"--A third day, unlike the others--"

For a winters day, it was surprisingly not cold. Dizzery was able to go out in just a normal shirt and wasn't cold at all. He made a few stops on his way to he circus, including the cafe for food, the local drink store for a nice and delicious drink and then finally a small shop where he could buy himself a stupid looking hat to make the experience even better. He lined up at the ticket booth once more and stepped through the long tunnel and reached the end, once again. 

He instantly made his way to the food booth again and bought two hot-dogs in case he got hungry at any point and then he headed towards the closest tent because he was too lazy to walk far away to another tent. As he stepped in, he was not greeted by a lacrima this time but rather a small sign. 

"--The eternal wish--"

The sign that he saw the second he stepped into the tent read: "All those who have a desirable wish, take a stone, write on it and toss it into the pool. No sound will be made and a dream may come true." Dizzery stared at the sign for a few seconds then stepped a few more paces into the tent and seen one of the most beautiful sights in his entire life. A small looking pond, bordered by black rocks that fit in each place perfectly, a small tree situated just beside the pool and a few small pond plants that grow naturally. You were to write a wish on the black rocks and throw them into the water and apparently there would be no sound. That couldn't be right though. There was always a sound when something hit water, so maybe it was just an extra advertisement to make people come or something


After Dizzery wrote his small wish upon one of the black rocks, he gently throw it into the water and there was seriously no sound at all. Just silence. He stood there for a few minutes to take in the extremely peaceful vibe and then opened his eyes and took it in visually before deciding to head to the exit of the tent. This was definitely one that he enjoyed being in due to the everlasting silence and peaceful vibe that was everywhere inside. 

He stepped out that tent and gave himself a small smile. Everything seemed to be different on this arrival. Everything seemed to be a lot calmer and a lot gentler. He wasn't in Fairy-tail anymore, he was in Phantom lord and was grateful to be there. He wasn't surrounded by a lot of crowds or annoying and loud people but rather a small amount of nice and gentle people. It was actually perfect for his personal preference and he decided to go on about the day like it was any other normal day because it basically was.

His eyes met the next tent and it looked different from the others. It was a black and white tent on the outside and had a nice pattern. He decided to head towards this tent, taking his time with each step to savor the time and experience here. He did look a bit weird with this little hat that he had on but that was fine with him, it was a circus, the one place you couldn't judge people for being weird because there was always someone worse or, depending on how you view it, better.

He finally reached the tent and then stepped into it and was surprised with what he saw. It was incredible and fascinating. 

"--A beautiful and magical ride--"

Dizzery gazed upon the massive looking ride and gave a small smile. He wasn't one to enjoy circus rides that much but this one looked really fun. It took up most of the room in the tent meaning there wasn't anything else in here so he decided to head towards it and stood where he could get on. Luckily, he wasn't greeted by a lacrima for the second time and he saw it as just pure luck. 

The ride stopped for a second and Dizzery managed to hop onto it and it began to move. There was the occasional scream because of course, there was always someone who tried to make it more interesting for themselves or tried to convince others that it was fun but Dizzery didn't think screaming was really needed. It was a very good ride and it made weird movements but it wasn't too fast and didn't go too high so there was nothing to really scream about but then again, there was all sorts of people in the world and he shouldn't be one to judge. The ride went on for about ten minutes before hitting the end again but he decided to stay on for one more round. It had lights on it that flashed occasionally and small seats in the shape of animals and mystical beings that you could sit on. Dizzery chose the dragon. There was a few other people in the tent with him and there was a popcorn booth at the entrance of the tent for some reason.

He heard someone talk about being motion sick so he couldn't go on but then someone said something else and he got on. The person didn't seem to affected at all and was just fine being on this ride by himself. Was he lying about being motion sick? He seemed to be completely surprised and was in almost complete awe at the fact he wasn't puking his guts up and was actually really getting into the experience and this made Dizzery smile a little. He loved watching people be able to do things they never used to be able to do. It was just an incredible thing to watch. The happiness, the enjoyment and everything else. It just seeps into the heart and warms it.

The ride finally came to a stop again and he hopped off, heading towards the exit of the tent, grabbing some popcorn on the way out. 

So far he was definitely enjoying his visit here. The second tent he chose wasn't as quiet as the other obviously but it still had a very peaceful vibe that Dizzery seemed to love so he enjoyed it equally. 

