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A Darkness Master? (Valason)

Posted on March 11th 2016 11:48 AM
Mana: 1445

Stiring inside him was now something that he would never thought to be possible. Or well yes possible okay but to make him alright and feel whole again: no. He had taken a request to find a legendary ruby that would grant a wish, together with Lilith. Instead of being able to wish for the removal of his past and the removal of Beastbane, he became one with the Darkness that was lurking behind him all the time. It was Lilith her fault probably but Beastbane didn't care about it. It was no longer a nickname or a title. Akiva had turned into his old self again, the one that needed five years to let go off. He was again one with his trueself: Beastbane. 

Akiva his blue eyes had this small cloud of Darkness in there and sure he was evil, more evil than you would compare him first too but he was still a member of Blue Pegasus and he knew pretty well how to play it. He was now planning to have a drink in one of the bars or hotels of Hosenka, there was always something to do. They even had a casino that was open in the early hours. He might even think of going there, without sleeping it almost felt like the right place to go. So he walked into the city center from his apartment. Dressed in a dark blue jeans, with a black blouse and his black old leather jacket. His blue hair standing out rather much but he looked handsome if he say so himself. 

He walked into the casino and stopped at the bar and ordered something strong to stay awake. He turned around to look at the sad people that were still here from last night or the young lasses that tried something because they just turned the age to enter a casino. He went to sit on one of the bar stools and simply enjoyed his drink. 

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Posted on March 11th 2016 07:25 PM
Mana: 500

It had been a long trip, boring and silent as well. But he assumed that would happen when traveling alone, People don't really talk to strangers in robes who travel alone at any point often. It was good people would annoy him quickly even with Valason having no idea were he was going. I seemed strange to people in thought if it was talked about. Valason took to hear the fact that he stood out and that worked for him both in good and bad ways.

This long track of walking ended when Valason ended up the city of Hosenka, It did not know much of the town so his plain blank stare during his time walking in allowed him to realize, he had to think about why he would need to stick around and why this place was even worth the time of staying. It would just gathered his thoughts slowly. Wouldn't matter what people thought of the golden blonde long haired man with the length of it going at to at least half his back, in black and orange attire and his rather noticeable blue eyes.

Stopping for a moment to stretch out and give his legs a small break. He let out a sigh for a moment Thinking over his option he just figured he was here might as well save what he has maybe settle for a day or so in this place. What did the place have to offer he wondered. Just letting out a sigh crossing his arms he just went back to walking and figuring out were he was going going about is own way, Also thinking about the fact that he was going to walk with his arms crossed and it looked a bit too dumb in his eyes he then stopped.But for the moment his mind wondered while walking he seemed to actually just walk as a normal person.It is almost like for once he looks like he fit in somewhere for once it was strange for Valason himself to notice, But the thought quickly left him.

He just figured he would go sit down somewhere, maybe actually not dislike a place from walking into it and only being there for a total of maybe not even an hour, It was hard to figure out how long a person was there since he never kept track of time he just kept going all of the time.

He would walk into the brightest of places, a hall for gambling and drinking, Thinking to himself if they actually served something to drink, it couldn't be that bad. All of his stuff wouldn't really be noticeable since it was under his covers he would make his way to the bar hopefully with out an problem at all. He would be a problem until some one else was. He didn't look at any of the people around him. Mostly because too many around he had no interest in learning of people and there faces unless it was needed for whatever reason.

He didn't order a drink right away hie eyes were getting use slowly to the light his brain did not adjust right away he just walked to were he wanted to, so he did just stopped and blinked a few time standing by the bar, hearing the people drinking near him.

