Yami rubbed his temples sat on the bed inside the room at the inn he was staying at. He had been feeling unwell the past few weeks and had ended up staying in Hosenka longer than he had desired to. With a groan he got up and grabbed his bag, dressed in a black suit with a matching tie and shoes. He had a white shirt underneath his black suit jacket. He adjusted his tie and left the room, having left the keys in the door. He then left the inn without a word as he slipped into the shadows. The moon was high in the night sky. He had opted to leave at night, less people to see him that way. He was one who enjoyed his privacy and rarely allowed others to see him. Without a word he fled into the night his destination Hargeon. He had to strengthen his magical core and body, he needed to get stronger.

Yami hummed to himself as he left through the night leaving the town of Hosenka behind him as he made his way to the nearby forest. By travelling through the forests it would allow him to move unseen, then if he followed the road. By moving on the roads it provided less coverage and he had no desire to be seen as he moved to Hargeon. When he returned home he would seek out the Dark Request board and see if there were any new requests he could undertake. He needed to build up his own reputation as the 'Ghost of Hargeon'. He needed to grow in not only strength, but in reputation. He wanted people to shiver in fear when they heard his moniker, of course he would later hope to change his name to the 'Reaper of Hargeon', after all what installed fear in people more than the Grim Reaper, the being that tears the souls of the living carting them off to the realm of the dead.

[EXIT - Time of Departure 1:15pm 10/03/2016 - Time of Arrival in Hargeon 4:14pm 10/03/2016]