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Phantoms in the Capital [Social | Dizz & Nasty]

Posted on February 14th 2016 08:41 PM
Character deleted

Sinestra had not been keeping track of the time, but if she had to guess she would say it was well past noon by this point. The sun was high in the sky, pouring in from the window of the room she had acquired in this inn. The innkeeper, Allan, was an old friend of Master Durain and so he always let Phantom Lord members stay here at cheap prices. He also knew the importance of secrecy, or perhaps he was just afraid of what their master could do, and so Sinestra always felt more comfortable staying here than anywhere else when she was in the capital. She had just woke up due to being out late the past few nights investigating an issue of top priority. There was someone running around the capital causing chaos claiming to be a high ranking member of Phantom Lord. The guild didn't need any extra attention on them, or any attention at all for that matter, and so when she had caught word of this Sinestra had decided to investigate immediately. Unfortunately she had no idea who this man was or what he was capable of and so she wrote to Master Durain to see what he wanted her to do. She was told that another Phantom Lord member would be arriving soon, though the Master seemed to not find it necessary to give her a name, and that she should wait. So, she had waited, and today was the day her "reinforcements", for lack of a better word, would arrive.

Sinestra made her way over to her suitcase and pulled out one of her black, white and red dresses. She was quick to dress herself and do her hair, putting it up into pigtails. She then slipped into her red high heels and last but not least tied her black bow around her neck, with the white, frilly cloth attached to it covering the bright purple Phantom Lord insignia that could be found on her chest. Normally she preferred to leave it exposed, but the capital could be a dangerous place for that, and like she said their guild didn't need to draw any attention. Once she was dressed she took a quick look in the mirror, putting on her pearl necklace and putting her pearl earrings in before heading downstairs.

The common room of the inn was relatively crowded, as to be expected in the capital, especially at an inn as nice as this one. The bar was almost completely full, as well as most of the tables. Sinestra looked around with a frown on her face, but it wasn't long before the innkeeper noticed her and made his way over to her. With a grin on his face, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I saved you a table, all the way towards the front, the side opposite from the door. No one should bother you there and your friends should be able to spot you quite easily." He then walked away as if nothing had happened, making his way around to the other patrons of the inn. With a smirk Sinestra made her way to the table he had indicated was for her and sat down, waiting patiently while keeping an eye on the door. She motioned a barmaid over and ordered a bottle of red wine, pouring herself a glass before placing the bottle in the center of the table. Now all she had to do was wait.

Posted on February 14th 2016 09:00 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya had had a busy day yesterday. She had taken the midnight train to Crocus and well here she was rather in the early morning. She wondered if Dizzery would be here. She knew exactly where to go for there was only one inn where you were sure to be safe when you were in Crocus. Not that anyone would be so stupid to attack Nastasya when you were alone. She pulled her suitcase and her bag with her. Crowley flew a little above her and cawed. Which he only did when something was about to happen. So she dropped her stuff and got ready, but it was only a black raven. She stared at the animal that dropped a letter in front of her. It must be from the master. She had heard this was how he contacted with people. 

She quickly and eager opened the letter. It was indeed from Master Durain. Did he recognize her trying to become impressive? There was a smile on her face. 
"Dear Nastasya,
I heard you were going to Crocus, I hope I catch you there. Someone needs to help Sinestra with investigating an issue in Crocus. Someone is making fun of us Phantom Lord. This person should not live to see another day if you get what I mean. Check out what he has done and report back to me. You will find Sinestra in the Inn from Allen. When you introduce yourself, start with it's me. She will know it's indeed you.

Master Durain"

She pocketed the letter in the inside pocket of her black coat and nodded at Crowley. The raven was already gone. Now luckily she was heading towards the inn already so Master Durain had catched her at the right timing. She should have maybe told Dizzery about this as she picked up her stuff again and made way for the inn. Which wasn't difficult to find, she had been here before. "Hello. I would like a room please." She said towards Allen after she assured him that she recognized him. She brought her stuff upstairs and walked back into the common room of the inn. It was really busy and she tried to remember the name Sinestra and what other memories she had of this person. She remembered something about blonde hair. 

There was a girl in front of the bar side. Close to the door and she walked there with quite a steady pace. "Sinestra right?" She asked although she was right sure. "It's me, Nastasya. I came to help you."

