It was a beautiful day in Oak, the sun was shining the city was shimmering and the forest looked as erie as ever. As Isao walked through the old fortress city he admired the architecture and the many different shops that dotted the city. I’ve got to focus. He thought to himself. I’m here on business and I need to finish a job before I can even think of pleasure. Isao took the path towards the town request board and found himself looking at a job for a lamp holder in a cave expedition. Well it isn’t what I thought I’d be spending such a beautiful day under a half a mile of stone but it’ll do. Isao decided he had better head to the caves as soon as he could, since the job explained that the expedition would start that same day. As he was almost to the cave he remembered that he had forgotten his knapsack back at the request board. Well, there goes lunch I guess. Isao thought as his stomach gurgled back at him. 

He arrived at the caves just as the expedition was supposed to start and made his way to where the group was supposed to begin. “You must be Lisa Rock.” Isao said to the very ‘prepared’ woman standing at the entrance to the cave. “Yes I am! Are you my lamp holder?” She inquired in a very cheery tone. “As a matter of fact I am.” Isao answered. “Well then here you go.” Lisa handed him a large lantern and one match. “Make sure not to let it go out or we’ll all be hard pressed to find our way out again!” She said a bit too cheerfully. Is this lady trying to get us buried in these caves? Isao almost said aloud. “Uh, yeah, so when do we start?” He asked. “Right now! Let’s get going folks, the early worm get’s the bird!” Lisa yelled out. Well eccentric isn’t too far from the truth. Isao picked up the large lantern and dragged it along with him into the darkness of the cave…

As the party entered into the cave Isao lit the lantern, noticing the short wick that burned, giving light to those who were in the expedition. I hope this lantern lasts out. Isao contemplated as he followed Lisa and the rest of the party. About an hour later Lisa called out. “This is where we’ll break!” “Uh, I don’t know if this lantern will last for even another hour or not.” Isao called out. “Ah , it’s a miner’s lantern. It’s built to last.” Lisa replied. I hope you’re right. Isao pondered as he stared into the flame of the lantern. After about another half an hour the party started up again and continued to go deeper into the cave. Then everything went downhill. First Lisa slipped and fell awkwardly onto her ankle, and then the lantern that Isao had worried about going out on them finally did. “I think I sprained it.” Lisa yelled out. “Can you stand?” Isao called back to her. “It’s no good.” He heard her exclaim in pain. “I’ll carry you, if you can get onto my back.” Isao said while trying to grope through the darkness. “I’m here.” Lisa faintly called to him. As soon as he had found Lisa, Isao put her on his back and used his free hand to feel the wall, leading the rest of the party out of the cave, or so he hoped. Idiot. Isao thought to himself. I’m a fire mage and I didn’t even think to use that to find our way out. Isao quickly used Cat Claws to start his hand on fire and then used it to illuminate the path. After almost an hour of wandering through the tunnels he decided that the company should rest and try to recover some of the last strength they had in them, so that they could continue on and hopefully find the way out. After having rested for quite awhile Lisa, who had regained the use of her foot, shakily stood to her feet. “It must almost be sunset now. We need to find our way out before all light disappears, after that there may be little hope of finding the entrance.” Isao and Lisa urged the others in the party to get to their feet and using Isao’s hand as a torch they continued to wind their way through the caves. 

Finally Isao thought he could see a faint glimmer of the sun setting over Oak. “Over there!” He yelled out. And to the relief of all who had gone on the expedition into the caves, the way out was in front of them. “Thank you for all you’ve done. You saved not only my life but also the lives of the rest of these people. Without your magic ability we would have been lost in those tunnels for who knows how long, without any help from the outside.” Lisa told Isao as she sat down and rested her leg. Isao smiled back at her “I did what needed to be done, there was nothing else really to do. It was except defeat, or keep on fighting.” “Thanks again for everything you’ve done. And here’s the amount that was promised.” Lisa said as she pulled out a pouch, handing it to Isao. “Thank you for the rock hard experience.” Isao jokingly replied. Well I’m glad that’s over. Isao thought as he reflected on what had conspired that day. At least I didn’t miss the sunset… I wonder if my knapsack is still at the request board. Isao hurried off to find his knapsack again…

Word Count: 979/800


Name: Cat Claws
Rank: D
Mana: 30
Class: Offensive (Burning) 

Element(s): Fire
Description: The user speaks the name of the spell and his fingernails extend to and extra inch of what they originally were. The user's hands then become engulfed in flames and he can deal up to 3 damage when he strikes his opponent, at a speed of 1 meter per second. When he hits his opponent with his hands, the claws dig into the opponents skin leaving a scar and burn marks on the area affected.  

    Damage: 3 
    Distance: 3 meters 
    Speed: 1 meter per second

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant