Daylight was just now breaking through the windows of the guild hall, Dreamer was still dreaming in his room in the guild. It'd been awhile since he slept in his bed, since the past few nights he hadn't been able to sleep with some of the citizens coming in the guild at night screaming. They kept screaming about seeing a bloody crow, apparently it wasn't your average crow either. Oh well there was no mention of it on request boards and nobody seemed panicked. Unless you were the person who saw it, then you kinda just went about screaming sounding like a idiot. 

He sat there dreaming about one day when he would prove himself to Taranis, he knew he was dreaming too because he had beat Taranis in one shot! Yea... that kind of signaled that switch in his head that goes, "Yup I'm really dreaming this." He sat up wiping his eyelids, he couldn't believe that he would even dream that he could beat Taranis in one shot, was he sat dumb even in his own dreams? He chuckled turning to the side resting his feet on the carpet, he still didn't wanna get up, it was still so early, the sun was only starting to rise... maybe another hour of sleep. He fell onto the bed falling asleep, he dreamed about the crow they described only it wasn't as big as they said and it was eating at his flesh, that woke his ass up for damn sure.

Jumping up he stood up by his bed blinking. "Oh god it was a dream!... Why was a crow eating me..." He groaned getting dress, this was still too early for him he'd been busy and had his sleep taken from him by other people being a nuisance. He couldn't be all that made though cause the room was free, plus they were a guild, people expected them to help the town in it's need. Hah funny they think regular Phantom Lord members would even think of defending the citizens, if he knew anything about the guild after being in it for so long it was that the guild was selfish. If it involved them getting a huge advantage over anyone else they're all up for it no matter if it endangered other people's lives.

Walking down the stairs he heard some guild mates talking about how the townspeople were dumb. "Keheh! IDIOTS! It's a crow! They can't just pike the damn thing!" His friend laughed with him, only agreeing. "Yea! Funny they'd even think of putting this up in our guild! It's a disgrace to out guild to be in here!" They crumbled up the paper, tossing it. The room filled with nothing but laughter, he just sighed. He was sly and made sure no one saw him pocket it. 

Some men patted his back. "Eh dragon boy, hows' about you tag with us?" He simply nodded giving a cold shoulder walking out the door. That was unlike his actual attitude but he had to keep up the act, they didn't know he was actually wasn't as strong as they thought. As long as he could avoid group missions with the guild he could pick up the "trash" missions and help out the people Phantom Lord refuses too.  They didn't even think that by doing that "DISGRACE" of a mission they still get paid.

He read the details of the mission, he knew what to do, he walked off towards the gates of Oak. The guards had no clue what was going on exactly, of course, since when did authority actually know what the hell was going on. "Hey kid, we don't know what this sighting is about, but it's occurring more and more, some citizens of Oak say they don't feel safe leaving the town. Hell even traveling wizards stay behind our gates...-" Another man approached cutting him off. "I'm Eren, basically to get to the point of the mission, I want you to take three shifts, it's for the sake of our citizens!" Dreamer nodded. "R-Right..." He was a little shy his cheeked felt as if they were burning up for a guard he was pretty sexy.

Eren walked off, leaving Dreamer too his thoughts of being held by him and caressed- he needed to cut that out, his mission starts now and he isn't gonna let some "handsome guy" screw up his proficiency. His first shift nobody said anything to him and nothing happened, it was boring if he knew this mission was so boring he might have ignored it. Maybe that's why the guild members made fun about the mission, I mean how believable is it that some crow is causing all this! Was he a fool for picking such a mission? Surely there must have been a better one.

His second shift the very next day was no better, he was annoyed now, but Eren did come up and ask him questions. "Hey. Dreamer, is it?" He got flustered and only nodded in response. "Well how was your first shift, any luck?" He asked him, he quickly nodded his head no. Luck?! Was finding a supposedly murderous crow luck?

Eren wasn't disappointed or happy. "Well... maybe it'll show up." Dreamer just nodded, at this point he was lost in the flood of his thoughts, picturing him and Eren in bed, cuddling. Eren snapped his fingers trying to his attention because, Dreamer was making weird noises as if he was cuddling someone in bed, and making hugging actions to the air. "Dreamer!" Eren yelled to grab the younger man's attention, Dreamer's face was blood red. He was embarrassed out of his mind he couldn't believe he got lost in his thoughts, how real it felt, and not to mention he was acting them out in front of the man he was dreaming of!

Eren dismissed him for the second day and his second shift. He wasn't sure he was gonna go back the next day it was embarrassing. Who does that in front of another human being? Should he even show up again tomorrow? The reward wasn't all that much it wouldn't matter, right... right.

However the next day came and he did show up for his third and final shift, early in the morning. Something felt different, he felt a chill up his spine. "That... smell what is that... why is it coming from-" He had quickly dodged to the side revealing the smell, the blood lusted crow, it's feathers dripped in blood it was about the size of a vulture. It again charged at Dreamer, flying high up in the air, out of his reach. "Damn thing..." His eyes changed, they weren't his usual kind orbs, they had a sharp look to them, almost like a hawk, watching it's prey. Before it could even charge at him, he positioned himself near the wall and let the bird charge at him with his wings that looked like steel.

When just about to hit him but enough time to move out of the way, with not any time for him to change directions on Dreamer he jumped out of the way. The bird probably broke it's beak hitting the wall. It had a crazy killer look in it's eyes, obviously his previous decision had angered the bird, he then used his wings to create a strong gust of wind. Dreamer stood there and took the hit, he began to eat the wind, this had shocked the crow. He smirked his facial expression a bit darker than usual. 

He tilted his chin upwards, his personality had changed he was a bit more cocky now. "You dumb bird. Of course you couldn't expect someone like me to be a dragon slayer. Thanks for the power boost though!" He chuckled quietly. "Lemme show you what real wings of wind can do! Sky Dragon Wings!" Leaping forward he had done a downward slash motion the attack hitting the crow, killing it. He went to report to Eren, telling him of his success, stumbling over his words though, but he managed it, collecting his reward. He headed back to the guild to relax from his first mission.



Spells Used

Name:Sky Dragon's Wings
Rank: C
Mana: 50
Class: Offensive | Slash

Element(s): Sky
Description: Dreamer expels a whirlwind of air from his shoulder to his fingers, to attack his surrounding foes. Wind wraps around his arms, only passing just the tips of his fingers, but mimicking the looks of wings. This spell is about half a meter long.

    Damage: 6 +MA

    Distance:  Personal
    Speed: 3 m/s

Cooldown: One-post

Duration: Instant

Also the boost from the crow's spell Wind Wings, so damage was 9 instead of 6