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Hit me like a man [Solo/Training]

Posted on February 9th 2016 12:17 PM
Mana: 1315

Yesterday had been alright with fun and everything but the Circus was not the reason why Nastasya had came here. She wanted to go back later but she would not immediately. She had a job to do and maybe she would have to fled town later. But this was her main priority and simply yesterday she had been distracted by the town and the people. She had never been in Hosenka, it was a flashy town. Nasty didn't like it, it looked like it was full of whores and criminals. Waiting for the tourist to fall for their slick games and evil ways. Even though Nastasya didn't mind the ways of evil, this was plain dirty or whatever the right word was but it was stupid. Nasty was in her hotelroom and still lying in bed. The knife with now the blood  of Ikari his victim as well as her own lay on the nightstand, covered by a thin handkerchief to not let people immediately see the blood. Sometimes they wanted to clean her room, even though she said no but she might order roomservice today. She didn't feel like getting out of bed. She wasn't tired and maybe had a little bit of alcohol too much yesterday. She had even shared with Crowley, whom was still asleep with a little bit of a hickup. It was cute but it was annoying for the both of them. She looked for the lacrima on the nightstand and pushed the button of the reception. With her hair still very messy and her left eye uncovered she called and the reception answered. "I want roomservice. And something for a hangover please." The reception woman told her it would take a while for it was very busy but Nasty already clicked away the Lacrima screen and turned around in bed. She covered herself with the sheets. Luckily it was not the light she couldn't handle but just the knocking on her head. She nudged Crowley with her toes and almost pushed him of the edge of the bed but he managed to wake up and stare at her, wondering what she was doing as she still had her head underneath the blankets but soon enough she got out. 

The two of them had to wait almost an hour, it was around three quarters, before the roomservice came with the potion of saving both their heads. Nasty left some drops for Crowley and he would soon be done with the hicup. The two of them crawled out of bed towards the food and Nasty managed to put everything on the ground where she sat on the carpet, this one she had accepted. The two of them had not much ideas of what to do and where to start as again they had no address. It wasn't smart to ask anymore. For the barista's or post office people might remember the way she looked. Today she was undercover for she wanted to remain a little longer in Hosenka. The Circus was fun. And it made her days that were alone or well with the two of them, Crowley counted too. More fun. Because there were not many humans that she talked too. 

The breakfast of the hotel consisted from a lot of things. Pancakes, something Crowley adored just like Nastasya herself. Sausages with bacon and eggs. Milk, that the two of them threw out of the window, while giggling very hard. Orange Juice and toast. It was a satisfying breakfast even though the both of them were more sweettooth and Nastasya almost missed the parfait from Hargeon or the Popcorn from yesterday. But she couldn't complain, apart from the fact that she had to pay for the roomservice, the service actually, the breakfast was free. Now the two of them were slowly muttering about what to do and how to find the dollmaker here. There was only one option left and that was to go and walk through whole Hosenka. Maybe ask someone random on the street if she could wear a cloak. She stared at her suitcase, time to find what to wear. 


Posted on February 9th 2016 04:30 PM
Mana: 1315

Slowly getting up from the ground as if she was a young deer. Moving her legs and wobbling, almost putting up a tail, one that she didn't possess but that didn't matter. It seemed that she seriously had enough alcohol yesterday on her own. She wondered if she drank with Dizzery or not, or whatever his name was. Dizzy. From now on she would call him that. But the potion was starting to work slowly. She could feel that the knocking in her head or brain, whatever place it was, was slowly getting less and less. She wobbled towards her wardrobe that came within the room. She had not get any of her clothes out, she had only put her suitcase in. Which she opened by sitting in front of it. Sitting on her legs, folding her feet nicely behind her. She picked out her black pair of jeans, that had cuts around the knees. You couldn't see if they came because of herself or that the shop had did it to look modern, only Nasty know that she had done it herself by training hard. Falling down and getting up again. 

