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Taliam Tem'Naka

Posted on March 1st 2016 06:49 AM
Mana: 500

Name: Taliam Ilya Tem’Naka
Age: 19 
Birthday: Jan 24th 
Gender: Female
Guild: Phantom Lords
Magic: Summoning Magic ~ Mice~
Insignia: Light Blue,  Left side of her neck behind her ear reaching down to the top of her shoulder

Very few thieves keep a code of ethics, but Taliam certainly does, she firmly believes that a true rouge needs a code to live by or they are nothing more than a common criminal, which Taliam believes she is much better then.  Taliam is  quick thinking often always lost in thought unless on the job or in a fight. She can be seen as air headed at times but rest assured, that she just has a lot on her mind. Taliam is always ready for a fight and is not very often caught off guard. It’s what makes her a particularly good thief.  Taliam speaks her mind most often and has no issues with breaking social conduct or social normalities to talk to people (Forthcoming). She often forgets other people aren’t as smart (is a bit conceited), and as a result tends to come off as insulting or rude at times. But getting her to apologize is like pulling teeth (Stubborn)

Taliam holds no value for things worth money, she steals things she likes, and being a very materialistic person she attempts to take things she likes quite often, Ether through Crafty Burglary, Pickpocketing or simply attempting to trade or Negotiate, its Arguable that she wastes her Talent for stealing by taking useless junk. But she enjoys her things and wouldn’t have it any there way.

Having almost been caught a few Times makes her fierily paranoid around any member of a light guild or Magic council and as a Result she finds herself hanging around with the dark wizards.  Preferring the company of people she knows can’t turn her in.  This leads to some disadvantages because she is not of a evil mind set, but just kind of does what she feels like.   And though she expects to be treated with the highest degree of Respect she doesn’t mind being in the background of every conversation.

Taliam can be quite Sporadic with her moodiness, going from perfectly happy to anger  unexpectedly as a Result she has a hard time making true friends and her occupation sure doesn’t help.

Another interesting Trait that Talia seems to share, is the worried side her mother had, like mother like Daughter, she worries and gets worked up about little things, and can justify anything through a complicated system of cause and effect.   For Example, she picked a flower by the Town square, because that flower was missing, she was weighed down and because of that was Late to dinner, and now the person she was to meet there left and she was alone, and because of this she had to walk home, still hungry she had to make her own food which burnt her, as a Result picking the flower got her burnt. (Irrational )


  • Peaceful Bliss- Taliam loves the quiet, the beautiful and the Rarly seen, she enjoyes days were nothing unexpected happens  such as just going for a walk or having dinner at home.
  • Unique/Shinny objects- Most Thieves are Attracted by wealth and power, but Taliam just likes things, she loves getting items she finds Beautiful or unique. Her selection is seen as sporadic and illogical
  • Nature-  Taliam has always loved nature, it hold so many unique Things and Creatures, and though she doesn’t really enjoy the thickest and wildest parts of nature she loves and admires its Beauty.                                                               
  • Winter-  Taliam’s Favourite season is Winter, party because her birth month falls in it,  but other reasons are because of the Pure white blanket of snow that covers a lot of the northern parts of Fiore.  White is also her Favourite shade/colour.

  • Tattletales-  narks, do-gooders. And people who blindly follow the laws without Regard for personal desire or restrain from truly Living, are all things  that Taliam Stands against, she hates people who would turn her in, besides how much trouble is she really causing.
  • Ironically  being stolen from is something that she doesn’t tolerate nor does she like Liars, sneaks or people Tricking her.
  • Being Disrespected- though she doesn’t always speak her mind but when she does being cut off by someone else  irritates her to extremes. She doesn’t like being disregarded as too young and above all else she doesn’t like Rude people talking to her.

  • Other things – Being Shushed offends her greatly, as well as being tickled, she doesn’t like being tickled one bit nor does she much like being touched unless the okay has been given.

Taliam Stands about 5’9’’ with long soft white hair, most often seen in a ponytail, her favourite colours are White, blue, silver, grey, teal, black and sometimes A bit of Red for contrast  She is often seen wearing a Short white dress with a snowflake like design on the edges She wears white, heeled wedge boots that go to mid-calf; the insides are also lined with red. Her long white hair is pulled back in an off-centre ponytail, at the base of which is a small tiara(that she stole)that resembles icicles. She has a pale complexion and ice blue eyes. She also bears a crooked scar down her left eye, gotten from an inside burglary job, ( but she will tell you a different story every time you ask)


Weiss  Schnee - RWBY

Taliam was born on the coldest night of the year, the snow was piled high against the land and the cold winter wind rushed through any and all cracks in the Covered wagon, it was often joked about that because she was born on the coldest of nights her hair was Frost bitten.  It was just her Parents and her for a lone while until they merged up with another Caravan, Both Taliam’s parents were Traders and craftsmen.  Her father was a Sculpture and her mother was a jeweller, both her parents seemed to value the Artistic side of life and  lived within the culture.  And Taliam was unlike her parents she didn’t See the beauty in life until she was much older and Jewelry all looked the same to her.  the only Quality that Taliam seemed to enjoy was the Shiny aspect of her mothers trade. And the cold smooth touch of her fathers Sculptures.  Taliam was 8 when their caravan was robbed for the first time in her life, it was terrifying and exciting at the same time.  It left her with a Sense of wonder.  Her parents worked their whole lives creating things, and Taliam wanted things but not those things. And she wanted them now.

