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The Dragon and Summoner | Private |

Posted on March 7th 2016 04:57 PM
Mana: 500

It was just starting to get sunlight outside, Dreamer had slept in the guild hall for the first time. He was determined to overcome his shyness, it was only holding him back from communicating with his guild, which is a big issue when being part of a guild, a guild like Phantom Lord. He had gone for a morning walk in town and shyly waved at a young man who waved and winked at him. 'Oh dragons... he doesn't know right?' Dreamer thought to himself. He never told anyone of his preferred taste to love another man, Dreamer just put on a smile and went on with his day.

Arriving at the cafe in Oak known as, "Morning Love," he had ordered coffee and a strawberry shake for the go. Drinking the coffee at the cafe to wake him up, grabbing his shake as he left, he took a sip of the frozen treat. His taste-buds screamed in joy as the silky soft, icy cold drink danced on his buds unleashing a bomb of flavor. Strawberries were his favorite treat, so of course anything themed strawberries he was all up for it. "Wow... I should stop there more often." He whispered to his self continuing walking the streets of Oak, the sunlight about the reach it's peak, he decided he should head back to the guild to try to meet his guild mates.

Dreamer opened the doors to the guild, most people would say the guild looked gloomy but he loved the design it had, it also felt cozy, like home, maybe not at first though. With in the two years being a Phantom Lord member he decided to try to conquer his shyness. Taranis would be proud of him for fighting against his fear. He smiled sitting down at a table sipping on his shake like an infant, taking tiny sips. He probably would've told him that he should've tried to conquer it sooner, but he wasn't ready back then, he was scared, confused, lonely, and in denial.

He wondered how his father was doing, he did miss Taranis, but for some reason Taranis felt this was best for him. Because of that he was determined to prove to Taranis he didn't need his guidance to make his own decisions. He tensed up when some of his members asked him to go on missions with him, he shuddered and told them maybe another time. Sitting there he was disappointed in his self. He was known as the "new" member of the guild who was a dragon slayer, but that was all, they didn't know anything else about him.

He was mentally ready to sit and chit chat getting to know his guild mates, but going on a mission with them, not really, damn his shyness. 

Posted on March 7th 2016 05:55 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam hadn’t been sleeping long, the night life was always something Taliam liked though she never really fit into it. A random spectator and a small time criminal, Taliam knew her place was here with this guild.  Even as a child Taliam often liked the thought to taking small objects, nothing of large value, not unless it was perfect.   Her thoughts stirred as she shuffled about her dresser drawer. It had almost all of her possessions in it, things she had taken, traded for, or outright bought.  She found herself looking at her outfit she was to wear today, it wasn’t really any different than any other day in her opinion. But the breeze felt nice from the window.  Her room was on one of the higher floors in the guild house and it allowed for both the wind and the sun to have free range of her room if her window was open and the curtains weren’t drawn. 

Taliam looked at the small father she had taken from a trader, it was nothing special a small grey feather with brown tips. Her mouse companion had talked about the birds in Verminia the realm her mouse like summons came from, how scary it must be there, Taliam thought as she let herself slip back into reality.

Today was still young and her 3 hours of sleep wasn’t going to keep her from taking all this day had to offer. Starting her morning routine Taliam snapped her fingers as she turned around to gather her cloths and start her beauty regiment.   Though Taliam never really prided herself on her looks she did like looking good.  It tended to draw the gaze of people, and allowed her hands to slip into pockets without being noticed.  Her rouge like ways were her lifestyle she thought about stealing most of the time and this moment was really no different.  Her mind raced with thoughts of what neat things she might find today.

A little more than an hour later Taliam was completely ready to start her day, thinking about her tiny mouse friend hickory she wanted to bring him to her world right now, but knowing that the day would be much too long and Taliam was hardly a skilled enough to keep him on this plane of existence for too long. Last time she attempted to she was bed ridden for nearly a week. She would simply have to wait until later to see her little companion.

Yawning as she slowly made her way down the stairs she found herself to be in the main room, where most of the other guild members hung out. Taliam being still fairly new didn’t like to bring too much attention to herself.  Being dressed in a full white dress didn’t really help her blend in with the darker environment.  Her long white hair fashioned in an offset pony tail, her light blue eyes scanning the room to see who looked up from their business to gaze upon her. A smile stayed on her pale lips.  She was the type of person to smile almost always. The kind of person that would still smile even if the world was coming to an end, it always came to her naturally.  She made her way across the room stopping in her tracks as the door opened wide and a man walked in, the light casted over her until the door was closed behind him.  She had seen him around, and though he looked a few years younger than her she was almost certain he was a much more powerful a mage then she was, hell most people in the guild were.  What caught her eyes most about him was the feathers he had fashioned in his hair, it gave a tribal kind of feeling. Perhaps he was a wild child.  One could never really tell by simply looking now could they.   Taliam leaned against the wall pressing her one foot flat against the wall as she strategized how to take one of those lovely feathers.    By the time Taliam decided that a diplomatic approach would probably be best suited for a guild hall,  the boy was seated.  She quickly pushed off the wall and walked straight up to him  “ you there, i propose we make a trade” Taliam announced as she stopped only a few feet from him, her smile still ever present.


Posted on March 7th 2016 06:22 PM
Mana: 500

Dreamer sat in his seat in a vague posture, he was vividly remembering the days of Taranis teaching him. 

"Child! Like this! Inhale the air surrounding this world! Store it into your cheeks, like so." He managed to get out as he sucked up a bunch of air storing it inside his mouth. "Theeen. Unleash it!" Taranis had unleashed a powerful roar that shattered the mountain in front of the duo, the hurricane-like wind swirling in a circular motion in front of them. Dreamer was only six and cheered on his father, watching in awe taking mental notes. "Wowsies! Daddy your powerful!" Taranis smiled down at his child, nodding. "Now try the same thing to that boulder." A boulder about five feet tall and three feet wide, was sitting in front of Dreamer, positioned so he wouldn't miss.