She would put on these pants and she found a gray loose fitting shirt that was fine to wear because it shouldn't be too warm underneath her coat. She had no cloak so the only option was her Goth Lolita Black Winter Coat, hoping that enough other people had them. She picked up her Dr. Martens and threw the rest back into the suitcase, the rest of the stuff that she didn't needed. She touched the wardrobe and let the shadows circle around it. "Cleaning service." She heard with a knock on the door. She walked to the door, still wearing an oversized white blouse as a pyjamas. "Can you came back later please? I'm ready to go shower and after that I'll leave. It will take twenty minutes." She said sweetly and the woman nodded, as if she couldn't ignore the little girl that asked so nicely. However Nastasya had really made a mess of this room and every object that she touched couldn't be opened by the members of the hotel, so they would leave her stuff alone. If they did, shadows will creep over them. They would be stunned, long enough for Nastasya to get back and find them. Noising in her stuff was not appropriate and she didn't trust the staff. But yeah breakfast was everywhere and there were pieces of paper also everywhere, she had cut a whole phone book to find the address of the dollmaker in this town, unfortunately it was not to be found. 

But someone had to clean it up and Nastasya was too lazy. She grabbed her clothes, including clean underwear and nice striped socks and moved towards the badroom. Before she closed the door she looked at Crowley, "No peaking." She said with a giggle, even though she knew he had seen enough. That's also what he commented but she ignored it in general. It was a cold shower, because she didn't like to be warm and sweaty, her insides were as cold as ice, which made her giggle again. Oh how her parents wanted her to have the power of ice. Such a disappointment. 


Posted on February 11th 2016 12:09 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya made her way to the antique looking shower, as long as it worked and had a little bit of warm water. She most of the time used a mix. She started with a warm shower and moved it lower and lower till it was ice cold since it didn't seem to bother her and kept her power over not getting cold higher. She couldn't even remember when was the last time she had a cold and she had even walked with her barefeet in the snow. It had been a long time ago since she had walked barefeet and she would check the streets of Hosenka before she would move out but maybe she would do it today again. It sounded like fun. 

She washed her hair with the shampoo that was provided by the hotel and her body with the soap. Afterall she paid almost a fortune for this and she wasn't stupid enough to not use it. Like some people did. It took her ten minutes to be done with the shower and she wrapped herself in a towel when she was done. She used a second to dry her hair. There was a note on the door that asked for any towels that you might want to use again to be on the shelve again and the ones you wanted to change on the floor. Nastasya stared at the clean towels on the shelve, there were three more and the two she was using. A grin appeared on her face as she tugged at the three from the shelve and dropped on the ground.. Oops. She dumped the other two that she was using right now too and went for her clothes. She swiftly moved into her underwear and started getting dressed. First the black jeans, than the loose fitting gray shirt. She put on her socks because she decided that it might be smarter to actually wear shoes today especially if she needed to be quick. Her headache or hangover had been totally gone by now and she felt as happy as a sunshine. A dark sunshine though for her. 

She thought about the Ice Make Magic that her parents possessed, that almost everyone from Húsavik had. She sighed and grinned a little to her reflection in the mirror. She disliked or actually dispised her green eye. The reason was because it was Lilja her eye, her beloved mother, but it seemed that since she turned into a ghost, she couldn't handle her weird maybe insande daughter anymore and it pissed Nastasya off. As a child she had never noticed but now, she was turning twenty this year and her mother acted as if she was an idiot. They had changed her into a doll thanks to the eye, half a doll. It was the fault of her father being a dollmaker and the fault of never checking what power this girl could possess. She rather had no eye after all. But she wouldn't have want to miss her magic. However her eye had nothing to do with that, the effect of the eye was a side affect of her magic. Shadow Make Magic. She learned that she possessed it when she was a little older but at the age of three, after she got the artificial eye she apparently had already showed that she possessed the maker magic. But unlike her parents and the rest of Húsavik she had another version. Her village had found her a little scary but she was still the little girl that was the child of the famous beauty Lilja and the famous dollmaker Regulus. Funny that still not everyone knew Regulus. Nasty continued to fix her shoes and put on her coat. It had a hood so she would be fine with that in a minute. She left it open with the zipper because it would be too warm for someone like her that enjoyed the cold. That's why she wasn't a big fan of the summer. 