Posted on February 14th 2016 10:05 PM
Character deleted

"--A new place, same faces--"

It had been a long journey but Dizzery had finally arrived by the train. He had got the last train that was an hour or two after the midnight train and had just arrived here now. The train had apparently arrived an hour ahead of schedule so Dizzery was now here an hour before he intended to be here which was actually a good thing. It meant he had spare time until he had to find an inn and that was it. 

Being Dizzery, the first thing he did was head over to a food stall and bought himself five hot-dogs and ate them all. He then found a drink stall and bought three sodas, devouring them within minutes of buying them. Dizzery was very greedy. His face grew wide as he looked around the place, discovering all the cool little things. It seemed people didn't know he was a mage which was perfect and he had his jacket on, covering his Insignia so that no one knew he was apart of Phantom lord. That would have been awkward, getting caught out here like that. 

He decided to ask around a little to see if he could find a good inn that he could go to. He wasn't sure of any of the ones that he had walked past because they looked sorta sketchy and he didn't like entering sketchy looking buildings since anything could happen once you were inside them. He continued to ask around but unfortunately they kept recommending the same ones that he had already seen and refused to enter. 

Dizzery began to walk up town a little, into a quieter area with a lesser amount of people and asked around there. They all suggested this one inn that was a little more northwest from where he was now. He nodded and began to walk that direction. He popped into get a small coffee at a cafe before finally reaching his destination. The building looked nice and wasn't as sketchy as the other buildings he had previously seen. He remembered something about Nastasya coming here as well, it'd be nice if they could meet (breaking the fourth wall like a fucking champion) but he doubted that would happen. 

The boy pushed the door open, swishing his hair to the side a little. His blonde streak appearing more obvious than ever because of the lighting of the room. He walked towards the counter and asked for a room and then handed over the jewels. He flicked his head in a right angle to scan the room and what the hell do you know? Nastasya was sitting in the corner with another person who seemed to be her friend? He couldn't tell but they were talking to each other so it was all he could assume.

He would walk over to Nastasya and give her a little hello and then he would ask to sit down beside them. He hadn't heard at all what they were talking about but (TO SAVE TIME AND TROUBLE) if the girl asked if he was in Phantom lord like her and Nasta, he would nod and say yes. 

Posted on February 15th 2016 04:01 AM
Character deleted

Sinestra had been sipping her wine, holding her glass in her left hand. While she was doing so she held her right hand out before her, twirling a small piece of paper between her fingers. As she did the paper would change color. First from red to blue, then to yellow, then to white and so on. Around the time she had finished her glass of wine a woman approached her, calling her by name. Sinestra let the paper she had been playing with float off into the air and vanish. Naturally she assumed it was the other member of Phantom Lord that was supposed to meet her here, who introduced herself as Nastasya. She looked familiar and Sinestra knew the name, but she didn't know all that much about the woman. Sinestra greeted her with a smile and gestured for her to sit down. "Ah, you look familiar."

She would wait for Nastasya to take a seat before continuing, her voice normal but low enough so no one else would hear their conversation. "So, Master Durain sent you, then? I'm sure he explained the problem to you, yes?" She studied the woman before her and decided that she liked what she saw. She was getting a good feeling from her. She picked up the wine bottle and refilled her glass, the placed it down off to the side. Taking a sip she asked, "Would you like me to have them bring you over a glass? I wasn't planning on finishing this bottle on my own." If she said yes, Sinestra would motion for a glass from a barmaid, who would bring one over. She figured the other woman would want to get right to business, but there was a fair amount of stuff to go over, so there was no reason not to enjoy the time spent going over it.

Not long into the conversation a young man entered the inn and made his way over to their table. Sinestra looked up at the boy and gave him an annoying, disapproving look. "Is there a reason you're over here?" She then turned to look at Nastasya and took another sip from her glass before crossing her arms. "Do you know him?" She turned her gaze back to the boy and looked him over, a look of annoyance still plastered on her face. She wouldn't answer his question about sitting down, as she did not know who he was. She would wait to see what Nastasya said about whether she knew him or not. If not, there was going to be a problem.

Posted on February 15th 2016 12:05 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya took a seat when Sinestra seemed to recognize her and motioned for her to sit down. She moved the chair back and sat on it and stared outside a little. She had a feeling about this situation and for now she didn't like it too much. She turned back to look at the blonde woman. Whom asked if Durain send her and if she understood the situation. "I think I do. He didn't say much in the letter I got. Someone is making fun of Phantom Lord, pretending he is a member probably. Master said you were investigating the situation." She frowned a little, it was not as if she didn't trust Sinestra to investigate but why they needed her was a question. But she wouldn't ask this question right now. It wasn't important, she could ask this later as they had a lot to discuss. 

