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Uyeda Keiji

Posted on February 28th 2016 10:49 PM
Mana: 500

Name: Uyeda Keiji 
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: 05/05/774
Gender: Male
Guild: Guildless 
Magic: Goddess' water (Molding magic - Water) 
Insignia: Right cheek - black

Warm to the core. Uyeda seriously values all life that exists and believes he has no right to take any of it away because it's God's creation. Like every living thing on this planet, he is but an animal among many. However, he does understand that if he's pushed into the position where it's live or die then he will resort to killing but he really tries his hardest to avoid these situations because they aren't fair on him and the other person. He cares deeply about his friends and would protect them to a certain degree. If he believed they would fulfill more than him in life then there's a chance that he would even risk his own life to save a friend. 

Lonely. Uyeda is a very lonely person and usually this would seem like something bad however, in Uyeda's case, the loneliness is what has shaped him as he is and has kept him strong throughout the years. He believed that someone would come along and help him one day but no one came. This turned his hope into strength because instead of waiting, he began to take charge of his own life. A shaped personality. He began to take control of his very own personality and turned it into something incredibly unique.

Territorial. When he hasn't met someone before and they try and enter his life he gets aggressive and tries to push them away. He doesn't like when people just waltz on in and act like they have been there for ages. You gain power through time, as he believes.  This fits in with his protective ways. He is somewhat territorial over his friends and if someone tries to take them away from him, he gets angry and tries to distance them from his friends and himself. He would be the same way with family and anyone else he loves, really.

Very to himself. Regardless of all his nice and positive personality traits, he still has a few negative ones as well. Uyeda is very to himself. And, of course this reinforces the lonely aspect of things and seems almost repetitive but when it's said that he is very to himself, it sounds as it is. Even if he was surrounded by people he loves, he would try his best to not talk to anyone and would go his own way. He's been that way throughout life and most likely won't change. 

Strong and independent. Out of all the things that shape him as who he is today, his most positive and worthwhile trait is his mental strength and his independence. He barely relies on others and he can get through a lot with just his mind. His will. He doesn't let simple words get to him and anger isn't something he feels often but at the same time, it's constantly what he feels. His mental strength was built up from his childhood and it's something that he values above most other things because if it wasn't for his mental strength, he would have given up a very, very long time ago and giving up is not something he can do anymore.

And please describe why you picked these likes and dislikes.

  • People that can get the job done. He doesn't particularly like people who take forever to do things and need every step of the way but he has a lot of respect for people that can do it without all the support. It's also these people that Uyeda can work effectively with and not get pissed off at everything they do because he knows they are at least experienced enough to fix anything they mess up.
  • Quiet, peace and tranquility. He likes everything to be calm and for him to drift at his own pace. He doesn't like speeding through everything and likes to savor everything that he can. Time is valuable and not something to throw away. He does his best to go at a pace in which he can have his peace and quiet but can also get a lot done. 
  • Magic. This is a very obvious one due to the fact that he uses magic but it's one of his biggest likes. Uyeda has always been immersed in magic and has always loved it. It's so wonderful and has so many different aspects that make each type of magic unique. No mage can master every magic. It's not possible but he wants to study as much magic as possible. 

  • Heroes. He hates people who think that everything can be done by the "good guys." He believes that winning is not done entirely through hard work but rather by advantage. If you have the advantage, you'll most likely win. That's how the world works. Sure, sometimes the one that tries the hardest will win but just because you try hard doesn't mean you're strong.
  • People who just refuse to give up. This is actually because he, himself, does it. Uyeda despises the idea of not giving up even if it looks like you're going to definitely lose. He does this a lot himself simply because he cannot give up. It's not in his blood but that doesn't mean he can't like.
  • Heat. He doesn't hate it or even dislike it that much, he just prefers the cold over the heat. When it's cold, he'll wear clothes that you'd see most people wearing in the heat and people have judged him for this. Though, he was never one to care about what people thought of him. 

Uyeda is about average size for his age, standing tall at 6'2''. His body type is pretty all round and he isn't that big. He is pretty skinny though and looks weaker than he actually is, which is another reason some people pick fights with him. His skin color is white and his hair follows along being a blonde color. His eyes have a red pupil which is quite rare from where he was born but he thinks it makes him more unique so he likes it.

His clothing consists of a small hoodie that fits him quite well. He usually has the hood up and the zip about half way up his chest. He wears a brown/grey/white shirt underneath most of the time and he'll occasionally have his necklace on which people can see easily. He also carries around a mask with him. This mask is half red and half black with the eye slots the opposite colors of each. He constantly has this mask with him. 

Faceclaim: Kuno Shuuya - Kagerou project

Uyeda was born into a complicated family. They already had four kids and they didn't actually plan to have Uyeda but they were too late to actually stop him from being born but unfortunately, they were too stressed to keep looking after him. They practically made him grow up on his own. He wasn't allowed near his brothers and was considered by everyone as a mistake. This took a considerable toll on his mental health and made him feel quite down. His parents continued to treat him in a very cruel way and he had enough. He took a minimal amount of food and some money that he had stored and made his way around different cities looking for somewhere to stay. 