It was exactly twenty minutes further when she was finished and able to leave the room. She closed the door behind her, with Crowley on her left shoulder and passed the cleaning lady. "I'm done, thank you very much for waiting." She said and she gave her a polite smile and walked away, in which her face turned into a cruel smile. She couldn't wait to find the lady back being paralysed from the shadows. She would probably first complain about the mess that Nasty and Crowley made. The people in the hotel stared at her, the girl with the crow on her shoulder. She could only ignore them and have her face in a resting 'bitch-face' position. She had business to attend and it would most likely take the whole day for she had no idea where to start and find this dollmaker.

As soon as she was outside and away from the hotel, she covered her face with the hood of her goth lolita winter coat. Now she was dressed completely in black that was visible, if you didn't count the small line of gray from her shirt. She didn't wear her eyepatch, she had done that on purpose, because thanks to the hood people wouldn't see her eye and maybe she could ask the spirits if they knew where the dollmaker was. First the two of them swirled and swifted around the streets in the center of the city to find them. Even though the Circus was pulling on her, she wanted to see it again but that would come later, first she had to find the dollmaker and do the thing why she originally came here for. She thought back about her training as a Shadow Maker. The positive thing for her parents was that Shadow Make Magic had the same basic principle of Ice Make Magic. So her mother could still teach her all the stuff and including the high standard against the cold. She had called Maker Magic a freedom magic, as it was known throughout the whole country probably but she didn't care about that. Her mother had tried to ignore the fear that she got from the shadows from her own daughter. She started to work with magic with Nastasya when she was seven, right before she had met Rafael. But maybe it was the forms that bothered her mother. 


Posted on February 12th 2016 12:28 PM
Mana: 1315

While Lilja, the purest beauty of whole Húsavik created the most beautiful forms of Ice magic, such as flowers, roses, tulips whatever you wanted. Nastasya her dark mind had already started. Not that it was noticed, although at the age of seven it started a little and Lilja and Regulus already started to feel that their perfect little girl might not be so perfect for the rest of the world. She wasn't that social and her standards in this world seemed to be weird or better: seemed to be not there at all. One day before Lilja would start again with the maker magic training for her little daughter, she found the cat of the neighbors in her garden while Nastasya was poking it. The little legs of the cat were all broken as well as the cat's tail. "Did it fall?" Lilja asked in horror while she stared at the cat. Nastasya didn't turn towards her mother when she calmly answered that she just wanted to see what would happen to the cat. It kept hissing when Nastasya poked its side and Lilja dragged her daughter back inside and tried to save the cat by finding a healer. It lived another couple of days until no one saw the cat again. Lilja had the fear that her daughter had been doing something strange again but for the fear of the answer, she didn't ask if it was true that Nasty had killed the kitty. 

This was the moment that Regulus and Lilja started to refer to the mean Nastasya as Nasty. Though their daughter had no split personality, she was two different people at once. When Nastasya had a lot to do, she was the sweetest girl they had ever known. However when they lost their daughter, when the little girl was out of sight and was getting bored she turned into a person that wasn't so nice: Nasty. It made sense that Nasty could produce the scary looking shadow make magic. Regulus and Lilja talked about Nasty as if it was their second daughter and not their beloved Nastasya. Even in front of his parents and they kept up with the act. But Nasty was a secret for the rest of the village of Húsavik. It was as if Faith had known what would become of their child, because Regulus and Lilja knew from the moment that Nastasya was three, and the first time she saw ghost that their child possessed Shadow Make Magic instead of Ice Make Magic. That evening had been a sad day for the whole family, maybe Lilja and Regulus were disappointed about the magic. But the screams from a three year old child that saw ghost, was painful and nerve breaking experience for parents that loved their child so much. 

