Isao started off towards Hosenka early in the morning, just as the sun crested the forest that gave Oak its name. It was a great time while I was here… Isao thought as he remembered the two days he had spent in the town, and how he had helped the people there. I had some fun times here, but it’s time that I focus on my true goal. Exterminating evil where it hides. Isao said to himself as he took the road that led to the port city renowned for its arcitecture. As he continued to walk down the road he watched different travelers go on their way and he wondered what their lives were like. Some could be farmers, merchants, and business-people, ‘normal’ people. Their lives are so much different than mine, they have families to go home to, and all I have to call home is this road. That's the life I chose when I became a mage I guess, it’s lonely but I will do anything to kill those that destroyed my town and my life. Isao contemplated. The road showed that he was nearing Hosenka as he saw the signs posted for those traveling to the famous Blue Pegasus guild hall. Those wizards, they are one of a kind… Isao sighed as he saw all the advertisements for the guild. They truly are a guild who is there for the action, all eyes and less on the brawny side. Isao said to himself. 

Isao could smell the sea as he passed the sign that told him that Hosenka was only three more miles ahead. Almost there, it’s been a long day but I will be in Hosenka soon. He climbed up another steep hill and there it was, the city that never slept was stretched out before him. Isao headed down the hill and took another step towards his mission…

Word Count: 315/300

ETA: 3 Hours