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Issue #01 - March X793

Posted on March 6th 2016 02:41 PM
Mana: 1200


Hello there, dear readers and welcome to the first issue of Sorcerer Magazine; your monthly source of news, spells, tricks, stories, interviews and much more. From now on, you can subscribe and receive a copy every month.  In this issue you’ll find a couple of very important announcements, an article about tournaments and we’ll also take a closer look at Life magic. But that’s not all. Keep reading to find out more!


The first big reveal form us to you is that starting next week, the Crocus Royal Society of Exploration is opening its doors to mages again. Those of you looking for an exciting adventure might just be in luck as the Society has a number of expeditions lined up so tell your friends and start applying! Who knows what kind of things you’ll find on your travels and the Society has confirmed that they will pay royally for recovered treasure.

Secondly, rumours about an island off the coast of Fiore have been going around. From what our sources were able to tell us, it concerns a previously unknown piece of land, shrouded by mist on most days. At the moment, it’s quite the mystery but we have it on good authority that the royal palace will be sending out a several mages to investigate. Make sure to check next month’s issue to get the full story on this enigmatic island.

On the topic of the royal palace, a new young prince has made his public appearance and we would like to officially congratulate prince Colton Li Fiore and wish him the best of luck. This past weekend, the royal palace has hosted a feast in his honour and many of the country’s most prominent nobles have been seen attending. Rumour has it that during these festivities, the future of the kingdom has been discussed extensively and we look forward to the changes that are coming up. Exciting isn't it? 

Onto other news. The unrest amongst citizens in Era has finally started to diminish according to the Knight Commander of the Council in charge of overseeing public order, Sir Kyros. In a brief interview he mentioned that Era had been seeing a sudden surge in unrest following the sudden appearance of a religious group organising rallies at the main square. After whipping up the crowd with anti-mage speeches, the city suffered several days of rioting as the Magic Council tried to restore order. Eventually, hostilities died down and the Council turned this back to normal. During his interview, Sir Kyros noted that the matter was initially brought to his attention by a girl who managed to convince him to act through a rather impressive plea for help. He said that it was this young mage that might have prevented the situation from escalating even further. A perfect example of how small actions can change the world!



Our featured article of this month details the rather strange events surrounding the Ringtail Circus. The travelling group of mages, skilled performers all, has made its way through Fiore this month, travelling from Hosenka to Crocus and finally Magnolia, the Circus has been a hot topic amongst both mages and mundanes. Due to its magical nature, the Circus is able to fit all sorts of crazy and wonderful attractions inside its many tents, adding to the mysterious nature as visitors are never quite sure what they’ll find this time.  However, this month, festivities took a turn for the worse as it turned out the Circus had been stealing all sorts of items from the places they had been to, as well as their visitors. The situation was eventually resolved by a pair of mages who both took up official palace requests and managed to retrieve the stolen goods as well as bringing the Circus’ master to justice. Although Sorcerer Magazine was unable to verify the names of these mages, we did get a general description from several eyewitnesses. One of the two was a short, young girl with raven black hair accompanied by a familiar which people could only describe as a crow. The other, a man roughly thirty years of age was seen delivering the stolen goods, seemingly conjuring them out of thin air in the throne room as he sought to collect his reward.  Although we might not know who you are, if you do end up reading this, from all citizens of Fiore to you: Thank you!



This month’s Mage and Magic column features Life magic; one of the rarer forms of magic that has many interesting applications. It is undoubtedly popular amongst teams of mages for its healing capabilities and as such, Life Mages will hardly ever be without work. Who wouldn’t want someone on their side that can patch them up in a moment’s notice? At the same time, it can be hard to find a life mage in Fiore. With their particular magic being only recently rediscovered, not many have taken it upon themselves to master this form. A shame, but that does make those few that have even more valuable. At this point, they could charge premium prices for their services without trouble.

But, there’s more to Life magic than just healing. It’s also the perfect way to beat that tough enemy as many Life mages are also adept at making those around them fight just a little bit harder. Suddenly, you find yourself moving slightly faster, hitting harder and shrugging off spells more easily. These so-called buffing spells are a powerful addition to a mage’s arsenal. Whilst they lack in direct offensive power, their symbiotic relationship with their allies allows them to overcome the greatest of threats.

Traditionally, Life mages work best alongside front-line fighters such as Crash mages, Requip mages and Slayers. Whilst the latter can tie down the opponent in close combat and prevent them from attacking their allies, the former can stay at the back, casting a multitude of support spells, turning their allies in almost impervious juggernauts.  Last year, it was this exact combination that won the doubles cup during the grand magic tournament at Crocus where the Life mage Mari Katell and Requip mage Osmund Wulfric managed to blast their way through the competition with unprecedented ease.

And now for this week’s example spell:

Blessed Sustenance (B-rank)

By drawing upon their own mana, the mage channels energy towards their ally, creating a small tendril of light between the two, allowing their partner to fight on well beyond their normal capabilities, surviving even the strongest of blows.

(20% maximum health buff,  5 metres, 50/25 mana, sustained)

If you haven’t had the chance to try going into battle alongside one, you definitely should try it out. Or, you could of course pick it up for yourself. Who knows, you might make an amazing Life mage. Available at the magic shop for 250.000 Jewels or your regional equivalent. Stay tuned for next month where we’ll take a closer look at another magic.



Whilst this month’s issue might be a bit short, we’re planning pack the next issue with a load of interesting articles. In fact, we’re always on the hunt for people to interview. Maybe next time, it’ll be your face on the cover so keep an eye out for our reporters!

We’ll also be featuring a full article on that mysterious island and the brave mages the palace is planning to send there. In addition to all this exciting news, we hope to surprise you with a special photography session.

Best of luck mages!

Sorcerer magazine staff


Final notes:
We hope you enjoyed this new format and that you found something of use within these pages. Remember that we’re always looking for feedback from you, the readers. If you have anything you’d wish to let us know, do not hesitate sending a letter to our editor Kaeden Danforth. We’d love to hear from you. And maybe we’ll even publish your letter.
Sorcerer magazine is still looking for another journalist! If you think you have the skills it takes to help us deliver the best articles, you can send a letter detailing your experiences, motivation and reasoning as to why you would be the perfect addition to our team.

(Please note you will be required to make an NPC for this upon being hired)

Posted on March 9th 2016 03:33 PM
Mana: 1210

I wouldn't mind putting in for a job as a journalist. 


MA:41 MR:19 MS:11 PA:21 PR:12 PS:20

Posted on March 10th 2016 06:47 AM
Mana: 520

Something to commemorate Sorcerer Magazine's first issue!

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