After they had been robbed Taliam had asked her parents why the man did it, her partners told her that he was greedy and didn’t want to work for things in life.  And though her fathers words were of a good merit Taliam heard only that if she wanted things she could take them from others.  No one pursued the robber before and it left Taliam with the idea of what is she took small things that no one missed.  It started with things like button and coins and within time she was quite an accomplished pick pocket and thief.  Having never been caught she found herself quite proud of her Accomplishments, but without anyone to share them with she felt a little empty.

At the age of 15 their Caravan while touring around Fiore was hit again, this time by highway men,  they took all her mothers possessions and left with everything of value.  Outraged Taliam Trailed after the thieves despite the warnings her parents had pleaded as she disappeared into the forest. 

In the woods it was dark and frightening but in the far distance she could make out the light of a fire.  Getting a bit closer she noticed that it was in fact the same thieves that had attacked the Carven.  Slowly and quietly she Crept closer to the camp.  Knowing  she couldn’t take anything to heavy back to her family she looked for something that was quick and Easy to make off with.  However nothing was close enough for her to get in and out without being seen.   Right as she was about to give up a man got up and left.  He wandered into the woods to probably go to the bathroom.  It was perfect, she would wait till he was busy.   She quickly and as Quietly as she could Trailed the man,  watching him unclip his belt which held a Beautiful looking sword, he hung it on a Branch in a near by tree.  Taliam waited for him to disappeared after that it was easy. Swiftly she snatched the belt and made her way back toward her wagon.  To her surprise as she rounded a Tree she slammed hard into the chest of a Burrly looking fella, he was quite large and quite intimidating, Scars lined his face and likely most of his body. “Looks like we caught ourselves a thief” The man said mocking her efforts.

The horror of being caught and the fact it was this massive looking man. Did she stand a chance against him? No  he would be able to break her in half with little effort.  Picking herself off the ground she tossed the belt up in the air and ran “ Catch” She Replied.  Distracting him with the belt had bought her a little bit more time. Taliam now a little lost tried to hide herself. But being dressed in all white and having white hair made her stand out in the dark.  The man couldn’t be far behind in her mindless running she had made it back to the Highwayman’s camp,  rushing past a tent she quickly looked inside.  It was perfect no one would look for her there.  Slipping indie the tent she watched the man run by her.   her heart beat Elevated she could hear only that and her breathing.  Waiting for the opportunity to make another run for it she pressed her back to the tent post  trying to calm her heart rate.  On the table in front of her was a white book. A small Mouse made entirely of black ink was drawn on the front of the white leather book.  Seeing it made Taliam forget the grave situation she was in.  But it was perfect. A flawless creation. The book had to be hers, scooping it up her made another run for it.  Making it back to the Caravan in one piece and without anyone noticing.  When She went to her parents wagon she showed them the book, but instead of getting appraisal like she though she would, she was scolded. They didn’t raise a thief, they raised a lady and ladies didn’t steal.  A outraged she threw a temper tantrum and snatched the book out from the table and left.  She hide out in the forest until morning.  Attempting to read from the tome but with no luck as the dark hide the words from her eyes, though some of the images were beautiful she had scored a great thing but her parents wouldn’t have anything from it

In the morning after thinking about what she had done she handed over the book to her father.  He put it away for safe keeping.  Magic wasn’t something she should waste her time with anyways. She was suppose to learn how to make something useful.  

Taliam learned to Sew and make cloths but she kept up with her petty Thievery at events and gatherings. She didn’t forget her father had her perfect book hidden away.  When Taliam turned 18 she decided that she didn’t want the life her parents had,  when she announced that she wanted to leave and Travel around for a bit  it caused a Large fight between her and her parents.  Regardless she gathered up all the little knick-knacks she had taken over the years and  started to leave under the cover of night.   Remembering the book her father had locked away she quickly Rushed back. creeping into the locked chest that held her book she picked the lock with a hair pin and took only her book. It was hers as fare as she was concerned. 

Over the next year Taliam traveled a Few places but found money to be an issue.  The book later turned out to be about the realm called  Verminia.  It talked about the world and its creatures most where said to be mice of a high intellect.   Trying hard to figure out the book she made the attempt to preform what the book References as a Summoning contract.  Little did she know that this Contract would be to a small Pack wielding mouse known as hickory, he was soon to be her first real friend? Together they would Take on the world one Shiny object after another! 

To solve her money issues she met up with a guild of mages, called Phantom lord.  She had met one of its members while walking through Oak town, he had answered her questions nicely and seemed kind of Mysterious.  Something she felt was missing in her life.  Not only would she be joining it to see if this Mysterious effect could rub off on her but to see if she could bring forth more Friends from Verminia and the money wasn’t half bad

Sharing:  Was told to come by the boss ^,.,^’’




Posted on March 1st 2016 11:14 AM
Mana: 5000


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