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The Sky Comes Crashing Down [Training | Nate]

Posted on March 15th 2016 06:02 PM
Mana: 1250

The young sky god slayer was making her way out of the library of Crocus, a disappointed frown on her face. She had spent the last few hours there and had yet to find any of the books she was looking for. This was her best bet at finding them too, which made the disappointment all the more real. Shizuka let out a sigh as she made her way back out onto the streets of the capital city of Fiore. She was sure there would at least be one of the ancient tomes she was looking for somewhere in this library, the question was just how to find it. Information on god slayer magic was hard to come across and not something many people were searching for, so it was quite likely the book was hidden somewhere unusual or just forgotten about over the years.

The sky god slayer was wearing her favorite outfit, a long sleeved black shirt with sleeves only covering the upper half of her arms, leaving the skin on the bottom exposed. She had a short black skirt on as well as black thigh-high boots, and light, black gloves that were more there for looks than to actually keep her hands warm. Shizuka took a look around as she walked, noticing the streets of the capital city of Fiore were as busy as she had remembered them. Everyone seemed to have something they needed to do and not enough time to do it, which kind of made the young sky god slayer happy that she was able to live such a carefree lifestyle most of the time. Sure, she was often busy with training or requests, she had to get stronger and have some kind of income, but most of the time she could do what she wanted, when she wanted.

The sky god slayer made her way into a large park, deciding to take a little stroll and clear her head. Shizuka wanted to forget the disappointment of not finding what she was looking for and the best way to do that was to go somewhere where she could just lay there and stare up at the sky. It always seemed to calm her down and the white haired mage truly believed she would feel more at home in the sky than on the ground. It was her domain, it bent to her will, there was no reason not to feel comfortable with it. So as she entered the park she would make her way to the middle of a grassy field and lay on her back, putting her hand behind hear head and staring up at the great blue expanse above her. Immediately a wave of calmness and happiness overtook her body. Now, she didn't intend to stay here for that long, but the feeling was still nice. She knew that soon she would have to get some training in. This park seemed like a nice spot to train outside, so she would likely stay here.


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Posted on March 15th 2016 06:22 PM
Mana: 1210

The dark haired child ran in circles. His bare feet flying over the grass, while the black haired woman watched, smiling. The boy threw punches and kicks grinning and making noises with his mouth. He slammed his fists together before continuing the action. The child then seemed to decide that a sword was much cooler than bare hands, so ‘conjured one’ and swung the imaginary weapon into his invisible enemies. His mother laughed, looking up from her book. The boy spun around in a circle, arm out as if hacking through all the enemies around him, before flopping down onto the grass. The woman filled his vision as she bent over to look at him

“Did you get them all?” she chuckled. He nodded

“And I saved the princess”

“Oh, well that’s good then.” The child got to his feet. His face was the picture of happiness and innocence. Innocence that would be robbed from him in little more than a month. Beyond that day, he would not be so eager to be the dashing hero to save the princess, nor would he carry himself so lightly. Haunting memories would soon plague the boy’s mind, and torment him for years to come. The image of his mother being dragged away from him screaming, by the men in black robes. He wouldn’t be strong enough to save her, and would be forced to watch from his hiding place in the cupboard, as his old life was destroyed. Beyond that he would roam the streets, picking pockets and getting into fights. He’d be called names, and be struck with many rocks because he was different. He would learn to hate, how to grow up and despise those who would deny him anything, and those who got what they had from name alone. His mother tussled his hair, he grinned up at her. Her fingertips brushed the eye patch over his left eye, and he recoiled

“Does it still hurt?” She asked, suddenly concerned. The child shook his head. She took his hand and the two of them walked back into the house. 

The Glass in Nate’s hand shattered, sending shards of glass in all directions. He looked down at the alcohol now soaking in hand, and the fragments of their receptacle imbedded in his palm. The rest of the bar’s patrons were staring at him wide eyed. He lifted his free hand

“It’s nothing, sorry.” They went back to their drinks. He shouldn’t have taken a table on the upper floor, moreover he shouldn’t have looked out of the window. He should have known he might catch a glimpse of something he didn’t want to see again. Soon he’d make the return trip. Not now though. One of the bar staff appeared and began sweeping up the glass. They vanished with equal speed. Without much more reason to stay, Nate grabbed his armoured coat from the back of the chair and whirled it around himself, slipping his arms into the sleeves as he did so. 

