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Change of Heart [Private]

Posted on March 6th 2016 10:03 PM
Mana: 1250

The sky god slayer let out a sigh as she made her way towards the guild hall of Fairy Tail. She had spent a good amount of time in Magnolia the past week or two rather than heading back to Hargeon and had been doing a lot of thinking. The more she heard about Fairy Tail and the more time she spent in this city, the less at home she felt with Lamia Scale. Shizuka's tendencies to get into fights with the other members, even though they had never been with ill intent, had really distanced her from the rest of the guild. Being in Magnolia she had been hearing stories of Fairy Tail being more open to the idea of competition, brawls and challenges. It made her reconsider if she belonged in Lamia Scale or not, and after a lot of thinking she came to the conclusion that she did not.

So a few days ago she had sent a letter to the Fairy Tail guild hall, addressed to Adhene Red, the guild master, asking to meet with her. In the letter she had explained her situation and the fact that she was interested in becoming a member of Fairy Tail, feeling that the guild would be a better fit for her. She received a letter back telling her to come to the guild hall today and discuss the matter at hand, and so that's where she was headed. Of course she had also sent a letter to Luna Avess, apologizing for not being able to notify her in person and letting her know about her decision. She was still awaiting a letter back from her, but she figured it would take a while for her letter to reach the Lamia Scale guildmaster, as well as some time for Luna's own letter to reach her.

The sky god slayer was wearing her typical outfit consisting of a black shirt, short black skirt and black thigh-high boots. Around her neck was a light, electric blue scarf. She had taken a little extra time to make herself look nice, wanting to make a good first impression with Fairy Tail's guild master. Shizuka stopped walking once she reached the front of the guild hall, seeing a few people standing out front, who she assumed to be members of the guild. With a smile the sky god slayer would approach them and ask, "I'm here to meet with the guild master. Is she around?"

Posted on March 6th 2016 11:39 PM
Mana: 5000

Adhene had had a letter, obviously because she had written one back. It was possible that she would get in a new member today and she had tried not to make herself look stupid. Which was barely impossible because she was excited with a big smile on her face that when she walked out of her office upstairs, she almost tripped. But she could catch herself on the side of the wall and simply walk on as if nothing happened. 

She was just sitting at the bar when a voice from the outside door yelled inside. "Master it's the girl for ya!" She immediately jumped up and walked to the door, not saying another word. She had to give the good impression of a master. Especially when someone came from Lamia Scale. She knew Luna always tried her best to be nice but the two were not on one line and Luna seemed to have more problems with that than Adhene herself. 

She had not expected a white haired girl but than again Adhene was too big on imagination so she had imagined thousand ways for this to happen. "Hello, I'm Adhene Red. You must be Shizuka, shall we take a walk so we can talk without... everyone listening." She started off enthusiastic but the moment she stopped her eyes darted towards the mages that were standing outside and eagerly looking at the two of them. 

She was the youngest Guildmaster but not the one with the least experience. She had been Guildmaster for at least three years now even though she was 28. She took a few steps on her bright red heals towards the city, she knew a perfect place to sit down in the little bit of sun that was there. She tossed her pink hair aside and smiled at Shizuka. "Let's go!"

Posted on March 7th 2016 08:34 AM
Mana: 1250

Not long after she requested for the guild master a young looking woman with pink hair made her way out of the guild hall, a big smile on her face. She couldn't have been older than her late twenties at the most and Shizuka had to admit she was a little surprised when she introduced herself as the guild master Adhene Red. Of course, not in a bad way, she had just been expecting someone older and less energetic. Master Luna had never really been one to be all excitable and full of boundless energy, so this was quite the change. Shizuka also knew that Master Luna and Adhene Red hadn't particularly gotten along, so perhaps this was one of the main reasons.

The pink haired woman suggested they should go for a walk so they could talk away from the attention of the other guild members and Shizuka offered her a polite smile. "Sure! I'm not very familiar with Magnolia, so it would probably be good for me to get an idea of what the city is like." She would wait for Adhene to begin making her way towards the city and then would follow close behind the woman who could very well become her new guild master. In fact, Shizuka was almost entirely certain that she would be joining Fairy Tail. The only remaining factor in her decision was how her meeting with Adhene Red would go and from what she could tell so far she figured it would go quite well. Already the sky god slayer could tell that her personality was a lot more similar to Adhene's than it was to Master Luna's and she had a good feeling about this encounter. "Thanks for taking the time to meet with me."

