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Phantom lord recruitment? (Guild recruitment/Nastasya)

Posted on February 13th 2016 10:26 PM
Character deleted

"--Hello again. How are you?--"

It was another cold day in Hosenka and Dizzery was out and about, getting food and just checking out this city that he was discovering. He wasn't going to go to the circus today but maybe tomorrow. He was trying to take it a little easy due to the fact he still had the injuries from his fight Akiva, so he had a noticeable limp and a slight cringe in his face, each time he put his left foot down. He was definitely liking this place so far. It was nice, had a lot to offer people visiting and the people were nice. Not only that, the guild was very well known around here and apparently they were good at helping the local people. That was good. Dizzery hadn't been that involved with his guild and slightly regretted joining it because he felt like it didn't suit him at all. The two guilds he had been taking an increasing interest in were Phantom lord and Grimoire heart. He had being doing some research on them both and the biggest amount of interest went towards Phantom lord.

Dizzery wasn't sure how he would even join it though and he would have to go somewhere probably far away to find the guild hall that's probably hidden anyway. He gave a small sigh and continued to walk around Hosenka looking at things. He wondered if he would see Akiva or his other friend, Nastasya. Well, she had to go last time he saw her and sounded rushed so she may have exited the area but he didn't know. A few minutes later, he decided to head towards a small shop that was renown for their good coffee and food. He headed there and entered it, sitting down at a table close to entrance. The waiter came over and asked what he wanted. He told them, paid and got his order. He enjoyed it a lot but while he was here, he took the time to read a book he found in the local libraries. Its name was 'Dark and light guilds: What to watch out for' 

After reading it, he was almost disappointed because he expected more from a book that was meant to be the best of the century. He sighed, stood up and made his way towards the entrance. When he stepped outside, a hard breeze hit him and gave him a small chill. He turned to the left and saw a familiar-looking person slowly walking through the city. He decided to go say hi.

"Hey there, Nastasya was it?" He remembered she didn't like his enthusiastic mood, so he stuck to his little talk mood. "I had assumed you left town, guess not." he said, with a facial expression similar to the one he had when she left the tent at the circus.

Posted on February 13th 2016 10:34 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya was walking around the city, dressed in a black goth lolita coat and having her hood covering her hair. It was the same coat that she had worn a few days ago, at the circus. So it was no surprise that Dizzery recognized her. She almost groaned with annoyance but decided to keep it in as she stared with her one red eye towards Dizzery. She decided to smile towards him, he didn't seem to be too hyperactive at the moment. "Hello Dizzery." She said and she looked him up and down. He just came out of the café on her left. He was carrying a book. She frowned a little when she read the title. "I thought you were in Fairy Tail, don't you know enough than?" She was meaning the Dark Guilds and the rest. That book was ridiculous, it couldn't even provide the right information. Master Durain had made sure of that. 

She planned to leave the city tomorrow but she could understand why he thought so. "No, I had a lot of stuff to arrange and had just realised. Besides I had to get up early in the morning. But yeah that worked out." She was a little weary of the knights in Hosenka now though and it might be better to leave soon. But she wanted to give the circus one more chance before. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 10:50 PM
Character deleted

"--Maybe, Maybe not.--"

He looked at her with the same face. "Yeah, I am in Fairy tail but I was looking at the dark guilds part. I've been looking at Phantom lord and grimoire heart. Mostly phantom lord, been looking to maybe join it but I don't see how since I don't know where the hall is nor anyone in it." he ended up nearly ranting so he stopped himself. He wasn't aiming to do that but giving a short answer was hard. "Regardless, this book is crap." he sighed. His voice was lowered so that no one heard him. It would cause trouble if people knew he was aiming to join a dark guild. Well, he had just told this girl he barely knew. She could fuck him over and tell the guards but he was willing to risk that.

