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I remember you [Nate/Private]

Posted on March 15th 2016 09:58 PM
Mana: 1335

So she had been going to Crocus for a job and teaching more Earth magic to her student to call it like that and help him with Ice Magic. But Zhao could do some hours alone and she just wanted discover what the nice weather would do with her. She might go to a museum of some sorts. Just because she felt like doing something while she had her day off. She should start her first job tomorrow, something about a Virus. It was mostly in one neighborhood of the city and she was sure that she would to start as soon as possible but she was tired and wanted to do something fun. She had done a lot of jobs and task in the last couple of days and she deserved to get some rest. 

She actually wanted to have a drink somewhere and she might even be able to get over her fear of cafes and bars. She took a deep breath as she was standing in the middle of Crocus and simply plan to go to a cafe that looked quite nice and not to big and simply lovely and simple. The decoration inside was easy. The walls were white with a little bit of a mint green line that would come around 1 and a half meter height. The decorations were in a little darker green than mint with sometimes rose prints on it. Maybe that's why she felt a little at home. She was one of the three customers and decided to sit down next to the window and ordered a jasmine tea for herself. She would think about some food and just looked outside sighing, because she had no idea what to do on her own, sure a museum sounded nice but alone? 

She thought about Bellamy and where he would be at this point, still in Era or would he go on the hunt for this guy that killed his brother? Where could Nate be? On the ten thousand jobs that the Council send him on. This was actually her first and she was flattered but to say that she was really happy at this point was not true. She was a knight but she actually didn't earn the title as some others had done. Again she sighed and looked up at the waitress that brought her, her tea. She thanked her and simply put her hands around the mug to make her feel nice warm and cozy. 

Posted on March 16th 2016 03:40 PM
Mana: 1210

With a sharp crack Nate's shoulder moved back into place, eliciting a grunt. Always the shoulders. He moved his arm around a little to check his handiwork. Everything seemed to be in order, nothing too painful, nothing trapped. at some point he'd have to train his resilience, as punching an incoming fist, though impressive in appearance, often did him harm. Not as much as his opponent of course, but still, he could do without injuring himself with his own attacks. What was the phrase? 'No rest for the wicked' something that suited Nate to the letter. He'd been on the road for about three months now, no major contracts, just request sheets. In all honesty he was getting a little bored, he needed a short break. 

The weather was better than it had been for a while, though Nate was still clad in his armoured coat, it was more or less his uniform at this point. He needed something to drink, nothing alcoholic, coffee sounded good though, something to wake him up. There were a ton of places in Crocus to get some of course, but there was one particular district where they were in a higher concentration than anywhere else, seemed as good a place as any to look around. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 19th 2016 10:37 AM
Mana: 1335

Rose was sipping her tea from time to time while looking outside. She had taken the perfect place, she was sitting in the corner or the window, close to the end of the shop actually, which made it that a lot of people didn't look at her. They either started at the beginning of the other side of the cafe and stopped around the middle or they started later. She had the feeling that only a few saw her and that made her a little more relaxed. That's when she saw someone outside that she recognized and hadn't seen in a long time. It would be very rude to simply knock on the window and besides, would he see her than. But for some reason she couldn't just step out the cafe as if she was not paying, but she hadn't seen Nate in two months or so, it would be nice to meet up with him again after such a long time. She decided to just take it. She left her satchel on purpose in the booth that she was sitting on, giving the waiter and waitresses the idea that she would return. She opened the door of the cafe and walked a little closer to him. "Nate?" It was actually quite obvious that it was him, as he was dressed in the same attire as she met him in before. But just to be sure. She would have the act of surprise also on herself.  

Posted on March 19th 2016 06:31 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate turned in the direction of the voice. He knew who it was without needing to look. 

"Rose?" his eye widened slightly. He stopped walking. It was another one of those moments where he wished he had shaved. His road attire and look weren't really suitable for the occasion. Nate smiled and bowed slightly. "Sergeant. Good to see you've been doing well for yourself." Discarding his almost burnt out cigarette, Nate walked over to his fellow Knight. It had been a few months since he'd seen Rose last, and truth be told he had felt a little guilty about how harsh he'd been. Though he'd still do it, it was all for her betterment after all, at least as far as he'd meant it. From the looks of it she'd just come out of the cafe, which certainly fit considering other things, and past meetings. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 22nd 2016 12:28 PM
Mana: 1335

There she was, standing in the doorway, grinning at Nate that seemed to be surprised. Now she had to admit that she didn't expect him in the Capital either. He bowed to her when he got close, calling her a sergeant and she had to stop grinning because it wasn't even funny. "It's good to see you, and I'm a Knight by the way."  But she believed he was stronger and he simply didn't have promotion because he had not been in Era. She also didn't meant it to boost her ego, it was something she just wanted to tell him right now. She let him enter before her and pointed at the booth where she was sitting, next to the window in the corner. "What have you been up to?" she said while she sat down behind her own cup of tea again. She was pretty curious, because they simply didn't talk about it at the headquarters and she simply didn't ask. Also because she had enough other things to do including having a student at the moment, whom still didn't have Earth Magic, but she had given him Ice magic and that had already felt weird. She beckoned the waiter to come and order the things that Nate would want, but she was really curious to his story, if he would tell, it suddenly occurred to her he might not share it with her. 

