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A Mage a Day... [Mission/Private]

Posted on March 15th 2016 03:57 PM
Mana: 1210

Fate it seemed had a cruel sense of humour. No sooner had Nate arrived in the capital looking for work, he’d found it. There was an epidemic, a virus that seemed to be a blend of god knows how many pathogens. It had spread throughout the capital with staggering efficiency.

                Nate glanced down at the request form in his hand. Someone knew what was going on, and they were enlisting mages to try and solve the problem. Whatever dislike Nate harboured for the capital, it clearly didn’t match up to the mystery mage who was inflicting the plague. It had to be magic, nothing this strong could evolve on its own this quickly, and without a clear cure. Someone was doing this on purpose, and Jubilee Dougal seemed to be the best lead on the matter. Time to head down the rabbit hole.


He’d had to use a number of back alleys in order to get even remotely close to the agreed meeting place listed on the request form. He’d needed to use every shortcut, passageway and back alley in order to avoid the majority of the shambling masses, coughing and spluttering as they staggered around. Nate’s hands had been curled into fists since he’d found the request form, his arms tensed for a quick-fire blast of crash magic to throw back a horde if it came down to it. They were innocents, but he couldn’t allow them to touch him, or things would only get worse form there. Just a shove, that was all they needed to get them going in the other direction. After half an hour of darting between alleyways Nate arrived at the address. Now he just needed to get in, and figure out what the hell he was going to do.


WC: 296


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 15th 2016 05:35 PM
Mana: 1335

The reason Rose was send to Crocus was because there were quite some jobs that needed to take care off. One was about a virus that was spreading through the city and was very dangerous. It contained literally every concoction of illnesses that people could think of and it seemed to be very dangerous. 

In the early morning she had risen from her hotel bed and got herself washed, dressed and ready to go after breakfast. She had convinced Zhao to stay in the same hotel as she did. Not needing much luxury, he would be certainly be able to stay here too and maybe she could share the money that she would get from the Council to help him afford the place, she only needed to talk things through with him. She arrived downstairs and asked the reception to send a note through the Lacrima that she was waiting for Zhao at breakfast. Where she would wait on the table of her room and simply read the newspaper, where nothing was mentioned about this weird illness. She got the information that she needed, she needed to visit a miss Jubilee Dougal, the address was given too and Rose was just checking if she had everything that was necessary to start the mission.

If Zhao would arrive she would eat breakfast which didn't contain that much, she just had a little bit of orange juice, a croissant and a cracker before she was done. Not that many other people ate more breakfast. When breakfast was over the two of them would head over to Jubilee her house. Both being dressed in a way that their visible skin was only in their face, they couldn't afford to be infected. 

Soon Rose arrived and she was already discussing matters with Jubilee when they heard a knocking on the door. "You expect anyone?" Rose asked but Jubilee shook her head so Rose herself stood up to work it out, it might be one of the infected. She walked to the door and looked through the spy hole to see someone familiar. She opened the door with a grin on her face. "Surprise." 


Posted on March 16th 2016 01:35 PM
Mana: 1210

Arriving in Crocus, Zhao and Rose decided to look around a little bit. They were mainly looking for hotels, but Zhao kept his eyes open for elemental mages. At one moment, Rose noticed a good looking hotel, which she would stay in. Just as Zhao was about to say goodbye for the night, Rose convinced Zhao to stay in the same hotel. She made her point there, as they would do requests together there. I had already been a week since the two met, but Zhao did not retrain the teachings of the Earth yet. So the two decided to get into some real life action in Crocus. 

The next day, Rose had managed to get some people around her to train and such, so Zhao decided to take a look around himself. The city was huge. He couldn't remember a city this big in his life. All around city, a vibe could be felt. Not a really homely vibe, but just a vibe. A stateless, emotionless vibe. In most cases, that was the indication of a cruel spirit nearby, but Zhao couldn't think of why. Perhaps it was the absence of the spirits around. The city was huge, and disconnected for any form of nature. Or perhaps it was another element? One he hadn't mastered yet? 

The next day, the request began. It was about killing viruses. The viruses infected people, and it goes without saying that that should be stopped. Not really a training-orientated request, but it was to Zhao's liking anyway. 

Rose and Zhao had waited in the building with client for a while, when someone knocked on the door. Rose asked whether it was expected or not, but that was not the case. Zhao braced himself, as infected people could be all around the building. He did not intend to hurt anyone, but he needed to protect the people around him too. When Rose peeked through the spyhole, she seemed to relax. Zhao did not, however. Rose opened the door, and quite happily said "surprise". Surprise what? Was it a familiar face?