The park seemed to be a half decent alternative, not quite as objectionable, and it meant he could get some more training to do. The tattoos he’d recently applied to his form still needed to be properly broken in, and that required some well-timed spell slinging, and a lot of it. No time like the present. There were a few other mages performing kata a short distance away. Nate smirked. He recognised a few of them as major whistle-blowers, with little skill to back up their moves. He could even see an Earth Mage performing hand motions better associated with water magic, explaining the lack of constitution in the spells he was firing off. Nate flooded Crash magic into his limbs and lifted his fists in a boxer’s stance. He threw a swift jab, at the punch’s terminus, it produced a deep boom like a thunder clap. Something he didn’t need to do, but chose to regardless, intimidation was an important part of law enforcement.

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Posted on March 17th 2016 12:36 AM
Mana: 1250

A gentle breeze began to blow through the area as the young sky god slayer rest herself on the grass, her eyes closing as she took in the calming feeling of the wind. Shizuka had the feeling something interesting was about to happen. The wind was whispering to her, telling her to be aware of her surroundings without saying any words. She could feel it in her gut. So finally sitting up, the sky god slayer would look around. Off in the distance, in the direction that the breeze had been blowing from, she could see a man she was unfamiliar with, which wasn't surprising considering she new very few people in Crocus. He appeared to be interesting, however.

For now the young sky god slayer would mind her own business. After all, there was no way to guarantee this man was anything special, or worth her time. Shizuka had simply got a gut feeling. However, she did firmly believe that a gut feeling was always right, and so she would keep her eyes on him as she went about her business, unsure of whether he would end up being friend or foe. The breeze had died down and now that she was no longer perfectly relaxed, the young sky god slayer decided it was time to actually practice a little bit of magic. No destructive spells, nothing too extreme, she just wanted to practice some control over the wind.

Raising her arms above her head she would close her eyes, face to the sky. As the sky god slayer did so gentle black winds would flow out from her body, spiraling around her in a makeshift vortex, not fast or powerful enough to do anything other than look pretty. She would move her left arm to her side and hold out her right one, causing the winds to shift their direction and begin blowing towards her right. Then she would lower her right arm to her side and raise the left one, causing the same change in wind only to the opposite side.

There was something overwhelmingly relaxing about the wind surrounding her and as she practiced she would keep glancing over to the man she had noticed before, saying nothing and making no attempt to approach him but watching his actions with great interest. Eventually Shizuka would need a sparring partner and he seemed like he might fit the bill, but there would be no way to tell until she saw him take some action. Of course, there was always the chance he would approach her, but as of right now the sky god slayer figured that would not be the case.


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Word Count (Total): 966

Posted on March 18th 2016 04:46 PM
Mana: 1210

Nathaniel continued his shadow boxing for a few minutes, though beyond the first punch he muted the energy he was unleashing. He sound was something he was consciously adding, along with any physical representation that he was firing off a spell. He didn’t need to move at all, though he needed a little more practice to ensure spells that he used in such a manner were still accurate and as powerful as they could be. Something to train for later, among the numerous other things he wanted to get done. Speed was of the essence now, as he had less time available to him and his deadline was fast approaching. It wasn’t an official one, few of his ever were, but it was still one he intended on keeping.

He altered stance and cut the flow of magic into his limbs. There were a few other people training around the park, including one who had noticed him. The girl was blond clad predominantly in black and standing not too far from him. He hadn’t seen her throw any spells or punches (he’d been far too preoccupied with his own training) though her stance spoke for itself. He gave her a polite nod. 

Afternoon” he grunted. 

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Posted on March 19th 2016 05:59 PM
Mana: 1200

Kaeden came up on Shizuka from behind, unannounced. 'Miss Mori? Shizuka Mori?' he asked, making his presence known. He stepped around her, smiling his ever charming smile. 'Kaeden Danforth, Sorcerer Magazine. We've been hearing things, great things, about you. And we'd love nothing more than to sit down, have a drink with you and talk about your upcoming adventures. Not only have we heard about you possessing rare magic but we also really want to get the person behind it. And of course we're hoping you'd be willing to share some juicy details on that expedition you'll be on. The one to that mysterious island. It's not often that our readers get to know a would-be hero.' 