Nastasya remembered the stories and the faces of her parents and she would agree that it couldn't be easy. They had fixed it pretty well with the eyepatch and she had gotten used to it so much that she was alright. She didn't need her left eye that much in her life anymore. She sometimes on purpose forgot her eyepatch, just like today in Hosenka. The Ghost would ignore her now too. When she thought about it now, she thought that Ghost maybe sought out her weakness, being so small and fragile, right now she was no longer weak and fragile, she was stronger and still striving to be impressive. She knew what she would want to try, she didn't want to push away Durain, her Guildmaster, she wasn't the leader type but becoming his right hand, that would be nice. With still her head covered by the hood of her Goth Lolita coat she walked forward through the streets of Hosenka. She knew people were looking at her but only for a second, some shook their heads probably because it wasn't raining so why the hood. But there were much weirder people here in Hosenka so she wouldn't stand out. Even if Crowley sat on her shoulder, which he didn't at this moment, he was flying around above her, trying to help her find the shop from the next dollmaker. She grinned towards herself, thinking about the past wasn't all bad. She remembered how she killed the cat back when she was seven. First she had dragged it to the shed, nailed it on the woods and plucked its little claws out before she simply turned his neck around. 

When they finally found the doll shop, after also asking help from a certain ghost, not her mother though, she stood in front of it. The Wooden Child. What a name. She almost chuckled. She remembered the destroyed shop from the first dollmaker in Oak. There was an old woman sitting in a chair and she was knitting while the rocking chair was rocking. Nastasya almost felt a little sad for the woman but Nasty had made up her mind. She entered slowly and ignored the jiggling. "Come in, dear, come in." The woman said with an old croaked voice and Nastasya loved the idea of this grandmother. Much better than Regna, whose red eyes she had inherited. "Do you want some tea? Deary? It's not often that I see such a young person as you in my shop." It was a strain on the Phantom Lord mage her heart, this woman had done nothing wrong. She knew or actually remember that once she had destroyed Ted's shop that she had decided not to do it again, but here she was, she had killed a Dollmaker back in Hargeon. They had to be punished and she was now stronger that the magic use didn't make her that much tired. "Is this the only dollshop in town?" She asked as she had just declined the tea. She went to sit on the stool on the other side of the counter. "You should have tea, it's too cold outside. Take your coat off, dear. Get warm." For some unknown reason Nastasya did what the old woman told her to do. She heard her call for someone else, the person was called Noah. If Noah would get the tea. Maybe there was a victim here after all. "What can I do for you dear? What are you looking for." The grandmother put her knitting gear down and turned to Nastasya. Looked her in both eyes and didn't become scared because of the two different colour of eyes. "You have such beautiful eyes." She frowned a little and Nastasya knew that the woman saw the artificial eye and recognized it. "I'm looking for Regulus Crowe." It became silent between the two of them. Of course, this woman must have heard from Ted too and maybe news traveled faster than her and was the death of the old granpa in Hargeon also known. 

"You see, he is my father." Was the thing she said to break the silence. The grandmother smiled sadly, "I see." And she started to rock again, maybe she had not heard the news yet or did she doubt it was her that did the incident in Oak. Maybe she thought this child and fragile looking young woman not capable. "I haven't seen him for seven years." The grandmother nodded, "I don't know where he is. It has also been a long time since I've seen him. He mostly went to the other doll shop in town." Shit, there were more in one town? Nasty had always thought every city had one. "If I remember it correctly it was callled The Doll's warehouse. I can give you the address." That was the moment that the girl called Noah came downstairs with tea. It was camomille tea and she smiled a little weary and put the tea in front of Nastasya and only Nastasya, which made her weary. She put her hands around the mug to get warmer, even though she wasn't cold but she tried to behave like a normal person. "Noah write down the address of the Doll's warehouse for miss Crowe." It was a given that she was called Crowe so that was nothing suspicious, the lingering of Noah was suspicious, but she walked away to write down the address. 