He took a few more minutes to appreciate everything and then headed to the food stand, grabbing a drink and more hot-dogs. He was a hungry guy today. He jokingly blamed the insignia but he knew that wasn't it. He was just a hungry person but he hadn't been eating too much lately but he was back to his normal eating self and was just eating whenever he could, be it popcorn or a hot-dog, he was just devouring everything in path. He finished his food fast and headed towards the next tent he had been eyeing for a few minutes while eating. As he headed there, he noticed another really interesting looking tent and decided that's where he'd go after this one. It had a very unique smell. 

He wandered into the next tent and by pure luck, still wasn't greeted by a lacrima but instead a person. He gave a small smile to himself before the person came over to greet him.

"--A trip to the past, through smells.--"

The boy gave a small smile as he stepped into the tent, not greeted by a lacrima for a third time but rather a human. The human also wasn't super enthusiastic which was a good thing. Something different about this tent was that it was very small. Nothing like the others at all. The tent was stocked full of jars and that was about it. A small carpet covered the floor, there was dim lights to create an atmosphere and there was small tables to hold all the jars that were scattered around the room everywhere. 

The man said to Dizzery "Please enjoy your stay. Go to a jar, open it and smell the insides, it's bound to make you happy. Give it a try" with a small smile, the man said. Dizzery smiled back and said thanks. He stepped into the middle of the room and decided which jar he wanted to open first. He wanted to take his time so he flipped a coin and decided on a jar on the left side of the room. He opened it and it shot into his nose, making him feel at complete ease. He felt happy and at peace with everything around him. The smell reminded him of a flower that he used to love when he was a child. He chose a good jar to open first.

He headed to the right side of the room and tried out another jar, getting a much different smell now. This time it was of a pool of water that was near where he used to live. It wasn't anything amazing but the smell was unique and so Dizzery loved it a lot. He almost didn't want to leave because this tent was so good but after opening about eight more jars, he decided to leave so that other people could get in and be able to move around a bit without being crushed by strangers. The boy headed to the exit, waving at the man who stood there before actually leaving.

This was a good day. He had managed to get three tents that didn't have lacrimas, he managed to get three tents that were very peaceful and he managed to have a good time. two out of three times he actually had fun at this circus and he was happy about that. The boy gave a small smile to himself as he gazed around at his surroundings and then turned his head back towards the other tent he had his eyes on. He believed it was finally time to head to the last tent before he left the wonderful town of Hosenka. It truly was miraculous. He thought they must've got a fortune from this circus. Especially with all the crazy tents they had, like the aquarium and the seven seas one. He loved those two tents a lot and wished he could go back but that wouldn't be fair on some other people so he decided not to and instead headed to the one that he thought had a unique smell. His foot hit the edge of the entrance and he already knew he was going to love this tent a LOT.

"--Candy, candy and more candy--"

Dizzery's foot reached the edge of the entrance he knew this was going to be a tent he'd like. He entered it and the second his eyes meet the walls and the surrounds, he gave a massive smile like a small child about to get their first lollipop. Again, by almost pure luck, he wasn't greeted by a lacrima and gave a small smile because of this as well. He had a pretty big smile at this point. A man approached him and with kind eyes, told him that the inside walls of the tent were all edible and delicious but not to eat too much or you might get sick. 

Dizzery gave a small chuckle and made his way right to a wall. He dug in instantly and the taste of the liquorice shot through his entire mouth, almost making him drool a lot. He saw a marshmallow patch and decided to steal a bit and nommed on it. The room itself was very interest. There was even chairs that people could sit on and what seemed to be some tea. That was nice. Dizzery didn't like tea and didn't really feel like sitting so he decided to just continue eating the wall and then ended up getting a small stomach ache and felt like he was going to puke. The man standing near the entrance laughed a little and said that he had warned Dizzery. Dizzery smiled and nodded before making his way to the entrance of the tent and left, leaving the tasty tent behind.

Overall, it was a great day. He had definitely enjoyed this visit to the circus more than the first and about the same, maybe a little less than the second visit. The boy smiled at the sky and then headed for the exit. He guessed it was about time he had left the town and headed for a different one, maybe even the town where he guild was situated near. Oak. He wasn't sure though because there was one other town he really wanted to visit before going anywhere. 

The boy left the circus, leaving on a good note with a small smile and a warmth in his heart. The circus, and the memories, would stick with Dizzery for a long time and he would tell his friends to go visit it in the future when he finds out it actually does go to other towns and doesn't just disappear into nothing.