It had taken longer than she originally anticipated, but finally her contact her come through. Danika wouldn't have called it 'coming through' however. His information had been shoddy at best, but right now, she had nothing else to go on regarding any sightings of Kieran, so Danika decided it was time to move on from Oak. It was a pleasant enough place, but the information had pointed in the direction of Hargeon and it had been a while since she had visited the port town. She packed her possessions into her travelling bag, what few of them there were, and shouldered it before leaving the room she had been renting for her time in town. The inn keeper was nice enough and she said goodbye to him before setting off on her way.

The sun was getting closer to the horizon as she made her way out of Oak and along the trail that would lead towards Fiore's east. It was the same road she herself had cleared not too long ago and, as she walked, she kept a wary eye out for the pothole that had eventuated from that job. When she passed it, Danika smiled and continued on. She wasn't too concerned about travelling into the night, given the path she was taking, so Danika kept on her way, humming to herself as she walked and gathered random twigs to snap every now and again. Soon enough she would be in Hargeon and Danika could admit that she was looking forward to it.

It had been so long since her last visit that Danika couldn't really recall all that much about the port town. Then again, she hadn't really stayed in town long enough to learn it that time. This one would be different though, she promised herself as she walked.

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