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Zhao Kiba

Posted on February 22nd 2016 03:26 PM
Mana: 1210

Name: Zhao Kiba
Age: 26
Birthday: February 8th x767
Gender: Male
Guild: Sabertooth
Magic: Aspect of the Elements (Take Over)
Insignia: Left shoulder in green

No man should break his word. Zhao is honest, and when asked will never lie. However, if provoked to lie - or at least, not to speak truth - Zhao will attempt to remain silent. If someone where to commit a crime near Zhao, and he would have a reason not to tell, he would not tell unless asked. Exceptions given of course, as Zhao is loyal to those who deserve it. 

Stay true to your one's own perspectives. Zhoa wishes to be seen as a priest or monk of the elements. The elements are one of the most important parts of his life, and he nearly worships them as if they were gods. When provoked, Zhao calls upon the aspects of the elements to aid him in battle. Calling upon the aspect of fire will grant him increased damage and will turn his attacks into fire attacks. As a monk, he does not speak very often, and most of his emotions are quite calm. Mostly when it comes to combat, seriousness is to be expected from Zhao. Learn, practice and train are key parts of Zhao's life. 

One cannot fight without purpose. Zhao wishes upon peace and balance. All elements united, the world should be able to atone to peace, but due to emotions like anger, the world with not be in balance. 

Mind, body and soul, to be in perfection. Zhao trains a lot, and wishes to get stronger every day. This is also to make sure he is able to achieve peace and balance. 

Good things come to those who wait. Zhao is patient when he is justified to. When someone makes it look like Zhao is waiting for nothing, he will make sure he waits for a good cause. 

Impurity is only a distraction for the weak. Although Zhao wishes to achieve peace, he only accepts elemental magics. Other magics are impure, and actually should be purged. Zhao is not willing to do so - yet - but one day wishes a world with only the primal magics, the elements. 

Titles and epithets exist to make a man stand out among equals. Zhao is proud, which can cause him to be rude from time to time. 

Speak only when required to speak. Zhao can be silent, unless asked to speak. This can cause issues when it comes down to mysteries and such. As stated before, he will not speak unless asked to. 

Trust only those who trust you. Zhao has issues to trust someone. When someone shows that he or she trusts Zhao, he can make it much easier to trust someone. He looks around for people who can teach him more about the elements and vice versa. Like said before, he like to learn and practice. 

And please describe why you picked these likes and dislikes.

  • Respect. Zhao almost demands respect, as he lives for the sake of other's peace and balance.
  • People who show that they are open to show trust. Zhao has issues trusting people, but when people show that they can be trusted, he'll trust them one way or another
  • Travelling. As a seeker of knowledge, travelling comes by default. Zhao travels around looking for masters to teach him more about the elements. 

  • Distrust. Almost nothing can be more frustrating than not being trusted. 
  • Non-elemental magic. Zhao thinks of non-elemental magic as impure. 
  • Extreme emotions. When someone is being hyperactive, flat-out angry or anything extreme, Zhao loses interests and tends to stay away from those kinds of people. 

Zhao stands around one meter eighty five (1.85m/6'1"). He usually wears traditional, elemental/priest clothing. His hair is quite long, usually in a ponytail. The band used to make this ponytail is usually hidden by a silver ornament in his hair, showing a Chinese dragon. His eyes vary between the elements. When he has his Fire Aspect active, his eyes turn lava red/yellow, while with earth, they turn green. When nothing is active, he appears to have grey, colorless eyes. 

Faceclaim: Jiang Wei from Dynasty Warriors.

Zhao Kiba is from calmer seas. He grew up in a calm village on the edge of a forest, the sea and on the hill of a mountain. Being close to the elements from birth may have caused Zhao to take this path, but no one can tell for sure. When he was little, Zhao used to walk around a lot. He used to go on small adventures with his grandfather, where he would take him to the center of the forest, or on one of the hillsides of the mountain. This is how he grew up.

Later, during the start of his teenage years, he started to gain understanding about the forest, the seas, the mountains: every element involved. This world was created by those elements. Zhao learned more and more, and began to get obsessed over it. For six years, he had studied, taking all the free time of his teenage years. Yet, he had not practiced any form of magic. That came later, when the village became more and more tied to governments and taxes. The village did not want that, but instead wanted to maintain their own economy. A free village. 

Yet over the months, more soldiers came by to claim land or money, sometimes even people for the army. It was then that Zhao learned about controlling elements. He gained understanding of hosting the elements in his body, allowing him to use the powers the elements granted. For two more years he practiced while the village became more overrun by soldier, when Zhao as well was taken for the army. He was forced to abandon his magic for the sake of the army. It was not an army where magic ruled, it was an army where metal ruled. 

Months after starting his training at the army, Zhao was sent to the battlefield, where he was the great minority of soldiers. It was then, where he understood the true nature of the elements and peace. War was no solution. It was only a cause. Balance is what peace should be like. He left the battlefield unharmed and did nothing but travelling. Looking for masters of the elements to study with. 

One day, he ended up in Fiore, a land of magical properties. A man who practiced the element of fire came across his path in Clover. He taught Zhao a lot about fire, and showed him what a guild is. More specifically, he showed him Sabertooth, where he could train with the best. This was a perfect starting point for Zhao to continue finding peace and balance. 

Posted on February 22nd 2016 04:35 PM
Mana: 5000


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