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Bloom in Adversity [Rose | Social]

Posted on March 15th 2016 01:06 PM
Mana: 520

When she finally arrived in Crocus, Danika had been as awed by it as the last time. And the time before that. And, well, the one before that too. Travelling between the different towns in Fiore, and given their diversity, it was easy for her to forget just how big the capital actually was in the light of day. Large however was not a bad thing. It meant variety for food, places to stay and even stuff to do. The last time she'd been in the capital it had been the rainy season, so Dani had spent most of her time, when not working, stuck inside. Today the sun was shinning and there was nary a cloud in sight. It was the perfect sort of day to spend outside.

She knew that Nate had said he would find her somewhere in Crocus, but Dani didn't do well when told to sit still. Plus it was such a beautiful day and, if his sources were as good as he said, he'd find her no matter what. So a walk in the park wouldn't do any harm. Tugging on one of her more casual outfits, Dani slipped on a pair of fingerless gloves and pinned her hair back out of her eyes. Glancing in the mirror she couldn't help chuckling at herself. She certainly did not look like the woman she was used to find staring back. If anything, she looked years younger, like the girl she'd been before leaving home. Shaking her head, she grabbed a purse with some jewels, because she was bound to get peckish while out, and left the inn she was calling home.

There were many parks in Crocus but Dani figured she'd just wander. So, with no particular destination in mind, she waltzed into the park a few streets over from the inn and began to wander through it. Crocus was not called 'the blooming flower' for nothing. The park had flowerbeds scattered all throughout it, and as she stopped to crouch and observe one of them, Dani recognized it from that Poppy Petals garden. She'd had some of them planted, though the name escaped the dark skinned girl in that moment. They were quite well tended here by comparison though.
Posted on March 15th 2016 03:27 PM
Mana: 1335

Crocus it had been like three weeks ago, maybe even longer. She seemed to go back and forth more often than she had thought. Because she didn't want to disturb the family that took her in when she was on the street, she decided to go to a Hotel. Also because of the fact that the Magic Council wanted her here and they paid, of course not in advance but she didn't mind. She had done a lot of jobs lately and she wasn't used too much facilities and luxury so it wasn't that difficult. Only thing she wanted was a private bathroom in her bedroom and most hotels had that. She installed in one of them in the afternoon after taking a nap from the walk. She got up after an hour and made her way into the bathroom to fix her hair, getting it out of the braid, wash her face and put on some different clothes. 

Since today was her day off, she simply got dressed in a mint green maybe too frilly shirt and blue jeans with her favourite peach coloured jacket. She would go around Crocus, enjoy the nice spring weather that was there today. So she headed out and walked along the streets of Crocus really wondering what to do. She felt like buying lunch but it was a little too early and she had no idea what she would want to eat. So instead she head to the park in the middle of the Capital just to enjoy the sun. She was walking in the park when she saw someone hunched down on a set of Geraniums. "Do you like those flowers?" she asked nicely to the stranger. Which was technically speaking weird because she never liked talking to strangers. 

Posted on March 15th 2016 04:29 PM
Mana: 520

Although Dani had manipulated the growth of the blooms to their prime when she’d been cleaning up Poppy’s garden, but they were lovely to see progressing naturally as well. Her father had been able to utilize his magic when they were growing up to help with the development of their crops, but he had always said that watching them grow, tending to them naturally and then harvesting always felt more rewarding. She could see that now. All the hard work and perseverance was what made it special. Just because she could flick her wrist and do it without thought took that away. As she reached out to touch one of the many flowers petals with her finger, Danika was startled by a voice behind her.

She jumped up, much like a child caught with their hand in the sweets jar, and looked for the source of the voice. It was a young woman, about her age if she had to guess, maybe a little younger, and Dani released a small sigh of relief. For a moment she’d thought it was a security guard or something. Then the woman’s question registered. “Oh yes. They’re very pretty,” she replied with a smile, turning to look back at the flowers. “A lady I met not too long ago had them in her garden but these are much lovelier. Then again, city of flowers, I should expect nothing less,” Dani added with a chuckle as she folded her arms behind her back.

Posted on March 15th 2016 09:46 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose had to put her hand in front of her lips because she didn't want to show the smile and simply hide the chuckle when the young woman, probably the same age as her, sort of jumped up like a cat on a crime. She removed her hand and simply smiled at the green haired person and looked at the flowers, yes indeed they looked very pretty. She looked from the flowers to the girl when she told the story about the flower garden that she had seen and that these were better. "I think the Royals want to keep up their name. The Capital of Flowers. It must be very important and I'm actually glad that they take such care for nature." She smiled and looked around for the rest of the park. It looked really good. "I'm Rose by the way. Rose Aino." She put out her hand to shake in case the other woman wanted it too. She wasn't sure why she actually talked to her, normally she never did that. She didn't like talking to stranger, not even when strangers greeted her on the streets, she most of the time intend to ignore them. Maybe becoming a Knight had changed that because she had to do so much more jobs and talk to so much more strangers on those jobs because of the clients that she was slightly getting used to it. 