Dreamer mimicked Taranis, sucking up the air around him, puffing up his cheek. Then finally at his breach he unleashed it casting the Sky Dragon Roar spell, he only caused several cracks at the boulder. Taranis from that day on pushed him harder so he would be able to pulverize mountains. Dreamer was sad about his outcomes but knew Taranis was the key to him obtaining more power and skill.

Dreamer was snapped out of his daze to see a woman with long snow-white hair, in a offset ponytail. He saw her gaze how she never looked him in the eyes, how she seemed interested in something, maybe this woman wasn't interested in talking to him. She was approaching him and his assumptions were confirmed when she proposed a trade. Did she know of his occupation at Phantom Lord's Dragon Slayer? No that couldn't be it, of all the years he watched the guild she was a new face, maybe he had something of worth on him. 

He looked up from his shy position but twiddling his fingers on the straw of his shake. "Depends... what do you want?" He managed to ask, his voice a little shaky at first but he managed to deal with it. A part from that he seemed to be doing great at being a less shy person. He took a sip from his shake again to wet his throat so he could clearly have a conversation with the woman. "If you want you could take a seat..." He suggested to her, next pointing at a chair in front of him. 

He noticed how he was sitting a bit lazy but he was just too comfortable to adjust himself. He also noticed the woman's smile, she seemed like a nice person but Taranis always said the nicest people could be the most dangerous. He had to keep a clean keen eye on this woman.

Posted on March 7th 2016 07:50 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam looked the young man over, he seemed almost  on edge, maybe he was suspicious of her behaviour. And of course he probably should be,  though this was her guild too she couldn’t really afford t go stealing from her guild mates, after all they provided a roof over her head and food in her belly. Those things weren’t  too easy to come by if you didn’t steal valuable items and sell them later.  But selling things was out of the question. 

She was quickly  asked what she wanted, a Response she knew was coming, but the thing that caught her of guard the most was his offer to have her sit. Again out of the question.  “ I think I’m good here thanks” Taliam Said Placing her hands on her hips as she looked at him“ Ya know I couldn’t help but notice you have Some Feathers, I would be willing to Dispose of them for  lets say a couple of jewels give or take?  Taliam smirked on the inside, surely he didn’t Want to give them up so easily but saying that she would take them for money, indicated that she felt they were worthless.  Perhaps implanting something like that might allow her to take them for less then she was really willing to spend.

Taliam shifted all her weight on top on foot as she waited for his response. Of course Taliam cared about the feathers, but if he was too unreasonable she might have to visit his room while he slept or possibly  take them while he’s in the middle of the commotion that she might cause.   The options were endless, mostly because Taliam was quite creative.  “ You know what that was rude of me. How could you Trust someone you just met, am I right?    Taliam Tem’Naka. It’s a pleasure to meet you. . . umm hum well you see you haven’t Told me your name yet,  But you seem like a Reasonable fellow, perhaps you would indulge me in how you got those feathers of yours?”  Taliam Smiled wide as she turned quickly scanning the room to see if she had gathered the attention of  onlookers.

Perhaps the most important thing about being a rouge was to know how to control attention. Make people look over here while you did what needed to be one over there. It was complicated with a lot of people but  luckily no one seemed to pay her much attention.  She caught a few Glances every now and then out of her peripheral vision. A well-used skill, utilized expertly by the white haired Thief.  

Posted on March 7th 2016 08:17 PM
Mana: 500

He was startled that she denied to sit, this had made him more suspicious and even putting his guard up more, usually he was quick to trust someone. That is if they seem like they deserve it. He did have his suspicions about this woman though he had began to stand then, to get on her level, feeling as if he was being disrespectful. He could smell the scent her body was giving off, she was obviously determined to get what she wanted. She wasn't gonna be an easy person to trust, she kind of gives a thief vibe.

She had said he had feathers, that was obvious his whole attire was covered in them, she then offered a few jewels for them to dispose of them. How rude, she didn't even care to ask why he had feathers or anything, to her they were just "feathers," but so  him they were much more. Also does she really expect him to be so gullible. Especially in a dark guild! He didn't make it in Phantom Lord for nothing, he kept quiet and his head down because the members here weren't to be trusted, even if they were guild members.

She did apologize and say that was rude of her, probably because the face he gave her, or the disgusted look he had. He nodded in response agreeing that he couldn't trust her. She then introduced herself as Taliam Tem'Naka. She had a very interesting name. She also wanted to reason about his feathers and wanted to know how he had acquired them.

So then it was his turn to introduce himself. "I am known as Dreamer Fates." He then looked at the feathers on the front of his cape, smiling as the memories flushed in. "I had received them from my father, so no amount of money would allow me to let you have them. Sorry. I got them several years back in a different realm where my father took me hunting, I however couldn't catch the agile birds, so he had got them for me." He still could remember how Taranis just roared and took down flocks and flocks of them, now that he thought about it he still had some feathers left. "Although I do have spares..." He had pulled a box from underneath his cape, laying it in front of her. He smiled looking at her. "If this is all you wish to have, here. If that's all you want I guess this is goodbye?"

Maybe that wasn't all the woman wanted but she had probably in the box two dozen feathers, more than she could ever want, unless that wasn't enough. He tried his best to have the utmost of kindness. This was only because she was a guild member of his, if she wasn't he might of had a bit more of an attitude. He sipped on his shake awaiting to see if the girl wanted just the feathers from him.

Posted on March 7th 2016 08:37 PM
Mana: 500

Shockingly he seemed to refuse to speak to her at first, but her half-hearted apology seemed to be enough for him to open up a bit.  And the further shock her he produced a small box with a few feathers in it.   However looking at the amount of feather he had, he seemed like he wouldn’t mind parting with a few of them.