Posted on March 7th 2016 02:54 PM
Mana: 5000

Adhene was rather happy that Shizuka didn't want to stay with the guild yet. That tour could come later in the day if she really wanted to go to Fairy Tail. Only Adhene hoped that she wouldn't have any trouble with Luna, but this was her fair share, Luna got Tida from her. Just like Luna and maybe all the other Guildmasters Adhene also tried to remember and remind herself of all the people in her guild and their faces and names of course. She was rather good at it, probably because of her young brain. "Let's go not too far. I can give you a tour later but maybe it's smart to immediately go to business. Wow hear me I never say that." She giggled a little because she tried to be as serious as possible. Becoming a member of Fairy Tail or switching guilds was not just a joke. It was very important and she shouldn't make fun of it. 

She went a little bit away from the guild, not too much. She was not good at letting go too much. She stayed almost always in Magnolia and only in serious business would she leave but not until she had found her ace probably. She couldn't leave the Guild alone, it was her family, her child that she had to take care of. Even though there were members that were older than her. "It's around the corner." There was a little park with trees that showed the sight of spring and a couple of benches. She took the first and invited Shizuka to sit next to her. She had more or less ignored the fact that Shizuka thanked her for her time. "I always make time for everyone. If I can. But your letter seemed rather serious. I was kind of worried about you immediately. I had the feeling that you maybe doubt your place to stay. That you might feel you have no place where you belong. I can be totally wrong or so." There was no trace of a smile on her face but her eyes were showing or maybe even radiating kindness and also a bit of bold. Otherwise she simply wouldn't have said it so straight forward. "You wanted to see if you would belong in Fairy Tail?"

Posted on March 7th 2016 10:12 PM
Mana: 1250

Shizuka nodded at the Fairy Tail guild master's words. It was true that they should focus on the issue at hand and get things taken care of quickly. The added statement and giggle at the end made the sky god slayer smile. Already she felt a bit of a stronger connection with the young guild master than she had with Master Luna, who always seemed to take things a bit too seriously in the young girl's opinion. "Yeah, the sooner we figure this out the better. I've been pretty nervous and excited about this the past few days."

The walk wasn't that long, which Shizuka was actually kind of thankful for. While she wouldn't have minded exploring the city the excitement from the possibility of joining this guild was building up continuously and she wanted to figure out joining as soon as possible. Being able to sit down and talk with Adhene was the last step and the sooner she was able to do that the better. When they arrived in the park and Adhene took a seat on one of the benches Shizuka took a seat next to her, smiling at the older woman's comments about making time for everyone.  However, when she would go on to talk about the letter the sky god slayer would sigh. Adhene was pretty much spot on with her assumptions. "I love Lamia Scale and Master Luna, but..."

She would trail off for a second, figuring out the best way to word what she was trying to say. "Being there just didn't feel right. I could tell that I didn't quite fit in." That was the best explanation she could think of. From what she had heard of Fairy Tail they seemed to be a better match for her. "From what I've heard I would fit in better here."

Posted on March 8th 2016 09:47 PM
Mana: 5000

Adhena could imagine how it was to love a guild, for she did love one herself. But she had also lost her family ,which was like a guild that she had to leave at one point. And here she was technically all on her own. "Shizuka, there are so many things in live, it's just figuring out the way it is. If you would join Fairy Tail that doesn't mean that you would loose your friends from Lamia Scale however if you do. We sure will fight for you. I think Fairy Tail is one of the best guilds that worked out the family principle." She thought about it and even tapped her chin about it but nodded. "Yeah absolutely sure, especially if you compare us with Sabertooth of Blue Pegasus. Those peeps only care about themselves or their looks." She said not putting her opinion underneath any chairs. She looked at Shizuka. "You are more than welcome and I think you would fit in rather proper." From what she said in the letter, Adhene had the idea that she would fit in better too and especially with Luna that kept a firm eye on everything. Why would you want to be there if you loved to create a little bit of havoc and simply fight along your members to see who was stronger. Adhene didn't care about that, as long as they fixed the Guild, but she could do that herself pretty well with Arc of Time .

There was not much more that she could say this was Shizuka her decision and she was sure that the girl would make her own decision and not the opinion of Adhene herself. She would welcome Shizuka of course but she would also understand if she wanted to stay in Lamia, it was never easy. 

Posted on March 9th 2016 06:56 PM
Mana: 1250

Shizuka smiled at Adhene's words. The sky god slayer had been hoping this encounter would help her make her decision and it had. While Lamia Scale had always felt like a home to her, she was already starting to feel like she fit in better here. Shizuka could tell that her personality was a lot closer to the Fairy Tail guild master's than Luna Avess. She was definitely hoping that this change would help her grow as a mage and open up new opportunities for her. When Adhene would say she was welcome in Fairy Tail the sky god slayer would nod and say, "I'd like to join."

