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Bumped [Akiva]

Posted on February 13th 2016 01:31 PM
Mana: 1315

Still having found no news of her father, Nastasya was rather sad today. She had ben almost a week in Hosenka in which she had killed more or less three people in her second day and hid herself in her hotel room to think of a new plan and a new strategy. All maps and papers where in her room to calculate stuff but it rather bumped her out so she wasn't that happy. Being bored wasn't a good thing for Nastasya and that's why she decided that it might be smart to go to the Circus again. Crowley didn't feel like going, so he remained in the hotel room to watch their stuff. Especially since a lot was on the floor. She might leave again tomorrow. 

She still had a ticket for the circus that would be available for the rest of the week. So she headed there in a red woolen dress that covered her body tightly and stopped around her knees. She was wearing her black goth lolita coat, open, so people could see her dress and black dr. martens. She thought she was fine but a lot of people stared at her. Either at her pale but bare legs or her eyepatch or even both. She didn't care. She ented the circus again and tried to figure out which tents she already had. She skipped the performance of the show after the ticket booth because she had already seen it. She actually felt like eating something but not something like a hotdog or popcorn but sweets. 

She asked one of the staff members of the circus where to find a place to eat something like sweets and he guided her to a tent that was called the Gingerbread tent. She entered and looked at the room with bright shiny eyes. She thanked the man and headed to one of the chairs. Someone served her tea and she started to crumble little pieces of sweets of the wall to eat it. Wonderfull! 

It didn't take so long before someone sat on the chair opposite her. There was probably no other chair left as it looked very busy in the tent and well every table was placed near a piece of wall for someone to eat. She stared at the man with blue hair and wondered what she should say. She was still not in a good mood but when she looked at him, she had the idea that neighter he had a good mood. She offered him a piece of candy because what should she say anyway, he looked like nothing would be fine. She wondered if he thought the Circus disappointing, just like she did on her first day but on the other hand it might have been the company. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 05:53 PM
Mana: 1445

He had been running around the circus and the city for a couple of days and had not find Scáthach. Was he obsessed? He wouldn't call it that but he might make it a little annoying. Although... so did she. The idea that she might be ignoring him wasn't what was bothering him. He was afraid she was in trouble, not that she couldn't handle herself. She was pretty smart and simply strong enough. But yeah it kept bothering him. He had a ticket for the circus in Hosenka for a whole week and he didn't really know what to do with it but just go there again. It might take off the foul mood that he possessed at the moment. The same he had when he first met Dizzery. But that had been fine. 

So he continued walking towards the circus and passed the ticketbooth. He watched the show again, with the snow and the colourful smoke, but just like the first time, it didn't make him happier. Maybe because he knew it was coming that he could pay more attention to it because he was rather impressed now. It didn't look like light on the smoke, it was the smoke that had the different colours. He entered the circus plaza and walked around a little. He stared at the names of the boards in front of the tents. He had been at the Stargazer and at the tent of clues, so he didn't need to go in there. He actually wanted to sit somewhere and just sit it out. He moved to the Gingerbread Tent, it was really busy and normally he didn't like busy. Akiva was a guy that loved to do things solo and solitude so maybe this would change his mind. "Do you have a seat left?" He asked the girl at the bar and she pointed at a chair, opposite a girl with black hair and an eyepatch. He moved there slowly and let himself fall charming though, in the chair. She stared at him immediately. Her red eye almost reading his soul, she looked as if she wanted to say something but didn't. That's when she offered him a sweet and he took it. He gave her a small smile. She wasn't too bad. He ordered tea and he looked at her with a questioned look if she wanted some too. If she would, he would order for two and if not, he would order for him alone. He also broke a piece of candy of the wall and nibbled on that. Finally after the tea was served and the long silence, he felt he was able to speak to this girl. "I'm sorry for intruding. This was the only place left. I hope you don't mind. I also hope that I don't make your day worse than it is. I just.. had a few disappointments this week."