And although she wanted them at first seeing how many he had, made them sort of lose their shine, at least to Taliam anyways “neat, sounds like a favorable memory, but i couldn’t possibly take any now..”  Taliam said avoiding the topic of his name, it sounded fake and made up, like a self-proclaimed title. But she wouldn’t argue if he didn’t want to tell her his real name why it should matter to Taliam. Letting out a small sigh she took the chair he had offered her before turning it around and sitting on it backwards facing him.  She tapped her fingers lightly on the back of the chair as she looked at the feathers in his box. He seemed fairly nice. . .  Gullibly as all hell but he seemed kind hearted. A trait that was rare if not non-existent in their guild.  Not that Taliam would truly know with the lack of time she had actually spent there.

Seeing how he was so forthcoming about his memory Taliam decided that she could share one with him, after all if he was a stronger mage then she, he would easily be able to give her a few pointers in how to retain and control her mana usage.   Being new to the wizard scene she didn’t have a good understanding of how or why her magic worked only that the book she had stolen from the highway men had went into detail about.

Taliam shifted in the seat settling making sure her dress wasn’t folded up or anything,  her hands quickly found the clasp on her necklace, undoing it she held it by the chain,  its chain was made of silver, it held a small black crystal, a stone that was unknown to Taliam, but her mother knew what it was. “ I got this as a gift from my mother, she is a jewelry in a traveling caravan.  Would you like to look at it?’ Taliam asked as she pushed the pendent closer to dreamer. 

Taliam did treasure he belongings quite a bit, and part of her felt like he would simply grab it and make a run for it. But she was ready to jump up and attempt to stop him if he did. Though her relaxed stance didn’t really show it.  And maybe she was just being paranoid.  She didn’t like losing her things, after all things where the only thing besides good old hickory that she truly cared about. 

Posted on March 7th 2016 09:02 PM
Mana: 500

Assuming that she sat down he figured she wasn't leaving. She probably wanted to see if he had anything else of value since he had so many feathers making them actually worthless, to anyone, let alone someone who would even offer a few jewels. However he wouldn't let her sudden sour attitude towards the feathers affect on him, he was still curious about her intentions so she was still an interesting person to him. He saw how her facial expressions seemed a bit bummed out, was she mad at how the feathers were practically worthless? In all fairness she did say it sounded like a favorable memory, which bumped her up on his personal opinion about her being a selfish thief.

However she seemed a bit too quiet still. He heard he tapping her fingers, was she maybe bored of him? He really hope he hadn't ruined his chances with possibly making her a close ally/friend. Then again she was a bit shady, could he trust her? Then again she's probably a prime example of Phantom Lord wizards.

He shouldn't be so close minded it's possible they're not all like her. Also he can't be to sure on what type of a person she is, she might just not trust him either, which is understandable they did however meet. One thing was for sure he could surely tell that this girl was in deep thought, he didn't have the slightest clue on what she was thinking about, but she seemed like she was thinking hard about her actions. He smiled as she attempted to open up to him, by telling him about the necklace she has, it had quite the beautiful gem on it, he wondered what kind of gem it was he's never seen one quite like hers.

It seems the both of them had gotten gifts from their parents. So they had that in common, also the fact they're both from Phantom Lord and wizards. So they had a few things in common, but how different were their magics. He pondered on whether he should share his magic with her or not. What if she was to leak it. He decided to take the risk though. "Not that I don't trust you, but to build a stronger trust... or err... bond... lets share information on our magic... okay?"

He smiled as he looked her in the eyes so she could read his face directly and tell that he wasn't a liar. "I am a dragon slayer, some members already know, which is why I'm constantly asked to go on missions with others. I only recently started hanging around the guild though." He felt like this was enough. He'd share more with her depending on her answer and if she was also willing to share some information about herself. If she wasn't then oh well she knew that much, no more than anyone else so it was fine.

Posted on March 7th 2016 09:49 PM
Mana: 500

Seeing as he didn’t take it, he just looked at it.  When the moment came where it seemed a bit awkward holding it out she retracted it and re-clipped it around her neck.  It’s was kind of comical what he said next.  In the last few moments he had went from being a target to being friendly it was a strange concept. And it wasn’t like Taliam didn’t want Friends she just didn’t make too many growing up.  It was always hard to make Friends when your family moves from place to place to set up shop.

She smirked a bit, it seemed like he wanted to be friendly, first he wanted to give her what she wanted to take and now he wanted to know all about her. it was a bit fast pace but Taliam could play along, she didn’t See any harm in it, worst came to worst  he never talked to her again after this,  or best case he would give her A feather and he would be her Friend and possibly A powerful ally.  “A Dragon Slayer. That sounds mighty powerful, perhaps it would only embarrass you to know I am the White Mouse Sage?” she announced in a question like way. It was Kind of A mocking tone but at the same time she wasn’t lying aside from the part that she was a Sage. “ well more Specifically I am a Mouse summoner, but it sounded much better the way I said it  aren’t I right it’s got a nice ring to it.

Taliam Waited for his reaction, it wasn’t too often she wasn’t laughed at when people asked about her magic,  Summoning Mice didn’t really sound exciting nor did it really seem useful. But she knew that if she got better at it that she would be able to find a good use for her magical findings after all her good Friend Hickory was a Result of her magic. And if he Didn’t think her Talent was useful, all she had to do was summon the little guy and most people adored him.  “ and well I guess one could say. . . “ Taliam Reached behind her head and rubbed the back of her neck, “ well I’m not overly good with magic,  not yet anyways, but one day soon ill get the hang of it.  but I bet a Dragon slayer like you could hardly say the same eh Dreamer?”