She would wait for Adhene to instruct her on what to do next. She remembered there was a whole process when she joined Lamia Scale and she was sure that there was some process when changing guilds as well. Plus each guild was different, so the way Fairy Tail did things was probably slightly different from with Lamia Scale.

Posted on March 9th 2016 07:21 PM
Mana: 5000

Adhene clapped enthusiastic in her hands when Shizuka said that she would like to join and she even hugged the girl. She always loved to get new members and in the case of Shizuka, she loved to get new members that would hopefully finally feel at home at some place. "That's great. Let see, I know what I should do now." She said with a little frown between her eyebrows. She clapped once more and a round stamp appeared into the air. "where would you like your new insignia? It will immediately rub off the old one. And I will send a letter to Luna. She is probably not going to like me more but hey she got a member of mine, fair share. Besides it's not a match is it. And would you like to stay in the Fairy Hills or would you try to find an apartment in Magnolia. I will give you a tour through are building. Oh and we should have a party and a tour through the town. So many options and so many things to do. But first, your official entrance to Fairy Tail." She smiled, talked maybe really fast but that was only because she was happy for herself and Shizuka. 

Posted on March 9th 2016 08:08 PM
Mana: 1250

The sky god slayer was glad that everything went well and she would now be part of a new family. After thinking about Adhene's question for a little, Shizuka decided she would just keep her guild insignia in the same spot as her old one. So with a smile she would expose her right shoulder and say, "I'll just keep it here." She would wait for Adhene to give her the new insignia, thinking again for a moment as the Fairy Tail guild master asked where she would like to live. Back in Hargeon she had lived in her own apartment, but she wasn't as familiar with Magnolia yet and it would probably be good for her to live with some of the other members. "For now I think I'll stay in Fairy Hills, but I would definitely like to see it."

The way the Adhene was talking about the upcoming events made her smile. It was nice to see that her new guild master was so cheerful and full of energy. It would definitely be more compatible with her own fiery spirit. "I agree. We're going to the guild hall then?"

Posted on March 12th 2016 08:33 PM
Mana: 5000

Adhene looked at the old insignia of Lamia Scale or well not old but just over right now and secretly it made her more happy than she should. So she pushed the stamp of Fairy Tail against it, every little bit of the old insignia disappeared and changed into the one of Fairy Tail. Taking an ice blue colour like the one from Lamia Scale had before too. It was just the stamp doing and Adhene surely hoped that it was the idea of Shizuka in her mind because she could simply change the colour that easily. She ticked on the shoulder when it was done, "All done now, get on your coat before you catch a cold." She said with a laugh because it was rhyming a little in her mind and she liked that. Big child that she was. But it was just a thing she liked to do and she rather kept things happy than depress everyone with her behaviour, yes she thought of certain people. 

After some thinking about Adhene indeed made the decision on how to go on for the rest of the day. "I'll take you to the Guildhall, you better see that and Fairy Hills first. Also because you would probably want your stuff shipped to Magnolia and all that stuff you can arrange in my office, or well my room and I would write a letter to the company that helps with the moving or you can ask some of your new Guildmembers, they are open for a lot of things, maybe you need to buy them a pint afterwards, but that's cheaper than a whole company of movers. Look at me all rambling about." She was probably already going a little too fast but she was just enthusiastic and people like Shizuka would probably understand. She stood up and walked a few steps forward. "Let's show you, your new home." She said with a big smile, she would already imagine the people that would scream happily for her because she would be a new member of the family. 

Posted on March 15th 2016 07:46 AM
Mana: 1250

The sky god slayer smiled when her guild mark changed to that of Fairy Tail rather than Lamia Scale. Already she felt more at home and was quite eager to get started with everything. It seemed Adhene Red was even more excited than she was, already coming up with the plan for the rest of the day and helping Shizuka to figure out how she was going to take care of the transition to her new guild. It was nice that Adhene was so full of energy. Shizuka felt like that was a much better match for her than Luna had been. As Adhene began to walk Shizuka would follow her. "I'd like that. Fairy Tail, here I come." She would follow Adhene back through the streets and to the guild hall, taking a deep breath as she got to the front door. This was her new home, her new family. She would watch Adhene open the door and step inside. "Well, here we go..." With that, she would follow her in.


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