Dear Scáthach,

I don't know if you will ever receive this letter but for the sake of it, lets say you do. I am worried about you to be honest. I have seen you for weeks and weeks and all of a sudden you simply disappear form my life. Are you alright? Is there anything I could do for you? 

Or maybe the most important question that sort of bothers me is, where are you? I hoped to find you in Hosenka but when I didn't, I actually went to Crocus to find you, but well Crocus is rather big and as you can see from this letter, I didn't find you. And I feel like a stalker but I mean it all very well. I actually miss you Scáthach. I hope I see you soon again and that you are indeed alright. 

Sorry for this ridiculous letter, this is really the first one I wrote to another person than my mother. 

Kind regards,