"Yeah why not." Nastasya answered about the wine. She didn't drink that much but it was fun to have once in a while. She continued to frown. "What did the man do? Master wasn't very clear?" Nastasya waited to ask more questions when the barmaid came with the second glass and even filled it. She twirled the glass a little in her hand, making sure that the wine didn't spill. Before she could take a sip, oh well she started, and looked over the glass towards Dizzery. Her right eyebrow moved up as she saw Dizzery pass him. 

She switched her eyes between Sinestra and Dizzery. "Give me a moment." She turned towards Dizzery whom sat next to her. "What do you think you are doing? I said I was on business. You can't suddenly join me." But she frowned and looked back to Sinestra. "Let him stay. He is my kouhai. He can learn a lot as to when being punctual." She didn't look so happy with him and moved back towards Sinestra. "Where were we."

Posted on February 15th 2016 04:36 PM
Character deleted

"--Unwanted and forgotten--"

Dizzery moved into the table and took a seat beside Nastasya before giving a small pout. It wasn't his fault that he showed up, he just happened to be recommended this place by a passeryby. He agreed that it was actually a nice inn and that he wanted to stay here but he saw them and decided to come over. Unfortunately that would have been hard to explain so he decided not to say anything when he sat down and took a small soda from within his bad that he kept handy. He popped it open and drunk it quietly not disturbing their conversation at all.

He figured this would be a good time to listen in and learn what it's like to be stuck in a massive city like this and have the chance of getting caught by the guards. He actually really liked the sound of that but then again it would also be incredibly stupid because if they did catch him, they'd probably torture him to get the location of the guild and that wouldn't be good because Dizzery wasn't good with holding his pain when it came to torture. Otherwise, he was actually quite good at it. 

He hadn't heard much out of the conversation yet, and was almost glad. It was probably something incredibly secret and the second he had heard it, they would threaten him and say that he couldn't tell anyone or he'll die and he already got the gist of that. Not long after sitting down, Dizzery began to get this very, very strange feeling that something horribly bad was about to happen but he didn't share this feeling with anyone else at the table because they might think he was stupid but Dizzery kept an eye out in case something happened because he didn't like this feeling. He was almost positive he could smell darkness magic being used somewhere and it was in a big quantity so it wasn't for something like a circus trick or whatnot, it was a genuine fight. Or, that's at least what he could pick up from the smell.

The boy looked a bit on edge but other than that, he managed to sit tight and listen to his master and the person sat in front of him and he would gaze over at the door every now and again, to make sure everything was in good order. He just couldn't get rid of this uneasy feeling that wouldn't settle within his stomach.

The boy remained still and silent, not saying a word...

(Sorry for my short post, I found it difficult to respond to what little was said x3 )

Posted on February 15th 2016 08:23 PM
Character deleted

Sinestra stared at Dizzery with a look of mistrust and discontent but said nothing further about it. Nastasya had said that the boy was with her and so the blonde haired mage simply shrugged and took a sip of her wine. "Very well, then." She wasn't going to pretend to understand the relationship between Nastasya and Dizzery, but it really mattered very little to her. However, the fact remained that Nastasya was technically her superior in the guild in terms of power and authority, so she wouldn't question her. At least, not right now, that would be disrespectful and not very ladylike of her. Turning her gaze over to Dizzery once more, she would ask, "I assume you have a name, yes?"

She would wait a short while for him to answer but after a minute or so she would continue on whether he answered her or not. Turning her attention back to Nastasya, Sinestra offered her a polite smile and a nod. "That's correct, though it seems Master Durain really did leave out the details." She paused to take another sip of her wine. "A few days ago I had overheard people talking about a Phantom Lord member causing trouble in the city. Of course, my first assumption was that one of the drones was acting up." Yes, she really did just refer to the other members as drones. That's how she saw anyone who just blindly followed their Master's orders and seemed to not have the ability to think for themselves. "But after looking into it, I discovered that the man in question was not a part of Phantom Lord at all."

Once again she took a pause to sip on her wine and while she did so she crossed her legs to get more comfortable. "The problem is he seems to have accomplices. I'm not sure what their goal is, but as I'm sure you are aware, our guild is one that doesn't need this extra attention. Only one of the men has been posing as a member, but while I was stalking him through town I saw him meet up with two other men, I'm assuming to discuss their plans. Since I had no way to tell if they were all mages or what kind of power they possessed, I wrote to Master Durain about the issue, and he informed me that I should wait until you arrived." She smiled again, though this time it was more of a devious grin than a polite gesture. "I'm sure you understand what the master wants us to do, right?"

