Jewels made the world go around and, no matter how much she might have wished otherwise, Danika was as much a part of the world as anyone else. She didn't usually hang on the town request boards when she was passing through, but every now and again, when she was in need of money, she'd take a look. Especially given that she'd sworn off touching her savings for everyday stuff. And this one about clearing a road didn't sound too difficult. So, Danika tore it off the board and made her way to the address listed on the paper, which apparently turned out to be a bar. She looked between the paper and the bar for a moment, wondering if she hadn't made a mistake, before heading inside. After inquiring with the barkeep, he pointed her to a man seated further down the bar, nursing a drink. Danika made her way over and brandished the request paper. “I've come to clear the road for you,” she announced. The man, Glen Rough, looked her up and down for a moment before nodding. He explained about his bad back, being unable to clear the road himself, and the reward on offer should she complete it. He also made clear that she was to carry him out there after it was complete and Danika sighed. “Alright,” she agreed, wanting to get a move on. After he had provided directions to the road in question, Danika thanked him and headed out. She didn't bother taking any travelling supplied with her. This job shouldn't take that long and she was only venturing just outside of town.

It didn't take too long to find the blockage as she travelled along the road Glen had directed her to and as Danika came upon it, she realised that it was probably better the old guy hadn't tried to move the rocks. They were as tall as her and piled quite haphazardly. For a moment she wondered if someone hadn't put them there deliberately. Dani wandered around the site for a few minutes, taking in the area and trying to figure out where the blockage had come from. If it had been a landslide or something, she could understand, but it was difficult to determine. Perhaps she'd ask the old guy about it when she went to get him. Until then though, she did have a job to do. Danika made her way back onto the road and looked at the sides of the road. Moving the rocks by hand would be all but impossible -Dani knew she was going to have a hard enough time carrying the old guy out here let alone this- but she had her ways. Her eruption spell should do the trick, but she'd have to set it off from the side of the road, lest she risk expelling the rocks just further down the road and creating another problem. Dropping her backpack on the right side of the road, Dani wandered a little into the treeline until she was line with the blockage. Stretching out her arms and hands, she planted her feet in preparation for casting the spell and focused on the middle of the blockage in the road. It was too large an area for her spell to span the width of the road, but with a well placed strike, she could still clear it.

Danika raised her hands above her head and summoned her magic. She could feel it building up through her body like it always did and, once she felt it had reached its peak, she slammed her hands down onto the ground. The magic raced from her body, hurtling through the ground towards the target identified by the magic seal which was barely visible under the rocks. The ground in the middle of the road exploded upwards, the force driving the remaining rocks out to the side. Dani moved to the side as the rocks settled in their new positions and then made her way back out onto the road to examine her work. There were a couple of smaller rocks that hadn't quite moved, but Danika simply rolled them off to the side. Once she was finished, she kicked what dirt she could back into the hole her spell had left until it wasn't any deeper than a normal pothole. Satisfied, she collected her bag and headed back into town. Returning to the bar, she found Glen and announced that she was finished. "Well lets take a look then," he said and she let him climb aboard her back. It wasn't easy, and the smell of alcohol wasn't helping, but finally Danika managed to return to the road and set the old man down. He hobbled around for a few minutes, looking much like she had earlier, until he came to the pothole. He frowned at it and, for a moment, she wondered if he was going to take issue with it.

Finally, he nodded though it was more to himself than her, and returned to her side. "A deal is a deal," he conceeded. "But you won't get your reward until we get back to the bar." Rolling her eyes, Danika turned and offered him her back once more and carried the old man back to the bar where she had found him. Once he was back in the seated he had vacated, he pulled a purse from his pocket and handed it to her. After giving her thanks, Danika turned and left the bar, and Glen Rough behind.

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Name: Earth Eruption
Rank: C-Class
Mana: 50
Class: Offensive (Blunt)
Element(s): Earth
Description: The user rises their hands above their head. By slamming them down into the ground, a large green magic seal appears and they release their magic, causing the Earth to erupt in a 1x1m square up to 5 meters away. The resulting eruption expels stone, dirt and everything else upwards, which can damage an opponent if it makes contact. This is usually aimed to occur under an opponent.

        Damage: 6
        Distance: 5 meters from user
        Speed: 3 meters per second

Cooldown: 2 posts
Duration: Instantaneous