Posted on March 12th 2016 01:20 PM
Mana: 1445

The Casino was a little dusty and not too much sunlight got inside but nothing that really bothered Beastbane. He actually liked the dark. Or the quiet places like these. The only people that were here were drunk or hang around bar stools or tables almost completely sleeping. This was the point of observation when someone else came inside. He looked quite awake and no trace of a hangover around him. The lights of the machines made it difficult to see the person at first but Akiva was rather impressed when he saw the looks of this man, from his long golden hair to his clothing. Akiva was alright with his neutral dark blue outfit to his blue hair but it was not something you could compare. He leaned back on the bar and held his hand up to the barman. "We have another sober one." He grinned with a little bit of evil in it. 

But not too much happened because the man didn't order a drink. "You are a traveler?" Akiva asked for the obvious, because he had never seen this guy before and neither did he look like he had a place he belonged, did he bring his stuff with him everywhere he would go? Possibly but that was not of Akiva's concern. He just had to figure out what was so intruding by this guy. He didn't feel like one of the Rune Knights but you never knew lately. Maybe it was rude to just talk to a stranger without introducing yourself but actually Akiva couldn't care less about anything. Maybe about finding Lilith again and working out magic and strategies but not now, now was a boring time and a time to enjoy that. 

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Posted on March 13th 2016 01:57 PM
Mana: 500

Are you a traveler? Valason wanted to reply with nothing be a rude and or arrogant comment. But that was not something worth his time at all and in fact would not do any good. But his mind did tell him if a single person was interacting with him should reply to them and see where the conversation, wasting such time and opportunity would not ideal when being in a new area, This place also did not fit the ideal kind of person would avoided mostly for the moment he just seemed to wonder, Realizing he was quiet Valason spoke up. "Yes, but travel does get quite boring. Often not what it is made out to be." at least it was an answer to the travel question it was. with a not a single feeling to it, was there something wrong with him? it wouldn't be a problem with him it was thought of that way.

"People use to mention how, traveling would be this oh so wondrous things to do, were you could learn so much."
Valason then figured it would be less boring to speak and actually casually chat for some one in once in his life then just pretend no one was around him like he normally did, change it up a little."But no such tales of wonder rare true for me." How else would Valason settle down for a bit of pass time, by taking up a chair net to the person who had started to talk to him.

Pulling the stool out "Since i am interested in having a conversation, I hope you do not mind i join you then." Valason mentioned sitting on the chair maybe even join whom ever this man was in the drinking thing. "I guess, taking a break from being on the move is what i started from doing anyway, Get me some whisky on the rocks." He was simple drink kind of person, Valason didn't seem like the person to order any weird or odd not heard of drinks just plain drink with ice."I hope you do not mind me joining you." He would start getting comfortable and just talk to this random person.

"Maybe of these days, Traveling will be as it was may out to be." Valason for once was a bit hopeful he could wrong about something for once in his life, maybe traveling would be something that lend to something good rather then long, quiet dark traveling trips alone.
Posted on March 15th 2016 09:38 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva waited patiently for the man to react, since he actually wondered if he would. He looked quite lonely, a man who was in for silence maybe? Akiva had no idea nor did he really care he was simply bored and waiting for an answer right now, maybe some fun while he enjoyed his drink. Maybe finally this guy spoke and he said yes. And that traveling was quite boring and the blue haired mage had to agree with this. He thought so too, the last time he traveled though was a month ago maybe, to Crocus, to find a friend as well as to a circus. He was so stupid back than. So naive, so fragile, if he thought about it now he would be embarrassed but people that didn't know him like that, didn't need to worry that they would ever get to know him in that way. He was busy enough to focus on stuff that was much more important. "I prefer travelling with a companion, the problem is, where do you find a good one?" Since he didn't like too much talking or noise on some special occasions he could handle it, like today. He picked this location with a reason. 

The way the stranger talked was quite interesting and Akiva turned to look at him, his blue eyes again scanning the person that he was more or less talking to. He nodded when the stranger talked about the lie about traveling, that you could learn so much. The idea of visiting new places. He had done it, when he had gotten rid of his father he went to go around the country to settle in Hosenka and become himself again. Or so he had thought, now being Beastbane instead of the Akiva he was, which made everything more complicated but also more whole. He was himself again, not naive, not pathetic. 