Once she had finished better explaining the situation to Nastasya she turned her head to look at Dizzery again. "As for you, consider this your welcome ceremony." Her grin was even more devious now. "This is your opportunity to prove you fit in as a Phantom." She let out a little giggle, but even so her malicious intent would be clear. "I can't wait to see what you're capable of." She finished her drink and poured herself another glass to sip on while they continued to talk.

Posted on February 15th 2016 08:43 PM
Mana: 1315

At least Nastasya was proud that he didn't say anything. She couldn't have Dizzery bouncing enthusiastic and happily at this table. That wouldn't work well and she would give him a severe punch if it was necessary. But she was glad it wasn't. A Kouhai should understand the rules, everything he or she did would look bad on the senpai. That is if Dizzery made a bad impression on Sinestra, it would mean that Nastasya made a bad mistake for letting him join into Phantom Lord. But for now it was not necessary to judge about that. She continued the conversation rather calm, from time to time taking a sip of the red wine that Sinestra had offered her. 

She nodded when Sinestra pointed out that Master left out a lot of details. He seemed to be rather lazy in that way. He probably thought that she would get her information once she arrived. She wondered through the conversation how Master Durain knew where she was going. She put her left elbow on the table and leaned with her chin on her left hand. Her only visible eye, the red one, stared at Sinestra while she explained what happened. With every little piece of information that she gave to Nasty, the raven haired girl became a little bit angry. How dare people use the name of her beloved Guild and insult it. Indeed they needed to be punished and fast. 
Again Nastasya nodded when the blonde one pointed out that Phantom Lord didn't need extra attention. "Do you know where they are right now?" She asked once Sinestra explained the whole situation. Her eyes darted to Dizzery for a second but she didn't say anything and looked back at the one opposite her. 

Her face turned into a malicious snarl, yes she knew exactly what Master wanted from them. And she was actually glad that he trusted her with such a job. "I think we can take care of that for him." That's when Sinestra started to talk to Dizzery again. Nastasya eyed him while Sinestra spoke before she moved back to the young woman. "Don't worry. He will." Although she had never seen him fight, she looked stern at him, he better not disappoint her. 

Posted on February 15th 2016 09:30 PM
Character deleted

"--Do I know you?--"

Dizzery's eyes flicked back between this girl, and his master, Nastasya and he listened intently to what they were saying. When the girl asked his name, he would give it and add no extra words. It was a simple answer. They were talking about a guy who had pretended to be in Phantom lord and was stirring up trouble for them in the local area and not being very nice. Dizzery assumed they were going to torture him and/or kill him the second they found him and if so a small glint of light appeared in Dizzery's eyes.

He had listened to everything that had been said but he couldn't stop glaring over at the door occasionally and his "occasional" glare was noticeable but it wouldn't be anything that would annoy the two in front of him because he wasn't attracting any attention to himself. Though, the smell of the darkness magic was getting closer and wasn't dying out. If anything, it was getting even stronger. Not knowing what it was, was beginning to drive Dizzery insane but when he turned back to the girl and she said she looked forward to what he was capable of, he gave her a small and devious smile back, letting her know that she wasn't going to be disappointed.

As they would continue speaking, this infuriating urge was building up inside of Dizzery and was driving him crazy. Sure, he wanted to eat the magic to feel stronger and like he had more energy but he also really badly wanted to know who or what the hell was causing this increasingly high amount of magic, darkness that is, to suddenly be felt. Either there was a fight nearby, there was miraculously a dragon nearby or someone was specifically aiming to attract Dizzery somewhere but why would that be because he barely knew anyone... unless... They knew that he was a dragon slayer because that was pretty common knowledge around magnolia and all the Fairy tail members knew that he was a dragon slayer before he left. His eyes grew darker and darker before he quietly turned to Nastasya and whispered to her "Can you at least sense what massive amount darkness energy nearby? I don't know if you've been able to but I've been smelling it for a while now and it's beginning to infuriate me. You don't think it's related do you? I don't even know how it's possible for a mage below the rank of A to have this amount of magic..." he didn't want to piss off Sinestra or his master but he thought they should know. He talked loud enough for Sin to hear of course but it was aimed for Nasta.