Posted on February 13th 2016 01:16 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya her eyes became a little smaller but they were still covered by the hood. If only she could talk telepatic with Crowley and ask for his opinion. But the metallic crow was still outside. She had to ask something, see the expression on the face of either the grandmother, which she didn't want to kill as well as the girl called Noah, whom she would kill as a warning. "Have you heard about the beautiful green eyes that Regulus Crowe made?" The Phantom Lord mage asked and she looked at the old woman, granny nodded and Nastasya let the silence linger between them while Noah returned and placed a piece of paper with an address in Hosenka in front of her. That was the moment that she dropped the hood and she looked at both the women their reaction. 

Granny didn't show any reaction, she just stared with an amused smile. Bingo, the woman already knew. While her granddaughter Noah stared in surprise. It was so easy to see. "Don't pretend you don't know anything missess dollmaker." Nastasya said now with a dangerous voice, she stood up and threw the mug with tea down. The wooden floor began to show bubbles and Nastasya her red eye and her green eye started dangerously at the woman. "You just made a few mistakes, that's all." She looked from one to another, making sure that both doors were covered with shadows as well as the stairs at the end of the room. "I believe you never drink tea so your dear Noah knew immediately it was an enemy. You gave me the right address of the other dollshop. Because you didn't make a deal about that with the two of you." She grapped the piece of paper and put it in her goth lolita winter coat. "You hoped that I would run out to find the shop that new about my father because you had given me some information. But unfortunately I realised that you tried to poison me." She stared at the floor that was cleared of wood and showed the stones underneath there. "Very bad mistakes." she said slowly and she stared at the grandmother. Noah had already taken a few steps back but she had no where to go unless she wanted to jump out of the window which didn't seem like a good idea, for she had to pass Nastasya. No one had a choice in here. 

Nastasya moved her right hand into the palm of her left. "Shadow Make." She stared and her eyes lingered on the grandmother. The old woman got a grip on the desk or counter that was in front of her and stared at Nastasya with a brave face. Something that made Nasty dislike her even more. But she had made a vow to herself when she talked to the old woman that she wouldn't kill her. "You'll regret this." She said and she heard Noah cry but didn't look at her. "Sword." She said and instead of letting the sword appear and through hit towards the old lady, the sword pierced Noah her heart. It was silent for a moment and the old lady started to scream in fear and pain. The shadow sword that pierced Noah her heart disappeared and the girl fell to the ground. She was dead. The grandmother could only scream and scream and clutched her heart. Nasty stared at her, rocking on the rocking chair but not much later, she was dead quiet. Nasty walked over to her and put her hand right underneath the grandmother her nose. She was no longer breathing. She could see the ghost of the woman getting out not much later. "I told you, you would regret this. I would have let you live if indeed you would not have lied to me. Shame on you, yourself. You are the reason why Noah no longer has a future, not me. I would never bring my family infront of a killer. You knew I was capable of this."

She left the shop, hearing the jingling of the happy bell. Not so happy. She had put her hood over her head before she left the shop again and watched left and right before she turned left and headed out of the street. When she reached the end of the street, Crowley went to sit on her shoulder again. "How did it go?", "Not that well, but I got an address from another dollmaker in this town. Let's visit him." She murmered while walking. 

Her mother had never liked the forms that she made with her shadow make magic. She had called shadows a little creepy and urged Nasty to use some pretty forms to make it less scary and less creepy. But the child wouldn't listen. She had made a rose once, with a sharp end of the stem of the flower, that could pierce just like a sword. Lilja hadn't liked that one either but probably a little better than the sword. She had not used it that much for she didn't like it that much. But maybe she should try soon to work on it again and perform it for stuff like this. Leave behind black shadowy roses for the dollmakers that were killed by her. However this old hag had died from a cardiac arrest and it had been the old woman her own fault. Not Nastasya's. 