Reaching into his coat, Kaeden pulled out a slip of paper with an adress scribbled onto it. 'You can find me here in Crocus, at the Cat's Tail. Drop by tomorrow around noon if you're interested and we'll have ourselves a lovely little chat.' As he passed the slip to her, Kaeden maybe a quick bow and took his leave, heading back into town.

Posted on March 19th 2016 06:00 PM
Mana: 1250

It wasn't long before the man that had caught her eye made his way over towards her. As he did so the young sky god slayer would stop channeling the black winds around her, though the fact that the wind was black would have been a clear indication of being a god slayer for anyone who knew about them. Of course, if his knowledge in that field was lacking, there would be no reason to assume she was. Shizuka could feel her excitement growing however. From the few moments she had been watching him she could tell he was a powerful mage. Well, at the very least, he knew what he was doing. It was made clear by the way he carried himself, a hardened look that told her everything she wanted to know. She wanted to practice some magic and he would make for a worthy opponent. When he finally made his way to her he spoke a single word and the young sky god slayer smiled at him in return. "Hi there."

She reached up and put a hand behind her head, letting out a nervous laugh. "Sorry if I was making you uncomfortable. I just... could tell you weren't like the rest of the people out here." That was about as close to a compliment as the young sky god slayer could offer anyone, so it would have to do. Shizuka wasn't really interested in small talk. She wanted to get right to the point, so she did. "So, how about a little sparring match? I've been looking for someone to practice some magic with."

That was when the presence of another was made known and Shizuka turned to see a man she had never met before, apparently someone from the Sorcerer Magazine. He was very straight to the point and after he explained himself and handed her a slip, he left immediately. A confused look was on the young sky god slayer's face, but she had got the message. He hadn't exactly given her time to answer, so she called out to him as he was leaving. "Uh... Sure, why not? I guess I'll see you then!"


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Word Count (Total): 1334

Posted on March 20th 2016 12:14 AM
Mana: 1210

Nate lowered his arms. The girl smiled in response to his comment and apologised. He shrugged

I hadn’t noticed you, sorry. I tend to get a little caught up in my training” he adjusted his footing so that they were together, before bowing.
Sergeant Nathaniel Abbadon” he straightened up and widened his gait a little a more combat ready (and slightly more friendly looking) stance. He opened his mouth to continue, and that was when the interruption occurred.

                The man had grey hair and a smile that Nate didn’t completely trust. The reason became clear shortly after when he mentioned that he worked for sorcerer magazine. The press from what Nate understood could often work as more of a hindrance than a help. They pried and poked, and he didn’t like it. Not that he’d ever really given the publication a second glance. Then again he rarely spent time leafing through magazines, it was all weighty tomes pertaining to past case files and magic augmentations. The man vanished as quickly as he appeared leaving Nate to his apparent training partner.


Resuming his polite smile (which had vanished during Danforth’s interjection) he took a few steps closer. Granted the journalist had totally blanked him and interrupted, but it had also given him some insight into the woman before him. Shizuka Mori. The name didn’t ring any bells, though the rare magic the man had mentioned had piqued Nate’s interest. That and the promise of a training partner had sold him on the idea.
Well I’m game to spar if you want to. Did you want to go full contact?” Nate’s ‘sparring sessions’ often took the form of begrudged opponents making attempts at jumping him (following a beating they received when they’d picked a fight) though there was the occasional traditional spar. Time would tell which one this would become. Needless to say Nate was hoping for the latter as opposed to the former. As he spoke, Nate shed his armoured coat, and deposited it with the rest of his things. The armoured thing wouldn’t get in the way so much as potentially cause injury (and possibly even sustain severe damage depending on what Mori’s rare magic was). Once the coat was down, Nate turned back to Shizuka.

Ready when you are.”

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Posted on March 20th 2016 02:49 AM
Mana: 1250

The man before her introduced himself as a Sergeant, which Shizuka assumed meant he was from the Magic Council. At least, that was the only place she knew of that had rankings like that. The name Nathaniel Abbadon was unfamiliar to her, but then again she knew very few people from the Magic Council. She didn't really take it upon herself to figure it out either, considering there was nothing she normally did that would have her interacting with Magic Council members, at least not in a bad way. People who knew who all of the Magic Council members were tended to be people who wanted to make sure they could point them out and avoid them, namely dark mages and the like. The young sky god slayer nodded at his introduction and was going to introduce herself as well, but it seemed the newcomer had done it for her. "Well, seems like I no longer need to introduce myself, huh? Though I'm surprised he knew who I was. I don't recall doing anything that special."