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 13th 2016 07:31 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya had nodded at the man when he ordered a tea and looked at her for ordering for her too. He ordered some sort of tea that she didn't know but she would drink it gladly. What would fit better with tea than candy? Nothing of course. Or maybe milkshakes, yeah milkshakes would do. But she felt like drinking tea. Even though it reminded her of the potion. So when the lady of the tent brought the tea for them, she waited till the person opposite her had the first sip from the tea that came out of the same kettle. He seemed fine, this was the moment that she started to blew on it soflty. So she was able to drink it in general. It was silent except for her blewing on the tea and finally the guy spoke. She tried to smile to him, because she finally understood how he felt. "Have you seen the circus before? It can be quite boring but when you have the right company, it should be fine." She said with that same smile. She took a sip of her tea and shivered for she probably had burned her tongue. "I haven't the best week either." Although he probably wasn't followed by knights because they thought he commited a crime. Not that they have found her. She had covered all her tracks, that was the bonus of using shadow magic apparently. She looked at him nibbling on the candy and took a few new pieces including chocolate for herself. She was rather satisfied with this tent. "I'm Nastasya." She said nicely and she waited for him to introduce himself. "Maybe you should visit more of this place. I haven't seen every tent yet, we can maybe go together." Suddenly she started to annoy herself for she never went to places with other people, apart from Lilith and Minerva before and suddenly she was here all so nicely to ask this sad bummer guy to go with her to this circus. Ugh. Why Nasty? Why? But sure she had asked it, he could still decline and she would leave after she had finished the tea, which might take a while. She was really looking forward about going alone and now she had ruined it but maybe it didn't matter. Maybe this guy was better than Dizzery and maybe she should stop hanging out with humans in general. But there was something that made this new person interesting, she could only not figure out what it was. 

Posted on February 13th 2016 10:13 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva looked at Nastasya as he drank his tea. His blue eyes meeting her only red one. He was wondering what she thought as she looked quite mysterious. She smiled at him as if she understood what he had been through and so on. But she didn't because she wasn't him. This would mean that she maybe hadn't had a great week either. He wouldn't pry and besides he wasn't actually interested in what happened to her. It was good to know that he had a comerade in this adventure that was called today. "I have been to the circus." He said after he swallowed the sips of tea and looked at her, with the same smile, maybe even more pathetic. He was an older guy than her and a guy none the less. He wondered how old she was. It had been quite boring that day, although he had cleared his mind. He was going to search for Scáthach. Maybe she was in Crocus, her hometown. "I was alone that day. So I would like to keep you company. If you offer." He didn't want to be too eager or just look more pathetic than he already was. He continued drinking tea. 

At that point she told him that she hadn't had the best week either. Just like the conclusion he had made. Maybe it was smart that they would hang out together than. He took a new piece of sweets from the wall and ate that by simply putting it whole in his mouth. The piece of toffee wasn't that big anyway. It might have been too sticky for him, he wasn't that big on sweets either but it mixed well with the tea which he really liked. He didn't drink that often. He had the idea that she didn't like tea that much, he recalled her first stare at the mug. That was when she introduced herself and it took him a few seconds before he reacted, he was lost in thoughts and didn't really hear her name so he had to recall it. "Nice to meet you Nastasya. I'm Akiva." Thank god she didn't give a surname, he always felt rude if he didn't give one while the other did. Maybe they weren't that different and both had to hide something. Which made today even more interesting. 

After she asked him really to go together, so she had offered. They continued in silence and he finished his tea. He waited for her to be done with the tea and sweets to before he stood up and paid for the tea. "Shall we go?" He asked because he couldn't stand here being any longer. If she would go with him, he would walk next to her and leave the tent. He would head to the tent next door which was called according to the name plate: Tent of Books. He eyed Nastasya and smiled, there were nice armchairs with only a few people, much quieter than the Gingerbread Tent. They picked a set of armchairs a little away from the rest. He went to sit and closed his eyes when he heard a little bit of noise. He heard his mother's voice loud and clear as soon as he closed his eyes. She told him a story, the one he loved. A story with a happy ending, just like he wanted.  

