"--Moving and shuffling--

After receiving the letter telling him that he must head to magnolia and meet someone, he had instantly set out. The journey was going to take a while but using that time he would read over the letter once more.

"Dear Kazuo,

Please head to magnolia to meet up with one of our clients. He has a very important job for you and you have to get it done as fast as possible. The job is very simple and shouldn't take too long but don't take a three day period off because I know you too well. Don't mess up. You know what happened last time, moron."

"Of course he would say that. He always says that. Sheesh, whatever. The job will get completed, don't you worry about it, Master." he said as he continued to walk. He realized that the scenery was very beautiful. This was the first time he hadn't taken the train and he was originally meant to be getting on it but he got lazy and didn't want to wait so decided just to walk there even though a train would have been way faster. 

On his way, he got bored and decided to camp out for a second to get food but he didn't stay for long and ended up getting back to his journey pretty quickly. "Well, I look forward to seeing you Mr. Client, whoever the hell you are." He groaned.


Travel: 1h 30m