Posted on February 15th 2016 10:16 PM
Character deleted

When Nastasya posed her question Sinestra shrugged. "The past few nights of me following him he seemed to always return to the same building. It's a small, abandoned shop on the other side of the city. Of course, I have no way to tell if he's there right this instant, but I'm positive that's the building this man is operating out of." The blonde haired mage shook her head, seemingly frustrated. "This could very well turn into a waiting game if we decide to wait there for him, but I'm not sure what other options we have unless we catch word of him causing more trouble in the town. Honestly, this whole situation is just ridiculous. People should know by now not to use the name Phantom Lord lightly."

She was able to hear what Dizzery was saying to Nastasya and she shook her head again. Great, the boy was insane. He could smell the darkness? What the hell did that even mean? Darkness wasn't an element that she was attuned to, so she wasn't very familiar with it, but she could tell anyone with complete certainty that it didn't have a smell. "Darkness magic isn't really my forte, so I'm afraid I do not know what you are talking about." What she really wanted to say was something about how they needed to stay focused and not worry about problems that weren't related to the issue at hand, but she decided against it. It wouldn't be a good idea for her to be rude about it in case it did in fact have some relevance to their problem. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it can wait. Master Durain, on the other hand, isn't someone we should keep waiting."

She directed her full attention back to Nastasya now, wanting some input from the more experienced Phantom Lord member. "So, what do you think?" She was hoping that the girl would give her at least something to work with, even if it was just agreeing with what Sinestra had said earlier. She had already been formulating multiple plans of attack in her head but none of them seemed to make as much sense as either waiting by the man's base of operations or waiting for him to make another move. To be honest, she quite enjoyed the idea of catching him in the act of being a pretender and showing him the consequences for his actions publicly, but that seemed to her like it would cause more problems instead of solving the one they have.

Posted on February 16th 2016 12:13 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya thought for a second when Sinestra explained about the location from the man. Waiting was rather boring and she couldn't say that she wouldn't do something different. "Give me a description once we go outside. I have a friend that can look for him." She looked outside at the metallic crow that was sitting on the street light pole outside. He stared at the three of them and she nodded slowly to inform him that they needed him soon. They would be able to find the man rather soon as Crowley was able to scan the crowd from above and fly faster than they could walk. "If we can't find him in that way, we'll play the waiting game on him." Which could be fun, if the waiting didn't take too long. 

A little bit annoyed that Dizzery was so focused on something else, she turned to look at him. Had he ever been in Crocus? She doubted it. She sighed, loud and clear. "Dizz. There are more people in this capital. Some from our Guild or Grimoire Heart. We don't have time to investigate everything. Yes I feel it too but it is not of our concern. We can't look into everything. Master asked this from Sinestra and me. If you want to investigate the Darkness, you can do that. But we have something else to do." She didn't understand why he was so bothered by that power. There were enough people from other guilds here too or guildless members that might be stronger than her and would use Darkness magic. However the energy he felt, could even be lower than hers. She only couldn't call upon her magic just yet, but the last time she had seen Dizzery and now, was different. She had became much stronger. She could even turn her body in shadows, if only she knew how it worked again but no one needed to know that at the moment. 

She turned back to Sinestra. "Let's go outside and ask my friend. We can walk through the city ourselves. Already going to the place where this man lived. Maybe we find him there or my friend would find him first. If we go outside I can introduce him." She gave a small smile that looked mysterious because she didn't give all her information at once. But it was not as if she didn't trust Sinestra at the moment, it was only smarter to show her before she would talk about Crowley. 

Posted on February 16th 2016 06:16 PM
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"--The end and the beginning--"

The boy gave a small sigh because what his master said was true, there was many different types of mage in this area that were probably exceptionally stronger than him and maybe that was what was putting him off. They had decided on everything they were gonna do and Dizzery had listened to it all as well, in case he needed to help them but he knew they were strong and he wanted to check out this energy. He sat there for a few more minutes but then he decided to get up.

"I'm going to check it out. It's bugging me a lot..." Dizzery rushed out of the inn that they were in and made his way towards the magic. It wasn't far from where they had been and it also seemed to be in a very secluded area with a very small amount of people, and guards. He ended up stood in a small alley and between him and the entrance stood a dark looking guy, who was staring directly at Dizzery. Dizzery felt a small chill go down his spine as he realized this guy was the one emitting the crazy amount of darkness and so Dizzery confronted him. He didn't think anything bad would happen but he was seriously wrong.

