Isao headed off from his hotel in Hosenka as soon as the sun came up the next day. I didn't get to finish going to all those tents, and there was much more to see for sure. Isao said to himself as he headed out to Crocus. It was a rainy day and the weather on the road dampened Isao's spirits and made him more and more upset as he got wetter. This rain is really getting on my nerves. If it doesn't stop soon I'm going to be drenched before I get to Crocus. Isao grumbled. He had never been to Crocus before and besides the rain he was excited to finally visit the capital of Fiore. With all the sights in Hosenka he hoped that Crocus would be just as interesting yet maybe a little less chaotic. Isao had enjoyed his time in Hosenka but it was a city to visit, not stay. Too much eye candy. Isao contemplated as he found a tree to rest under while the rain continued to pour down on him. He watched as some travelers walked by, all dressed in rain coats and warm clothing. What I would give for an umbrella. He said to himself as he got back up and continued on. Well I'll be in Crocus soon, and the first thing I'm going to do is find a good room with a bath so that I can clean up and relax. Isao joked as he saw the top of the capital buildings over the next hill.  I'm almost there...

Word Count: 275/250

ETA: 1 hour and 30 minutes