"--Leaving Hosenka and heading to the capital--"

Dizzery, after a lot of preparation, finally got around to leaving Hosenka. He had finished with his visits to the circus and he had done everything he had needed to. He had trained with Akiva and he also joined Phantom lord thanks to Nastasya. He made his way towards to the train station and got onto the train, using a train ticket he bought and he found a nice seat that was comfortable. The train journey wasn't too bad, Dizzery got to think about a lot while on this trip and looked forward to being in the capital. He knew they'd have a training ground and he was going to go to it and get stronger. He learnt a lot from his fight with Akiva and maybe he could find someone to train with again. But then again, maybe he was going to try and train alone this time.

The train reached the Crocus station and Dizzery would jump off, arriving in the capital. Who knew when he would next return to Hosenka. Maybe he'd return to see Akiva or maybe to get some nice food again but for now, he was going to be in crocus for awhile.