Since Valason, whose name he didn't know yet, told him about the rare truth, Akiva couldn't help but wonder. "Have you seen a lot of the world? More than Fiore?" Akiva had never been abroad, but he heard about the royal support for explorations and he was really interested to go if he didn't have any better things to do. He nodded when Valason asked for the chair and gave a small smile. It might even be more pleasant to be here than he had thought in general. "It sounds like a pleasant deal for me. Akiva is the name." He said because since they were joining in a conversation, he might as well introduce his name. He smiled and he took a sip of his drink, "So if you hope that travelling would be more interesting, what about the Royal explorations that you can join. Nothing for you?" He just wanted to get to know this person, he seemed so interesting. 

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Posted on March 17th 2016 01:31 PM
Mana: 500

Companions Valason was a loner most of the time so he never had companions with him. He does have stories of him trying to convince a few people in his past to join him. But that was a story for another day. All Valason would comment on about the mention for companions."I agree, traveling alone for my own reason, I do see however how companions would be useful and valuable, just currently not my ideals to deal with getting them for the moment." A simple statement but it was how viewed it it could easily change over time it was just how life was, it could easily change.

He then looked at his drink just pick it up and gave it the smallest sip. "I could not tell you have much i have seen, I just go places and rarely keep were i go into mind so, maybe if i kept tracked i could give you an actual answer." It sounded lazy but it was what didn't drive Valason insane while he always kept going not keeping track gave me not something to just to allow him to get keeping going have not needed thoughts. "I would have to assume it is just Fiore i have been around, But i would be lying if i knew for sure."  Valason was honest at least about it it was always upfront and truthful.

"My name is Valason Seffer." He gave to reply to Akiva, He was also rather formal about it."It would have been rude for me to not give you my name in return." Valason then took to mind the fact that most people didn't ask for his name he just gave it in return, It waited for the day some one wouldn't ask and keep track of it.

Valason then wondered about this Royal Exploring stuff, It was the first he has heard of it."I have not done any, Nor have i heard of them either, So this is new to my ears." He was interested in learning about it now, so he would ask."What could you tell me of this"Royal Exploration." Stuff maybe it could be of interest to me." He admitted whatever he would hear he would take into mind weight out the options and choose what to do next, This meeting to Valason was going off better then he thought.

Posted on March 19th 2016 10:53 AM
Mana: 1445

The same would go for Akiva, as much as he liked to travel with a companion. It was not the right time or day for him to do that. Not since the incident as some people would have called it. The day in the cave. He would remember it very well and it would make him laugh, it would make him feel stupid. He was himself again, Beastbane, the man who killed just because it was necessary, just because people were in his way. He leaned on his left hand that was stationed with the elbow on the bar and looked with a side way glance at Valason that sat next to him. He chuckled because of the fact that the man took no note of where he had been. It must mean that he had not seen too many interesting places which was actually rather funny but also showed how much this man needed things to interest him if he wanted to remember. Akiva simply took a sip to make sure he would stop laughing about something so small and maybe offend this guy, even though he was normally quite rude and didn't care for other people their opinion, it was difficult right now, with his summons not working and the little bit of power he had with his Darkness Magic. 

"It is a pleasure to meet you." Akiva answered when Valason gave his name to him and he gave a small smile. Who knows what might happen to day, he took everything as an adventure and maybe remembered too much. That could be a bothering problem too for some and for him it sometimes did. The inner fight between him and the real Akiva, the soul that had worked so hard to become sane instead of the insane Beastbane Akiva that was sitting here. But he kept his way around, if he wanted to remain unnoticed as his sane version had wanted, he needed to stay in Blue Pegasus for a while longer. 