Posted on March 16th 2016 02:54 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate lowered his hand following the knock. The door was already open and he was unable to hide his confusion and surprise.

Rose?” It had been a while since he’d last seen the Earth Mage, back then she’d still been a Squire, but he’d heard news on the road concerning her elevation in the MC’s ranks. Three months was a long time, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that she had grown a great deal in that time. If he had known there’d be other knights present he might have tried to make himself look a little more presentable, as it currently stood his jawline was furnished with a thick layer of stubble and his hair was leaning more towards the shaggy side of things.

Ignoring the panicked squeals of Jubilee, Nate stepped inside and closed the door.

What are you doing here?” the words came with a mmix of confusion and anger. This was primarily because the girl was risking a lot by coming to the ‘Plague city’ and now she was infinitely more valuable to the powers that be. There was someone else in the room, someone he didn’t recognise, a dark haired man with his hair in a ponytail. Was he a Knight, or something else? Nate regarded him with a coldly indifferent stare, before turning his eye back to Rose. The situation had gotten a tad more complicated, especially considering the level of danger the mission posed. Jubilee was cowering behind a sofa, staring at him with terrified eyes.

“Is he clean?” she stammered “is he infected?” Nate curled his lip back in a snarl

I was under the impression you wanted help Ms Dougal. But if you’d prefer I can leave.” He didn’t answer the question.


WC: 292

TWC: 1308


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 16th 2016 06:06 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose took a step aside as Nate came in, mainly because she didn't want to stand in front of a door when more people could come and go and especially with the infected that didn't seem like a good idea. But she was not sure about what he was doing here but she saw a piece of paper from his coat pocket and thought it must be the request that Jubilee had been talking about. She walked back to the living room, which was visible from the hallway and remained standing there, looking at the cowering woman. She crossed her arms and looked back at Nate when he asked her what she was doing here. "The Council send me on a job, they wanted to fix this obviously and Jubilee here was the only lead. We're just talking about where to start." She looked back at the woman that was hiding behind her chair, where she had just sat on. "This is my student Zhao, he is learning Earth Magic, so I'm teaching him." She said introducing Zhao to Nate. "This is my partner from the Magic Council, Nathaniel Abbadon." She looked on purpose to Jubilee to get her a little more quiet. Actually they agreed to the partnership only to split up and not see each other in three months but that didn't matter for now if it made her client quiet. 

She asked if he was infected and Rose waved it away. Though she couldn't be 100% sure, she was sure that Nate would try his best not to infect anyone or get infected in the first place. "I got the instructions I needed, Nate do you want to join us? We have to go to the tallest building in the district and destroy the sender that is on there that sends messages to the sick. After that we have to manage to get a medicine." She simply looked at Nate and back at Zhao before turning to Nate, completely ignoring Jubilee because she didn't feel like the woman would be of much help. 


Posted on March 16th 2016 07:37 PM
Mana: 1210

A quite tall, rough looking man walked into room. He seemed to be a familiar one to Rose. Rose walked the man through about the request. Still looking baffled, the man agreed upon going with Rose and Zhao. Rose then walked up to Zhao, and introduced him to the man named Nathaniel. Zhao made a bow in front of Nathaniel. Nathaniel was Rose' partner from the Magic Council, meaning that they had some experience together regarding requests. Zhao wondered how much that would extend. All Zhao knew was they both shared an attribute that Zhao found slightly doubtful, yet understandable: they ignored the client, who was squealing and yelling. Zhao decided to keep that between the three of them, rather than involving the production of high-pitched noises into the request. But the noises worked on Zhao's mind a little. The vibe that was going around town was getting quite much. What was it with this place. Zhao maintained silent, awaiting to see what was next.

At the end of discussions, the three of them left. Rose had already taken care of the instructions, so it would be a plain request from here on. 


Posted on March 16th 2016 10:13 PM
Mana: 1210

After a period of walking, they reached their destination. Nate had made sure to lead the party through the less populated areas so that they could avoid contact with the infected. The door to the tower was locked, as was to be expected, but it was nothing a firm kick from a Crash empowered foot couldn’t solve. The wooden door exploded into splinters and bounced across the stone floor.

“Knock knock” Nate muttered, not even so much as smirking at his own joke. Possibly because it sounded more threatening than funny. He stepped over the wreckage and stifled a cough. The spiral staircase stretched out ahead of them, there weren’t any lit torches, or any open windows, meaning that past the curve in the stairs, it was pitch black and there was no sign of life. Not a great sign. Nate rolled his shoulders, still maintaining his Destruction Aura. If anything tried to get the drop on him it would find itself being blasted back by a blast of Crash energy. It’d also make deflecting spells a great deal easier. All well and good in theory, but then again how well did theory translate into practice in the field?

