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Dream Eater [ERA]

Posted on March 9th 2016 03:21 PM
Mana: 5000

Client: Monica Cross

Location: Era

Reward: 1250 Experience & 2500 Jewels

Description:  Hello Request Taker, I would like you to retrieve a mirror that is precious to me, and more importantly it could potently hurt anyone that looks upon it,  please come find me at the house beside the Library, I need to discuss its where about and the challenges that it may present to you.
- Monica

Day program:  head over to Monica’s small house,  you find that she is quite attractive regardless of your personal preference,  she explains that she was given a mirror from a noble that intended to marry her,  he however fell in love with another and left her,  but she still had the gift he had given her, well had , it seems that while she was out at the beach one day someone stole her small hand mirror from her bag. She tells you that it’s dangerous and hold a curse over people with self-esteem issues, it needs to be  taken back to her so she can break it and know that it will remain broken.  She managed to track it down to the bandit camp that was stationed In a stronghold in the mountains. With that you go out to the mountain side which is always cold and windy, when you find the fortress it seems like no one was there.  Upon further investigation you find the group of bandits dead only their bones remain with the leader upon his Thrown with the hand mirror in his skeleton hands.  You attempt to take the mirror away from the long dead bandit king. Only he won’t give it up. And suddenly you’re ambushed by the few skeletons that must have been part of the crew. Defeat them and bring back the mirror for Monica to break it.

Name: Skeleton Bandits [3]
Rank: C-ranks
Spells:  Cold Bones – C-rank/sustained is a spell that comes from their bodies and lowers your speed with 20%. The radius for this spell is 2 meters Cold Hands – C-rank A slashing spell that goes like a cold shiver through your body and does a damage of 6. Strike – C-rank Physical attack from hitting with their body parts by throwing it or getting close to you. Will do a damage of 6 in case it hits.
Health: All Skeleton can take up to 1 C-rank.


Name: Skelton King
Rank: B-rank
Spells:  Winters Breath – A-rank an ice Spell that deals a damage of 24 when it hits. It is like a roar of the dragon. Frost Wall – A-rank – a defensive ice spell creating a wall of 3 by 3 meters with a durability of 24. Ice Teeth – B-rank is an attack of sending a set of clattering teeth towards the enemy, in case it hits it does a damage of 12.
Health: Has a Health of 48

Wordcount: 2000

Posted on June 25th 2016 02:17 PM
Mana: 815

May I take this with Nate pls

Posted on June 26th 2016 04:02 PM
Mana: 5000

Hmm alright.

Posted on June 27th 2016 10:19 AM
Mana: 815


Posted on June 27th 2016 10:24 AM
Mana: 5000

Next time make sure Nate mentions his spells and also there are spells for your enemies, try to use them one time. Especially in this case the king. 

Approved, next time I want to see some spells from the other side. 

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