Luckily, he managed to come across a man who owned a run-down magic shop. No one came anymore and he lost business. The man used to get a great amount of customers and even had a little community going but a new shop opened up that had a higher budget and it drove the man's into the ground, leaving him with next to nothing. However, this kid came. It was a ray of hope upon the man and the child as they grew fond of each other. The child worked hard for the man and in return, he gave him a fair amount of food and a place to stay. They grew fond and eventually Uyeda was no longer working for the food and the bed but rather the man and because he saw him as a father. After a few hard years, the business grew and grew and grew until it's previous state was restored. The man had been so happy and appreciated all of Uyeda's work so much that he offered him one of his twenty five magical books. The books were for research but apparently held magical properties. 

Each book was of a different type of magic but all-in-all they came back to the main elements. Though, there was one that interested Uyeda a lot. The book was named "Heavenly water: Channeling water through magic and using it effectively" It was a book about molding water magic and a very interesting one at that. He took the book and whenever he had free time he would read without stop and eventually he decided to take his research to the test. After a lot of hard work and a lot of training, he had managed to learn this magic and bonded with it well. The magic fit him well and portrayed him well. The man knew that Uyeda had grew up in a tough place not only because he came looking for somewhere to stay but because of his personality. For a child, he was very to himself. He seemed to have a difficult time opening up to others... No. It wasn't that. It was something else. He chose not to open up to others but for what reason?

One afternoon, the man approached Uyeda and asked to talk to him about his past.

"Uyeda. Why haven't your parents come for you? Is Uyeda even your real name? Please, I need to know. So that I can help you." and Uyeda's face slanted down. It wasn't simple. Uyeda hadn't been his real identity but it wasn't like he was purposely lying, he just didn't know his real name. He had hated the one his parents had given him because it had a bad reputation behind it and after disregarding it for so long, he forgot about it completely. "I... don't know. Uyeda is a name I made up. I don't know my real name." he said, a stale cold tone burning like ice in the man's ears. The kid had many troubles that would shape who he was for eternity but the man didn't want to just let this kid drift through life having done nothing successful. 

A few days later, he called Uyeda to the back garden of the shop and proceeded to talk to him in a tone that Uyeda had never heard him talk in before. It was like a calm and gentle tone that was also demanding at the same time. "You've been researching and training that water magic, right? Show it to me. I want to see it!" and so the boy did as he asked but to his surprise the man stopped it with ease. The man had also been infatuated with magic and was able to use two types of it. He had master earth and fire magic. Which made a challenge for Uyeda but he didn't actually want to fight him. The man helped him train for a few more years and gave him a second book. "I've learnt a second magic, no reason as to why you can't." he paused "But, I want you to keep this book for when you're nineteen. Do not open it until then."  Uyeda nodded and looked at the book, almost confused.

The training, working and everything the man offered Uyeda helped him live a reasonably normal life. As time went on and on, the man got older and older but closer and closer to working out who Uyeda really was. He had searched hundreds of archives but still didn't find anything but he got a few leads from people and made his way towards it. And, while he did this, Uyeda continued to work on his magic skills and his research. Under all of this, he tried his best not to look at that book. Even the cover was hidden until he nineteen. Uyeda wanted to read it so badly but he learned that patience was a good trait to have. Unfortunately, as he got closer to figuring out who the kid really was he contracted a horrific disease and was told he didn't have long to live. He accepted this and went on with life as usual, neglecting to tell Keiji about his condition. 

As he anticipated, when he died, Uyeda had found him in his bed, assuming he had died in his sleep from a heart attack. Uyeda took surprisingly well to losing the first person who cared in his life but deep down it affected him quite badly. He didn't show it though. He continued the old man's research to find out who he really was and when he turned nineteen, closed the shop down and headed for a city nearby that would hopefully offer him some information. The man's body was buried in the back garden as an honor to the amazing work he did. 

The book stayed by his side and he had one extra item with him. It was a mask. A black and white mask that the man had given him many years ago for when he was too afraid to show his face to anyone. The boy had loved it and the scent of his father-like figure stuck to it as if not wanting to ever leave. Whenever he put it on, he found it hard not to smile and be happy. Though, he kept it in a nice and clean place just so that it didn't lose the smell. Today was the first time he would be venturing around a city as an adult. Nervousness and anxiousness were only a few words that could describe just how he felt.

Sharing: Was invited here via an old friend. 

Posted on February 29th 2016 12:51 PM
Mana: 5000


Oops, seems like we found a few things that need to be fixed while checking your application. But no worries! Simply fix the following things, repost your application in the staff center and we will take another look.

The things that need to be fixed are:

  • Staff decided that Heavenly Water is unfortunately no option at the moment. Because of Heavenly body, for example if you take this magic later as a secondary, we will allow to change the name to Heavenly Water of your  primary magic. It just looks to much alike in name only and that might confuse other members. 

Posted on February 29th 2016 05:25 PM
Mana: 500

I completely understand! I changed it and I hope this change works! o:

Posted on February 29th 2016 05:32 PM
Mana: 5000


Congratulations! Your character has been accepted to Fiore RP. Before you do anything else, we would like to ask you to set up your bank account (here) and your character sheet (here). After that, you are free to start roleplaying!

We wish you a lot of fun!

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