They started to talk about foreign countries and Akiva ended up asking about the Crocus Royal Society of Exploration, not that he would ever remember the name, but he would tell as much as he could. "It is an exploration to foreign countries funded by the Crown. You can go to all sorts of places, find some artifacts with a small group of archaeologists I think, they hand it to the King and you can keep a fair amount of money for it. It's just they need mages in case of protection." That was the most that Akiva knew and not everything was even sure. 

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Posted on March 21st 2016 01:37 PM
Mana: 500

"Well it sounds interesting." Valason would admit right away, But he would have to think about it a bit more, royalty may bother him since he believed in thoughts, but this is also because Valason could easily admit, he wasn't a good person who knows what he would do in front of royalty maybe if he took up doing that he could control himself."I will have look into it if i am every by the area in which i could sign up for it, It might be worth the time and effort to look into."Valason did take the logical mind set of it rather then just saying no, It would be a means to an end. "But until then, I am here drinking with a new person to talk to." This spoke about how Valason seemed to live in the now and current then just either thinking into either the past or future.

"It is nice to meet you as well Akiva." Valason did also at least have manners kind of, He was too blunt and cold sounding but it close enough to manners he could. "I could wonder, what is so special about this area?" He asked because he wanted to learn i there was anything there was anything to do or of interest for him to do around in the area here, because he wanted to do more then drinking whisky after all, it was just one task that could easily become boring. But for the moment taking another small sip he just let out a small sigh. "Then again, I do not know much about this place so, I do not know what is around here." Valason just figured he would ask to continue conversation that and think to himself to learn how long he would be staying here before moving on to another area.

"I have very little interest in gambling." casually remarking about were they were sitting and drinking. "It feels like a waste of money just to throw it all away for how little odds you gets to win." That is how he viewed it, didn't see it as any fun or good at all so, he just viewed it as a waste of time. "But who am I to judge to what people enjoy or do." Valason just realized it was infact a person choice to do so, and even with it being pointless people still have the freedom to do it.

Posted on March 26th 2016 10:56 AM
Mana: 1445

"Yeah it is, they are a group of archaeologists or so I think and they are always looking for two mages to come along. I will see one day if I join."  He grinned again, he should stop doing that in general if he didn't want to make himself suspisious towards other people but it wasn't that big of a deal at the moment. While Valason looked like a person that lived in the here and now Akiva was already leaning towards the future, maybe because he was set free from his responsible self that looked out for every trick and trap, which wasn't necessary anymore. He was getting stronger and he soon would figure out how to continue training, his summons were blocked, made by the sweetness and kindness of his other half that was really called Akiva, Beastbane had no longer grip on the four summons. 

Akiva drained his glass by taking a big gulp from it and simply let it burn through his throat before he looked back at Valason who just asked him a question about Hosenka. "Hosenka is.. really rural. You can do a lot if you are interested in the spa, luxury hotels and other tourist things like this casino." It was also a great place to hide, because no one really cared about the society here, as long as the city kept working and earning money to go on in the economy of this time. "You also have the best bars, according to the city, on top is the bar of Blue Pegasus, free for anyone to join. We have training grounds here in case you want to get stronger and just a lot of things. We only don't have an amusement park in Hosenka but the city is already stupid enough to amuse people." He looked at Valason before he looked at his glass wondering if he should order a new one. Which might not be smart if he didn't want to drink too much in the morning. 

Akiva could only nod about the gambling part, he never actually did it either but the bar of the casino, which was open twenty-four hours a day, made it so easy to get here because there weren't many people in the morning. 

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Posted on March 28th 2016 02:42 PM
Mana: 500

So this was place they were at, the home of Blue Pegasus, It was another legal guild area but he wouldn't be bothered unless he encounter the members just wouldn't be a problem unless they felt like or made them. "Well the information about the area is nice, Thank you for it." Expressing that right away. It just meant he know where he was and slightly was what around him with the info he got. "I might not be huge on fancy and costly places, But it will have to do for now." There was at least a place for him to stop walking or a while.