Posted on March 8th 2016 12:11 AM
Mana: 500

He felt that since he didn't touch her gem she felt offended, but he didn't want to in case she thought he was a thief like half the members here. He preferred to admire it from a distance, hopefully she understood that. However it was a bit easier for him to trust her since she was cooperating a bit more, maybe she had been on guard too, defensive. You never know another person's story till you hear them out, she could've gone through a lot giving her trust issues. Or maybe it's the way she was raised, not that she was raised wrongly, but nobody could compare to how great of a parent Taranis was.

She had smiled, which made him grin even more, her smile was more real not like she was staging it to get her way, her scent had changed too, she seemed more believable. She had complimented his magic, commenting that he seemed mighty powerful, he disagree'd he couldn't use the buff skills like his dad, or the healing magic. She apparently thought he'd be embarrassed by her magic thinking it wasn't as good as his. She was known as the White Mouse Sage it had quite the ring to it, she then explained what the title meant, he was in awe.

"That's amazing! You can summon mice from some sort of realm?!" His eyes were wide and his grin big he was amazed by such a magic. "Wow. Summoning magic... father loved wizards who had summoning magic, he called them the 'Golden Wizards' to father Summoners were people who by fate were given that magic because they needed friends, so did their partners." He didn't know how to put it to words like Taranis, but he attempted too. She had mentioned that she wasn't quite good at magic. then she figured that he couldn't possibly have the same answer. Now it was his turn to be embarrassed and rub the back of his neck. "Not entirely true..." He mumbled, clearing his throat he spoke up. "I am not entirely the best Dragon Slayer there is... you see like my father I should be able to heal others and buff them, but sadly I can't seem to get it quite yet, I have a good offensive arsenal though."

He smiled he could tell the two would be good friends if it kept up like this, since they were talking about themselves he decided she should know a secret of his. "I guess as a dragon slayer it's only right that my parent is a dragon right? It only makes sense, Taranis the Sky Dragon is my father. He said I was delivered to him by a mysterious light." He then pondered a bit maybe he should tell her how he got his name too. "Also Taranis decided since I was a child who dreamed a lot and stared at the skies thinking I had a fate to grown on my own without him that he'd name me, Dreamer Fates. I was five when he named me."

Posted on March 8th 2016 05:14 AM
Mana: 500

Things seemed to be taking a turn for the better and Taliam was sort of even enjoying herself, it was nice to simply talk to people without fearing their intentions. Though there was always a voice in the back of her mind telling her to be careful, to distance herself before she got hurt.  She was almost always paranoid someone would attempt to harm her or take he precious things.

To her surprise he liked her magic, but it seemed her poorly one joke was over looked,  she was no sage, she was nothing more than a girl who stole a book that gave her the instructions step by step that allowed her to create a contract with hickory.  Taliam’s eyes widened a bit “from the realm of Verminia “ she said correcting his statement, feeling partly offended, because he didn’t know.  She quickly forgave him it wasn’t his fault he didn’t know. ‘ you know I never looked at it that way, but i have tons of friends, maybe the mice needed me”  she lied shamefully,  how could she openly tell people she had no friends growing up and that her only true friend was a mouse from a different world. It was so embarrassing.  But she was calm and collective about the situation she was quite good at masking her expressions but not knowing fully what a dragon slayer was she had no idea of his inhuman abilities to smell.

“oh well that’s why your part of a guild right? You here to get better and gain allies, other can offer to support you until you can figure those things out.” Taliam said offering a reassuring smile,  she could be sympathetic if she wanted to, it almost came too easy to her, which was quite surprising due to her selfish nature.

Taliam tilted her head  placing her hand flat on the back of the chair she then rested her cheek on her hand, feeling a bit tired she still attempted to stay a contributing part of this conversation “ i don’t think I have ever even seen a dragon, what was that like growing up?” Taliam asked out of curiosity,  the only images in her mind was that of a massive lizard caring for the small boy. It seemed strange and perhaps cold.   Hugs would be hard too, and he seemed quite young to be out on his own did his father leave him?  How sad that would be, at least Taliam walked away from her family, but had she been abandoned she would have been devastated.

Taliam quickly shot up as she looked about the room, she felt like eyes were watching her, quickly scanning the area she couldn’t pin point anything” so then dreamer, its been nice meeting you and all, but its morning and i don’t much want to stay cooped up in this stuffy place.  I will have to bid you Farwell unless of course you’d like to join me for a tea and a walk?  Oak is quite nice this time of year, i could show you were i first met hickory, and possibly where you might meet him?   It was nice to know about this boy but  she didn’t want to seem to attached, after al they just met and people should need to earn her trust. 

Posted on March 8th 2016 05:46 AM
Mana: 500

She had corrected him on his mistake the realm her mice had come from, he knew the realms had names but Taranis had never told him of the different realms, he kinda kept them secret. He didn't mind though it wasn't all that bad, it just meant he could learn later on. Too Dreamer, knowledge was power, of course his father taught him at a young age that he should keep his mind open and try to look at the world in a different way, along with obtained knowledge. Taranis was a smart dragon, he really knew the bases to teaching a child and how to keep the child from being a crying brat, which most human parents can't even do such a task. He did miss the dragon time to time.

Teliam had mentioned that maybe the mice needed her, claiming she had a lot of friends, funny he could smell the scent her body emitted and it was a scent of loneliness. "Ah. Maybe so, maybe I am in need of friends. I have none." He stated, he'd go along with the woman's act. "I could use a friend who knows a lot of people! It'll help me make more friends." He smiled at her. He was enjoying himself he didn't think he'd trust such a woman but anything can happen. Anything.

After discussing how they were both inexperienced wizards she mentioned some benefits of being in a guild. "That's true, being in a guild makes it easier to push yourself to be a better person and wizard... most of the time."  Maybe being more interactive with the guild will help him improve on his magic. Just the thought of growing strong with others brought happiness to his heart. This was quite an interesting day for him, he already made a "friend." At least he figured they were friends, now.

