It wasn't until she was halfway through her current job that Danika realized that perhaps she was a little out of her depth. She had just been browsing the town request board, looking for something to keep herself occupied while she waited for a guy to return with some information, when she'd noticed a request that seemed... well easy was how she would have termed it. Repair some broken climbing gear and earn herself a nice little fee. What could go wrong? So Dani had taken the request form from the board and headed off in search of this 'Jason Hill' and his home. Soon enough she arrived and introduced herself, before he showed her into the room where he kept the gear. Danika had to admit she had been impressed by the size and scope of it. Clearly this Jason fellow took his climbing very seriously indeed. He showed her the broken equipment and then said he would be leaving her to fix it while he ran a few last minute errands and he would be gone all afternoon. Danika could only nod before he was gone. Oh well. She worked better without a hovering requestee anyway.

After she had settled into the chair at the table provided and began to look at the equipment, Dani started to feel a little uneasy. Sure, she'd operated some climbing gear in her life, both for work and personally, but nothing quite like this. This was... advanced and she was not. Especially not in the art of mending. Heck, she didn't even know what half of this stuff was. Danika sat at the table for a few minutes while she considered her options. She could simply wait and tell him she couldn't do it, but then who knew how long it would be before he returned. He had said he'd be gone all afternoon and that wasn't exactly and pinpoint return time. Plus then she would have wasted the afternoon and gotten absolutely nothing out of it. Finally, an idea came to her. Jason had said he was too busy to fix the equipment, and she certainly couldn’t do it, so why shouldn't she just get it done professionally? Two birds with one stone and, with a little luck, Jason would never even know.

Decision made, Dani sprung up from the chair and gathered the equipment, stuffing it into one of the bags before climbing out one of the window. She then took off as fast as her body would allow towards the shopping district. It didn't take her long to find a store that would do what she needed and Danika slipped inside as the bell above the door gave a little ring. It was empty, thankfully, and she presented the shopkeeper with the equipment from the bag. “I need to get this stuff fixed as soon as possible,” she said, trying not to pant from the exertion her run had caused. The keep examined it for a few moments, just long enough to make Danika feel a little antsy, before he nodded and carried it into the back of the shop after she paid him. To occupy herself until then, Dani began to wander the shop, looking at the various things on the shelves. When the bell above the door rang again, she peeked through the shelves to see none other than Jason himself!

In a panic, she ducked down and listened as he made his way to the counter, collected a package from the shopkeeper and then left again. Danika let out a sigh of relief once Jason was gone and then resumed her wandering. She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but finally the shopkeeper reappeared with her stuff and presented it for her inspection. It may as well have been another language to her, but she played the part, checked it over in a thorough manner before nodded and collecting it. Giving the man a smile, she made her way out of the shop and started with a jog back towards Jason's home. Thankfully there were no more close calls like before and Dani made it with no trouble.

First, she checked to ensure that Jason hadn't returned, but when there was no sign of him, Danika scrambled her way back in through the window. She slumped down into the chair with a small groan of relief and emptied the bag out onto the table. Hopefully that shopkeeper had done his job correctly and this wasn't going to come back to haunt her later. Soon enough, though she wasn't actually sure how long it had been, Jason returned and Danika showed him the mended equipment. Like she had before, he examined it, pulling on the occasional band or clip and Danika watched with baited breath. Finally he seemed happy and nodded. “You have my thanks,” he said, pulling a coin bag from his pocket and offering it to her.

“My pleasure. Nice to meet you Jason,” Danika replied with a smile and then headed for the door with a wave.

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