“You want me to take point?” He grunted back to the others.

TWC: 2080

Name: Destruction Aura
Rank: C
Mana: 50/25
Class: Offensive/AOE/Sustain

Element: Crash
Description: Nate encases himself in a constant Crash explosion, invisible to the naked eye (But possible to see using detection magic). The field covers Nate's entire body meaning that physical contact with him, deals damage to the offending party. This also works in a defensive fashion too, as the crash waves obliterate any spell that touches his skin that isn't strong enough to break through it. Punches and kicks from Nate also deal this damage. ALL physical contact with Nate, regardless of whether or not he was the instigator, will deal damage to the opponent. 

    Damage: 3 + stats
    Distance: The Aura stretches the length, breadth and depth of Nate's body, no further outwards than his skin. 
    Speed: The aura extends from a central point in Nate's chest at a speed of 3 metres per second, meaning that Nate's entire body is encased 0.33 seconds after the spell's activation. 

Cooldown: 2 posts

Duration: Sustain 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 17th 2016 02:43 PM
Mana: 1335

So off they went to the highest building in the district. It was a tall white looking building and it almost reminded her of the God request that she and Nate had done months ago to save the people from an evil person that called himself God but was more that of a stupid Puppetmaster. She didn't think too much about it and followed Nate to the door, which he simply shattered with Crash Magic. She shook her head but it saved them at least a lot of trouble. It was pitch black in there and she was alright with Nate taking the front stage to walk up the stair case in the middle of the building. "Wait a minute." She said as she activated her detection spell, which changed her eyes into one of the brightest green colours in the world before going back to her own colour, "I'm ready." She looked at Zhao for an approval before they would move out up to the top of the building to find the sender. 


1190/1310 Mana

Name: Sight Seeing
Rank: A-rank
Mana: 120 Mana / 30 Sustained Mana
Class: Utility (Detection)

Element(s): Earth
Description: The user blinks three times rapidly with the eyes, while activating magic, the eyes turn green for a full second, the brightest green of Earth before they become normal again but have the ability to see better, hear better and smell better for 20 meters. 

    Distance: 20 meters
    Speed: 10 meters per second

Cooldown: 5 posts
Duration: Sustained

Posted on March 18th 2016 12:57 PM
Mana: 1210

The three moved towards the tower, one more cautiously than the other. A simple, but slightly to forceful knock was placed on the door, shattering it. Nathaniel had made short work of entering. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of magic he possessed. While entering, Rose' eyes started glowing in a bright green color, while Nathaniel had surrounded himself in his magic. When asked whether Zhao was ready or not, he knew that there was something going to happen. He could help in lighting up the dark hall by using the Aspect Host of Fire, but he decided it would be best to be swift and agile. He activated the Aspect Host of Air instead. Around his arms, in the dark tunnel, silver scythes of wind were shrouding Zhao's forearms and lower legs. He felt that he was lighter on his feet, as stepping was suddenly a lot easier. Nathaniel grunted whether Rose or Zhao. Zhao decided to stay silent. 

And the end of the hall, a spiral staircase could be found. The staircase was build around a column of air, around a meter in diameter. Zhao looked up, and noticed it was very climbable. "Should I climb up and scout ahead?", Zhao suggested, but they agreed that it would be wiser to go together. Nathaniel had what was called an aura of destruction around him, and Rose had her detection spell on, so scouting was of no use. 

Arriving on the top of the building, they encountered what looked like a woman. the woman quickly noticed the group arriving, and let out a laugh that had borderline crazy all labeled over it. She looked thin, having almost no shape on her body. If you would see her without the white-pink nurse outfit, but instead saw her in a jacket and a set of jeans, she would sure look like a man to most people. A mustache wouldn't hurt her either though. She started clapping her hand together, which caused a green, flat monster would come out and fly towards the group. Zhao, who was standing in the middle after coming up, pushed the Nathaniel to the left and took Rose to the right, also using Joyful Leap. Looking up, Zhao noticed a mast: the sender! He looked at Rose and pointed towards the sender. "Let's take that thing out, alright?", he asked. Zhao stood up, trying to find Nathaniel. He was easily okay. "Nathaniel! Can you take her out? We'll handle the sender and help you after that, okay?", Zhao shouted towards Nathaniel. It was go-time.