She seemed to want to know what it was like being raised by a dragon, he pondered thinking of his answer. "It's like unconditional love. I always felt safe and loved every minute of the day, he cared and nurtured me since day one. He always made sure I was fed and entertained everyday. He taught me right and wrong he sent me to school, he accepted me for who I am."  After that she seemed to get up and decide it was time to get out of the guild hall, he agree'd he got up and decided to go on a walk with her, and get some tea of course! He was excited to get to know his new friend and to earn her trust, as they walked he suggested his idea. "As we get closer and stronger, maybe one day we could create a unison raid spell." He figured she knew what that was, every wizard knew what those spells were, most of them anyways. 

Posted on March 8th 2016 08:29 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam Simply smiled at he Confessed that he lacked friends, she wasn’t going to make any remarks, or even attempt to joke about it,  she just wanted the moment to pass, that way it would never come out that she was friendless Thief.  

Taliam stretched her arms up in the air grabbing her left wrist with her right hand she stretched her arms out high one way then the other. Afterwards she quickly smoothed out her dress and started walking towards the door. She listened to him speak as she walked away “Makes sense I suppose”

She didn’t wait for him to get the door, she just opened it opened it and slip out into the daylight.  The Sun Was warm even for the morning, it wasn’t overly warm but it was a nice day for spring.   The Light Made her stand out even more in the town, the white Dress and hair really didn’t blend in to any situation aside  from maybe  winter during a snow storm.

She turned to see Dreamer had followed her outside, she didn’t even Know what a unison raid spell was. But from what it sounded like, it had to do with a spell, maybe casted together?  But what did a summoner and a Dragon slayer have that could possibly work together?   “I guess anything’s possible” She said not sure what he meant, nor did she know if she really cared.  She wasn’t overly fond of Fighting. Her methods where more cloak and dagger, not that she really ever attacked anyone.

After taking a moment to gather her Heading she looked both ways and crossed the road, her white boots clicked against the cobble stone as she walked. She quickly turned  she knew where the closest tea shop was, having been there a few times before she found herself walking quick, remembering that she was someone else  she slowed her pace “ So why did you become part of Phantom lords? “ Taliam asked turning her too look at him, she brushed her white bangs out of her eyes as she continued” if not for the members surly you have a good Reason” Taliam Had asked the question, but was quickly compiling her own answer in her mind, she didn’t know what to say if he returned her question, she had joined mostly for the roof over her head and the access to people with magical knowledge.  The fact that people posed up jobs right there in the building, it made it much easier then looking place to place and having to ask people about it.  

It wasn’t long before they were on the Street with the tea shop in it,  the shop was a small Mom and pop place, The owner was a nice women, she had given Taliam a free cup her First time in there, just because she hadn’t been there before. 

Posted on March 8th 2016 11:18 PM
Mana: 500

Dreamer kept thinking, he could't quite put his finger to it but he was quickly growing attached to this girl, he didn't know what it was about her. Could it be she too was opening up, maybe not as much as him but she didn't have a face or scent of her intending to harm him nor did she give his gut that feeling, the feeling were you know that someone is no good. He was interested in training with her and summons. Since her back was turned she couldn't tell that he was thinking nor was he smirking, something about growing strong as partners, they could do a bunch of requests together as well. That would be nice. 

She didn't seem to sure about Unison Raid spells, she did think it was possible, but even then it wasn't a very sure answer. He wondered what it'd be like to do a unison raid with her mice. Would that be weird? Could that even happen? Oh well only the future would tell.

She was also curious about his intentions in joining Phantom Lord. "Oh... well. Hm..." He couldn't really put his intentions to words, but he thought very deeply about his answer. "I joined because of peer pressure to grow stronger..." He rambled on and looked at the ground twiddling his fingers, sort of embarrassed. "I'm not a very strong opinionated person... so other peoples thoughts and opinions tend to make me do things that even I might not want too... I usually am not a very dark person, unless I have too, to prove myself to the others..." Did he really just entrust this girl he met today with one of his deepest secrets! If someone was too find out why he joined wasn't because he wanted too nor did he even want to do anything evil, he could get killed possibly or kicked out of the guild. He was an idiot at times.

Praying for his sake, maybe she would keep it a secret, if not... would he have to kill her? He didn't want to be a murderer... the guild mates so far thinks he has no problem killing, but they don't know that he hasn't even bruised someone! He was ready for the day when he would have to though, don't get him wrong, if he had to protect his identity he would surely do it and anything. Luckily for Dreamer he wasn't any old softie who could be pushed around if he was in trouble, if the stakes were higher he would surely turn into some sort of demon. He wouldn't be recognizable by his actions or mood. 

When they arrived at the tea shop, he had thought he had his shake but he had left it at the guild, part of him on the inside cried, he hadn't even got half of it down his throat and in his tummy! It was okay though, he ordered a sweet tea and looked at Teliam. "Hey Tel.... - Tel-iu-am?" He was stomped on how to pronounce it so he went for plan B. "Naka, why did you join Phantom Lord, yea surely for a home, and the benefits of the guild having strong members... but why would you choose it? Were you forced into it too?" His voice stern and sincere part of him curious and also worried.

Posted on March 9th 2016 12:31 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam heard him out, he seemed to join the guild for similar reasons to her own, though Peer pressure had very little influence on her. Partly because she never particularly cared about what other people though, not unless she needed their help.  In that way Taliam was very selfish, only really using things to get things she needed or wanted.  It wasn’t always the Case with people but admittedly she had done it a few times before.