He had also spoken about her using a rare magic and as far as she knew, the only people who were aware of the type of magic she used were Luna Avess, the other members of Lamia Scale who had known her, and now Adhene Red, her current guild master. She hadn't been in Fairy Tail long enough for the rest of the members to find out, unless Adhene had told them of course, and she had left for Crocus before really giving anyone, even Adhene, a proper demonstration. However, those reporter types always seemed to have information that no one else could acquire, so eager to pry and dig deeper than most. It didn't really bother her, though. If they were to spar, Nathaniel would have found out about her magic sooner or later. It wasn't exactly as if she needed to keep it a secret, she just didn't go around advertising that she was a god slayer.

At his inquiry about full contact, the young sky god slayer smiled. "Sure. It's no fun if we're going to hold back, right? Besides, it's just a friendly match. I don't think either of us will be intentionally harming the other too badly." When he was done discarding his coat she would position herself so she was standing five meters away from him and facing him. Shizuka wasn't sure what he was capable of, so she would make sure not to underestimate him. When he told her he was ready, she would nod. "Very well, let's get started."

She decided that was her cue to start, so she got ready to begin. Holding her right hand above her head, the young sky god slayer would start of with one of her most powerful spells, Eurus. She had no intentions of holding back in this fight, even if it was just a friendly match. "O eastern winds, answer my call."  Black winds began to gather in a spiral in front of her palm and as they did she lowered her hand and pointed it towards Nathaniel. "Eurus." With that single word she would fire off a torrent of wind at him, aimed directly at his chest. All the while she kept an eye out for retaliation, ready to react to whatever moves he would make from here.


Word Count (Post): 574

Word Count (Total): 1908


Health: 80/80

Mana: 1130/1250


Name: God Slayer Secret Art: Eurus

Rank: A
Mana: 120
Class: Offensive (Piercing)

Element(s): Sky
Description: Shizuka holds one of her hands above her head. Black winds begin to rapidly swirl out in a 1x1 meter spiral and as they do she says, 
“O eastern winds, answer to my call.” When the winds have gathered Shizuka holds her hand out towards her target and a 1x1 torrent of black winds surges forward.


Damage: 24 + 10 
Magical Attack
Distance: 15 meters
Speed: 10 meters per second

Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant

Posted on March 20th 2016 03:06 PM
Mana: 1210

Once the challenge had left his lips, Nate charged his form with Crash energy, igniting his Destruction Aura and preparing to shrug off the incoming attack. His body thrummed with power and he adjusted his stance to swat aside the wind aside and break the spell. He’d done it over a hundred times. The power formed a protective shell around him, though it was more an offensive shell that was meant to blast apart incoming spells (offense was a form of defence). The black winds slammed into Nate’s chest, his spell held constitution for a moment before it was blasted apart. The impact knocked him back several steps, nearly knocking him over. By sheer willpower alone, he managed to stay on his feet. Hurt like hell, what the hell had she used? Rolling his shoulders the Sergeant brushed the remaining wisps of black smoke from his chest. Was it smoke? It wasn’t clear what her magic was, it was rare and that was about all he knew. He needed more information. Best way to do that was to get stuck in. This was the first time his aura had failed him. It had shaken him a little, but enough to light a fire beneath him. He flooded his fists with Crash magic and darted forwards, moving in a wide zigzag to make him a harder target.

“Good shot” he grunted as he closed the gap between them. He opened up with a solid jab with his right hand, aimed at the girl’s shoulder, the goal was to get her off balance. 

Even with his merciless training regime, Shizuka had managed to expose and exploit a chink in his armour. His hubris had led to him to underestimate his opponent. Wasn’t going to happen again. Moving with the punch he pivoted on the spot and whipped out with his left hand, trying to strike her in the side of the head with that. Not full force of course, he wasn’t sure how far he could go yet, needed to test the waters. There was of course a part of him that was thinking that she might have been doing the same, meant he had to be ready to take even more powerful hits. Though this was exposing his weaknesses, he was still fairly excited, this was a chance to become even more powerful. He’d have to ask what her magic was after their sparring session was over, might be worth a little research afterwards.

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