Posted on March 24th 2016 06:01 PM
Mana: 1210

"I do apologise" Nate inclined slightly. He hadn't been aware of Rose's promotion. So she outranked him now. Contrary to what he thought he'd feel at the prospect, he was actually pretty happy. She'd worked hard and been justly rewarded, no fault in that. The competitive part of him was tempted to run back to Era and take the promotion sooner than he had first planned. But no, he needed to make sure all the pieces were in place first. Rose showed him through to her booth, and when the man came over to ask his order he requested a black coffee "strong as you can." The man nodded and left the two Knights to it (or should that have been Knight and Sergeant?) Nate adjusted his tie and hung his coat on the back of the chair. 

"I've been keeping in trouble" the dark haired mage said, cracking a faint smile "few jobs here and there on the road, nothing as extensive as the last hunt I was on, just trying to get as much as I can done in the time I have to myself."


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 26th 2016 01:43 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose shrugged when Nate apologized. "I don't even think I deserve it yet. I was just in the right time right place atmosphere. I still feel like training a lot and become a lot stronger. I mean this is the first time they send me away from Era to really do jobs, which they have done with you already before you became a Knight. So who is more impressive?" She did this on purpose, not on purpose talking herself down of course because she was rather proud of what she had become but she really thought that he and Bellamy had deserved it more. However maybe the Council, knowing that she hang out with the two of them, wanted to show something. That she was better in keeping orders? She wasn't sure and neither did she actually care, they would follow and probably not too long after her. 

They sat down in the booth where her tea was still standing and she asked him what he was up to after the waiter came to bring some coffee. Maybe she was a little bit jealous that Nate had already been gone on so many jobs but on the other hand, she knew she was better at defending. "Have you heard about the Island? Is that one of your future missions? I heard Rune Knights are going." It had been in the Sorcerer Magazine, the mysterious island and she had heard some Rune Knights talk that would go there to see what was going on. 

Posted on March 26th 2016 04:15 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate leaned forward in his chair. 

"No, I hadn't heard anything." One of the main downsides to being on the road as much as he was, was that he missed out on major events as they appeared. "They're getting the Rune Knights involved? who are they sending?" Work overtook social for a moment and he began firing off questions faster "is that why you came to Crocus?" he took a long draught of his coffee and gritted his teeth a little as the molten liquid poured down his throat. Still scolding hot. He put the cup back down, and ran a hand down his face, adjusting his beard as he went (granted it was not much of one, but it was there nonetheless). If they were dispatching troops, what did they think was on the island? Was this the start of something much larger, and potentially more dangerous? His mind was racing now, taking the small amount of information Rose had given him and running through scenarios in his head. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 27th 2016 11:20 AM
Mana: 1335

Rose knew sort of that this was going to happen and she didn't mind, otherwise she wouldn't have asked. "Well they are sending a ship and what I've heard they are also sending a few representatives of the country. There are some rumours going on that it might be you for the Magic Council. So that's why I thought you should know. I got a letter from the Grand Prior asking if I would come back to Era to make sure that their defending is strong." Which made her blush because she obviously needed to train a little bit more before she could handle such an honour. She looked at Nate, wondering if he knew something but was testing if she knew enough. She didn't know more only that there were more Rune Knights joining on the ship, just to be sure that they had enough back-up in case it is necessary. She took a sip of her tea and looked up to Nate. 

Posted on March 27th 2016 05:58 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate was unable to hide his surprise. He had been considered to represent the Magic council on the expedition. That alone set him into overdrive.

"Me?" He managed. Prior to this he hadn't even been sure if his work had been making a difference, clearly it had gotten his name out there though. "They're defending Era too... must be serious. Seems as though your talents are shining through if they've put you on the defensive team." Were they expecting an attack?He stroked his chin for a moment while staring off into space, pondering the situation. If it was true, then he'd need to train that little bit harder to make sure he didn't let the Magic council down. "Didn't see this coming" he chuckled dryly. It was the truth, and it worried him. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 29th 2016 10:26 PM
Mana: 1335

So apparently or well very obvious the Magic Council had not been in contact with Nate yet because he looked very surprised when she said that the rumours were about him. But if it wasn't true she would disappoint him, or well he would turn out to be disappointed. However she was sure he was one of the rightful choices and she would sure vote for him if it was necessary. However when they started to talk about her defending Era she started to shine a little brighter because of happiness when  he sort of gave her a compliment. "I sure hope I won't disappoint them than." She said but she was still a little bit worried about the fact that Nate had not heard anything yet. "Well apart from picking you, which I find a rather fine choice, I think no one saw this incident coming. The island simply popped up across the sea from Era and it's still barely visible, hiding by the fog. The Royal Princess if I get it right is trying to calm things down and say that it's not that big of a problem. I think we are not really allowed to talk about it with other people that are not yet involved." She said to make sure that she protected herself from spreading rumour although she thought she would be fine. "So you are here on a job, so am I, I probably will see you again more often maybe." She tried to find a way to meet him more, they were suppose to work together only it never happened. With that saying she had to leave. She paid for her tea and his coffee, said her adieu and hoped to see him again soon. 


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