He nodded at what she had said. "I apologize about the circus. Didn't mean to be annoying, if I was." he wasn't sure if apologizing was the right thing to do but he did it anyway just in case. The boy looked at the sky for a second and then back to the girl. He wasn't sure if asking her to go on a little walk was a bad idea or not but he went with it anyway.

"Wanna go for a small walk? Maybe have a little talk? I've got nothing better to do." he said with his sharp tone again. Nothing changed. The boy then looked at the massive crowd heading towards the circus and decided to go the opposite way because he couldn't be bothered dealing with big crowds, that was if she wanted to go on a walk. If she said no, he'd completely understand. He also felt like he was talking too much but he couldn't really help that in this situation because anything smaller wouldn't make much sense. The boy began to go into deep thought about the whole guilds thing and was a little sad that he would probably have to stick to fairy tail but he wouldn't mind too much. At this time, he was also just hoping the girl, Nastasya wouldn't tell everyone that he was aiming to join a dark guild but she didn't seem too social so that's why he felt like there wasn't much risk. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 11:02 PM
Mana: 1315

What? As soon as Dizzery started to rant about Phantom Lord, Nastasya got a little angry. She couldn't almost hold herself. She didn't say anything but steady pushed her lips on each other. She wasn't saying it, she wouldn't scream. She ignored the part about the circus and tried to calm down. She felt like she had to calm down before she would throw away her mana by throwing spells to one person that could eat her spells. She was so annoyed that she at first didn't know what to do and almost start shaking in anger.

When he asked to go for a walk, she softly murmered an okay. That she would go with him, he started to walk in the opposite direction of the circus and that was good. She pulled him along to walk faster because she was getting more and more annoyed. "This is your lucky day Dizz." She said with a voice that sounded pissed off. "For you talked to a Phantom Lord member. But never do that again. The reason why that book is crap is because we don't talk about our guild, doh." She crossed her arms and stared at him, she lowered her hood and her red eye seemed furious. She almost wanted to take off her eyepatch to seriously show how pissed she was but probably this was already enough. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 11:14 PM
Character deleted

"--Fair enough.--"

Dizzery looked at the girl and and watched as she began to walk a lot faster, making him walk faster as well. When she turned and mentioned that she was a phantom lord member, he stood there almost in shock. He wasn't sure what he said that had pissed her off so much but he wasn't going to mention it. She explained that the book was crap because they don't talk about their guild a lot and he agreed cause that was fair enough. He looked the girl that seemed very pissed off up and down but didn't ask her anything.

"Fine. I can understand why you're pissed off. I won't do it again." he said to her in a less-sharp tone cause he had no right to be an asshole in this situation. He actually went to ask her a question but decided to wait a few seconds. Not that it'd make very much different anyway. 

"S-so... Would I be able to enlist in Phantom lord...? Or...?" he said calmly, doing his best not to piss her off at all. She looked very pissed and he didn't want her trying to kill him with her spells or something like that. He wouldn't be surprised if she honestly tried to kill him at any point, and for some reason, he would almost just accept that fate. The boy looked back at the girl and slid the book into the top pocket of his jacket. He had to return that later on but he would leave that till, as said, later because right now he was dealing with this girl. 

"So, what's Phantom lord really like? I mean, if I AM going to join, then could you tell me? If not, then keep it secret? I mean, I don't really deserve to know but I'm asking in case" he said almost worried that she'd pop and get really pissed off but hopefully not.

Another hard breeze blew by...

Posted on February 13th 2016 11:21 PM
Mana: 1315

She raised her eyebrow. Not sure what to do with him. His sharp tone was at least gone and she tried to calm down a little. Spells were no use anyway, but she could punch or pinch him. Would be rather fun. "You better not do it again, for I'll hunt you down." She murmered maybe not that audiable this time but she was sure he wasn't stupid and he would actually shut his mouth. He asked the question if he would be able to join and she walked around him. "Why would you? Weren't you happy in Fairy Tail? What made you suddenly think to go all bad?" Well that wasn't true Phantom Lord was actually a chaotic neutral guild, but they had a lot of people, like her that didn't mind the killing part neither torture or anything else that would be counted as savage behaviour. She ignored his next question because she first want to know his motives. Was the Darkness eating him? Was he turning evil? She tried to find it but she couldn't. Besides she didn't know how bad his darkness was, hers showed her death and demons and much more and she liked them as friends. Besides she couldn't be really called a sane person now, could she? 

