Nastasya had to do something while she was here. She was getting restless and she needed to distract her mind. The train that she would take to Crocus was leaving tomorrow. She had packed her one suitcase and her bag and was sure that it would be alright tomorrow. She was done with this hotel that hated her but than again they couldn't do anything to her. She had the right to paralyse the person that touched her stuff when it wasn't necessary. She walked with quite a pace towards the Circus. She had the ticket anyway and had not seen all the tents, so why not use this opportunity. Crowley was sitting on her shoulder and she wondered what the Circus would say about it but she didn't care, she would make sure that they would allow her friend inside. 

She waved to the people at the ticketbooth and showed her ticket to the member of the circus that checked. She thought about going to the Gingerbread Tent, because of all the candy but she had been there before and she didn't feel like sitting down. So she ordered popcorn again and shared with Crowley and walked around the tents before she finally decided to go The Carousel. That thing was huge when she entered the tent.  She looked at Crowley, "What should we take?" She already walked around the Carousel, she seemed to be at the perfect timing for people could join right now. She pushed a child away to make way to one of the horses. She wanted first pick. The kid didn't seem to notice that tripping wasn't her own fault but she found something else and Nastasya had the three horses for herself. Which Crowley gladly took as an opportunity. The Carousel made weird moves and went up and down and she heard people scream and laugh at the same time. She thought it was getting pretty dull after a while but she liked it better than doing nothing. When the ride was done, the two of them jumped off. Crowley sat back on her shoulder when they exit the tent and she looked around again to find something new. Next to the Carousel was The Ice Garden. It might not be smart to go there, she was afraid it might bring back memories of her parents, however on the other hand, it might bring back the revenge she was looking for instead of just being angry all the time. She didn't want to be angry all the time. The tent was rather small but when Crowley and Nasty entered, the two of them realised it was much bigger and expanded by magic. They looked at the sculptures and for the first time in her life, Nasty was afraid she might trip thanks to the ice. But nothing happened. She wondered if her parents would have wished that this was what she would have done. Well sad for them she turned out like this and now hunting for her dad. He wouldn't live to see much days. 

It was true what she had thought, the Ice Garden didn't make her much happier, so she walked to one of the other tents. She picked one random and thanks to Akiva she had found out that there were name plates instead of just seeing what was inside. So she joined the Aquarium, but before she could continue to the door that was inside there, one of the Circus people stopped her. "Sorry miss but your pet can't join." She looked from the person to Crowley and turned back to the Circus member. "There is too much water inside, I can't promise the magic would work for it." She nodded and looked at Crowley that shrugged and flew to a bar in the circus tent. He would wait. Nastasya continued to walk to the door and opened it. She could immediately see the water, but it didn't came out of the door. She stepped inside and took a swim. They should maybe explain this. She saw turtles and all sorts of fish. Purple, black and white, orange and white, blue and yellow. Many more. It was rather impressive and she felt sorry for Crowley that he couldn't see it but she would try to tell him everything. So that's what she did when the two of them went out of the tent again. 

They joined the Drawing Room where Nasty was excited about being able to draw things that came to live. So she drew the fish with the chalk on the blackboards. Crowley looked in awe and she was so glad. She didn't even think about making monsters. she didn't feel like breaking the rules today. Crowley tried to draw something but it didn't really come to life, it was difficult to draw with your beak. She threw the chalk back in the bucket and the two decided to do something else, eat somewhere for lunch and maybe check the last things in the hotel. Sleep early.