The Crocus Royal Society of Exploration is one of the institutes funded by the crown. As its name suggests, the Society operates out of the royal capital, sending expeditions across both the known and unknown parts of the world. These teams mainly consist of affiliated magi adept at exploration and navigating hostile environments. Over the many years, the Society has brought home many a valuable treasure and even solved some of the world’s unexplained mysteries. Application is open for almost every mage and once a permit has been acquired, one can join an expedition team and travel all across the world with almost no restrictions.

To be eligible for Society expeditions, a mage needs to have at least some experience and thus be of C-rank. From then on, they can travel to one of the locations, see the requests on the page. to retrieve whatever it is the Society is searching for. These expeditions need to consist of at least two mages but can contain any number above that. The word count required to complete the expedition however increases with 750 per additional mage. A team of two would require 2,000 words but  a team of three would need a total of 2750 words, thus making it relatively easier for a large group to complete an expedition.  

How does it work?
You can take 1 expedition per week and once the month is over, you can take the same expedition again. Besides you do not need to travel you can take these expeditions from every city of Fiore to travel to another part of the world. Make sure that you cannot leave the city unless you finished the expedition and you can't take another request while doing an expedition.