"If you are material, you should first have to prove it to me. I don't understand how you simply make this step from the annoying hyperactive Fairy Tail to Phantom Lord. As you should know, our master hates Fairy Tail the most." Not that she specifically knew why, there were rumours going around but she didn't intend to tell him. Besides Fairy Tail would piss her off too, just like they did when she first met Dizzery. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 11:35 PM
Character deleted

"--So many questions...--"

"I only joined Fairy tail because it was the guild that my mom wanted me to join. I didn't think it'd be that bad but it doesn't suit me. I cannot kill without being called out by the guild and I cannot do anything evil. Sure, It was stupid to join a light guild. But, I'm not and never was loyal to Fairy tail and would rather serve under the guild leader of a guild like Phantom lord" he said, looking down at the floor. He did this on purpose to show that he wasn't trying to act big and was trying to simply tell her the truth. He assume she'd probably get angry and want to kill him more but he understood that. He heard her say he'd have to prove it to her and he nodded. "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." he said with a serious face. Since she was actually in the guild that he wanted to join and had probably been there awhile, he decided to treat her like she was his older sister giving him an order.

He watched her circle him and began to think about what he said, making sure it made sense because he was telling the truth. Mostly. He wasn't lying about wanting to be loyal to PL but he was lying about his mom telling him to join Fairy tail but, he still didn't want to join it that but he did anyway because he had heard it was the best in the area and he needed to be in a guild at the time. 

He continued to talk in a calm tone to make sure she didn't get angry or pissed off and he kept his head, and eyes, slightly down as if looking up to the girl stood near him. He didn't want to annoy her.

Posted on February 13th 2016 11:47 PM
Mana: 1315

So his mom told him? Stupid reason but she could understand how you wouldn't say no to a dragon. And maybe he had been a lost cub that didn't know what to do. "Would you kill? Would you do everything to protect your guild? We're officially noted down by the Magic Council as chaotic but neutral. Which we are technically, we never bother anyone else but the people that bother us. If you want to go on a hunting spree on innocent people and guilds, you can better join Grimoire Heart." She stopped walking around him and looked at him in the eyes. She removed her eyepatch and her green eye stared at him and behind him for eventual ghosts. But she didn't see much, were his hands still clean? "Did you ever kill?" She asked. She wasn't sure though the way he had acted in the Haunted Tent could tell her that she would rather give him the benefit of the doubt but she had to ask these questions. She wasn't carrying a stamp from the insignia but she could make that with her shadows. It wouldn't hurt of course. She was actually already a bit convinced, but she was sure that if he made one mistake. She would hunt him down and probably kill him. Even if that meant that she would lose half her power because he was the Darkness Dragon Slayer. 

Posted on February 14th 2016 12:03 AM
Character deleted

"--A small token of gratitude--"

The boy looked at her and nodded before answering her questions. Or question, whichever.

"I'd do anything to protect my guild even if meant killing but I don't take enjoyment in mercilessly killing innocent people and guildies of other guilds. I'd get my hands dirty but never for a stupid reason. Take revenge as a valid reason." he said, in a calm tone. she had asked if he had killed before. A personal question but yes he had. And the person may have surprised her.

"I killed my biological father." he said in a slightly darker tone but nothing that much different than his previous tone. He kept his head and eyes down to make sure she knew he wasn't trying to act bigger and was showing respect to someone he'd basically call his master, as well as his guild leader. She had been in the guild leader and she would be the only one he knew, meaning he'd try stay near her more than anyone else. He may even try create a team with her but he wasn't sure if that was her sort of thing and he wasn't entirely sure if she would actually recruit him yet so he held that off.