Looking over his drink he just finished it with out a second sight and said."A change, from aimless walking maybe that was just i what I needed." placing the glass away from him he just seem to ask for another one, The subject would change to the people of the area just or him to learn more. "With the brightness of this city, I would image this place isn't without problems." he paused looking at his next glass picking up the glass with a small drink of it said. "I would have to wonder what they would be." Valason seemed to think a lot of areas, how they were and detail. Mostly what he learned the better.

"I will see when i am in the area to speak to them about joining in such a task, whenever i am in the area of them." Valason seemed up to the task after he gave it some thought, it allowed him to just of something rather then think about either nothing of the life he had left behind, or threw away it was matter of opinion of people who would actually have to get the information from him or the single other person whom would be able to speak of it."Maybe working would also do me some as well."

The only thing slight single change from him was a slight smile at the comment of stupid enough to amuse people. It was the only single emotion he would seem to show. "But no matter what i think of a place, It seems to be well off for a place if it how it is today, Even if spas are not my thing." Valason also took mentioned, He did seem able to to at least speak and keep in mind good of places when needed, even if he would forget eventually.

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Posted on March 29th 2016 05:56 PM
Mana: 1445

As it was his free morning and at the sight of Valason ordering a new scotch on the rocks, he decided to go for another drink of his own. Because why not, it was not as if he had something useful to do today and well he wouldn't get drunk or so. If he did get drunk that would make today a lot more interesting than the last couple of days, which made him grin again. It imght take a little well but he would get to his old self again and that one was not comparable with Akiva as he had been before the change of the darkness. He could go back to his usual hunting and finding his pray, which seemed to be a lot more interesting. But not today, today he was calm and half Akiva, half Beastbane. "I think Hosenka is a good place. You know how in Crocus everyone is watching you? The social need of checking what the other person is up to. Hosenka doesn't give a shit. No matter what you do, as long as it is of course close to the line of the law." Which was why he would stay in Hosenka for a little longer, although he felt like going around the country to view things, but he had enough to do and take care of while he was here. Valason seemed to be a person to pay attention, with the brightness of this city and the rules of not giving a shit, there was quite some crime here. But it was all a hushed up matter, which made him grin only broader. Blue Pegasus wouldn't interfere, they were more big babies than anything else. "A lot of crime but only the most silly thing. Sabotage of other companies, money got stolen, things like that. Nothing important." He shrugged and chucked a bit of his drink down. 

It was maybe that beastbane was waiting for another small smile, he couldn't read this guy and that was slightly bothering him. Did he think of the humanity like Hosenka and places like Magnolia as vermin? What did he think? He mentioned he might want to work a little bit here, that would mean that he was okay with doing jobs for non magical people. Akiva was alright with it but only when he felt like doing it and so the blue haired guy hadn't done too much yet. He actually rather would go on an exploration but he seemed to have to find another mage to come along. Wait, he didn't even know if this guy was a mage. "With working, you mean the requests for magical people?" He simply asked just to be sure that this guy was a mage. 

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Posted on March 29th 2016 09:35 PM
Mana: 500

"It is vastly different area then the area with encountering a Lamia Scale guild member then." It was the last place he remembered going to was that area, rest was either forgotten or he just really did not care to recall or speak about it for the moment. "Maybe with it being as such, Things will be a little less." Valason seemed to pause his talking for a moment, It was one of the few eerie and strange moments for him. "Annoying, to me..." Speaking as he normally seems the pause almost could seem worry some in others eyes when getting how he was normally in grained in there minds. If the people didn't care Valason had nothing to worry about: No behavior control, no self control of actions he was free as he wanted to be, It was the one thing he always looked around for a place were it was possible. "Being watched is highly unfavorable for a lot of different reasons."

It might not be large amount of crimes but it was still a good sign to him it meant maybe he could stand being in an area for once. For long would linger in his mind too, once and a while he would worry about being on spot for the moment, because it would be the only time he would consider staying in one spot for a while. Thinking back to the last few times he stayed in one spot didn't work out well for the situation that happen.

