It was time, Shinetsuka decided, to hone his powers once more in the vast training ground known as the park. As soon as his  shift had ended, there was a vacant spot where he had been standing. He had sprinted to the park before he realised he had already burned it to a crisp. He swore out of frustration and returned home with a headache and no idea where to take himself for training. He asked his door where he should go and was told frankly to stop speaking to the door, as it had a very active social life and didn't need to speak to the likes of him. He stopped talking to the door.

After around twenty minutes of talking to himself he had a flash of inspiration so great he almost had a stroke. He realised if he could find another abandoned park to practise in, then burn that one down too. As inefficient as it seemed it also sounded like fun.

As the hands of the clock pushed time forward, Shinetsuka found himself wandering the streets. He had been unable to find another park but he had managed to create sparks out of his fingers. He had been walking on the pavement when a pigeon landed in front of him and looked at him funny. The pigeon cocked its head slightly, in a obviously sarcastic gesture, and Shinetsuka found himself unable to suppress his rage splayed his hands in front of the bird and to his shock watched as sparks flew out his hands and set the pigeon alight. He strolled on happily as a cascade of feathers fell around him. As it turned out, the burning pigeon had gone berserk and in its panic, set the rest of the nearby flock alight for good measure. He grinned as pigeons fell out the sky and the surrounding civilians shrieked at the sight. He then noticed the police talking to a man who was pointing at him and so Shinetsuka ran away.   

His whole night hadn't been for naught however as he had mastered the skill of making sparks pathetically fall out his hand at will. It was nothing like the phenomenon he had witnessed at the park but it was a start all the same.