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Aspect Strengths/Weaknesses

Fire represents temper, which can be counteracted with uncontrolled anger. Anger on its own is part of balance, but only if controlled. The more the person is able to control his anger, the better he controls the element of Fire. 
The element of Fire is represented by a Lion, whose temper has brought him the title of the king of the jungle.
Hosts with the element of Fire boost Zhao's Magical Attack, but leave the persons Physical Resistances lowered.

Water represents a person's adaptability. A person with an adaptive mind can be a master of the element of Water in no time, but a rigid and stubborn person can easily lose its control. 
The element of water is usually shown as a serpent, bending in every single corner possible and highly adaptive instincts. 
Hosts of the element of Water increases Physical Speed to allow the user to think of new creative tactics midway battle, but Magical Speed will be lowered in trade of it.

Earth is the element of stability, which can be brought down by insecurity and doubt. The more sure and stable the caster stands, the more willing the element of Earth is to work along. 
The element of Earth finds inspiration in the tortoise, which can withstand more disasters - like aging - better than humans.
A host of the element of Earth allows to user to withstand the worst with increased Physical Resistance, but will mostly await the end of it, as the user's Magical Attack will be lowered. 

Air is tied to joy, and can be strangled by stress and worry. A mage of air and wind will be gifted in good, joyful moods, but can lack during stressful moments. 
No better example of the element of Wind's inspiration can be found but maki's, who will see the most devastating battles as a game. 
The winds of a Host allow the user to increase his Physical Speed to keep the joy in situations, but will that comes at the cost of Physical Resistance.

Lightning relies on willpower, but can be suppressed and be unpredictable under fear and indecision. A lightning strike can get to any place it wants, but if the user's will is stronger than the one of the element of lightning, it can be controlled and strike where needed. 
The willpower of an eagle is what inspires the element of Lightning, as an eagle will never back down and will show no fear to foes.
Lightning strikes rarely, but when it does, it will leave catastrophic damage. When a host of Lightning is used, the user's Magical Attack will increase. However, the willpower necessary can be bad for its Health.

Ice is tied the to patien

Darkness is fed by the fearless, and will grief those who fear. Darkness marks the faces that fear it, and blesses the faces which stand fearless in its way. A single drip of fear might turn into the final drip of blood when opposing darkness. 
This power was first shown by a black cheetah. Its battles were furious, and there was no way it would back down into a fight. The moment it decided to run, it would turn out suicidal. If a battle looked grim, the only option was to increase the damage dealt. 
A host of this grim element allows the user to increase his damage in the same manner as the black cheetah, but will lower the defenses.