The two of them continued walking to the Doll's Warehouse, stupid Noah had given the good address, as if she was too stupid to make up one and save the next person. Although she might have been afraid that Nasty would kill the rest of Hosenka. She should be rest assured for Nastasya would wanted to visit the rest of the Circus. Making it a lot easier. She was moving rather slowly. Not sure where the address was but she didn't bother to ask anyone. It took her twenty minutes to find it. She stood in front of it. The door signed that the shop was closed. So they walked around the block and went through the small garden and used the backdoor that was open. "Good day. I would like to have some information, so be a doll and help me." She said with a grin that showed off the malice in her. It was time for another round and this time Crowley was with her. 


Posted on February 14th 2016 03:05 PM
Mana: 1315

Nasty had actually traveled only once in her life. That was from Húsavik to Oak and she had stayed there for three years. Since she had met Lilith, she had for the first time moved to Worth Woodsea and that was when the adventure began. Because of some stupid people that they met around Christmas, they had traveled by foot through whole Fiore to find a stupid medicine. Something she would never do again. She wouldn't be nice to people around Christmas. Something that her mother Lilja had told her. It was when she was around ten that Lilja tried to explain it to her, or maybe she was even a little younger. It was already when Nasty was born, the incident with the cat had already happened. She thought about what had happened, she was probably cutting that three years old girl her hair, but not nicely because the child was crying and bleeding. That's when Lilja found her and she was very angry. That was the first time and the last time that she had hit Nastasya. She had locked the girl up in her own little room and brought the three year old girl, Nasty thought she was called Maya, to the healer of Húsavik. She didn't say what happened, but maybe a lot of people already had there suspicion. It took her the whole afternoon to get back to Nastasya, and she simply didn't made any hurry for she was really angry. However Lilja didn't bother with telling Regulus. When she finally went to Nastasya it was around dinner time and she had a few spare minutes before Regulus would leave the work shop to come for dinner. "You should be nice to children." She said very stern and she pointed at Nastasya her face. "They are too innocent to harm. Besides the same goes for animals but you never listened to me for that. Be nice to everyone around Christmas dear. Could you promise that to your mother?" Lilja and Regulus had more or less given up to teach Nastasya to be nice, but maybe this was working. And she told Nasty for the next couple of years and it worked till she was nineteen and simply gave up of the idea. 

At the here and now Nastasya stood at the back door from the shop called The Doll's warehouse. There was a person hidding behind the counter, but since she came from the backdoor, she could see the guy. He probably had got a letter from Noah, that's why she took so long. Of course, the reason why the shop was closed was because of Nasty. She dropped the hood from her Goth Lolita coat and stared at him with her right red eye and her left green eye. "I see you made a mistake." This guy was definitely not the smartest if he was still here and didn't leave his stuff behind to hide. He would be safe than, although he wouldn't know when she would come back, but maybe he should have just moved. Stop being a dollmaker, so many options and yet he picked to hide in his shop. With a stern look in her eyes, she walked towards the counter and pulled on the guy his hair, he didn't even resist. "Where is my father?" She yelled at him. When she was done, she heard a noise, the noise of a pidgeon. She looked at Crowley whom had jumped on the counter to look. "Get it, please." The metallic crow moved towards the noise and brought back a dead pigeon, he killed it with his talons. The pigeon had a note on his claw and Nasty stared at the dollmaker. "Well, are you going to answer?" She hissed. Her eyes met the small ones of Crowley. It was weird, the way they hanged out, you would think that they knew each other for years. But this summer it would be one whole year. She was so used to him and she had no idea what she would do without him. Both left behind by there family because they were too different. For him it was being metallic and being able to talk. It was even good that his murder didn't know that he could change into a big set of wings. He had learned that from watching a requip mage. She had been able to seen the death and there was more but she couldn't quite put her finger on how it happend that she lost her way of life. How she started working on the weird stuff, with the cat and the girl Maya. How she bothered her parents that much. Maybe they didn't deserve it, but they both left her and she didn't deserve that. She saw Lilja standing next to the window, next to the row of dolls, which she pushed off the shelf one by one. The dolls fell on the ground and broke down. Which made the dollmaker from the Doll's Warehouse panic even more but Nasty had still a hold on her victim his hair. She knew he had the information, if her father had came here for so long in the last seven years too. She pulled him up and moved his right hand on the counter. She switched her right hand for her left and she asked for one of the knives that the dollmakers use for the eyes and details from Crowley. He picked one up and handed it to her. She wricked the nails one by one out of his hand. He started to scream and cry. "Make sure no one comes." She told Crowley and he made sure of that. He checked the shop and Lilja still tried to get Nasty to stop, but it didn't work. She actually was happy that the dolls would break. "Where is Regulus Crowe?" She yelled in the guy his ear. "I will leave you alone when you tell me." But he sealed his lips, oh he only made it more interesting. When all the five nails were done and bleeding very much. She let her hand in that blood and put it on his face and his mouth. "Now where is he." The shadows where coming from her now. She was really angry at this moment and slowly started to break his fingers. This man was stronger than he looked, for he only cried, swore and screamed but he didn't give up. 