"Yes I mean that, It has been a while since i ended up doing request so I must have misplaced my words." This was a sign how often he settled and stayed in one spot, forget what simple words meant."Thank you for the correction." He was still well mannered for being hard to read. "I must have been thinking far back into other things in my life." The question could easily be thought of what part of his life was he thinking about with being hard to be read. In truth he was thinking back to his first marriage and the plans that followed there, But that life is over, long over ending rather dark and even to this day last Valason checked he was the only person who knew what he had done during that time, He never spoke of it since. No one needed to know. But it left him to sigh for a moment picking up his glass again and took a small sip of his drink.

Posted on March 30th 2016 11:38 AM
Mana: 1445

Beastbane frowned, Lamia Scale.. that guild was.. where again? He must have been there at least once. "Isn't that Hargeon or something? I always mess up the names of the towns. The name looks too much like Hosenka." He shrugged, he never met a Lamia Scale member did he? He met a member of Sabertooth, that was Isolde, he met a member of the Magic Council that was Dorian. He met a member of Fairy Tail that was Dizzery and the others he didn't know and actually didn't care. Some where Blue Pegasus obviously but there weren't many left that he would like to interact with. Ah yes, he had met Shizuka. Wasn't she from Lamia Scale? Well it didn't matter, he shrugged and turned to look again at Valason. He hadn't told this man that he was from Blue Pegasus but he didn't feel like a member, only when it came out useful for himself. 

This guy was rather interesting, he talked about things being less annoying to him, that was an interesting principle. If he would guess correctly, and Beastbane hoped so, that would mean that this guy wasn't that strict with the law either, which made it extra interesting, he wondered what he would do, maybe he would suggest going on a job together after this, because he didn't plan to sit the whole day here in the Casino. Especially not if the time would come that it would be more busy than right here in the morning. He started to like this guy more especially when Valason mentioned extra that he didn't like being watched. "Same, that's why I live here." Beastbane grinned again, his toothy grin before he turned to his drink and took a sip again, let it burn through his throat. "So a request you say, I don't know if you like to have company or that you would try something out like the exploration. But I wouldn't mind to see how you work." he continued since they were talking about doing a job and he actually kind of hated doing them alone. Since he had become Beastbane again, he had turned lazy. But he was also rather interested in getting to know what sort of magic this guy used. 

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Posted on March 31st 2016 05:33 PM
Mana: 500

"Yes that is what town that guild is currently in." He at least remembered that, So far it was the only town he had been had he remembered the name, until he traveled and remembered other places. He did express his opinion about it too."It was however not my fancy. ship  yards and broken forms of speech get annoying quickly." maybe Valason just shouldn't be near boat yards people were busy and stuck up there also Valason did not enjoy being told not what to do when he did whatever he wanted when he felt. Aside from that all he thought about for a moment was he nearly got into a fight with some one in a group of people. Wouldn't have ended well with bloodshed and people the trouble wasn't worth the time or effort. He did not meet any one else aside form that one person that day it was a boring trip and he gained nothing from it, he would call it a waste of time more then anything.

He wasn't the type to stay around and just sit there doing nothing in a town he hated, it made be a bitter and easily in trouble in the eyes of the law since he would break them easily. He has done so before and would easily do so with out a second thought. He has done may things to break the law just he was sure no one saw it, he has gotten away with many things in his life just as normal he never spoke of them."So if this place is truly as private as you state, I might be staying around for a while until maybe something else come along my way, only time could actually tell." Valason never truly stated and promised anything, to anyone right away, believing to leave it all to fate and life.

After thinking over he felt like he did not want any more drinks after this, after all plans were being made and things were happening so. He just took his glass and finished his second one. and put the glass close to the server. "I am done with the drinking for the moment." For some one as strange as he is, he was also very polite then needed to be.

