"--Popping in before I leave--"

Dizzery was giving a recommendation for a tent at the circus by someone he had met and he wanted to go check it out before he left Hosenka and made his way towards the next town. He headed towards the circus for one last time in Hosenka and managed to not get into a big line at the ticket booth. He stepped through the tunnel and smiled as the light hit his face upon exiting it at the other end. 

He figured it would be nice to buy one more hot-dog and one more soda before leaving, so he did so. When he was finished, he began to look around for the tent he had been recommended. He entered a few of the wrong tents by accident but eventually found the right tent. He wandered in not knowing what to expect exactly. His face grew bright when he saw what was in the room with him.

"--Once upon a wish, a tree that stood tall among the others--"

Dizzery stood in pure awe at the beauty that was before him. It was a big tree that had tons of little tags upon it, the leaves were pure green and the bark was a good brown color. It was definitely a healthy tree, one that had a lot of virtue. He was fascinated by it and smiled. He was, this time, greeted by another lacrima that ruined his mood a little but not much.

"Welcome to the Wishing Tree Tent! A tent in which you place a wish on the tree, using the tag and only you and the tree can read it. Place only one and make it a wish you solely desire."

Dizzery listened to the lacrima and then moved towards the beautiful tree, picking up a small tag as he moved closer to it. He didn't exactly know what to write but then something came to his mind and he wrote it down instantly and then stuck it to the tree, staring in awe for a few more seconds. It wasn't something you saw everyday and it genuinely was a very beautiful tree. His wish was to see his mother again, his dragon. 

After a few more minutes, he took his leave and began to head to the exit of the tent. There was only one other person in the tent with him, so he didn't feel uncomfortable at all. If there was a lot of people, he might have felt nervous or uncomfortable writing down a wish and sticking it up. Even thought it says no one else can read it, he would feel slightly paranoid.

  He headed out of the tent, headed to the food tent, bought a soda and then made his way to the exit of the circus one last time. He didn't think he'd have ended back here once more but he did and he was glad that he took the time to come see the wishing tree. He didn't regret it at all and if he could, he would recommend it to anyone that planned on going to the circus, just like the person that recommended it to him. 

He left the circus grounds and headed for his home. It was time for him to plan his leave and to get going on his way to the next town.