"You!" the man shouted, pointing at Dizzery. "I've been sent to kill you." and Dizzery began to laugh really hard. He was trying his best to take the situation seriously but he had barely done anything and he had just arrived at crocus. Only two people knew he was apart of Phantom lord and that was about it. Dizzery thought about the idea that the guild leader may have sent a member to come kill him but this guy seemed to be guildless and that was that.

"So, who are you and who sent you? I mean, I've barely done anything worth killing me for..." he said confused and almost infuriated that this guy was actually going to try kill Dizzery. He scoffed and laughed to himself. "As if." and the man, without saying anything else, charged Dizzery, slamming his fist into Dizzery's chest and inflicting a serious amount of damage. 

Dizzery's eyes opened wide in complete shock as he watched this mage slam his fist into him with a considerable speed. It wasn't something a human couldn't do, it just wasn't something you saw a human do everyday. 

"Your "friend" sent me to kill you. You didn't do as she asked and turned evil. Big mistake." he said with a bored face "She said you might actually be a challenge but I seriously doubt that at this point. I don't even have to use my magic." he said, this time with a smile before slamming his fist downwards into Dizzery, and the from the side with his other fist. (Dizzery has about 25 health at this point) Dizzery made an attempt to move towards the opponent but fell onto his knees, especially after the force of the attack that it him from above. He looked above him and decided that it was time to use his newest ability. One that he was certain would work against this opponent. 

Dizzery concentrated his energy into one spot in his body, covering him in shadows. He stood up and whispered "My turn." before making a ball grow between his hands. It was about 1 meter by 1 meter and didn't look like something you'd want to get hit by. He launched it with his full strength and aimed it directly for that guy but as it reached him, he simply side stepped it and looked back at Dizzery. "Weak."

He began to charge up a small amount of darkness into his hand and made a small looking spear like thing. It was the same as Dizzery's Darkness lance. The man would lunge it downwards, aiming for Dizzery's heart but before it reached, Dizzery used his next spell, shadow lance and hit the spear away from him, also destroying the lance in one swift motion. He gave a smile as he quickly pulled himself to his feet but before he could move a burning sensation hit his chest. It made him drop to his knees and made him unable to get back up.

Dizzery looked down only to see another spear had penetrated him through the back and gone straight through his heart. Everyone knew that you don't survive getting stabbed through the heart. In fact, it almost instantly killed in most cases. Dizzery fell onto the floor and writhed in agony as he slowly bled out.

"You're weak. It's why you lost. You always believed that you'd become a great mage and would become strong and almighty. Stop being naive and wake up." the spear that the man was holding piercing Dizzery's lower stomach and one more that was floating up in the sky, hit the opposite side of his chest, beside his heart and caused a small jolt of pure agony before Dizzery's body stopped twitching and his eyes slowly closed.

"Dammit... he... must h-have... used a spell that... s-summons more than one spear." he thought, in too much pain to say. Dizzery's eyes shut closed and the man gave a scoff. "A challenge? Pfffft. He was weaker than a common mage. Pathetic." the man said walking off, leaving Dizzery's limp body laying there in its own blood. 

/EXIT obviously/

(I know this was super abrupt but I have my reasons! Don't judge me harshly >:T)

Posted on February 17th 2016 05:05 PM
Character deleted

Sinestra nodded at the woman's comment. It seemed Master Durain sent her someone particularly useful. That was good, to be sure. She couldn't tolerate the people in the guild who needed to be told step by step what to do the entire time they were doing something. She hadn't really worked much with Nastasya in the past. The face and the name seemed familiar to her and she had definitely seen her around, but she didn't know much about her. She was curious to see how the rest of this little escapade would go. It seemed she had some knowledge of darkness from the way the two had been talking, so she was eager to see what her magic could do. Darkness magic could be quite powerful depending on how it was used. "Let's go outside, then."

As she stood from the table she looked at Dizzery and shook her head. "I don't understand a single thing you're saying, but do whatever you need to do." With that she turned hear head towards Nastasya and smiled before heading towards the door. She looked around for the owner of the inn but couldn't seem to find him anywhere. Oh well, he would notice they were gone sooner or later. She even left the rest of the bottle of wine and had paid for the whole thing, so he had  that to look forward to as long as some drunkard didn't grab it. Once she was outside, she turned to face Nastasya and crossed her arms out of habit. "So, where's this friend of yours?"