The offer left Valason to raise one of his eyebrows, he had nothing to lose with this situation, gain a possible new friend/ally and actually do something that isn't pointless walking with gaining some money into it, It was for the moment a good idea."You know, with the thought of that, I think it would work out well." He mentioned. "So my answer would be, i would not have a problem if you joined me at all." It was the answer he gave, he was going to give it a shot.

Posted on April 1st 2016 12:11 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva listened to Valason while thinking very hard if he had been in Hargeon, but he had with Isolde, probably a few months ago when he was trying to find medicine for unknown people, when he was still Akiva, still the nice guy. "Ah yeah, I remember the docks were very full of people all the time." Hargeon it's where he met Scáthach. He felt a sort of piercing pain in his heart but he ignored it and it was gone in a matter of seconds, it was almost as if he had imagined himself feeling that sort of pain. He wasn't yet in full control over this body, the monster within had now its time to reign. He took the last gulp again of his drink and looked at Valason, trying to read the person next to him, even though they had talked for some time now he was still a very difficult person and Beastbane had the idea of giving up and just see what happened. He nodded when they talked about the private idea of Hosenka. No one ever paid attention to what someone else was doing, they were too busy or drunk themselves to even care. "Well I hope you like this town just as much as I like it." It was a perfect hiding spot for a criminal like him. Although he might not look like one now, stupid Akiva whom worked them out to become a sane person again. 

And that's why he couldn't get a read on Valason. So polite yet he seemed to be not one with the law and just a little bit strange. Which was a big word coming from Beastbane, he was just as weird since the changing, trying to get a grip on his thoughts and what he wanted to do and become but he didn't mock nor asked, he would see. He also shook his head to the server because of his empty glass, indeed he didn't plan to drink more and become like one of the stupidities of this town. He had more to do today although he had no idea what. The beast had got what he wanted Valason accepted his offer to go along and that would give him more time to see what kind of person this was and maybe to get to know him a little bit better. Allies were necessary and especially when Lilith had given him the task to find people that belonged to the darkness. Now he had no idea if Valason did but also no idea if he wanted to give his name to Lilith, maybe he would keep him for himself, just so he had an ally not related to Lilith, if they would get so far. 

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Posted on April 3rd 2016 01:55 PM
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Stretching out and letting out a deep inhaled sighed with his streching you could hear a few almost unable to be heard cracking sound from him stretching out."Having a circle of people around you waiting to see if you harm some one makes me think how...primitive the mind set of the people around that mage and I during that harden moment that could have ended up in a fight." Valason started sounding and showing up his arrogance towards people calling the situation primitive. "All of them circling around waiting for bloodshed." It sounded like Valason was actually judging the group of people and not the very mage he could have fought."They seemed so...simple minded, I do not know how people could be around such stuff." Unknown that was how he could actually just judge a single group of people. "But in the end, Not a single drop of blood, Nor single spell of magic was casted. So as to the dismay of that group of people." But Valason did also mentioned. "Maybe i am just not meant to be by water and docks." That could easily change in his eyes too.

"So far." looking around at the area he was. "I could say it is okay." Valason sounded so plain with it. But maybe he was not saying much simply because he had not been here long enough and has only been in a bar, maybe he would have to go do a few other things before making a full making a full judgment."Maybe I need to go around the town a bit more to before I make a fully nature thought of it." He was going to attempt to be open minded about for now it was quiet and only him and Akiva and he was the only person so far to have a spoke of him no one else seemed to have wanted to speak to him that or he didn't notice at all and for once he was paying attention but Valason did not often pay attention to the people around him."I would like to stay around a bit longer, maybe since i am not hating anything here so far, this looks pretty good so far." Maybe Valason just needed to go see other things, go other places here, places that aren't showy glowy and out there for a guy whom seems far from that and wouldn't enjoy it.