Mana: 740/800

Name: Aspect Host of Air
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30/3
Class: Transformation | Trait

Element(s): Air
Description: the element of Air was once given by an owl, in wisdom of solution and the emotion of joy, the aspects of air will allow to user to jump around on the battlefield and make sure he will outrun any foe.

    Buff: 10% Physical Speed
    Debuff: 5% Physical Resistance

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Sustained


Name: Joyful Leap
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30
Class: Utility

Element(s): Air
Description: The element of Air is a joyful element, and this is where it finds its strength. When cast, the user jumps up to five meters in any direction. This spell can also be used in mid air, when the user falls, for example. When used in this way, the user reduces damage from falling by five meters and ensures that any fall from five meters or less can be safely ended. 

     5 meter
    Speed: 2 m/s

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant

Posted on March 18th 2016 02:42 PM
Mana: 1210

Nate smirked and cracked his knuckles.

“I think I can manage.” Without another word he charged forwards. Continuing with her manic laughter, the dark mage fired off a volley of the small green monster, all of which shattered against Nathaniel’s destruction aura. She stared for a moment, mouth agape. Then came the impact. The crash imbued charge threw the woman backwards and tumbling into the ground. His boot landed on her chest a moment later, eliciting another scream, as he stood over her, lip curled back in a snarl. The woman’s manic smile was back an instant later. Flashing lights assaulted Nate’s eyes. At first he thought it was meant as some form of disorienting spell. Then he felt it. He stifled a roar of pain. Never let your enemy know they’ve hurt you. He tilted his head and spat out the mouthful of blood that had accumulated in his mouth. He could feel it trickling down from his nose too. He lifted his foot and slammed it down on her ribcage.

“Not bad, how many times can you cast that one?” he lifted his boot and slammed it down one final time, this time on her forehead. The dark mage slumped back unconscious. Nate staggered a few steps towards his comrades.
“Nurse is down” he grunted.


WC: 217

TWC: 2914/2500

Name: Destruction Aura
Rank: C
Mana: 50/25
Class: Offensive/AOE/Sustain

Element: Crash
Description: Nate encases himself in a constant Crash explosion, invisible to the naked eye (But possible to see using detection magic). The field covers Nate's entire body meaning that physical contact with him, deals damage to the offending party. This also works in a defensive fashion too, as the crash waves obliterate any spell that touches his skin that isn't strong enough to break through it. Punches and kicks from Nate also deal this damage. ALL physical contact with Nate, regardless of whether or not he was the instigator, will deal damage to the opponent. 

    Damage: 3 + stats
    Distance: The Aura stretches the length, breadth and depth of Nate's body, no further outwards than his skin. 
    Speed: The aura extends from a central point in Nate's chest at a speed of 3 metres per second, meaning that Nate's entire body is encased 0.33 seconds after the spell's activation. 

Cooldown: 2 posts

Duration: Sustain 

4x 33 damage dealt to opponent (dealing a total of 132 damage, enough to neutralize)

725 mana remaining. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 18th 2016 07:49 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose and the others arrived up stairs to a wicked person that seemed to be the reason why these zombie sick were sick in the first place. Nate would take on the nurse now and they would destroy the sender and she didn't know what Zhao would do first so she simply stopped and stared before she decided to put a dome above the Sender and simply detonate the dome with everything inside. When she told the plan to Zhao and that he had to run away and find a way to hide before they would be hit by the rumble. She turned around to see Nate knocking out the Nurse and ran towards him. "Wait. Now we can't ask what the medicine is!" She looked helpless to the Nurse. Now what. So the three of them stood talking because they had to find a solution for this problem and it was rather difficult. In the end Zhao decided to look around and so did Rose as well as Nate, maybe the Nurse had the medicine somewhere around her. As everyone was checking another spot, Rose volunteered to check the nurse herself and found a little bag in her pocket. That's weird, when she opened it, it smelled rather nice and she thought of something. There must be more bags, this was medicine, the reason why the nurse was still healthy. She called for Nate and Zhao, Zhao told her that he found more bags of the medicine. "Lure those zombies in. We're going to use the sprinkler system!" Together with Zhao she went to find the sprinkler system while Nate would lure them in, he was best in doing this job and when everything was ready they would switch on the sprinkler system and it worked! The zombies sick were healed and when they encountered someone else that was sick, the medicine would jump onto the sick person and so everyone was healed. 

Rose and her boys headed back to Jubilee to tell the good news and got paid, although Rose was paid by the Magic Council so she declined. She was satisfied that they finished the job. 


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