“ No offense but that seems like a pretty Lousy reason to join a guild, Granted my own reasons arnt much better.  Besides a guild like this paired up with a push over means you’ll get bullied into all kinds of things you don’t want,  but again no offense, im sure you have your Reasons for being that way “ Taliam said flashing a quick smile as she Reached for the door handle of the Tea shop,   she quickly shuffled over  to hold the door open for him,  Gesturing with her hand That he could go through first “ And I suppose I’m not much to talk either,  the reason I’m here was because it was a quick and easy way to get a roof over my head.  Plus I could Abuse the Request’s that are posted up at the guild instead of having to look for work, or Steal things of Value. “  Realising she had just let herself slip up she quickly sighed “  I guess what I’m saying is , it’s  Tal-lee-am(Taliam)” she spoke Slowly to make sure he got the pronunciation, she didn’t Much like being called Naka, sounded almost  StupidI’m a Thief, but I have code of conduct. And I wouldn’t screw over my own guild mates “She Said offering a quick smile “Because if I was I would have just waited for you to go to your room and Broke in and Stole the feathers while you Slept.   But as you can see I’m just trying to be up front and honest with you.“

Taliam followed in after Dreamer had went through, only to after move in front of him later at the counter to order first, mostly because she was going to pay for this, as a Gesture of Friendship, it seemed like a good thing to do and possibly it would less the fact she had targeted him before,  when the women on the other side of the counter asked for their order, Taliam smiled at her and ordered “ good morning miss, I would love to have a Tea, Earl Grey if you have it,  please leave a bit of room for milk, and for my friend her” She said Motioning as if she was Revealing a Treasure of sorts, “ He will have . . . “ she paused looking at Dreamer waiting for him to answer, she knew she had put him on the spot, it was partly a test to see how he Reacted, it was key test in her plans, if he was quick to think and could React without seeing oblivious, she could work with him,  it really Depended on his reaction to her confession.

Posted on March 10th 2016 01:56 AM
Mana: 500

The reason why he joined was dumb, but after travelling by himself and being left by Taranis, it caused him to become more shy more of a push over, because he always hid who he truly was. He still remembered the day it was only two years ago, he had been found by a couple of members of the guild, they had asked him if he was all alone, of course he told the truth. They then began to convinced him that it was best to join their guild so he could get stronger, which drew him in more and more, but a older woman had screamed at them and tried to help him out. Sadly he joined because how viciously they murdered her, he didn't wish for that to happen to him so he figured he best just join now. Thinking back on it, he wished he fought back, but he knew it was pointless, he'd just be easily murdered and he would fail to prove to Taranis he didn't need him guiding him.

She had told him her reasons to join it was easier for her to hide among the requests for her thief acts. Then he went onto correcting him on miss pronouncing her name he mumbled quietly. "Sorry." She went on to talk about her own code, admitting that she doesn't screw her guild mates over, that she would've stolen his feathers if not for her code. At least she was being honest, which was a good thing. He was happy that she wasn't afraid to share the truth, no matter what it was it wasn't every day you found people quite like her, unique.

He stood next to Taliam as she ordered her tea. Thinking about the choices he's made in life, wondering if this was the right path he walked. He couldn't just turn back around and ditch this path though, he could try to alter his "fate." He was happy to have talked to Taliam though, she was a kind person just he thought she was misunderstood. He smiled as she allowed him a chance to talk, but did this mean she was paying for his tea?

"Ah... I'd just like a sweet tea." He smiled looking at Taliam, she wasn't what he thought she was at first. More and more he wanted to do all those things best friends do, like adventuring together, having chit chats and learning together and training.

Posted on March 10th 2016 03:05 AM
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Taliam nodded “ and yeah  that, for him “ She said quickly fishing into her left sleeve,  inside was a pocket she had sown in,  sowing was one of the traits she was good at, it was something her parents made her do.  And she resented them for it at the time but she had always like it.

He had apologized for miss pouncing her name, but that wasn’t want was troubling her. It was the change in his mood, now he seemed distant and deep in thought. , did she offend him? Perhaps the truth about being a thief made him Distance himself from her.  Had she ruined this connection before ever it was formed?  All these questions Raced through her mind as she stood there at the counter, her hand seemed to be holding come coins but where now on her hips like before, she often stood like that when in thought.

Deciding it was better to play it off and wait until she knew for certain. She would want to become moody and over react like she more often did. She was quite a moody person and when things didn’t go to plan or didn’t seem to go her way she tended to get a little upset.

The women behind the counter poured their water into 2 paper cups and dropped their tea bags in, she then smiled and pointed them towards the fixings on the counter to their right,  set out was cream, milk, sugar, lids and a few stir sticks.  Taliam nodded her head “Thanks” she chimed as she placed the few coins in the women’s hand with a smile.  She took her cup off the table, and pulled the String of her tea bag letting the Flavor ink into the water leaving a Swirl of tea dancing in her cup. She then cut in front of Dreamer again this time to get her milk, putting a good amount into the cup she then pulled the string of tea bag, having the tea bag resting at near the top of her cup she then pinned the string under the lip so after she had a few mouthfuls it would stop Steeping.

After she was all settled up and ready she Smiled to the women and left out the door holding it open with her foot as she waited outside for Dreamer “ Everything alright?” she decided to ask, looking as empathetic as she could,  though she did care a little  she did kind of blow it out of proportion. Waiting for him to answer she would take a sip of her tea and let go of the door which was propped open using her foot, assuming Dreamer was clear of it. Now she could take him to the Park where she had first met Hickory or possibly she could find a spot to sit and enjoy tea together.  Besides if she brought forth Hickory he wouldn’t ever forgive her if she didn’t have some sort of food ready for his arrival. That would be most rude.

Posted on March 12th 2016 03:27 AM
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Dreamer kept thinking about his past, hoping that his new friend couldn't tell he seemed to be a little out of it and give of the wrong idea when he's in this "deep thought." However, surely he could explain later, when they walked off to the park where she met her partner, Hickory. He smiled, would he get to meet her partner? That'd be really amazing to meet another intelligent being from another realm. He's met birds of other realms but they weren't intelligent at all which kinda ruined it.

