As Isao walked out of the hotel he had stayed the night before in he felt the familiar bump of his knapsack bounce back and forth on his side. If I hadn’t have been for that old man last night I would have had to find a new one. Isao thought back to his first evening in Oak where he had desperately tried to find his knapsack before an elderly gentleman had presented it to him from the ‘lost and found’. Well my best bet is to find another job and work on my small bank account. Isao looked into his pocket which contained the money he had gotten on the last job. Still too shabby to be proud of. Isao contemplated.

At the Request Board one of the jobs caught Isao’s eye. Defend a poor lady’s house from rodents and insects. Sounds easy enough and it pays well. Isao said to himself. As he walked up to the door Isao noticed the condition that the house was in. Everything was picture perfect, the walls were whitewashed clean, the door recently refurbished, and the windows were all crystal clear. Everything was amazing, except the one third of the house that contained the attic. That part looked like it had been through a hurricane, a stampede, and the wall was sticking out in all the wrong places. How did some rodents and a few roaches do all that? Isao wondered. After observing the oddity of the house he walked up to the front door and knocked. “Hello?” Was the response Isao got to his knock as a lady in her mid-thirties opened the door to him. She was disheveled and seemed like she hadn’t slept all night. “Uh, I saw your request on the job list. So you have a few critters that need taking care of?” Isao ventured. “Thank the heavens someone finally got here! I have not been able to get a wink of sleep since I moved in due to these infernal creatures that are in my attic! They bounce around and make such terrible crashing noises.” Mary exclaimed. This may be more than I bargained for… Isao thought as he looked at the damaged inside of the house, due to whatever was in the roofing. “I’ll just be in the kitchen fixing up a few things so if you need me just holler! Although don’t ask me to come up there until you’re absolutely positive you’ve cleaned it out.” Mary told him with a visible shiver. “Well I better get started.” Isao said as he made his way to the attic entrance. Well whatever’s up here it certainly isn’t the usual run of the mill pest. 

“Time for you to meet your pesticide maker!” Isao yelled into the darkness of the attic as he clambered into the large room. Isao, in his rush had already crushed a few insects under his feet, and was destroying what seemed to be a colony of roaches when he thought he saw something speed to the far end of the room. That’s no rodent, it’s as big as a man! Isao shockingly observed. “Well if you’re going to hide in the corner, I’ll just have to come to you.” Isao said as he groped his way to the far edge of the room. As he got closer and closer to whatever was crouching in the corner Isao could make out what seemed to be a large cat! Holy exceed this thing’s huge! Isao thought as he took one more tentative step towards the beast. To his surprise the creature got up and started to make its way towards him! “If you want to fight then I'm ready for you!” Isao shouted at the large cat. As the cat came closer and closer he prepared to use his magic to handle the situation. Right as the cat came within a foot of Isao it did something so strange that it almost startled him. The cat got down on all fours and then began to purr, rolling back and forth waiting for Isao to scratch it. “Well this certainly isn’t what I thought I’d find in an attic.” Isao joked. 

As he made his way back down the stairs that led to the attic he let the cat follow behind him. “Did you finish the-“ Mary barely got out before she noticed the giant cat behind Isao. “Wha- what is that thing?!” She said pointing frantically at the creature. “I found him in the attic, it seems that he’s been living off all the pests you had up there.” Isao said petting the cat. “So that’s what I heard every night?” Mary asked. Isao nodded in response. “The thing that I can’t figure out is why is there such a large cat in the attic?” Isao inquired of Mary. “Hmm yes that is strange... Oh wait! Now I remember, the couple who had lived here before I was sold the house talked of their cat that had disappeared while they had gone on vacation in Hargeon.” Mary replied. “So this cat must have somehow found it’s way into the attic and because the door is always locked it couldn’t get back out.” Isao remarked. “Well you poor little thing, being stuck up there this whole time!” Mary said scratching the cat behind it’s ears. “I believe my work here is done, I took care of the roaches that were still around up there and, partly because of this cat I don’t think any of the other rodents survived.” Isao said turning back to Mary. “Ah yes the payment! Here you go, thanks for cleaning it up and finding this poor baby.” Mary replied as she handed Isao the payment for the job. Well this has certainly been another entertaining day in Oak. Isao thought to himself as he waved goodbye to Mary and her new feline friend…

Word Count: 1011/800