Crowley came with haste downstairs. "Nasty, the knights!" She swore loudly and stared at the man. She let go of his hair and he dropped on the ground. Cradeling his hand and crying. "Don't worry. You won't feel a thing." She said as she hunched down and took his head in her hands, as if she wanted to comfort him. She simply turned his neck.  A wave of shadows came over the body and the counter and removed all the finger prints. She hurried up the stairs because she still had some things to do. This was where the guy lived. She tried to find a place to hide. She almost panicked when she heard the door open downstairs. That moment all the shadows came from her body, oozing like something vulgar. That was the moment Crowley cowed in surprise, she disappeared. Only her eyes were visible. "Close your eyes and they won't see you." He quickly left through the open window. Which was a pretty coincidence. Nasty heard the noises of the knights downstairs and closed her eyes, her whole body full of adrenaline. She might be even able to handle these guys if it weren't too much. She heard them on the stairs and infront of her but indeed they didn't see her. She could heard the noises from her mother's voice but she couldn't hear her correctly. This was her shadow form and she loved it. She should try to work this out better. The knights dissapeared from the first floor and went back downstairs not much later. They shut off everything and took the body with them. This was the moment that Nasty struggled with giving her body a steady form again, it took her three tries before it worked. But she never much panicked. It worked in the end and she went through all her stuff, as soon as she let go of something the shadows cleaned it. She finally found an address book and she pocketed it in her coat. She tried to find much more things and cursed because she forgot the letter on the pidgeon and she didn't plan to go downstairs. She could hear the knights there again. They were looking for any clues on whom did this. 

She had what she came for, for now. She looked at the window and nodded to Crowley, she made a gesture about wings and he got it. He already started to change and she ran towards the window. She could hear the knights downstairs, they must have heard her of course, and otherwise they would now. She jumped through the window, her legs and arms pulled up protecting her face and stomach. Thank god she had wore clothes  that covered everything, even though she knew that she would have a cut somewhere but she would let that fix herself and a bandage would do. She didn't fall because Crowley had her immediately, their timing was perfect and that's how the two of them flew away, first out of Hosenka. She would walk back into the city and go to her hotel. She wouldn't show her face today and tomorrow she might go to the circus again. She hoped they didn't recognize her, she was wearing a hood afterall. 

"Do I take good care of you Crowley?" Nastasya asked as they dropped at the end of Hosenka and walked back towards the city. It looked as if they came from the training ground. "Why not? Are you in doubt?" He asked, she once had promised that she would protect him from any harm and that she would never harm him or bring him in danger. He was her best friend and her only friend that would remain forever. "Sometimes. That time in Worth Woodsea." She said but he shrugged and said she was distracted and that he was glad he could help her with anything. She smiled and hugged him, as she pulled him of her shoulder. The two of them headed back to the hotel, when they got close, he went to sit in a tree, she would open the window later. "I wonder if the maid is still there." She said mysterious as she stepped into the hallway of the hotel. The reception assistant stared at her and got up, Nasty was on the edge but she saw the scared face of the young woman. "Miss, someone attacked your room. Our maid is paralysed just after you left." Nastasya had to try to hide the smile. "Let me see her, please." Crowley would have to wait a few more minutes before she could open the window for him to get inside, she hoped he wouldn't mind the cold. She also should not forget to ask this girl for a map of Fiore and Crocus. She knew that she would go to the Capital after tis. 


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The assistance from the reception and Nastasya hurried to the third floor where she stayed to fix the problem with the maid. "We cannot touch her. We asked for a Rune Knight but no one came yet." She said a little in panic. Nastasya rolled with her eyes when the girl wasn't looking at her and stared outside. Crowley could see her from that tree. She looked at the wardrobe door that was a little ajar, so that's what she tried to open. That was where her suitcase was. "It's Darkness. I can take care of this. Give me some space." She said and tried to act a little shaky. It might be better if they didn't know it was her, but she was sure they would look angry at her. Putting two and two together was not that difficult. She kneeled in front of the maid and grinned missief. She knew she could see it and remember it. She was only paralysed. "Never touch my stuff again." She whispered. There was nothing around her that she might have tried to put in there, and she was sure the rest of the staff of the hotel would be too stupid to clean that up. 

She pulled the shadows out of her and helped her up as if it wasn't her doing. The other girl came quickly and Nasty helped them to the elevator to go down to the ground floor but she herself remained on the third. She quickly opened the window and told Crowley what just happened, right after she closed the door again. She would order roomservice later to eat. She should stay inside. She asked Crowley to wait for she would get the map of Fiore and Crocus and Hosenka now. The Hotel provided free maps of the country which made it easier. She took all three of them and hurried back upstairs and closed the door secure behind her.

She placed the maps all separate on the clean floor. The maid had atleast done her job. She saw no crumble or so. If she would order room service, she would be cleaner. She didn't feel like letting people in her room again. She grabbed the address book out of her Goth Lolita coat and threw her black winter coat on the bed. She immediately sat down on the ground again, on her own legs and her feet nicely folded behind her. Crowley sat next to her. She asked him friendly to bring her a pen while she looked up the addresses that were in the address book. There were quite a few and not all were clear if they were dollmakers or not. 

She crossed every address and when she reached the end of the address book, she saw her own old address with the note of Regulus Crowe, but it was crossed out. That was true. Regulus didn't live there anymore. She ripped out the page and made it into tiny pieces and threw it in the dustbin. No one would ever be able to read it anymore. There were five addresses in Crocus that had the note of Dollmaker or company behind. So she thought it might be the way she looked for. She was right, there were more dollmakers there and she was sure one would talk to her. 

Maybe she should play it differently and ask it nicely. But she had tried, and she was almost poisoned.  It was enough. Everyone knew that she was looking for them and she seriously planned to take them down. She stood up to wash her hands and moved the maps and the address book into her suitcase. That was when she called the reception with the lacrima on the desk to ask for some dinner. 

They had a whole feast to eat from with the two of them and as soon as the waiter was gone again. She and Crowley discussed how to fix this. Could she take the train, wouldn't people see her and recognize her? Probably not, and she wouldn't look suspicious because she would stay a couple more days for the Circus. She actually thought it would be fun to go there and get a little bit of fun in her life. She was so filled with anger since she left that stupid village in Worth Woodsea. Since the town had attacked her, she was furious. They had said she was responsible for killling someone. Well she was sure to kill people after that to point out that she had now. But she wasn't before. She had destroyed the whole village, not knowing whom actually had created that scream and what it was for. But it didn't matter. She should try and release such anger right now. It was not necessary and she should keep a clear head. Especially when people start to actually hunt for her. Maybe she should change her approach in Crocus, especially because the city was so big. She should not visit all five dollmakers in one day. Maybe one by one. She could stay there a week too. Just like she would stay here. But here was the Circus, but there would probably be also something fun to do in Crocus. She looked forward in going. 


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