray around the wrist. It was hard not to pick at it, and it was only the knowledge that she'd likely end up shredding it if she kept pulling was the only thing stopping her. Maybe she'd put some of her money towards a new pair. Or heck, maybe she'd just go the one glove route and call it a fashion statement.

She was just considering the option and compiling a list of possibilities for replacing her gloves when Danika came around a corner to find a van blocking up most of the alley. It wasn't quite wide enough to block the whole alley, and Dani figured she could just slip past the vehicle. As she went to do so, she almost found herself pressed against a piece of paper that was flapping in the slight wind. Pulling back as far as she could, Dani stopped to read it. A thousand jewels just to sell some food? The owner must really have been desperate. Still, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Danika pulled the paper off the side of the vehicle and shuffled back behind it just as a man came out of a door on the other side. He paused, containers in hand and they both blinked at one another for a moment. Finally he spotted the paper in her hand and shuffled forward to put the containers inside the vehicle. “You came to help right?” he asked and it took Dani a moment to realise what he was talking about.

“Oh! Yeah I just saw your request and, well, if you still need a hand...?” Danika trailed off. If he had already found someone she'd just keep on her way. “Yes! Yes of course,” the man replied almost thankfully, as though she had given him some great prize by offering her help. “I am Jin Akanishi. My assistant fell ill and I am need of some extra hands today. We'll be selling takoyaki in the centre of the city.” Dani nodded as the man introduced himself. “Danika Kane,” she responded. “Happy to help.” Actually this would work out even better than she could have hoped for. She'd get paid and a free ride into the city centre. The first thing Jin set her to was loading the van, which was easy enough. Then he told her to get in and off they went.

When they arrived in the city centre, Dani stayed back as Jin opened up the van, which converted more into a stall that anything else, in preparation for the day. Once he was done, he handed her an apron, which Danika put on and pulled offer her gloves. She tucked them into her back pocket and grabbed the sign advertising the food. Utilising what hand-eye coordination she had, Dani began to spin and wave it as Jin started calling out to come and buy the fresh takoyaki. She didn't know how much time passed while she stood there, weaving, waving and spinning her sign as the crowd began to grow. Finally it grew to be too large for Jin to control alone and he called her to come and help. Danika shuffled through the crowd and into the stall beside Jin as orders were being called at them one right after the other. She started at the front and began to copy what the other man was doing. Taking the order, preparing the takoyaki, collecting the jewels and then handing over the food.

She couldn't have said how many times she repeated the process, though there were a couple where she had to break pattern to scold someone who pushed in line, or open up another container for them both to draw from, but soon enough Danika felt as though she could do it with her eyes closed. The day wore on, and Dani would have guessed it was early afternoon when suddenly Jin announced that they were all out for the day. There were a few disappointed groans but the remaining people dispersed and suddenly it was as though they had never been. Dani blinked for a moment to adjust to the halt and turned to see Jin beginning to pack things up. She wondered if he was disappointed because surely he had planned to be out there the whole day, but when he turned, the man had a large grin on his face. “That went quick,” she commented, stacking the containers back into the van.

“Indeed,” Jin replied, still smiling. “I've never had my takoyaki sell that fast before.” Unexpectedly he grasped her hands and bowed his head. “If you ever want to come by and give us a hand you will be most welcome. Here,” he said in thanks, before placing a purse and small container in her hands. Looking down, she found it contained a few pieces of the food. "With my thanks."

“My pleasure,” Danika said with a smile. “Do you need a hand getting back home?” she asked, glancing into the van but Jin shook his head. “No no you've done enough. Thank you for your help.” With a nod, he turned back to his work and Danika pulled off the apron. She tucked it away back inside the van and headed off with a wave. Looking up at the sky, she figured she still had a few hours before dark. Perhaps she could squeeze in another job before heading back. As she contemplated this and headed towards one of the boards, Dani began to munch on the takoyaki Jin had given her. It was good.

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