Oh well. What can you do? Not much anyways, he watched the tea be mad, he could smell the herbs mixing together. "Mm..." He could smell every ingredients in the tea. Oh how he loved the smell of the Jasmine various other flowers mixed together to make the Earl Gray. He kinda wish he got the same as her, but he was in a mood for something simple. 

He also wondered how strong Hickory was, wow. It amazes him how quickly he can change the subject in his head. As they walked towards the park he thanked her for holding the door open. "Thanks. Oh! By the way do tell me more about you and Hickory, your magic!" He just adored her magic. His father always loved summoning wizards, one time he had saved a summoning wizard, and let Dreamer watch him in action! 

He had looked at the ground thinking of more questions. "I was wondering, why are you all alone exactly? I would think someone like you would at least have a sibling by your side..." He tried to fix what he said, realizing how rude it sounded. "I mean... well er... my just, you see. Taranis left me one day to push me to grow on my own... well I wanted to know what's your story." He sighed. That sounded a bit better, right? Hah. 

The breeze picked up, his hair moved softly, and Dreamer had a faint smile, he loved breezes. He was wondering if he should continue to share his personal information with Taliam. Well it's not like she didn't know any of his major secrets, if he was being honest she knew like half of his major secrets. Which when you think about it, that's dumb of him. He trusted a stranger to know so much about him, when he met them that day. 

He was curious about her background and her magic, she was a very interesting person, nobody could deny that. What he was worried about, was she just as curious? He hated to be the one to put out so much effort in conversations or friendships or any kind of relationship that it made him annoyed. When he felt this way he tends to shut himself out, but he felt like maybe she was more interesting then himself. Although half of this feeling was his fault, he was the one who wouldn't shut up and quit asking her questions.

"Okay, so question!" He smiled widely, but then his expression changed, he didn't wanna come out rude as if he forgot to thank her. "Thanks, Taliam. For sharing so much about yourself today." Even if she didn't or did tell him about her being alone too, he still felt he needed to thank her. "Anyways, can you summon any other kinds of mice? Or is Hickory the only mouse you can summon?" He wondered how many limits or barrier her magic had for her to conquer. 

Posted on March 12th 2016 08:40 PM
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Listening for the door to shut behind them, she heard the Bells above to doors rings as it Ricocheted off the Frame of the doors Arch.  A small smile formed on her lips as she listened to his question, thinking about how she wanted to word it for a moment she spoke up “well Hickory is a small mouse, even for the Verminia Realm, but he carries a large Pack everywhere he goes.  He and I are very similar in the way that he collects things. Sometimes he collects my things “she said with a smirk. It never was a Pretty sight when they fought over an object, there tended to be a lot of little bite marks left on her hands when he wanted it a lot and she tried to stop him. “Oh, if he tried to take something of yours, just let him , I can get it back for you later. But he’s going to be cranky when I wake him up. And he is quite demanding, and well if I get him enough stuff he will introduce me to other mice that will help me expand on  how many mice I can Summon,  but for now he is my only one.  But I’m close. I have talked to other mice now, but no bond has been made. “ feeling Satisfied with her answer she Took a rink of her tea, as a reward. Her tongue got scorched a bit, but she could taste it well, it was going to be a good batch. Now just to let it cool a bit more before she attempted to drink it.

As they walked along it seemed that Dreamer had more questions, he tired to ask them, but came off a little insulting, insinuating that she was alone.  But the question peeked her interest all the same, and when he corrected himself after she found that she was quick to forgive him. His Question brought back memories of her life with her parents. Though it was not a bad upbringing, she was never really allowed to be a kid.  She had no friends because of how much she moved around, and most of her time she spent doing chores or practising sowing.  A Trade that her parents insisted she partook in something that would Benefit the Family. “ well “ She said As she Rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand.  Reluctantly she answered “ I guess you could say that I abandoned my family to Seek out a life, rich with Adventure and Sightseeing, but got bogged down by finances and m interest in magic.  ‘ Taliam paused for a moment trying to word it properly. “ My parents were Tradesmen, they traveled with a Caravan across fiore, but I was never allowed to leave the area when we Traveled, so I have been almost everywhere but never where it counted,  I only got to see the sea from afar and the mountains from the bottom, it you know what I am getting at,  I know it was quite selfish but I couldn’t live under the thumb of people who didn’t appreciate my gifts and talents, in fact if I didn’t leave I never would have gotten the book I ~Found~ that had the instructions to get in contact with Hickory.”  Taliam took a deep breath and with her hand she brushed a few Stray hairs over her left ear as she walked along.  Hearing his Thanks didn’t make her feel overly good about herself still.  The fat she had left had been a hard choice. And she was so angry when she did it, but much too proud to ever go back to her parents and aggoligize.  They thought magic was a waste of time.  They would see, she would make it big and they would see how wrong they were. “ your welcome, After all we are up and Coming Mages of the same guild, its important that we stick together to make sure neither one of us slacks off and doesn’t reach their Potential, right?  And Hickory is the only Mouse I have made a Pact with.  But I have talked to two other mice,   Chili and I think it was Clover,  they are a little Stronger then hickory. And are more combat orientated. As for hickory he is more of a Companion and Life Coach.” Taliam took a small pause, she looked about the area “ Oh right, hold on a second I just need to find him something to Eat or he will be even more Grumpy when you meet him”  Taliam said as she turned quickly heading towards a trash can, looking down into it she could spot a few bags and near he top looked to be some sort of half eaten Sandwich.  It didn’t look like it was there to long and it was at the top.  She leaned forwards her one leg stretching out behind her as she leaned closer to the can,  being dressed all I white she didn’t want to touch it but she needed that piece of bread of the top of the sandwich.  Touching it she pulled the top piece of bread off it and tore off the part that had been bitten into.   People were so wasteful.  “  He’s A mouse he doesn’t care where the food comes from as long as its there” she said with a Laugh as she  Reproached Dreamer.  “ Its just a it over here, where I first met him, no more then a few minutes into the forest. Taliam glanced towards Dreamer as she started walking again.  Checking to see If he was judging her on this. Not that she overly cared if he did. She wasn’t paying good money for A Mouse that would happily Eat Garbage for free.  “ So you mentioned That You weren’t power,  how weak does that mean you are?  Like I have one spell and he doesn’t do anything but eat and get Grumpy.  Surely you can Top that”

Posted on March 12th 2016 09:51 PM
Mana: 500

After hearing everything she had to tell he was amazed. She could summon more than Hickory once she obtained pacts with them, she was such a unique person she has so much momentum to become strong. As for him, he wasn't so confident that he could do as much as she could, but maybe he could. However he was enjoying himself, he took a sip of his tea, the sweetness invaded his buds and danced around sparking up a taste party in his mouth. He couldn't help but smile to himself as the sweet taste tingled all over his tongue. Once again he had to thank her, thank her for this drink. "Thank you. This tea is wonderful, much better than Taranis' tea."

Hm, that must be a weird thought to have, picturing a dragon making tea. Well Dreamer assumed his dad made the tea, he never thought about the dragon flying into the city to buy tea... that'd be weird right. He chuckled at the thought. Damn the things he thought about amused himself yet made himself weirded out. He took another sip of his tea thinking of his answer to her question, how was he to explain to her that he could do more than her but was probably just as weak as her.

"Well you see I can roar..." He tried to explain how his magic worked. "Umm... I hope you've seen a roar, I rather not do it here, so close to the park, it'd destroy something... most likely. I uhh... can emit wind around my arms and attack using them like wings, um wind also emits off my arms to make blades or forms around my arm making a blade... or my palm. They aren't the strongest spells though... they're puny compared to real dragons!" He really was a loser at explaining things, but he wasn't very descriptive, or well at least not the best at describing. Could you blame him though, he never really learned how to describe things, he didn't attend the full school years, he lived with a dragon and then quit going to school when he was nine and started travelling when he was around ten years of age. He did try his best hoping she could understand that.

When they got to the park, he sat in a tree, swaying his legs from a branch. He had some food in his pocket too snack on for later, if Hickory was still hungry after being fed. He looked down at Taliam. "So how do you summon Hickory?" He smiled excited to meet his other soon to be friend. He didn't think this morning that he would meet a mouse from another realm and a thief who was friendly. Man was this world the strangest.

Dreamer didn't mind how strange it was, it made the world they lived in unique. Plus if it wasn't so weird and unique it'd be dull. He popped a piece of chocolate in his mouth awaiting to see Hickory and have a conversation with him.

Posted on March 12th 2016 11:13 PM
Mana: 500

Its hard to Compare a Mystical Being of ancient Times to A Boy that is not even in his twenties yet.  At least I don’t feel how you could be even as old as I am,  and by the comparison, is a wind mage even comparable to the Strongest of Storms or an Earth mage to the largest of Land Slides?  Sure there are a few out there the posses the abilities to surpass nature, but how can a man surpass a Dragon without years upon years of Study.  Not that I don’t think you’ll get there, but I’m sure at one point you will. “ Taliam Stopped after walking a bit,  Dreamer Took a Seat on lower branch of a Nearby tree and Taliam leaned against a Tree not far away, mostly so she could keep an eye on him, not so much because she didn’t trust him.  But she didn’t trust him.  Not in a Way that she would drop her guard completely. It was part of her, she was always paranoid she would be stabbed in the back if she exposed it. so the best thing to do was simply to never let herself be Exposed.  She didn’t mind sharing this information with him because they were in the same guild and she did need to attempt to make good connections with the people around her.  She doubted very much that he would attack her too, but one couldn’t be too carful around mages in a dark guild.

Taliam Smiled and took a sip of her Tea, it was cool enough now that it didn’t burn her,  the warmth quickly filled her belly as she lifted on foot up and placed it agents he Trunk of the tree, standing on one leg like a Flamingo.  “ well in order for me to summon him I have to focus my magical energy into my hand and Reach out into his world.” Taliam placed her tea down at the side of the tree,   she then Tossed the piece of bread out into the small opening between Dreamer and her.  Closing her eyes for a moment she let her hand fill with magic, a small Light blue Glow would emanate from her hand as she reached out  a small Magic Seal appeared right in front of her. she opened her eyes and pressed her hand against it, it seemed to Disappear complexly until She pulled her hand back through.   The Magic seal dissipated into thin air and on her palm sat a Small mouse.  Grey with large ears and a large Brown backpack fasten to his little body.  The little Mouse stands about 7 inches tall, its got little plump Body and large ears,  in its paw is a Yellow petal from a flower in Verminia

Taliam Glanced own at the Little guy “ Good Morning Hickory, I have some Bread for you, and a Friend for you to Meet” She said Kneeling down to let him hope from her hand to the grass.   Hickory would immediately rush over to the Bread and nibble away at it holding it with both its paws, it tears a piece off and Jams the Rest in it’s bag.   The bag however doesn’t Seem to get and more full and the Bread seemed to be about the same size as it.   it paused for a moment as it chewed on the bread its small black eyes looking up at Dreamer, it’s one ear lowered down and its other ear turned back slightly towards Taliam “  Yes that’s him, his names dreamer he was raised by a Dragon.”   Hickory stared at Dreamer for a moment longer before it blinked and  Ran its paw over its ear.  Then it clicked twice rather loudly”  Yes , that’s what I meant, don’t give me sass” She said to Hickory as If she understood him completely

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