Posted on March 16th 2016 03:26 PM
Mana: 520

Granted there was a natural beauty that many of the smaller towns in Fiore had that the capital lacked, but with so many people in one place, it was to be expected. The woman was right though. It was a good thing to see that the royal family cared enough to bring parts of that back for the people. Dani returned her attention to the woman as she introduced herself. Part of her found it amusing that she had been looking at flowers and then happened to meet a woman by the name of Rose. Amusing enough to chuckle and she reached out her hand to shake the one offered. Before she could though, Danika froze mid-reach.

Rose Aino. She knew that name; how could she not? During her more recent travels she had heard of the Handmaiden of Gaia and her incredible Earth magic, from people she had helped and just other travels but Danika never would have thought she'd run into her in a park of all places. Realising that she was staring, and still extending her hand, Dani shook her surprise off and finally took a hold of Rose' hand to shake. “I-I am so sorry. My name is Danika Kane. I know you; well I know of you, how could I not? You're the Handmaiden of Gaia and wow I am rambling so much right now,” Dani trailed off, blinking a few times to try and stop herself. “It's an honour to meet you.”
Posted on March 19th 2016 10:31 AM
Mana: 1335

The fact that Rose was called after a flower was not something she had ever realized or thought too much about till this point, maybe it was because the flowers were a few steps away from her and the young woman but it was just uncalled for to point that out. She didn't know why her parents had done it and wondered also for the first time in her life if her traitor mom had been an mage too and that as well of Earth Magic. 
Rose had started the introduction and given out her hand for the woman to shake but the other girl froze mid way to shaking her hand. Rose frowned, was there something wrong? When she finally took Rose her hand, she stuttered a little over her words and it slowly clicked in her mind. Of course. Danika as she introduced herself, said it. Handmaiden of Gaia. She would have never guessed that it would bring her so much honour. First Zhao now her, it was kinda of weird. "Ah, I see the name follows me every where." She tried to say it light hearted because it was obviously not Danika or anyone else their fault that she was getting a name, it just made her a little scared, because she didn't think she was too good to carry a name like that. Maybe that made her humble or simply stupid but she would figure that one out, some day, not now. "Do you use Magic? Earth Magic?" It would explain why Danika looked at the flowers with knowledge and it would be the first Earth Mage that she would ever meet. 

Posted on March 19th 2016 11:44 AM
Mana: 520

Danika couldn't even imagine what it was like for someone to be so well known that people recognized them even on the street. Half the time she considered herself lucky if people just remembered that she'd been to a place before, let alone her name or anything else about her. But, for Dani at least, this was about more than just the fact that Rose was famous though. She looked up to her in a similar way to how she had with her father. The Handmaiden of Gaia used Earth magic and that was an inspiration to Danika on a very personal level. However, as Rose responded about the name following her everywhere, Dani figured that maybe she could have been a little more graceful in her admiration. Now she'd put the other woman on the spot and she felt a little bad for that.

“Sorry for the exuberance. My mouth gets away from my head sometimes,” she apologized, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly. “Anyone would probably get tired of being recognized after a while,”she added with a chuckle. When Rose asked about her magic, more specifically if she used Earth magic, it took Dani a moment to get the words to come out. “Ah yes I do,” Dani confirmed with a nod of her head, a little embarrassed herself now. “My father used it in his guild days and he taught it to me.” Alright so she probably didn't want to know her life story but, once again, Danika's mouth was getting away from her. “I'm only D-Rank though but I am hoping to join a guild soon.”
Posted on March 22nd 2016 12:12 PM
Mana: 1335

Rose was a little surprised of course but she was alright, obviously, this was something different than an assault. And the only problem to her was that she didn't believe she deserved the title yet, but it didn't matter. She smiled at Danika, "That can happen to the best of us." When Danika said her mouth went ahead before she could think about what she was actually saying, it was even a little funny. She shrugged when Danika said that she probably would get tired of people recognizing her. "You're only the second. I try to lay low, if that's possible while being a Paragon, but I don't find myself strong enough yet." Thank god not too many saw it or knew it, there were more people with pink hair and she didn't say her name that often. Zhao was the first, especially looking for her and only Danika was the second. 

Rose was quite interested if Danika had Earth magic, she would be the second person that Rose would know that had the power of the Earth. Herself being the first, Zhao had not shown any sign yet but that was alright, he would get there. She was maybe a little bit jealous of the fact that someone taught Danika, not the idea of her father, she didn't want a happy father, she was happy the way she was. "I always wanted a teacher, it's quite a bother to teach yourself." She admitted not to gain glory because she really had wanted a teacher. 

"I think Guilds are really nice, supportive of each other. I am a Knight of the Magic Council but it helps a lot to find someone to train with and do jobs with. It is really nice to do so." Which made her wonder how Bellamy was doing today, shame he wasn't here, so she could keep an eye on him, making sure he was alright and not blaming himself or trying to find this beastbane on his own. 

Posted on April 9th 2016 10:16 AM
Mana: 1335


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