Posted on February 17th 2016 05:54 PM
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Nastasya stood up slowly, hands on the table. She was sure that Crowley would be able to find him and otherwise it wouldn't be that big of a problem to wait, the only thing was that it would make her bored, but there would be things to do once she was ready. She sighed almost inaudible. She had heard Dizzery and it was kind of pissing her off that he was so eager to go outside and find something that wasn't there problem, it didn't even bother her even though she could feel it. It was stupid and it bothered her, his behaviour, not the darkness. But he said he would go and find out what it was. She mumbled a good luck towards him before he really left and followed him not much later. Returning the smile to Sinestra and opening the door for the two of them to head out. 

Once outside, Sinestra immediately asked for her friend. She walked a few steps out of sight of the inn and beckoned Sinestra to follow. She went around the corner of the inn, in a small alley way. She whistled and Crowley flew towards her from the lamp post that was in front of the inn. "Sinestra, may I introduce you to Crowley. He can be very helpful." It was as if she wouldn't accept any talk back from Sinestra for that matter. "Hello." Crowley said politely, even giving a sort of bow from Nasty her shoulder. "Can you describe the man so Crowley can look from him from the sky?"

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Sinestra followed Nastasya around the corner of the inn and into the alleyway, although she was kind of surprised by what came to happen. The woman whistled and a crow flew around the corner, landing on Nastasya's shoulder. The woman than introduced Sinestra to the crow, which surprised her even further by talking. A grin grew on her face. She was able to see how this crow would be quite helpful in a variety of different situations. "A pleasure."

When Nastasya continued on to ask her to describe the man they were looking for to Crowley, Sinestra nodded and began to give the crow a description. "Let's see. He's of average height, maybe a few inches taller than me at the most. He has dark brown hair and wore a tattered black cloak that flows behind him. All of the times I saw him he was wearing this cloak." She paused for a moment, trying to think about what else she could recall about the man. She wasn't sure what good all of the minor details would do from an aerial view but decided to give them anyway. "He was built rather lean and didn't have very big muscles, but looked in shape and agile. His eyes were an emerald green color, or at least appeared to be from where I was standing." She thought some more but couldn't think of anything else. "That's about all, I'm afraid."

Turning back to Nastasya, she smiled and asked, "So, how do you want to go about this. Should we walk around the town while your crow checks on their base, or the other way around? Or did you have something completely different in mind." She would take a more passive role here, acknowledging that it was a guild issue and the other woman was her superior, at least when it came to things involving the guild. She was quite sure the woman's magic was more potent than hers as well. "I'm sure you have a lot more experience in these matters than I do, especially when the guild is involved."

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Nastasya and Crowley both listened to what Sinestra described about the man. "The Cloak must be a good point. I'll try to find him like that and keep the other details in mind." Crowley said before he took off by flying up and leaving. She had given him the details. "He'll check the city, we can go to the hide-out. It's better if we check if they are inside. Crowley can't do that." She moved out of the alley and looked left and right before she removed her eyepatch. She hoped Sinestra wouldn't be surprised by that, she wasn't sure what she would say. She was intruged how Sinestra could remember so much details about a man, but than again she had followed him a couple of times. Nasty was bad with details, faces and names, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the next time she met Sinestra she would only know it was beginning with a S. The name that is. She had already recognized her face as one that had been just as long or maybe even longer in Phantom Lord as her. 

She wanted to make a few steps into a direction but she had actually no idea which direction. "Please, lead the way." Before she continued with the fact that she had some experience. "I have a bit of experience. This is the first time Master asked for me though." He must have heard about the murdering and think that it was her doing because of the dollmakers. She wouldn't be surprised if Master knew more about everyone than they thought. She had not told many people about her parents, but Master Durain simply knew a lot. Maybe he even knew Rafael, the demon. 

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Sinestra nodded at Nastasya's suggestion for them to check the hideout. "That makes sense. The hideout is only a few blocks away, if I recall correctly." Which of course she assumed she did, considering she had been there a few times the past few days. It was an area of town that not many people seemed to visit anymore, most of the shops being closed and most of the homes being vacant. She wasn't sure what had happened to clear the area out like that, but it was really none of her concern. What mattered was that she knew where it was. She began to head off down the street, turning her head and motioning for Nastasya to follow her. "This way."