Posted on April 4th 2016 11:27 AM
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Akiva was a man that liked fighting but also didn't think that blood all the time was necessary. With his beast side called Beastbane he was more okay with bloodshed but when it was unnecessary it was unnecessary that's as simple as it is. So he was rather intruded to here this man speak about the fight that he more or less had with the Lamia Scale mage, right? He was keeping up with this conversation and he absolutely liked how this guy thought about the stupidity of other people that would immediately call for blood and would just stand there, anticipating, hoping that a fight would come. He absolutely understood the feeling, so he would admit that out loud. "I get you mate. I have exactly the same thoughts." Though he had not fought in the streets for a long time, he remembered this job for a girl, to become her champion and fight for her, there were indeed a lot of people looking out for bloodshed and all he did was bluff and knock out that guy. More need wasn't necessary. 

He scratch his chin a little, more in a way of thinking than actually getting rid of something itchy. "I can show you the city. I know enough places that are quiet enough and do not call for the flashiness of the spas and other casinos." He might also point out where the requestboard for the towns people were so this guy could perform a job later. "What do you say, I show you the city and we go on a job together after that?" an eye for an eye right. Besides he wanted to know more about this person, a possible ally maybe? He would want to see Valason in a situation as a request, because maybe he would open up a little. Akiva would have never thought that he was so curious as he was now. 

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Posted on April 5th 2016 06:43 PM
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Deal making, what exactly was happening right now he thought anyway. But nothing to lose from it so far so he was tempted to do so."I am not one against using bloodshed if it means to solve problems quickly, But then again I am against unneeded fighting as well, I guess i am more for logical thinking then wasting time." It was a bit of his judgment side still showing. But it was mostly to keep the talking going so far, Valason actually felt like for once he could get along with some one, It was not him not feeling it was a one side conversation over all it was turning out pretty well. "But it is rare to hear some one seems to share the same thoughts, for once I can be greatful about company." Valason did count his blessing so to say when they did happen so he took note of it. Valason did have stories of bloodshed, some day maybe if they stayed around each other long enough Akiva would learn what things Valason has done in his past, it would only be time will be the teller of much things.

"That sounds like it would be wonderful to offer Akiva."
He agreed with it after all it would be good to know the area he would be staying at. "It would give me a chance to learn a bit of the area that is for sure. he did think it worked even more he learn of more peaceful and quiet places, gets to do a few things and be around a new person. This was a highly forsure so far. "It would be better then sitting around doing nothing, to be honest." It was that so far still the win win situation to think about in mind. He only had to wonder how this would good during the event it happend.
Then in the back of his mind he had to think, What bad side could happen, What else could go wrong here. He did not have to stay to postive minded with this and shouldn't he needed to also be himself and not get comfortable. Even he wouldnt express he had to think that way too. "But yes, That does sound like a good deal to me."

Posted on April 10th 2016 11:40 AM
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So when the conversation was over Akiva stood up. Paid for the drinks he had and suggested to show Hosenka in the early hours where most people were either just waking up with their hang overs or already at work, so the city was quite alright right now. He showed Valason the Library, the training ground and the other easy spots that would be missed by the big tourists that were only here for the spas and the clubs and casinos. 

After that he would look forward to find a job with Valason for the rest of the day.


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Posted on April 11th 2016 11:27 PM
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It was interesting to him being showed such places and things. This town was two sided, one section was busy on was not. this could easily be done in favor, Valason could hide in crowds if he wanted too in case he did something on an off chance but there was a small chance of this happen in an area he wanted to stay in, A place he wants to be around in he is more likely to defend it then attack it, It was an odd thing about him. He was likely to not cause a problem unless provoked then nothing was promised at all to anyone.

he learned of what places he wanted to, all of the quiet places, a place to learn and read what he needed and a place to train if needed, even if rare he had a place that he could, it was interesting he has never seen a training ground before. With this Valason still had something to do, honor his words and join him in what was next, He was thankful for what was shown to him so to him this could go places.


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