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 14th 2016 01:11 PM
Mana: 1315

She actually liked the name Akiva. It was something special and she wondered if he came from Fiore or from some other place. In the country of Fiore there were so many different cultures and uses for names, it wouldn't be a surprise. But his name wasn't familiar in the North so she was sure he wouldn't be from there. She nodded when he said that it was nice to meet her. Likewise, but she didn't say that out loud. Maybe she wasn't too social but did she actually care about that? No. 

Akiva paid for the tea and she thanked him, maybe a little bit more social. However he was the one that ordered it so it was actually his right to pay. She said goodbye to the candy in her head and walked next to Akiva out of this tent. She thought about the tents she had visited and let her red eye go over all the tents, this was the first time she noticed the name plates next to them. This was how she recognized the tents that she had already visited. "Which one have you seen?" She asked. She understood she was a little vague and pointed at the tents. "The other tents I mean." She tried to smile, which was a little bit difficult with someone that wasn't happy either. She hated this mood from herself. She remembered her happy childlike behaviour, did she change in such a short time as two months. 

They entered the Tent of Books and she was glad that Akiva also didn't want to sit close to the other people.  She followed him to one of the armchairs and looked at him as he sat down and closed his eyes. He started to smile and she wanted to know why. So she followed his example and she could hear a story about the little mermaid, but than the sad ending. In which the princess of the mermaids turned into foam. Life wasn't that beautiful and it would never be unless you worked for it yourself. 

Her story wasn't that long and she waited for Akiva to be awake yet. She gave him a small smile. "That was interesting." She said innocently. "But let's go to the next." She was getting a little happier as she should. That she had killed a person that she didn't want to wasn't her fault. The woman had a cardiac arrest. She looked at the name plate and nodded: The Hanged Man that sounded way too cool. She quickly entered the tent and left Akiva more or less behind. But it wasn't the way she thought the tent was. 

Posted on February 14th 2016 05:21 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva almost lost Nastasya out of sight. She wasn't that tall and rather fast. So he went out of the Tent of Books and could see her just in time. She entered a tent with the name of The Hanged Man, something that he didn't like. However he entered because Nastasya was here. However scary and omnious the name was, it wasn't as bad as it sound. It was an acrobatic tent and there were men and women in the air showing all sorts of stuff. He almost got nauseous because there was no safety net. He stared up and almost lost Nastasya again but this time she pulled on his jacket and asked to go to another tent. That's when they left for one that was called The Seven Seas. There was a ladder and he stared at the person that worked here, that only nodded. So he let Nastasya go first and followed her but not too fast. He heard her make an ooh sound as if she was impressed and climbed a little faster when she was out of his way. He ended up on a ship and it looked as if they were really sailing. This was some impressive magic. They discovered the whole boat or ship. And he got a little bit of a happy mood back. 

At the end of the day, after which Nasty and Akiva ate some fries, they said goodbye. Both hopefully with a little bit of a better mood than when they entered the Gingerbread Tent. Nastasya waved him goodbye as he headed back to his appartment. This was the first time he actually not really talked to someone about past, present or future but simply hanged out. He was fine with it. 


Victorious Theme

Posted on February 14th 2016 07:08 PM
Mana: 1315

She didn't want to stay too long into the Hanged Man and so she pulled on Akiva his jacket to get out after a good ten minutes. She had given him the respect to watch a piece of the show, but she didn't like it. She was only hoping one of them would fall an she could have maybe worked on that with magic but she didn't feel like that. 

They almost walked immediately into a new tent when they left. This one was called The Seven Seas, it was only a ladder in the tent that seemed to stop in a black hole and simply disappear. It looked quite interesting so she wanted to go. Akiva let her go first on the later and she climbed rather fast for she was curious. She made an excited noise when she found out that they were on a ship right now and she wanted to discover it. Getting a little bit more back into her childish act, she ran around the deck with Akiva laughing behind her. But it was worth it. He was smiling and so was she. When they stayed for a while, he suggested to eat some fries and how could she deny? She didn't want to! So they ate fries and after that she left. She had enjoyed her day a lot. 


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