So she didn't show at the Circus. Maybe she had never gotten the letter that he send her. This was the reason why Akiva decided that he should maybe move to Crocus to see if she was there. He should maybe train more and harder if he wanted to do something like protect her. He was already close to being strong but would it ever be enough. He was probably going a little insane. He didn't really know what to do as he lay in bed and absent minded stroke Karou her fur. Could he leave his cat alone for a week? Should he take Karou with him? He looked at the black kitten and pushed her softly away while he got up and got ready to eat and leave. He packed a back that he could sling across his shoulder and what would be easy to walk with. He would open the window so Karou could go out and about and find food. It wasn't as if he was really her owner. He walked back to his bed to inform Karou about what was happening and her soft mew made his heart a little heavier. 

But he had to do this. So he stepped out of his appartment, not much later. With his bag and old black leather jacket he walked down the stairs and decided to take a good walk from Hosenka to Crocus. Simply to be able to clean his mind and know what he would do once he got there. 

1 and a half hour till arrival in Crocus.