"I killed him because he tried to kill my mother. No. He did kill my mother. My biological mother that is, not my dragon mother." he paused for a second while clenching his fist. His face grew angry, as if he still wanted to inflict pain on his father more than anything but his face calmed down quite quickly. "But, I'll do whatever it takes to show my loyalty, be it kill someone that is hurting the guild, be it simply show I wanna stay for a period of time or even just act as a slave for a week or two" he paused again "But I guess that last one was a bit silly..." he said.

His head still tilted downwards.

Posted on February 14th 2016 12:14 AM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya nodded and looked at him again. "Look at me." She said and she stared at him again when he looked at her. "I think you would fit fine. But keep in mind we're all quite loners. Don't ever try to bother your upperclassmen. They don't even bother if one of the newbies is getting killed. They would even help to let it happen. We reside in Oak, the city knows we own them. We have the Guildhall on the hill, when you enter Oak you would immediately see it. It's a little outside town. Now I'll be leaving Hosenka soon. I might go to the Capital. I don't know where you are going or what your plan is but you better visit Oak sooner or later. Than it leaves the question if you are ready to join?" If he would say no, she would stare at him and she would not recruit him again and might kill him on the spot for telling him where Phantom Lord was or just stalking him to see if he would visit Oak and see what happened. They would kill him without insignia. She had joined three years ago and had seen that happen once. If he would say yes, the smoke would form the Phantom Lord insignia. "Where would you want it?"

Posted on February 14th 2016 12:30 AM
Character deleted

"--On the shoulder--"

He listened intently to everything she said and made absolutely sure this was what he wanted before nodding at her. "Yeah, I'm sure I want to join." he would remember that the guild hall was in oak and would remember not to bother the upperclassmen. That was something he didn't plan on doing anyway because he would feel like they wanted to kill him and he'd be offended and probably try attack them and just end up dead anyway, so he was going to avoid that. "Place it on my shoulder, please" he would say, lifting his jacket and shirt, showing his shoulder and giving her a place to put it. When she had asked him to look up he had. He also noticed her green eye but didn't say anything and acted like he had never seen it. He also had a question for her that he wanted her to answer but he felt rude just outright asking but he went ahead anyway.

"Erm, every apprentice needs a master, right?" he would say, his head tilted again simply to show respect. He wasn't usually one to be such a 'beggar' but at the same time he was a very Obedient person in general. He was actually hinting to the fact he wanted her to teach him or become his master. Or... to start a team with her but he assumed she knew what he meant and just stopped talking. He was slightly worried that she'd ask him to like get on his knees to be like 'Tell me you're loyal' and such but he wouldn't know and if she did he'd have to do it.

Dizzery would cringe at his attitude and the fact he was basically degrading himself but he knew it was only right to show his loyalty and respect for his older peer. His eyes stared at her feet and he continued to make sure that she knew he was respecting her but he lifted his head to make eye contact and stopped looking down because it was probably annoying her. He just went back to his normal mood and thanked her. 

Posted on February 14th 2016 12:58 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya her shadows formed the insignia and she let it push his shoulder where it would stay forever or until he decided to leave. Which he shouldn't do for she would make sure to beat him up. Maybe not kill but who cares. She was now responsible. She was actually planning to leave but he seemed to have one more question. She didn't even say welcome to Phantom Lord, that was not something they did, now did they?

Her eyes turned a little bit big in surprise for the question about being his master. Or well that's what she got out of this. "Sure." She said after a little silence because she had to think about it. "I suggest though that you first do whatever you want. I have some business to take care of. Once I'm done I'll send you a letter and meet you back in Oak. It might take a while though." She said because it was true. She first had to get her hands dirty. "I will see you later. If you need me. I'm in the Capital." She turned around and waved at him before she headed back to her original destination. 


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