Packed and sacked and ready to leave. Nastasya thanked Allen for the time in the inn and she was really satisfied what she had accomplished in Crocus. She had figured out that her father had last been seen in Magnolia, which was a step to go. Well apart from a step to go to was it also one of the answers she was looking for, of course it was highly possible that Regulus didn't stay at one place anymore but there was a new way to go, besides she would find a Fairy Tail member and shake the crap out of him. Fairy Tail had protected her father and here were the consequences. 

She sat her stuff in the train and was glad that it wasn't so busy as in the city itself. She had heard that the Circus had moved to Magnolia too so probably it would be busy, besides didn't that city love festivals. Crap something she didn't like too much lately. She would find out. She opened the address book of the man from Hosenka and wrote it down in her own little notebook together with her favourite circus tents and so on. She definitely would visit first, just so she could relax.