She would lead them down the main street, seeing no point in taking alleys or other shortcuts that would only make them appear suspicious if they were to be spotted. There was a decent amount of people out and about and it wouldn't do for them to draw any attention to themselves. As they walked Sinestra would try her best to keep up conversation with Nastasya so they wouldn't be walking in an awkward silence, but she wasn't exactly sure what to talk about. The guild wasn't something she could talk about in public and she knew very little about Nastasya, so she decided to start with some small talk, even though she didn't particularly care for it. "Nice day for a walk, isn't it?" What she really meant was she was excited to hear this man's screams when they found him, but that wasn't something you normally started a conversation with.

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"--New beginnings--"

Kazuo had been sent to crocus by the guild leader for no reason it seemed. It was as if he sent him here to have a holiday. When did that ever happen? Never. Kazuo knew this wasn't a holiday and that something had happened or was going to happen. The guild leader, Durain, seemed to know everything and got his information from God knows where. Kazuo's archive didn't even have that information in it yet and he had been using it for a very, very long time.

So, not knowing what to do he simply wandered the streets, keeping an eye out for anyone or anything that looked interesting and for the first few hours he noticed nothing besides a high amount of darkness magic that clashed with another and then one died out. He simply assumed someone had died and he honestly didn't care because that happened a decent amount so what was one more? His eyes wandered from side to side as he gave a bored sigh and then he walked towards the center of the city. Or, he was going to but his eyes met something very interesting. A fellow guild member. They had been in the guild for a few years at least. He didn't know the black haired girl very well at all but he knew sinestra a little as they had gone on a few requests together every now and again. It wasn't often though, so they didn't know each other exceedingly well and they weren't "Best friends" or anything stupid like that. 

He decided to watch them for a few minutes. "So, is this why you sent me here, master? That's just playing dirty..." he said, giving a small chuckle as he began to close in on them. When he approached them, he would make sure they saw him far in advance and he wouldn't flat out approach them because that would have been risky in this crowd so he simply signaled and then began to walk a distance away from them, meeting up with them whenever they next got to a spot with less people or somewhere completely hidden. To everyone else, he would just seem like some lonely guy walked around town with his head down. Nothing too special. Thought, he did have a slightly evil grin set upon his face.

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Nastasya kept her eyes on the sky to see if Crowley would come back, she had actually no idea how fast he was and on the ground she simply had to follow Sinestra. Which was't that big of a problem. She started to like this woman a little. Nastasya wasn't one on many friends. She never had any until she met Lilith but that seemed a long time ago and she wasn't sure what to do with it. Secondly was Minerva that she lost in the neighborhood of Grimoire Heart. She bet that one was busy. She wasn't sure what to do about it all but now that she was alone she was set out on a mission to do stuff and it worked. Not only for herself but also a mission for her Master and that was today. She wondered if he wanted for her and Sinestra to kill the man. If he worked with two others, she could think of that, let it be a warning for the other two. 

Nastasya looked back at Sinestra when the one asked about the weather. She smiled lovely because she wondered if Sinestra was worried about her or maybe afraid, although she doubted that last one. Wasn't it weird if you were longer in the guild and some sort of 'rookie' had to come to help you? Well Nastasya had trained a lot so she was no longer a rookie. "I prefer snow." She answered quite easily, figuring or thinking that Sinestra tried to get to know each other better. However before she could explain why she noticed the guy and again being not good with faces and names, she didn't remember him. "Do you know him?" She asked in a whisper, quickly following by: "I'm from far north, we almost have snow all year." Because she didn't want him to know she noticed him, in case it wasn't necessary and the other way around. 

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Unlike Nastasya, Sinestra had been paying very little attention to whatever it was she had noticed. She was busy surveying the crowd, not really looking people over in detail unless they seemed like they were the person they were searching for. If they didn't appear to be the man she was searching for she didn't really care who they were or what they were doing and so she wasn't interested. "Hmm? I'm sorry, know who? I was looking through the crowd for our target." If someone had been deliberately trying to get their attention, it only half worked. Sinestra hadn't really noticed anything, but it appeared Nastasya had. "Whatever it was I'm sure it can wait, if it's necessary for us to look into it at all."

Deciding to continue on with the conversation and not worry about whatever it was Nastasya had seen, Sinestra smiled and continued talking. "The snow is pretty, I have to admit. But I think I would get tired of it if I had to be around it all the time." She was the type that preferred to sit out on the beach in the sun than be in the cold. Although there was something oddly captivating about snow that made her enjoy it. "It shouldn't take us much longer to get to our destination. It should be another two streets down or so, then we just have to walk through some alleys that will take us right to where we want to be."

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